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Shawn Thornton on the game one win

Jun 3, 2013|

Shawn Thornton joined the show from Pittsburgh to discuss the teams big game one win. He said that Rask is incredibly calm and even keeled on and off the ice, unlike Tim Thomas.

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Game two tonight in Pittsburgh joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE shop for the Boston Bruins good morning shot how -- yeah. The Bruins battle human nature and think you've already got what you went to Pittsburgh for when you were dropped the puck tonight. All the fuel. Bill that split. Well Baltic personified hopefully I'll forward to this series so. Yes -- I guess technically technically it always -- -- -- right now but. You know you're a lot more of what went with a series so we're looking to get that cycle. -- it seemed to me even after the Balkan Bergeron fight and the Crosby charred chirping the Bruins raised their game and the penguins did not -- -- backfire on Pittsburgh is you guys took up a notch and they did not it and respond. Most of pretty emotional. Gave -- playoff but I'm here most surely I think. We have scored -- that's where comical farce of like I kind of -- -- tomorrow little bit but. That Syria. There are pretty -- you're gonna protect you better like that they're going to be better -- -- Even though he ended up with a few battle scars in and did not get the best of the the final market do you go up to. The gore -- -- NAFTA was and congratulated the the promised you know may begin a few tips for next time -- that work. Prize not only top managers over. Really quick -- there's nothing to do with the opposition here to -- the -- scored six but. Yes it's a good job. He -- -- -- partners -- -- -- -- I don't multiply those -- at least knows the -- pulpit than in the so. But that it signed an order of merit. The party's job to do so -- -- public doesn't know it taught in public can do it here are sure to order although. Somebody made a great point and said NC Bergeron space. They said you know cloture do cloture take that Tyler Sagan and -- look at our drug that's the face double winner and that's the face in. That's playoff that's the face of playoff hockey that's what it takes you literally have to get a little bloody sometimes. Presented it but I'm here was in the little birdie. The straight look at pot it always has one of those there skate I know he's popular before he's judged on production more than anybody. But that are there alliance probably one of our best the first period last -- They're totally reliant person. I guess that's sort of offensive zone time. So stick I've missile legalism eventually that it may have a plan. Hey did you think after cook hit McQuay that here we go again and we know last time that you guys felt like. You waited a little too long to retaliate with cook took out Savard -- did you think may be called for immediate retaliation or maybe something drastic. At that point. Not far. Superior up the premier's -- Retaliate batteries don't wanna be the reason not to. That that you're losing game of the playoffs and things just were so much more this time players ourselves our long terrible well it's it's more. More important to keep your composure. -- it was a little bit different obviously. If if need be a preacher great picture as well -- if it took pretty picked up. I figure given that the chance to answer senators who just had mark Madden on -- guy from Pittsburgh last segment he said the reason there was not an initial. -- defensive Savard that time is because he was not liked. By the players on the Bruins. It was I think it was more. All back a structure. The back it was I write this years ago. The people that -- faceless the a couple of them see what happens and but pick. Couple couldn't get there it was like Michael Ryder they ever how to play music so. So. Then there is three minutes left in the game not the state -- -- corporate jumping on either couldn't. Had felt all of our view -- accountable fire the coach or outlook on what he battled these numbers are but there's a lot of rules place to stop you from. Due up in the games China clean it up the -- so it wasn't because that is -- there was just. What I went to what that is that. A shuttle worthy up penguins. What you thought they would be in terms of speed and quickness and an offense. Were -- about we -- to get. Yeah I mean -- Committee we get a little bit more I think to consider it had for the last you know pick once -- -- -- -- you know I have a different impeded. -- unbelievable report so. They're quick they're physical I think a lot of people pop -- group we expect -- -- pick a lot of people don't sudden you know where. Surprised how physical they are. What -- ourselves that even -- all the star players actually there's checks that should trickles slowly down. Also there are so forth why don't fit his system such benevolence fiscal on this side and I think it built up such a skilled team that people forget how hard -- else. This took ever lose his cool weather in practice or game is not always pretty even field. Particularly via YouTube and about the -- oh yeah that's true that at -- that it is either very. Is very competitive person. He you only lose and he feels like you let. But it sounds off. Otherwise in the old -- is. Is very composed he's. Senate and if I didn't either calming influence for us as we know we're getting a little bit DOT's. It to respect -- so far. Don't too don't you guys share a vote. Now what if you knew it would if you leave it empty no gas and it does he get pissed. That. That perhaps appropriate. Pretty get a -- sort of a little evacuation. You know what that says a lot about a guy and John. There aren't many guys you would share a vote with the got to admit them you would trust them you would like him enough to say yeah let's do this together. Got no -- -- currencies that is such a good in. And you can actually see the vote for the Cardoso -- north. I don't intake the careless. I can't afford those places double waters sort of attractive to they don't trust him particularly. So he he can -- took or certainly going to be able to next year. Hit it hit yeah I think -- that we just are at. -- now I I loved closed description of and that he's normal in other words he's not like a typical goalie he's just normal and he seems that way. In front of the cameras post game win or lose you seemed very composed and only through a little. Tantrum on the -- a couple times and slammed his stick. But that's a little different from your old friend Tim Thomas is -- non. Yeah a little bit. About opportunities in two put up these comparisons for a long time and he their their their cup would have caught. It is it to get to -- his. As normal a team is a fine he's just he's just one of the guys up. Nothing else about what is team's first all the time. Or -- or your guys very normal erase. Speaking of goaltenders would you be surprised if Pittsburgh made a change in -- they did would that be sort of a panic move and Iraq. -- Topics and there's the British forces they have two guys that. Can start so I'm not sure Purdue oil slick little change our game in much of the without you know below us. Little has stopped on the mark -- -- those. -- -- some. You know where people are sure perfect. Either way. It's the same so. I go to -- in that mark on differ with the starter -- see here so it would come as a surprise when we saw at some point it would battery that. Did you think there's any chance that char and Crosby are gonna fight -- book. I. I don't know what was being set I did not could be either I don't picket. That was Lucy is one of you know a couple of guys honestly I would want -- so I don't recommend it for anybody. Especially to have a broken job it's healing. Not a lot of wise move on -- Hit afterward -- believe it is as big as strong as adept when he can you actually all under. They know how to do it took. I can't imagine frightened Ciara I mean. That just the reach alone I mean what would you do what would you do if you had to fight -- would you it's time I -- up as soon as possible. I would hope to try to get off all the quickest possible -- if your only. Only hope might auction. But our coaches like 595. And -- -- that are part of these. Patriots until like here than not is not yet but there -- monster. Good luck tonight preaching at the time. We'll talk to down the -- on with the Callahan on the AT&T AT&T four GL. From nervous.

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