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Jeff Bauman on throwing out the first pitch tonight at Fenway

May 28, 2013|

Jeff joined the show and told the guys he requested Salty as his catcher tonight at Fenway. Jeff will throw the pitch alongside Carlos Arrendondo who saved his life after the marathon bombings.

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They got it's gonna be a nice night. At Fenway Park on a number of levels not the least of which Boston Red Sox have won ten of their last thirteen they are in first place it's going to be a nice weather night. As the summer seems to finally be arriving and the fact that our friend Jeff Bowman is throwing out the first pitch prior to the Red Sox Philadelphia Phillies. Game Jeff joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT eat good morning Jeff we get nervous for a big onstage tonight. No no no no you look -- this. Yeah. On what what's the plan Jeff is Carlos couldn't take the field with you. Yeah that's. Of the planet excellence and and so gets to for you both get the pro bowlers he gonna catching the throw wasn't work. I think that we know we both throw you balls well there are wired hair all cool you know your -- going to be. Or we're all. With a locket if you're a little while the can block of Korea and certainly make me look good -- You can you can have you you've made requests so he'll get David -- is the rush him in uniform yes yes especially when David Ross that'll be cool. Jeff I know when you did the banner at the Bruins that was pretty cool thing and you had a good time -- -- bigger baseball fans and say -- and a Red Sox fan this is some says is something you've been looking forward to that that tune in for a long time. All. Yeah. I would -- yet but -- -- -- to a document are junger and it gets as a reference for. And waving the banner was cool but from a pitch. Minutes of presidents do. Yeah and -- in the awful as you practice at all. -- an idea that I haven't thrown a ball from the ultra -- area normally do that the session and I. Good you know that was -- I was in game couple weeks ago military. I'm wounded veteran did it and he got up a -- economy fired -- pitch and he fell out. And he couldn't -- was just laughed and disaster that -- them up put them back he and he couldn't stop laughing and everyone have a good time to get at the eighties he let one go pretty hard. Hum -- yeah I mean what the hell and she wants one big shot give you a rare back and fire. I don't the yield on ten you rotate or anything. That we get asked every day GF I mean like every day -- I was just don't know people wanna know they you've kind of become you know a celebrity you know that. I'm surely Oprah is on the line when to talk to the -- that's like from Jeff -- these days was the answer how is Jeff doing. I'm doing doing -- You know just a plea deal one bit of -- hard. Engines. Charlie it's stronger and just approved the the better than what -- now. Jeff what's a typical day like for you in rehab you know when you get up -- when you start working what do you do all that sort of stuff is is it weights is it is it about today. Over you know moderate from out of Korea of them on home okay hold power couple weeks but -- -- some south army rehabbing a whole correct. Yeah do. It's a charter and worked my upper body bodies. Late on both children or my arms and Ryan in -- core muscles. Turn to get ready for the process. And what timing on that. -- -- -- And and you have choices and options other they're dumb I'm really ignorant about the stamping -- they are different kinds of -- correct. Yes. A bunch of different. Companies and different time and and how do you choose which ones you're going to use. We'll there's just went over Bradley. -- doctors united talk about it and -- they gonna help me you know. -- I know some military guys some wounded soldiers were in the hospital. Did you guess that two digit doctor those guys did the lift your spirits at all on what life will be like with the purse that X. -- I don't know from the hospital. You know that. -- -- A couple of pounds to weaken their income and and introduce themselves and you know this is great you know. People that are soldiers that are. Were injured right they were. Living life and surviving and there were very happy. And it was here and I'll put them. -- struck earlier and -- with anger and we've talked a year couple times you document but is -- -- -- the situation is every day a struggle for you still. -- I have really been angry no at all now. But ingredient knows it's kind of I don't know computes. Let's include different. From -- angry though. Think you will you think you'll get angry I mean. You know obviously still in the middle of very busy time. I know that you in the mourned a known they'll be quiet times down the row word. It might get tough for you might have. Other other struggles mentally emotionally. You worry about that. The pertinent to them -- minority vote. As. They potent. The rule says it's amazing that you you have not gotten angry have not gotten down yet and it's a long road obviously but. Is that just so you know that tissue personality and you're pretty laid back kid to begin with. Yeah that would let personality just. Sleep. Fallen. I don't like to be down there is no used to be there as well. Trust -- to beat out. -- -- I can only assume you're really looking forward to be getting to prosthetics and what do the doctors told you about that process is there is there a lot. That goes into learning to use them and use them comfortable lead it will acquire you know a great deal I don't the were training. Is the proper word but but it's it's it's not something where they put the first -- on and you're good to go there's there's some work involved here correct. A year -- a lot of work a lot of to be strong enough to support myself and physical withdrawal. With a booklet it's going to be harder through the balance right but I did have a lot of good corps and stomach -- and yes I've been really working hard at. Give us give us the gold someday I'm -- you're gonna. On a climb a mountain or go back to work and a swim during a period tiger vehicle packed the Costco look weary of big life collective. Yeah I just really get that normal living and doing his normal -- walking go up and downstairs from Russell. -- it is. Going -- announced this yeah yeah. It's a good goal to help with the real wheelchair to get up and down there it is easier to come down you just to write down. It's actually doing that and they and the people at Costco were unbelievable the when they're out there -- always asks. You know when's he gonna go back -- when we gonna see him at Costco you're gonna make an appearance back to work sometime soon. Yes I'm gonna do that I've heard since. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of the employees spelled them Jeff's name -- -- the bodies and yeah. They gave more cope through what the the celebrity aspect governor now. Yes you know everyone just. -- -- that I needed just great chances. To wish me well and days. This kind of glad to -- you know let me. Tell -- -- the truth he signed that autograph yet. -- you have -- that you -- a bunch on the night at Fenway this you'll. I don't mind that it wanted to. I'd be turned down an autograph question it is and you know you feel your big time -- AD you know the Obama meeting or something. Give us the best. Celebrity I know I know. You have not taken every column and every interview pulled -- blown off of you blown off Oprah. -- church each charity giving guns like in contact with me and we applaud introductory now -- Is that unemployment wouldn't that's I don't care or I was I think there was with the UN. Your uncle got a call from metal Ernie like bloom often -- looks and this was Matt Lauer if it here and open. But I kind of liked the fact of the movement lower. What Jeff congratulations on that tonight's honor before it even takes place and you're gonna have a great time at Fenway Park in and were looking bored watching you will buzz high heat to salty will will Carlos be with you Jeff I mean I'm trying to find the guy we're now is. -- Well please let me. I don't really want -- pitch for a well. He was in DC with the other gold star parents and -- standing -- he will be back. For game time you guys still -- right you still talk. Yeah yeah I haven't talked to like a week or so -- you know we still. Text and I took the life. We'll -- how the biggest ovation. That first day after the first game after the bombing the big ovation was the picture of Wright and Carlos yes. Of the whole wholesale -- -- the better she was you and Collison on the screen. I'm guessing you and Collison person is gonna go over pretty big tonight. Yeah yeah. Yeah we're later on. Have a good time -- deserve it and embrace the moment she'll be a lot of video taken pictures as well but. The latest grab your sign all the autographs per year there. Are no law all right you -- all the -- -- The AT&T outlined AT&T four GL PG on the old you know for the picture I'd be here tiger -- the bigger deal here behind you don't wanna get a written tri nations -- easy for it's easy for me to -- -- hasn't happened but I am surprised to kind of talked and I don't know well. I'd be so pissed will be humble the anger which is Boyle may be made to hear that guy thinking or I would handle not well and -- know well. How well but making changes maybe change I don't know maybe you have to have a temperament. Well he had that way he was that went before the -- I mean it obviously change you. He's very laid back there unless it's incredible would -- be -- Yes I like I'd -- -- but it also be thrilled that speed -- turned into a speed -- that's true you know what you think of the daily inconveniences. Are -- stairs every minute of every day be things you can't do right because -- this one Mac from this is one. Means welfare recipient who came to our country and -- the marathon yeah and and I. You know you're not do this all the time look at the lawyers to a fight and keep this guy. A live and we look at these idiots like nets -- trembling you're in this. -- that MIT professor over the you know conspiracy theory and towards guys. And any of this me off I wanna strangle your apartment and I got off -- like -- mean you're a victim here -- of the richest families in in the well and it's in the course and family from -- being one of them this every day you get up and you pinnacle downstairs. Because they let these maggots in the country in name in the and they and the money and let them build the bombs. Is it jury believed by the expert to handle these kinds of things that losing the legs is an easier employed I've used that term reluctantly. It is a less difficult transition that if you Google have lost both farms -- -- -- all the Oscar story -- probably about example 'cause he's up for murder. You see people living relatively normal lives on static likes. Well he's got he has his legs than it was Andy's that's different I think a lot different no legs right. I mean Jeff's not going to be running in races now an open he'll be at some point or -- walk around is is promises dollars sounds I don't mean it to be insensitive. It's a good time in the history of the world right if you -- delusional external -- in. I don't doubt no doubt they said that because all of the wars. Because the two wars the last twenty years. Or less and 1213 years. Technologies advance so -- that the prosthetics are all different now than there were one generation ago right Jeff will be walk and you walk upstairs pure hell. Already he wasn't supposed to get -- -- hospital. And he was of hospital -- -- two weeks he was supposed to get -- rehab for six weeks the -- like two weeks out of balding. And now -- home to pull ups in the morning and lifting weights and sand. Get me in those prosthetics and go like that you tuchman is attitude in his anger. I'm like an anchor and impedes the process yeah I agree notes the right attitude to have -- and there is one thing we're gonna work on the and I probably shouldn't say this on the air. But that is rewards -- there still reward that has been unclaimed. And this kid. Not only did he help catch the bomber but he helped sketch he helped OK and he helped catch the bomber before the other bombs went off right. And helped save. Could have been hundreds even thousands they've people's lives -- good pork dozens but he saved lives and he did it. Was just matter of fact we -- a row -- he could not speak he could not move he didn't even those legs were gone and he was asking for a pen and paper. To give information. To be Skechers to the FBI which led -- To the identification of the month of them look at the video and put those pictures out there and and then you know again the FB I should have been at his door at that point that they had asked the public for help. Public health we tracked him down unfortunately cost John collier's life cost. Reached on February almost like a bad injury that costs and chaos in the city for a couple days. And I'm pretty sure they skated. -- for a few more days in New York City or right much much more damage would be -- of -- -- and this guy -- guys gentlemen deserve whatever rewards there is -- do we know what the reward is what were us fifty grand and that was please. And fire unions. Not sure why they never got the millions that the put up for Bulger for bin Laden for. Might have grown headed -- at a taken longer that's probably true that that's what happens but I think it was just an initial. Nice gesture by the cops and firefight you probably have little -- and they say let's put this up. Thank him it'll take time and it'll build and other people contributing happened so quick Jeff Jeff was in the hospital for one day. And he gave him one day and he had tubes couldn't talk to the -- in the paper and he started. All -- 6177797937. We'll talk with Gordon needs some Red Sox baseball as they are on a -- -- -- joins -- that -- five giveaway -- -- fifty grand the grand. At 9 o'clock.

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