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Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko on his off-season

May 30, 2013|

Zoltan joined the show to discuss his upcoming charity event and his off-season. Zoltan told the guys that he can bench 320.

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My how time flies is the -- -- Masco foundation is set to host its second annual solely -- fund raiser it's a celebrity karaoke event. Takes place next Saturday and be June 8 from seven to 10 PM at the Arroyo might club in Boston. Seems like just yesterday I attended the a personal which was a big big hit. Matta puts -- -- -- Masco joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TTE good morning to seat our you know. -- great I I I assume based on the news the headlines that Doug grant is undergoing back surgery won the big stars from last year Mosul the -- Might not be in attendance next Saturday is that fair to say -- Yeah I think they'll be guidelines that are don't be so sure. -- You know it then. We regret we have. A lot of other guys come out I think actually somewhere around forty guys shall not so this year bigger and better. How how is it bigger and how is it better because last year was a smashing success to be sure. Yeah well last year -- a we have about six weeks. That's what the event together and came out great and this year we had about six months. So you know better sponsors. Better better things to get on stage in you know. More embarrassing -- How much public money need to -- is all goes to Boston Children's Hospital has -- children's in province as well as some mashed general how much injuries last year. Last year we have been operating power after cautionary thing because a 100% of the profits went to that. We ended up printing about 27000. -- -- -- And you hope whoever that this year right. Certain what -- as a punter went all the guys are doing whatever they do in the OT days of what exactly are you trying to accomplish during UT hazel them. You know -- -- that golfer I'm trying to. Oh and then mine technique they're trying to get settled then knocks on the rust off from the offseason. That you need you need you need that -- a committee he's not command. You want are you wanna build a rustic kind of started over a little bit -- and revamp it and possibly make some improvements. What do you do besides punt the ball over and over and over again. Yeah well we -- Stranger -- you know Warhol -- Actually. Played a little old backward. Doing some. Look for the -- defense. Before practice so our rundown on kick off the show the books so they they campaign go to stop I'll be slightly today and nine to be. Ninety degree weather. You have a rundown on kick -- well and on alive on life kickoff and get. Not our topic I wanna do that but if these foreign broke her once or twice how many think it's there. Human dimension really can't tell you more than more than six. Edit there's a lot of variations you know every team is at the different looks so we're just stop that. How many of include do you -- and Enron and. And are now thought it. Do you have input do get the call to so many of the special teams coach calls that well -- sorry I feel look. You know they they come -- to look for something and it's there then now we might consider it. The next time and you know this could be you know pot or she'll go. -- -- -- likes you you know your real popular guy you feel was it hard to get to and for is it hard for a -- To be considered a football player on on an NFL team. I mean argues. The same style very -- -- or -- you know I get on the same numbers and results do what do you what do you unquote actually. -- -- around. Three point eight someone. Well. Really that's going to be like in top two or three among punters. I don't know they're there so I'm pretty buff guys out there but you know number one thing is secure the party part and then the. A -- at duke duke punters and you mentioned your elected golfer to punters ever do what Tiger Woods has done three. Famous times in his career. And change his swing do you ever changed techniques. I would say Somalia are definitely more of bail out there at the big variable and art thing is our draw. So. You know both the drop determined I would say 90% of here we are running hot and not got credits which are -- -- from year to year. But only if that improves it -- Optic I'll take a look at effort few weeks and you know that doesn't sick -- it doesn't work out if -- frustrating because in order move up two steps you can take once that backs up. That's kind of frustrating part about it. -- -- in the end it's all about you know making that sacrifice for improvement. But the legs which is always the same correct. Yeah I -- ask you this if if if you want -- back the ball up if you know you wanna get as much to such as you can if you're trying to you know -- in the corner. Is the drop. Higher than normal solvable your your leg catches the ball higher on the drop in the goes higher in the -- or not as far. So that the drop will that it be higher. And that that called kind of guy on our approach -- -- used to do. More back in the day which you know guys. Certainly you don't take they're. They're they're club they're they're -- you know they act out of the bag and used that but now more so the Australian and children are. It's not utilized. Where. You know should it goes I know ran like a cotton. -- -- -- -- Yeah -- and the -- more predictable because retrieve it bounced backwards forwards. The two gunners on her -- about it you know which corner of your goals for before -- and yeah that was and communication on on. And that is not a mystery because crops where it's harder that. Why did you what did it take to get it opposed the Speedo with too little -- -- was. What -- -- get 800 no you wouldn't take we -- I can't take much because I'm pretty goofy guys sort of aggregate personality of what did they ask you to do that you didn't do. All our -- so my decision that was. A friend kind of ride through from around and my friends future loud at north vinyl grateful no -- let's put that combination. And and and and the Speedo that's your normal beach where. -- all those just sort of again I guess that'll. And underneath my extra trunks. I'm guessing that might be a copy of that photo plug in the patriots locker room -- the weight room in the fall on the weight room. Thanks -- an insult them that texture to the AT&T Tex lines says that congratulations assault and he is a great tipper. But sea bass is not. They say you have to bring bull run your wing and teach him to tip like you do at a at a restaurant for you big -- I thought yeah it's a text AT&T -- like people regular text us and give us messages. The website and they said you're great tipper. I don't know I mean to go on. One aggregate church I look at that Ballmer chief. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Us Saturday June 8:7 PM to 10 PM at the royal nightclub in Boston how can people get more information about the assault and other interested in in attending. I mean tickets will be available and are available on Ticketmaster -- this'll be. The event. Is taking place next Saturday and the outlook that you guys out cardinal. Last year we had about 700 people and then not you know we're looking. Increased and we need your help and support out there are very nature. What are you gonna sing sultan. -- -- or whatever whatever floats are all that there -- -- all. -- it in my repertoire. And maybe go but also lectures on who's your favorite artist you like. And I love I love altered and so on the list and it would not not want to say yeah maybe maybe like -- -- -- Languages do you speak. -- -- about orbit you know they're getting rusty. And -- yours. It's neglect song -- -- -- the -- of Hungarian or you know. And the well good luck -- event it was a it was the great success last year enjoyed it very much in as you said 700 people last year to great hundred. And raised though over 27000 dollars from the children's hospitals in the area jobs or -- talked you -- wrote. -- that -- on the AT&T -- AT&T four GL the EU should. You -- it's 325. Up I was picturing. When the punter gets on the bench that all the guys -- well here comes that -- the plates off an -- at the -- to call that a three -- Repression of the coaches we think it's good -- Now I don't know 66 might well I mean I had my -- Buick bench. Reporting. Now Mel convinced 300 yet but once they get to Korea and I was at the world you know whistled and I was happy and it didn't. Care anymore what about you marathon man could you bench bench yet not much. Yeah. -- -- -- 45. I'm maybe not. And high school yeah -- Is not a big -- it's hard to believe that standard B debenture loan rate. Expose -- to do. So now will be different. Yeah but not like Max on the bench now and now I don't think anybody well maybe high school football players do that but. We'll see many people Max and I on the bench and a -- not -- -- like dumb -- in the -- Mean edge but to do cents in -- and use water. I'm axles -- goods that come all blood -- -- -- -- Don't know that's another thing once you -- 25 years old but -- don't say that -- no no they don't scream -- you not want our look at those people in the GM say when you start we start to -- at seven screwed -- red -- to the database some kind of bad -- with -- -- with the empty box yet into the empty -- and I was curious moment. I was pretty happy I did at 65 time while -- Veba. I -- just tired junkets or like it's it's just like you get bored and tired -- it's an empty box right. -- it was -- and -- -- was a 200 yeah. But he didn't even get on the -- he realized it was when it was way over status -- -- -- you double the less he -- imitate me. And it was made he walked in here with like fifty Albany just -- complete answers for -- don't -- it. -- is seeking his plan was to work up to. Get the gym like 34 months right. And and work to benevolent work out a little but doable one -- -- that block fell on his -- NAFTA. -- -- She's little rumor. Not his thing in -- -- are 61777979837. AT&T hotline is. 37937. On my pace and general manager assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox and Greg Bedard -- -- in China thousand dollars in my case regarding -- In regards to point. Out that the best grip the strongest guest. It back.

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