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Daily Planet, wednesday May 29th

May 29, 2013|

Today on the Daily planet, the Red Sox head to Philadelphia, LeBron actually fouls out of a game, and Claude Julien is confident.

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I'm no going to live from studio. He's somewhere on the -- my game needs the daily planet -- -- -- -- high fidelity -- them sound with your. -- Malware has the month of may go on theory are. On the twenty ninth of may at as far as the Red Sox and he had a four game winning streak. Stopped by Cliff Lee in the Phillies last night and rabbit tonight. A chance for revenge for the Sox in the city of brotherly love -- Love brotherly love yes what no sisters down there what's the deal this is called a home and home which is stupid. Because there really should be you know home and away or wait and homes it's confused and a crap enemy. The Sox -- held to four singles last night. Ryan Dempster went to tool and six. And then we had to withstand Jonathan Papelbon coming in despite getting booty get save in the game. Tonight John Lackey three and four to two point 72 ERA against -- three ready Kyle Kendrick game times 705 tonight where -- Philadelphia. Stakes got -- -- what else you cannot -- you do not want this argument and in Boston is the greatest city in the world Boston Tea Party Boston cream -- Boston rob Mariano. Birthplace of Benjamin Franklin. Yeah -- looked around realized it's up and moved to Philadelphia. That's half a cup -- happened. After. Good out of America's crossroads in Indianapolis where the fans last night were peeing themselves. And luckily there were mostly wearing yellow. This game had so much good stuff and it I can't recap the whole thing for time restrictions but there was dominance on the glass by Indy. Relentless pursuit of loose balls not seen since Kim Kardashian was taken off the market but best of all the site of the chosen one. Fouling out because as he's told us. He doesn't follow out we have several guys accountable. Blast on LeBron fouled out of plan -- Lester Boston. Such as it doesn't happen very often Dwyane was untouchable game. -- was in foul trouble yet overcome a lot. In the playoffs and it's not easy. Erik Spoelstra. He knows. -- to LeBron doesn't foul out and no no he doesn't and he doesn't look in the mirror every day or call himself the king when he gets off the throne. Every single morning now he doesn't do that. It was a couple known to cause another feel like. You know we're -- personal files only put. And a solid game goes and -- Yes what's a while like every six years unity get the calls against you. The series is tied it two and that makes me so very happy. Game five. Thursday night 830 saluted by the Mets last night and the fire department of New York for the game. 43 year old Mariano Rivera cracked their big smile as he throughout a ceremonial first pitch to John Franco. Following a 91 minute rain delayed the start of the game last night this is the subway series were talking about it just before that. The Mets played a video tribute to Rivera admitted with a message congratulations on a hall of fame career. In the ninth inning all Mariano gave up two runs on three hits got his first blown save of the year. In at 21 Mets win. -- the -- going on anything. Even for so many years and he's been brought but. They happen quick. And having quit. He had racked up eighteen consecutive saves socialist give credit -- credit to guys older than Michael Holley. Yankees a game behind the Red Sox the American League east where only four games separate. The top four teams now of course -- think about the Bruins as we wait patiently as they do for the start of the eastern finals. The kings -- -- after 21 win over the sharks last night. They too will have to wait only -- tonight though the winner of the red wings Blackhawks game tonight determine their future. Now about those -- in the upcoming penguins series what appears code. Her whole team's demeanor is gonna be -- okay we know it's a big challenge. Bring on more we're ready for well we'll give it everything we have hopefully that'll give us that'll be enough it is to win a series. Thank you code. Right now special treat for you. Because this is the daily planet after all. -- the ninth caller at 6179310937. And you win a pair of advanced movie screening passes deceit. Man of steel. On Tuesday June 11 at AMC Boston Common. Man of steel flies into the theaters on Friday June 14 but you'll be there early. If you're the night's caller at 6179310937. And win. It's that simple friends. President Obama had a bit of love lipstick problem. -- at the white house on Tuesday night and yeah -- -- it. A bright red stain. Appearing on the collar of his white shirt. As he took the stage for a speeches lipstick. They of course talked about it. Brought attention to that because the world was watching he did what Michelle Obama to get -- and -- of stronger it. Lipstick on your collar just like Connie Francis sang about back in 1950. Not change. Birthdays today JFK. Would have been 96 years old today. Dead Bob Hope it would have been a 110. Today that. Raef LaFrentz. Member AM on the Celtics are you forget rates 37 only his career is dead. Nathan -- 28 today Eric Davis the former reds outfielder 51 Al Unser seven before he won the 78 Indy 500 on the state 1994 by the way and his birthday. Three of the jacksons or rather two of them. Rebbe was the oldest Jackson. 63. Today her sister LaToya. 57. Barely caught AKA blaze -- lead singer of Iron Maiden he's fifty Melissa Etheridge 52 I didn't -- And Doug Melanie Jenny brown AKA scary spice of The Spice Girls. Is 38 on the stage sports history Rickey Henderson steals 893 base breaking Ty cobb's record. On this day in 93 -- Jose Canseco pitches the eighth inning and a fifteen to one loss at Fenway Park. I was there he gave up three runs on two rich and damaged his arm. And they stay in 1984 the Red Sox retired number nine. And number four. The number of -- -- those numbers to this day hanging at Fenway Park the daily planet sponsored by my -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard a good guy he is still picture baldness you can look younger feel younger and get your naturally growing -- back. By calling my good friend doctor Robert Leonard. At 1800 get here or go to -- DR dot com.

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