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Gene Collier, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, on Penguins Bruins

May 27, 2013|

Collier joins Lou and Steve Buckley to help preview the Penguins .

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Put a little Baghdad and here did you call 6177797937. Eastern Conference finals are set. I think the early odds. Are saying the game one might be Thursday. So good that we would say ask your question he's got a cold Diet -- George. There are three choices to get a Diet Coke and that I know -- done this do for love the joke though. It's very popular 4586. To get a diagnosis and make the collective self conscious would never get a guy code pink. I can't I've fallen and I can you press. My career here at right now but with this Red Sox team I would be in the five had to pay that rent -- -- The mission over a dark corner -- a slick global there right now. To get the -- got the penguins. Really gotten this series. By the -- Pittsburgh Penguins right now in the playoffs averaging four point 27 goal game. That's the highest mark since 1985. Edmonton Oilers -- ridiculous right five point 44. The highest mark and obviously thirteen goals the last two games helps on -- team by the way don't give -- nine and five ought to Montreal also. Not a bad defensive get marquee teams pretty good -- that's Edmonton team was pretty good in this Pittsburgh was pretty good soon so. More on the Pittsburgh Penguins. Guru gene collier who writes for the Pittsburgh Pittsburgh post gazette -- you don't Maloney Steve Buckley here in Boston. You guys -- grew up. We're doing -- always talk about this high powered Pittsburgh team I'm looking at now eight wins in the playoffs. Eight different game winning goals. From different guys in none of them. Named Crosby their office click and. Yes definitely. Putting the -- pocket and also was just that's a really good. I think illustration of their depth you have goals from a lot of different places and the ball for large looks like Bruce there's so it's really shaping up to be. An interesting World Series. When you look at this Pittsburgh Penguins team over the last five or six years is -- who is dependent underachieving team and no crises is injured and so forth but. There was a time awhile back I thought they were discovered to settle truckload cups. Yeah I think that's that's a fair statement I mean. Prior to this year they had -- they had been eliminated by a lower seeded team. Three years in a row no one of those. I was the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2010. -- the penguins lead that series three against one and then still -- But that was the year with whom when Crosby and market were both injured saw I don't think out here consider that much of an upset this -- but there. Yes since they want the cup. It's fair to say they're under achieving certainly it says that about Marc-Andre Fleury. Who is you know there -- -- -- 2009 is not really approached that level of play in the playoffs. Since -- you know even played himself out of this. These playoffs so I don't know exactly what they're gonna do they're probably nothing you're probably gonna -- -- folks who has been good -- Let's I want to ask a lot of Bruins fans know and we -- but the series can we turn into -- goalie controversy -- his one right now to -- who's playing early -- did early on but. How big is the -- is vocal and the guy or they just. -- first game maybe doesn't look shop maybe they go back to flurry. You know guys I wrote to pro last Sunday's paper that I thought they should go back to flurry because I mean. There's a certain comfort level with -- -- relieving flurry. I don't know if the opposite is true no I'm not sure -- or as -- say that I'm I'm not sure you can get. Fourteen wins out of -- in the post season you know users of older guys. Whom if he starts -- game one against the Bruins that'll be eight starts -- -- eight games an early start and I don't know how far you have to go back in his career find them play eight games in a row. So I have my doubts whether you can get where you wanna go with smoke -- exclusively. -- that said. For a comes in there and still has nothing you know then where are you can really tricky situation I think for their involvement his staff. Gene Joan gambling coming to the Bruins from both thirteen men and several weeks back and always -- its repayment. That that's a that's a very spicy side about a series of Bruins fans. How's -- playing on your random what does he had to say about that. Yes he has and the you know -- what he's had to say he -- pretty much -- -- as soon as he got here I appreciated the reaction of the Boston fans on this is sort of look at this certainly looked like he was. Delivered there that certainly would change the dynamic to what's gonna happen over the next two weeks. You know he's been a good player for the penguins living in the very year as you guys know he's a very dangerous player in the offensive enemy command a lot of attention which takes a lot of attention away from. -- and -- in the you know they've. Really take an event to that -- you know I mean he's he's he could -- have argued -- I mean if you have the opposite had been true. And that's certainly wouldn't change what's going on the basically do us so you felt. That he knew he wanted to win the cup is their reward companies you know you go in the hall of fame probably without a cup. And reduce -- assessment of who was could be get a better chance to win in Pittsburgh that he did in Boston around. You know these men who lived to regret that statement but you know what that's that's why we play them you know. -- -- year old Kamal and say about me -- listen anybody would want him -- an improving team but. But moral and Mari and even you open a faceoff specialist -- got to believe that -- had maybe the Bruins in mind they declined maybe especially Mari. Yeah I think that's absolutely true I think. You know as he looked at the landscape has -- at the trade deadline ABC's good team like Boston that's so deep and so physical. He's probably because I'm sure he thought that. You know there's one thing you. The -- was black was so I really physical presence and you know a special maybe like you can and he's played well for the even though he's been scratched a couple of times that that too is just. Evidence of their depth. -- -- You always hear about guys that old T he's one of those guys if you play against an enemy if you with them yeah you're like come -- what's his deal. Well -- do know is that you know he's served try to remake himself into. You know from -- more civil player if you will. He's he's playing probably the best hockey of his career. You know the way you play is. He's a grinder and an agitator but you know he did he goes hard all the time no one's ever. Excuse -- have cuckoo for floating out there and he works really hard and and you know he makes things happen sometimes they're despicable but the and hasn't happened that way for a long time I had obviously the Carlson injury earlier in the year. Whom I don't think there was any malice there in -- obviously they do and -- knew that that thought it always comes down to about how people. See these things but right now Matt -- is not civil player who's playing very well. Tuck and a gene collier Pittsburgh post gazette and Jeanne when lot of people obviously is a lot of keys to the series goaltending and whatnot but. But people on here talking about special teams and not taking penalties and not put the penguins on that power play in your mind what are some of the keys this series. Yeah well I think that's definitely want to abandon their goaltending is another one I mean blood that I admiration for. -- to arrest but he. It it was shockingly he extended that series to a fifth game. So. I know you guys know too that he could be. He can be vulnerable or. You know he he can be rattled. He to go all starts there but you know the other thing is. His fifth face -- and special teams you know the Brazilian X-Factor I think it's all pretty well. Establish. With the Smart money in this series. Well you know. I think it's on the penguins and when I look at places like Vegas and those things darling meg it has as good a grip on Iraq is who has done some other things that. Also appeared to renew their national media and the things like that I mean I think the penguins. Well what would in this series but. You know that the great thing about the -- -- there's nobody ever knows certainly these countries have pretend to know. Is Basra stuck in those first two lines and those of flip flop in there in the islanders'. Who -- gonna be rolled out those first two parents. Another person who because we do we hadn't. Kuhn -- and -- what will be mock him. Didn't and Neil. What was the reasoning wasn't a physical and it's ending gala -- which -- on the owners. Well in some -- yes didn't for some. I ships and even games in the islanders series and they had a -- look up their complete. -- a hard time figuring out what to do with the -- thought they got in this they would probably do but Crosby -- -- and troops have been so effective. Then they decided to they were gonna -- that -- put him back was a temporary thing and endeavor they're actually better this way. You're one of the things I think there underestimate the Pittsburgh is the the defensively I think that they have. This offensive power but defensively that really picked it up lately as well. Well yeah I mean in the clinching game against the auto senators I thought they played maybe their best sixty minutes of defense. They were just so good and our -- -- that you could really see the senator has become deflated I mean they couldn't get any fore check going and the way really. Historically even though the penguins have this reputation for great offensive players doing well these are Australia it's all true. But when the penguins play their best they win 213141. You know there are they can be just 76 but -- that's really not the way -- -- -- -- -- It to any -- is Cincinnati making it out to Pittsburg you got the best ballpark of one of the top three or four ballparks in the country of the parts on this weekend. Bartiromo as we go against the Cincinnati Reds -- got to love that. National certain National League central division class actually -- -- told -- that -- It -- -- -- -- -- because he's let's think he's gonna be ditching their protective shield and a clear channel makes Bruins fans feel better when he says all UIC a lot better a more comfortable without it which is probably not a good sign but. I have a few things people. But actually critical of Crosby and expect more out of him. I wrote the other day actually this is true guys -- what that's what the penguins fans want out of should be Crosby is too deep -- goals per game. A decline -- -- stolen -- part of our letter. -- -- -- gene collier Pittsburgh post gazette -- we appreciated that and over to -- it another time enjoyed a series true every now you've got a good line it is a good month. I was shocked actually did a good line a boat a good line get -- he's he's. He's averaging. Paid one point 47 points a game. And there's actually some people out their senior what's going on with them. In though it's. It's unbelievable but he again you go back to expectations right. But you are gonna see the best hockey player in world Sidney Crosby in the second best. The -- Malkin and it's gonna you know I just they just when I look at the spring -- team and that's why I asked him what expectations because. Bruins have won one cup. In this -- do in -- and you look at the penguins team. What duels fought with Hillary the talent that they've had coming in and out of there over the years they have won three of four penguins fans -- tell you worry. The blame it on him -- -- it's been there before they just haven't had a goaltending but now you've got a guy and Thomas -- and I think his. 1516. And two since March 2 but that have been goaltending to get them a hundred plus points -- X number seasons and the main. They've gone down against the -- said three looked lesser seeded teams the first round lost five years while there are good.

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