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May 28, 2013|

Today on the Planet, the Red Sox are in first place, the Bruins play the waiting game, birthdays and this day in history.

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I'm no going to handle problems doing. He's somewhere around playing with my game they stood there a planet brought -- you -- high fidelity -- them sound with your. Good evening everybody it is exciting thing to be a baseball fan in this town once again that things are things looking and that's why we start with Boston Massachusetts as our very first dateline in tonight's daily planet. I say Boston Massachusetts the home of all of the first place Red Sox now just let that sink in for a moment the first place Red Sox. And the Boston Red Sox. Have not gone back into first place by themselves because the Yankees have lost so the Red Sox have sole possession. First place. That's indeed correct and I did the -- I did last night checked my own math fourteen of fifteen times to make sure I'm accurate here. The Red Sox are on pace to win 99. Point six games now -- knowledge ever. One point six game around it down in nineteen arrangement which should be thirty games more than one last year. That's right -- won four row and that by the way despite. Scratching the top pitcher in the American League in last night's game -- instead. We got. Base as in don't call me chicken Alfredo or -- choke your -- this guy my friends. Can pitch. You may look like that guy -- shut your -- that time for peeing in his yard but no he's a pitcher and a as of this state. A triple A pitcher once again as the Red Sox and right back down he should feel very used. Now his report card secured might have read. A check mark under the term plays well with -- other children but make no mistake this guy can pitch so. Boston now hold the first place Red Sox team. Missing there for a hand right hand that had a rest missing middle Brooks the missing Victor Reno and still finding a way to win. Even in that much appreciated come from behind fashion. If you stop thinking that we feel good give back to you play the game pitching defense and hitting. And when we get blown out here you know. When they dignity 8219 and one more like in the big leagues you know -- toward -- who -- you comeback you're down in the but you can count brought him. That's Charlie Manuel figured it -- that you give. And tonight it'll be too old parts. Cliff Lee. And Ryan Dempster. Of the second two at Fenway than the teams will go to Philadelphia for cute little thing called home and home tonight. The Red Sox want to make it five. In a row. And when we get blown out -- you know. Bruins and penguins game one on hold well for at least four more days. As the west gets -- you know what together the Blackhawks and red wings play tomorrow night after the hawks beat -- game 6 last evening. Much to the delight of my close personal friend Joel Quenneville former -- Cuellar. Tonight we will know who the opponent will be as the kings will host the sharks both those series tied at three meanwhile the -- can just. And awaited now we have meet the continuing saga and the next episode of the world according to prove -- Maybe we'll have the that means that penguins have when it comes. Crosby's and small canoes but we have guys that have done a great job in the past. Let -- work well together in that have given us an opportunity championship teams. What happened to his voice when he said the word passed did you hear that. Clubs -- what -- you get a Wheatley. Couldn't get his breath together and his passing something else the immigrant and a great job in the past. Memphis Tennessee where an Elvis meet and greet can be arranged quickly. -- the nation's third highest murder rate and -- whole pack of grizzlies was murdered last night by the San Antonio's batters. They really have -- to do is wait for the winner of the heat pacers series be in the finals June 6. Which is a week from Thursday. Celtics fans can only imagine now how many rings Tim Duncan would have given Boston but nevermind that for now those damn ping pong balls. 9386. The final of the sweep the San Antonio's. -- fifth Western Conference title. Miami at Indiana tonight for game four at 830. When Joseph thighs and watches LeBron James play basketball he sees a potential NFL quarterback the former Redskins quarterback expressed his belief in telephone interview to fox sports Saturday. I would love for him to work out and services agent. Yes because if you look prods agent you would have to do those stupid super -- prostate dad's IC 14100 died today -- and angered -- GG. He says there are a lot of 3839 year old basketball players but their. But there are 383 -- your quarterbacks. They're not a lot of I -- -- -- -- not a lot of thirtieth an annual best facilities and a quarterback Scott change careers because that's what you wanna do when your LeBron James become quarterback. He later said that the comments were made tongue in cheek. Which is where a lot of comments made about LeBron especially with the tongue. Revoke the angels and Dodgers says spending gigantic cash on their payroll. Yesterday's Los Angeles vs Los Angeles game featured the end of the angels eight game winning streak in the end of the Dodgers four straight one run losses. Adrian Gonzales got four hits and scored four times in the comeback win. Rant about and that's one thing has been emphasized so long and of course and keep grinding it out and but the and the push to to turn things around. Major has been ninth for his last eleven which is hard to do when to run like Aretha Franklin after a banquet Scott -- slight yes the son of and events like two RBIs in the win angels. Five games under 500. Last place Dodgers seven games. Under 500. Now also interleague play the I seventy series in the show restate cardinals improving their best base in baseball record of the road nineteen to nine. Won the royals lost their ninth straight home game. Necessary they can have figured it out free back rubs to all the home fans going forward is trying to spike it up a little bit. You wanna win the big leagues -- the answer is hire a catcher whose name is Molina. Yacht a year last night batting second in line up that big fat tub of -- would all run and an RBI double it was the first time he faced Scot Shields. But he did talk to his brother. Who caught Scot Shields in Tampa. Saint Louis wins six to three she's -- again a hot dog cooker boiling mad at her recent court appearance. Was arrested for alleged prostitution. Catherine scale -- 47. Was arrested back in 2012 for allegedly selling more than just hot dogs out of her food truck yeah that's right. Hey it's hard to football fans being the good enough for a poke you said he keeps raining today. I did it for free arm -- didn't give me -- Bill Lewis at 101000 dollars she -- vending truck to a hotel he's currency Friday's -- to engage in sexual lack of an undercover officer. And that she says tell the mothers and children out there will be selling the hot dogs in my bikini. To all the guys I'm gonna wiggle those readers. -- Or hop from site police -- looks like they've there's this group should use the drive through. Two alleged robbers left high and dry when a Burger King employee really took care of business. -- fast food group of restaurant was held up at gunpoint at 9:45 PM Jeremy love it 23 and Gabriel Gonzales nineteen the gunman. While the manager and another employee handed over the money a third employee city exit at the restaurant up the back as he was scared. I notice there's a car with the engine running Sony moved it. It was a suspects' getaway car city and it Libya must it. A man whose teenage son. Read about 54000. Dollar credit card bill and a champagne fueled -- Japanese hostess bars. Does not have to pay it back. According to a court over there in Japan and car you'll dole. The sixteen year old and his friend to just -- platinum American Express card all over town. Coughing whiskey and sparkling wine up to 3700. Dollars a bottle. The youngster not identified. Because of his -- Will not have to pay to five point five million yen. That his son had racked up today's birthdays Gladys Knight. Remember her that is tonight the tips she's 69 and times are tough for her she had a rich -- to lay off -- a couple weeks ago. Jon Fogarty of -- 68 -- for the great and native American athlete would have been a 125 but Jim Thorpe of course -- dead is dead. Kirk Gibson's 56 Rudy Giuliani 69 Johnny -- all that they human typographical error. 31 years old. On this day in history the Golden Gate Bridge opened up with a big citywide celebration they were really kind of happy in 1937 -- the replace the old bridge called the golden shower bridge. -- Diana Smith one of the nation's most important trapper explorer's killed by Comanche Indians on this date. -- -- -- -- -- Was a fur trader. And his biggest accomplishment in life. Was trapping the most beavers. 1951. After going -- for twelve the wonderful Willie Mays maybe the greatest all round ball player ever played a major leagues connects for his first. Major League home run on this date in 1951. And on this date in 1995 the White Sox the tigers combined for. How many home runs Tiger Stadium and one -- Well. Twelve home runs in -- I'm Jay walk slugfest that. The daily planet is sponsored by my haired doctor doctor Robert Leonard you can look younger feel younger and Richard naturally growing here back. By calling doctor Robert Leonard at 1800 get hair or go to -- DR dot com.

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