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Dr Kenneth Polivy on what Gronk might expect in his back surgery and rehab

May 30, 2013|

We check in with Dr. Ken Polivy, a spine surgeon for the Newton Wellesley Orthopedic Associates for what Rob Gronkowski can expect from his back surgery and subsequent recovery.

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I don't think it is a big deal I think you are competitive. In most definitely an ox and something that he needs you. Or I'll be spending -- Other cult of Drew Rosenhaus if you believe them. That's probably where you are some sort of -- the question is do you believe -- problem is Drew Rosenhaus. That's his agent he'll say anything and do anything to help with clients. So is it hard not to believe right I mean it into. It's nice of him to say it may be he's telling the truth but there's no reason to actually believe what he has to say -- everybody's talking today. About Rob Gronkowski in the surgery on his back second surgeries -- is back in all the while dealing with the infection that needed another surgery on his forearm. I would try to bring some level of facts into the conversation we always not Rob Gronkowski is doctor. The doctor Kenneth -- joining us from -- Wellesley orthopedic associates. And -- performs surgeries like this one doctor personal thanks for being with us. What exactly. What exactly is the procedure that -- had done. The back procedure. -- that does it in 2009. It looks like you that are created debt which is the this material pushing out against the nerve root in the back usually cut back -- it ain't so he had a Lombard is -- elect taking out that there. And what it what what is he facing right now at this back surgery that has been called minor. By some what do you think he's facing. Well -- -- and could be understood you know back surgery minor. That that technique these days there are a bit more refined. It will be most likely a small incision surgery. But according to the report this that a different level. And that this creation that it -- before. The most likely having ongoing back and leg pain and city procedure will be to. Open a little window in the bone and opener decided take out the -- that debt which is touching a nerve. In general as as somebody monitoring athletes I always become concerned when I hear about backs especially when it requires surgery. How is back surgery evolves over the years is its -- as. As intimidating a prospect as it once was. I'm it's barely -- intimidating. Prospect as blunt words we use it. Pretty much can stem to stern face and now there are. Not arthroscopic technique but minimally invasive which means that you -- it is. Perhaps then and this and that -- inch or left. And many of the back surgery now -- done. With even motivate that even dabbling in -- though. It's it's that -- are read by the nature -- Q is -- -- and he indicated for it to work. You're seeing Rob Gronkowski play and and and marveled at his athletic prowess. With the surgeries that he has that he has gone through that he will go through. In the in the last. Over -- you know eight to twelve weeks me and can you imagine. That he'll be the same player when he does get back on the field. Well and it eventually. He should be I mean I think it it'll take at least. Six weeks or at the healing process to occur and then there's a certain amount of Barack strengthening. That at -- -- so I would imagine that the minimum of eight to ten weeks even probably three months. For the Barack. He'll eventually. And if it does just that simple -- extension get back to where Iwuh. -- the army shoot well but at the different issue. Is he at risk for continuing to injure his back you received at a greater risk for that or. At a risk for injuring other parts of his body in compensating for whatever has gone on his back. Well there as saying. What you do despite there you're there at the recurrence rate if this issue. And what happened is. That. You can get a -- is pregnant and generally seven to 11% of populations. This is that a different level. Eventually one would expect that as time goes on May be over. You know 51015. Years that -- it will further degenerate and might cause a problem in the future but there's probably. No study that shows that there is increased and then there's another one structure at this time due to what he. But the dangers AV said it's seven to 11% of the population would that change if the population was I don't know crashing into linebackers and being hit and diving into the Grammy what how how much would that changed the recurrence possibility. It is and I'm not sure they like to tell you that it had to say. Could be increased but it could be the thing. You know god doctor polity. Rob Gronkowski -- take a lot of criticism. Over the over the past few months because of the way he has lived his life. With the cast. He is he is it. He's an extrovert I think we all know that. When he has and he was -- casting was dancing around and apart -- -- wrestling move there are all sorts of things out on the town all the time and people were saying well. Doesn't this affect. His recovery. If he's drinking is that have a is does that factor into his recovery if he's out all the time. Is he more at risk for infection -- what's your take on that. I act that. -- have a monopoly that says the drinking would have any effect that they. I'm unfortunately. Infections occurred even I'm going to -- the -- -- -- when you do surgery is nothing you can do about it this. In defeat as he infection and that just -- groove. I don't really think it had anything to do with the outside wounded effect that he was. In cash in nature and that is stabilized in the late design. You know which -- you know unfortunately. -- When that day. Few people who had developed an infection and that they recognize applications -- In so alcohol wouldn't have wouldn't have a a likely effect on the. I hate. Not. You know I don't believe -- Interest good stuff doctor Kenneth -- the Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates. We really appreciate it thanks for your insight. -- to talk to doctor Paul -- there he joins us like August via the AT&T hotline. Okay. I'll probably the doctor and he tells me the grounds lifestyle has no bearing on or likely no bearing on the infections in the arm I'll believe -- if he tells me that. Even be you know doing a lot of drinking has no bearing on -- believe that I I was under the impression it would be the opposite -- -- we want -- govern like you you you thought that. You know being out would affect on me -- -- just trying to put some level of logic there and and and use some reasoning that would say either a it would affect your ability to take medication or affect the medication that you might take borne infection. Or be. Yelled diving around and -- Vegas bar floor. You know with your cast on the ground that you could pick something up that would become an infection doctor says -- -- the doctor. Landing -- -- and -- made the point as well that. When once the cast this on. And it stable in the played -- there and it stabilized. It's it's and he'll do so I think that's what. -- -- reared -- discounting that that a huge factor -- sets I didn't catch your patriots -- Rob Gronkowski fan you're pretty encouraged by what you just heard right. I mean it -- at their I don't wanna be over reactionary and I'm sure there are people who would say it's great Sports Radio. If Rob Gronkowski isn't a bad way and he's never gonna play again and take huge disaster. What do you do -- this is a year or you can we how. Have a lot of these conversations because they come -- But when you -- a Doctor Who lets face it is not his doctor but is performed the surgery and and certainly knows what he's talking about in in is educated in this subject says that. The chance of recurrence is is seven to 11%. That had back surgery like this have evolved considerably over the last few years. Those all have to be incredibly good signs. Dear Robert how ski fan now there. Are those are concerns and Texas is what about the body slams idiots. I didn't -- body slams. From Rob Gronkowski are some solemn mass in around on a stage with his brother. I really don't believe that those were two people trying to hurt each other. And -- NC body slams like you do it so I think we saw. Saw different things and other one says quack quack -- now is not a crack. Hopeful. -- -- is a legitimate is that legitimate. Yeah. He's advantage of it. It. So it. You're you're you're just keep your keep coming up but something until somebody a doctor says what you what you think he should Tuesday. I -- this goal got paid -- -- lose these before these surgeries at the past. You disagree with them he knows what he's talking about another Texas says the doctor got tripped up on the alcohol questions I don't think you got tripped up at all. Like he was asked -- question twice and gave the same yeah its. I think I became every opportunity if there was say if there was a link between the two that he knew of certainly gave him every opportunity. To say what that link would be so you guys are -- -- you guys are like The National Enquirer trying to rip someone down really I think is exactly the opposite really. -- it might not be honest I would into it thinking that he was going to be much more. Negative about the chances of Rob Gronkowski be in the same player that he once -- and I can I come out of -- feeling much better than I ever did. About Rob Gronkowski that talked about indispensable patriots it sounds like if you believe is part of the core you're in good shape. -- So this is it is. If this surgery if everything that we have read is correct if he's having the surgery. That we think he's had. For all the media reports are true. Doctor believes that there he should eventually be the same player they want. Does this change the way you think about the pitchers that change we think about grown or change the -- you think. About the upcoming season 61777979. 37 it is -- -- W yeah.

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