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Shawn Thornton on the long layoff inbetween series

May 28, 2013|

Shawn joined the program to discuss the Bruins series win over the Rangers. He told the guys that Rask never gets enough credit and that Tim Thomas sent him a congratulatory text message during the Rangers series.

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Fourth and final hour as the long long wait for game one between the yeah Pittsburgh Penguins in the Boston Bruins will drag on into Saturday. Joining us on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE. -- -- from Boston Bruins good morning Sean how are yeah. Or so we're doing very well I -- back to practice today about how useful how helpful were those two weekend days offered junior team. I thought. There are all nice nice. Well I have an Indian does and the market pressures could. That over there is -- out but also there are actually gonna -- yes it is. -- around the house later on this I liked it. Good is it fair to say the offensively the penguins in no way shape or form resemble what you just faced with a New York Rangers based on all that firepower. Where there for he grew -- that's for sure there. For a lot of guys like more or. Pretty good player but there are. But other reports directly -- not. I -- you played him three times this year and haven't gotten the game plan if there is such a thing of the approach -- to start to get that today from called in your estimation. What's the basic key to dealing at that much firepower -- Our guests trying to keep partners -- much as possible it. -- -- -- -- you don't want them and our partners don't so much so often don't as we can. Create a better. Stopped score sort of I guess I hear that -- and a bunch up or out over that -- -- -- as I. Don't know the little one goal games. There are several recovered -- -- I know. Cover double breakdown -- but let's go to a political. We'll look we shore up that's for sure. What about their fourth line do you expect to continue to dominate the other guys. Fourth -- this fourth line or magic. I don't think I hope we continue to contribute almost pollination by. I'm hoping. We could be used effectively and -- betterment -- sentry. Great Depression the other and noble energy's orchard -- we're gonna work article that although the opposition. How do you keep track of the defenseman because him. Sean we get five days to beat this to death so the question I wish defenseman are gonna play in which you're gonna sit that's coming up on on hourly basis for the next five days. What's it like from your perspective do you just walked in and see if you know Ferriss smile and and are not smile on on second work. I don't. -- We've been through it -- before you'll. It's -- it's a tough decision for all of -- Sherpa a decision without. -- the opposite ways I'll think I'll talk to put this guy and they -- It's a decision or those kids came him. And made a very good question themselves. -- -- I've -- sort of -- two it will be an easy decision -- -- -- gonna go away but. And that it can't. Help Adam -- -- -- -- and whoever America -- great job or a lot you know or that after a great job. With good people not back and the that was -- -- -- Of crew were you say 34 months ago his ability -- -- he's doing this. Al Sistani that I've ever in the last year we're college. Used. Pretty special. Larry to CIA is not only bigger news. You can tell us about the ability sir are really -- -- But a little rightly -- called by its credit birdie spree. -- about dropping. It would seem on the surface that you want against that team and as marketing Crosby in the rest of -- -- -- -- -- the top twenty scorers. In the playoffs right now. To have it to be defensive and be more defensive minded the offensive minded. But I think what I read from Aaron Ward this morning -- sort of mirrors and echoes what you to -- a few minutes ago. It says here what war once the -- for the Bruins against the penguins. Is not a team reacts to what Pittsburgh is doing. The plays its own get pucks deep and attack heavy game well you don't play a reactionary game against Pittsburgh you play a game where you instigate the play the way you need to play ward said you can't approaching game as though you're going to respond to what -- -- bring you have to be against the gators and the aggressors does that sound right deal. -- -- -- -- All right we -- -- a lot of hype was. The guys play chances. And rightly so they're great players. -- always. Sidney Crosby -- wherever he -- -- the the the case so we can be part of the best player in the game. Quote. Check it caught it. We are aware of what was going on our law currently at last series were. With the raiders coasters or -- early oracle on outside. And play our game ought oh Saturday. Night cracked. You get caught strawberry -- there's potential here -- -- out -- papers and. -- doesn't get -- -- not trade play any psychological factor in your dressing room -- all did anybody get Hester is upset with him because he said he was gonna come here and didn't come here now revenge plays a role. I don't. He made decisions. LP others. Personal opinion. There's it it yet -- entry -- about you heard it. A lot of great years out here or outright insult. In other player early all -- I tell us the truth about the Rangers now that there are done and gone is that it was at the most overrated over hyped team you've -- played in the post season I mean. You -- gonna put a hundred series and you Libyan everytime I think. -- -- I think it. Was differences -- a little bit under tight which now -- -- but not not what you -- especially. It would goaltending -- I don't however it is due. We want to hear that -- had and they still as popular. Of course afterwards. And it. -- and I'm on a much look like under the radar that. At the personality you know that might be much you want you -- -- -- probably. One of the reasons is not up for us. As closures because of his personality Howard -- played golf. I don't know what they thought our enemies all -- her. -- -- we ask this question all the time maybe you have an answer as we don't know what do you think Tim Thomas is doing these days do you think he watches all the games. And keeps track I don't. -- don't do what you want -- -- too much like activate. It right back after. In New York. And you know I don't know Albert -- -- or I'm not. -- he was a game it. Who's at the game took a trip on the ice was at that game. -- the game before. That. There are a lot a couple couple goals. Back to six. Disease at its root for you. Is. -- conversations he's he's talked to a lot of teammates though you do you know lovers easy tenets are you. I think I think to myself popular. But but probably they in the Dresser and. Do think he'll play again the only play for the islanders. You never know -- -- The City Council noted that the law to try comebacks so it Evernote. -- personality is. Effort that a lot easier like beauty. All our people out. Put it into a. Can you explain this to meet Pittsburgh led the National Hockey League during the regular season with 3.3 eight goals per game. In the post season they raised it. By almost a goal to four point 27. It would seem to me it's go the other way Sean if -- -- better competition every single night your goals per game should go down not up. Or or -- to give us. But heard no matter what side you're. I guess. All the big boys stepped up a victim. -- order out of power players -- not mistaken. So well how good their power play isn't sure how the number a little. This is Crosby the best player you've played. Against. Yeah I'd say all around the not -- she doesn't do well he competes hard Ali's house audiences. Is compete doubles right up there you never hesitate at all I'll. I think that -- -- -- he's he's so good. He had he heard his job I'm not sure if you Wear this so I think he should be careful not to like bang it to the jaw and all because it might hurt. Okay. Are not really took Bostick and an awful. And said bring it on Gordon who has been a hawkish. It's true that you had that conversation in game seven I -- receipt and kind of pep talk how do you think he played against the Rangers. -- -- -- It is often. Judge fairly or unfairly our point production I think -- -- is that -- A lot of people such as -- on the -- of about appointment -- but I don't really really helped our power play. As it levels. A lot better -- I was earlier in the playoffs. He needs to compete and battle to get those chances. As the army here. Artistry really a game it may be in particular season. -- May be has to be a more fair question askew in two or three days have you looked at a lot of film. Of the penguins in particular -- -- but is he not a lot like primer in terms of his goaltending style and rebounds will be available more than they were with Lundqvist. -- remember him from or actually. I don't -- goalie you're the starter for a lot of years and and I think the same thing went through in that he felt it again chip away. Where -- really make a lot less but he used to. -- believe it might be a backup on paper -- went on the minds of players that played against some. Syndicate of goaltenders did you think you have Lundqvist beat in the third period of game number five. Oh that's shot yeah I think I didn't -- brought but also it a little bit. Let. I've had so he knows where there chances that I got it ultimately buy into it maybe this series goes the theory that. But it didn't make any difference and Campbell scored the open -- I'm sure you breathe a sigh of relief duke. I debt now -- Great effort by them. I don't sub -- -- -- to some -- pretty well. There it is technical. As -- you get out you're out and about as much as anyone talk of people talking to fans. Does it feel like 2011. Yet. -- Not quite. I mean there are some pop shop also out and 056 graduation. I can't remember what it is in the conference final. That neither thought it was -- figure out we're playing Tampa but not a candidate is that it up. Energy personally and there are a lot but it didn't. You make -- -- this route that's publicity it's absolutely crazy and it's not now it is an excellent people start really coming up all the work out. AI espouse -- theory final question information on earlier this morning and talking about which team might be affected more by this long layoff. And it would seem to me and tell me if I'm wrong. That the more -- team the more. Out well oiled offensive fly in high flying team like the penguins might lose their edge more than a heavy. Body checking. -- grind it out team like the Bruins does that make any sense. We -- pop culture and we -- out of them so that was embraced. Oh is of the view that their own way in. And doctor or. But they'll like it sucks but we like it like it -- that at the weightless on schedule. Going. But it's the same mobile side just -- people to vote. Crappy ice and it's graphic book you -- to deal -- just feel that. About your ability and move on. Our John good luck. Back to practice table talked to down the road thanks for the time. Jump in with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible. The Rutgers situation when we -- They should -- -- practice that should video message carry practiced enough. Mean you have to strike call and taught -- now people can't in the Bruins Celtics go on. You know obviously not football or anything to think it would make sense I mean the crafts would do. The crafts were charged Celtic is Trevor this crap productions you -- and tune in all hell would check would be Dallas that I or sell them at a lot of your job we'll do -- it's not a conversation ago. What a deal that they charge in going to pictures were broadcast their practice hitting him in the AFC championship game against us I honestly you see it having not island and -- does not -- -- the media availability of media watchers -- five minutes from right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again delegates and the symptom -- and until you break it -- just not enough anymore we need viciously more more visual independents and though and you want more more right one more are your phone calls next 61777979371. To do with the Rutgers situation they can't get out of their own way and are -- off segment as well.

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