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Daily Planet, Friday May 31st

May 31, 2013|

Today on the Daily Planet, the Red Sox and Yankees face off in the Bronx, Claude Julien doesn't want players wasting energy, and Dwight Howard and free agency.

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I'm no going to handle problems doing. He's somewhere on the -- my game they stood there a planet probably -- -- high -- -- them -- with your. Ordered into -- good and we go first at a Bronx New York where it's a really just a short sprint to the subway and -- why you know to watch your cars cheaper -- -- Yankee Stadium. A billion dollar. Building it took a billion dollars to build this palace including course. The heavy duty flushes and CC sabathia is private -- tonight all the fat ass lefty will take on Jon Lester that's right CC would afford four record. At a pedestrian three point 96 ERA for all the money gets -- six and one of the 3.3 seven. And let's give credit to both the ball clubs for over achieving at this juncture Sox didn't win games 33 last year to June 17. And they won -- game 33 last night on May 31. At thirtieth rather and the Yankees are well -- a hundred million dollars worth of disabled players short just two games back in the American League east Jonny Gomes is ready for. I don't think magnitude matters I always think it's. Being a fan of the game that Yankee Red Sox rivalries you know -- -- game that left part of it's fun you know. But I mean I don't think who wins these three games you're doing a series tells anything. Ellsbury scratch she's got a half situation. Not an -- calf. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania a city that was filled with smoke back when I was born there in 1950s. Well now it's cleaned up and pretty well I remain full of smoke and not so pretty but that's not important now the Bruins. For them all about winning at least one game down there and Steel City game one about 26 hours awake -- usually -- knows everything you need to know about energy. The last couple -- we've had some good practices. You know has been good tempo good jump good focus -- -- and you know. It's about being able to handle ourselves at this time here in these situations I mean by that. When you get to the rink it's all about business leader -- relax. -- can join in nice weather. That's therefore you you know the sun gives you energy. You know owned nothing wrong -- being out and really kind of relaxing and making sure you don't waste your energy out there. When you should receive -- for the for the demon and the time on the ice. Oh what he's saying. -- used in war he said. Miami it's in Florida it's where a lot of people go to do their vacationing and all boats and -- speech is and a warm weather -- a crack or is. On the bikinis in the NBA superstar -- around. That Don Johnson -- or wannabes and refs don't call files drug dealers it's Miami. It's got everything it's a cesspool of crime illegal aliens and fake boobs but I like it. It's where LeBron James took his talents and last night his talents are able to -- 50% of his 26 shots 50%. While. But he went up three games to two in the NBA Eastern Conference finals it was the third quarter that really decided game I think if you watched you don't talk about Miami outscored the Indianapolis. -- Indiana around thirty to thirteen that third quarter game six is tomorrow night's 830. Back. In Indianapolis free agency. In the NBA about a month away. But they Houston rockets' bid to steal Dwight Howard started doing wolves away from the Los Angeles Lakers has already gathering some momentum. Sources told espn.com the rockets have gotten hopeful signals that Dwight Howard who are sort of do most. Is seriously considering it jumped to the lakers from the lakers to the rockets after becoming a freeagent lifers. Sources say that Dwight Howard who are sort of didn't wolves as conveyed is rising interest to Houston star swingman James Harden. His former team USA basketball who might be able teach Dwight Howard who are sort of do most. How to get to allies so he Mike acquires some brains heart and courage and learn how to make free throws and stuff taken steroids. Anaheim California dodger pitcher former Red Sox heartthrob. Josh Beckett is. Traveling to Dallas on Monday why what he's got to consult with the nerve specialist who performed soldiers shoulder surgery -- Chris -- a season Beckett. At age 33 has been dealing with. Numbness in the fingertips of his right hand for weeks. He's been on the DL since may fourteenth what a bargain he -- 015 with a five point 19. ERA. The united callers 6179310937. -- a pair of advanced movie screening passes -- man of steel on Tuesday June 11. At AMC Boston comment. Called out caller -- -- man of steel which flies in theaters on Friday June 14 beat tonight callers 617931. 09372. Win. The daily planet is sponsored by my -- doctor doctor Robert -- Look younger feel younger pitcher naturally growing her back by calling doctor Robert -- 1800 get -- ordered -- -- vote to. There -- DR that count.

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