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It Is What Is Cast: Injury Expert Will Carroll

May 30, 2013|

In the latest edition of the It Is What It Is Cast, Chris Price talks with Will Carroll. Injury expert and lead writer for Sports Medicine, Bleacher Report. They talk about the injury to Rob Gronkowski and what his back surgery could mean for his season.

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Are you ready for some football football. His within these gas tax software at all. -- is what you need is -- Christopher price. All told WEEI. Dot com. Welcome back everyone -- we are honored as always to be joined by will Carol you can follow him on Twitter if injury expert will is. As dialed in when it comes to sports injuries as anyone else in the marketplace this while wanna talk to him about the Rob Gronkowski situation. Well I really appreciate you coming up. Problem outburst a ball Tellme a little bit about what you know at this point we're taping this Thursday morning so tell me a little bit about what you know. About robs injury situation the news broke yesterday about the effective he will in fact need another Baxter's. -- -- I don't think that surprise a lot of people may be cannot pay attention but I know you view our most people in the New England are as well. -- had these kind of problems. Before and heading into the off season the -- it was gonna need another procedure but that would seem terribly concerned about it and we don't have exactly you know. What they're going to be doing or at what -- topical location there won't be doing it. But we do know is history we do know predicted timeline at twelve to sixteen weeks recovery. And we do know who's doing the surgery that -- about what concerns. The world's best -- -- With those weekends reasonably. Extrapolate what's going on here. Previously doctor Watkins did -- predict actively. Back when gronkowski was at Arizona State. Did that obviously successful we came back pretty well despite a lot of concerns having in the draft. Patriots were Smart not concede that he was worth the risk and he has certainly been productive. It looks like that's what they're going to be doing again however -- different level by level I mean. You know if they're going to be picking up part of it is they're redoing it in between two different vertebrae. The spartans a difficult thing. He'd he'd -- change something on one level. Is -- going to have an effect on another level probably but it really difficult to say that one thing led to the other. So with this I think it just affected Bob does not have a good back he's never gonna have a healthy back. And certainly putting it through the paces of an NFL season two is not going to be getting healthier -- Well this surgery how do you call it -- It's not. It's certainly a major. The worst case scenario here is that did that this is blown have to pull that they -- it. You're into a situation like with -- -- that turned out pretty well actually. Again it would be it would have a much much longer recovery time is it likely means the entire 2013 these. But if it's just a record expect that you're looking at twelve weeks which puts it in two in the training camp. And does put it conditioning in the question and with everything else that's gone on. That does become a more more major questions for account in the patriots. Are there guys out there that we could point to win say here is a recovery time here is series. Here's what we can expect to see from him down the road. No I hadn't. A lot of guys that had this this type of surgery. The trick a video is that. -- not every other guy what I wanted to know before making any sort of guesses on this as we need to know the location. If it's very close to the previous record -- technique and it's it's more problematic. It's more likely that they are interrelated that he's going to have further problems down on them that two years now heads. It's impossible say that it that we know exactly the location. It's going to be really difficult to say you know if this is the comparable player. As far -- surgery itself goes. It's reasonably straightforward. All you're doing is trying to get him pensioner out of there by by basically digging a tunnel from the disk so again I hate calling any sort of spinal surgery minor. But you know in the twelve to sixteen weeks recovery period from record expect these pretty well set in stone about it position. By my count no this is six surgeries for him since. That really the start of blasters and server 2012 that's over sixteen months spanned. Whoever yards that has to have some sort of effect on. You you know it just just your general nature -- what kind of an effect does that have on the lead at an understanding that look Gradkowski is in the lead athlete is at the top of his game. But six surgeries in sixteen months what kind of long term effect does that have an athlete. Tough. My question is what sort of rather than surgeries he's he's he's been action taking any sort of goal line. And with these kind of things you'll you'll often see a systemic -- you can't go out and work out you know only be ever broken arm. You can you can run you can get on the treadmill UK in the you know lift weights -- -- a lot of things have to watch out of that broken arm. With the with the systemic infection with the way he had to deal with the typically doctors -- -- -- have -- sure you know I can't look at someone and say wow he he just doesn't look well and we haven't seen that in the few appearances from gronkowski -- Oakland plus two weeks. Doesn't -- -- he flops significant muscle tone which indicates that he's been able to keep up with his conditioning at some level. I do think yes there does have to be wearing effect. Which might actually end up making the back surgery a little bit of rest period you know assuming that the infection is completely cleared up as they think there. Because it could be -- -- spot you know if there's not going to be systemic effect he's going to be able to get back into a normal rehab. And essentially rested bodies from the infection well he's rehabbing in the back. Certainly not the ideal way. But I I don't think there's going to be much of a cumulative effect won't everything's cleared up. I I do wonder about his general condition. We talked about this a few months ago but he is this. Kind of the new reality -- for. Gronkowski you know -- -- when when we see him. They're gonna be moments of these 46 games have just absolute transcendent brilliance where he knew removes the position forward and you know we all look at him as a as of potential hall of Famer in and he spends you know four to six weeks on the shelf just because that's who we as a means a big physical guy. In nets he is setting aside all the off field stuff I mean he is this the guy who. Patriots fans should get used to now going forward. Yeah I think we had every indication from the patriots did that to Robert half he -- you know when he when he came in he would a player tag is injury -- we have the back problem and it scared -- a lot of people their teams that red flagged him in the draft. And patriots did certainly got value there but at the same time they brought in there and advocates which indicated. They've had some concern. Even last year they brought in Jake Ballard -- a great long term play and if he's healthy with that needs. He gives them even more depth that -- But the reason you have depth to that position not just because you know hey there's this tight end and maybe we'll be able its because you think you'll need. And the patriots have been phenomenal. For the better part of a decade. At predicting where that -- is gonna go. Or rather where that -- is going to be immediate. You -- over and over again. -- devastated by an injury because they don't have a good player behind -- Quarterback but really at any position. If you get down into the third or fourth guard depth chart you're usually going to have a problem but the patriots time and again have been able to deal with any injury. Whether it was Bledsoe and here comes Brady. What has Brady here at castle. Whether they they lose Wes Welker for a little while. You know whoever it is there somebody able to step up and just out of a double job and basically understanding their own injury prone. So I think in this situation. With gronkowski -- with Hernandez to some extent. They're basically hedging against the risk of entries that appear very -- and I think been so darned good. I am glad you brought up Ballard because he figures into this discussion as well given. His recovery time given the nature of his injury that he suffered back in Super Bowl 46 what's a realistic set of expectations. On him this year if your New England Patriots -- You're if there it's it's -- repealed by various situations. Either he doesn't play very much and he's you know basically a third straight guy who comes in in blocking situations or. He hit eight to ten games being the number two tight end. And it would seem that that the patriot of the occupied in -- be pretty darn. That people. I think when you look at the uncertainties around him you know he is being in Yemen and we're going to be it would be that guy who's going to be the number two wide receiver. How -- your offense and it -- change. Are -- -- be huge I don't think he's going to be a opera koehlke -- documentation -- wasn't -- -- -- But in that office in that role. He configuring easily be -- hadn't. Tight end in terms of production and that's even -- housekeeper in his playing in -- here. Biggest rope working the -- and that too tight enough that really makes. A guy with upside like -- I'm not saying he's going to be -- top -- tight end. But if you can if you can go on your pin actually in draft him in the again next collapsed around. Big gap between his perceived value and his possible value is as big as any player in the. Well thank you very much for joining us you can reach him at injury expert you can also read in the Bleacher Report like that before he is one of the leaders if not -- leader. In the field when you're talking about sports and injuries will again I really appreciate you taking the time to join us thanks a lot. Now probably fought daycare.

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