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Billy Jaffe, NHL Analyst, believes the Bruins have enough to beat the Penguins

May 27, 2013|

Billy Jaffe joins Dale and Rob to preview the Eastern Conference Finals between the Bruins and Penguins. Billy also talks about the pressure put on Bruins’ coach Claude Julien by the media and fans.

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I've always thought we had to go through them to get an hour ago at some point. So he'll be. Been well chronicled. And get my stuff and yet here's so we were happy with who we. I think yeah -- makes. But let's switch their clothes made yeah -- really compatible with birdies line. On the strong cycle -- the wearing down of the opposition I know he's been statement a little bit buddies he's a lot of chances. He's created a lot of chances. Bruins general manager Peter surely talking about the next series the Eastern Conference final series against the Pittsburgh Penguins. We're very lucky at NASA to have great hockey analyst Andy brick -- go to. Collar guys there is in the National Hockey League that the crew that I get to work with on pre and post game. A court close Jack Barry Petersen Billy Jaffe are all as good at what they do is anybody. My friend Billy Jaffe who also works for the NHL network and Roger sports net up in Toronto. Joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE with speeds up to ten times faster than 3 -- good morning Jeff. That is. A nice lead and I actually feel enormous amount of pressure right now on a holiday morning and just having my first cup -- critical but I live up your expectations. They partner. Bill is rob Bradford good morning and but I I have to start saying that is slick that you're Twitter account he at the Jaffe. And you have a pitches you're talking about having coffee in the morning. But you have this pitcher of the white chocolate cheesecake hurt -- -- I I encourage our everybody and anybody to go to your Twitter account to induce terror. That's a while. You know I. On during docking fees in America no -- -- at this I don't get many days -- I travel an awful lot of the nature of my life and anyways last night was. That night it was actually had all the off an opportunity go all of my -- for an adult better. And up. And that's saying I don't need to enter in the guys there's one thing on the menu at Olympia want it. Meaning if I was gonna have dessert and almighty god was it an already huge he's ticket it was absolutely fine. I think I'm a chemical that they've worked just. You would -- -- to have another piece. And make it the whole thing I thought that -- grain and into it it was. But nominal and I guess that's what a nice on the united is all about but no one -- -- work. Well let's start with with Claude Julian for just the moment in his post game press conference here after his team lost to the Bruins in five games John -- -- -- out of its way to say. I've been in town a couple of times here and I just don't understand the criticism Claude Julian -- he and his staff did a great job preparing this team. Getting them where they are any he would out of his witnessing Claude Julian praises. Are you a little baffled as dynamic times by the criticism of load and his quote on quote system. You know what bill and I'm at my baffled by no because they don't get. You know what we don't have any control the situation which bans don't and that's what -- -- but also a crime. They lose perspective. They they go to -- it -- and I can -- be easy thing. Article. Should he treat this player you awful and it looks small picture of the big picture. Again it's the media -- the other two that aren't. Just because they get to become the easy thing to do you have to be articulate that Peter -- it was a good general manager Kenny Holland. -- may be the best in the National Hockey League you're in trillions up there along with the -- would it take into it longer. Don't stick in the time to relax a little bit of -- of every year this year to go over Babcock who earlier and he never once had to work. About apple byte because that's the nature of the business but I agree I've always -- cute Claude -- can -- be perfect well who would look. The culture -- perfect but he has developed. Of such a good thing with the Boston -- It tweak your system at -- can be you know army and short time you know he he. Might look at it in and -- -- you know I did this wrong and maybe the next game to try to tweak it again perfect example. Because of the -- many get in the lineup lately dealt. He has been getting into the play more than he did during irregular -- according to play to their strength I think it but I he's a wonderful coach. Developed a great relationship with them. Again no coach is perfect no no no don't eat perfect but I think he -- quote -- -- perfect job with the Boston Bruins while. Now bill will get into the the Pittsburgh Bruins series and second by. To stemming off for the Rangers series on the named everyone's talking about is Torre's crew. August wanna get your perspective -- little dose of reality of -- we're dealing with here because right now. Referred Bobby your referred ray Bork a referred you know waited to take you down a little bit we've heard Don Sweeney. What made by the -- the slide in if we've heard Greg cognitive. But him but I just wanna get your perspective on exactly what we're dealing with -- with crew heading into the next round. Are you heard your version of Magic Johnson right days ago -- and where exactly I -- that that I was going -- look at -- -- think there -- a few years ago. I get some gains or Big Ten network that I did it. Michigan State Spartans if you amend or small cap it out on the -- mission statement and payment or recruit. And I learned a bottle it and all the guidance and all I kept hearing Robert common they had coached at Michigan State about. His compete level his competitiveness. His attitude is desire. And I -- OK that's great but to me. I'm like Greg albeit you know like I saw it and it would no disrespect the backlog of who put together over corporate self professed hockey different levels different leaks. And think it all right. And I are watching the more and more and I'm like yeah you know it's pretty good great footwork excellent instincts he would stick -- I mean you know. He would he would give it to warming college stepped up with with really it's I -- it won't work in the body positioning. I'm thinking you know not bad but again I'm thinking well I've got laid out the next level. And it just goes to prove that you about this yet. Who it's what we're seeing right now we're seeing a guy who has taken advantage over the opportunity but -- -- -- right now but we don't need to worry about what he's going to become we need to worry about what he has right now what he -- Is it different element on the Blue Line and the Bruins have. And forty years it's -- competence. And what -- -- respectful to the guy in the room that he's learning. About how to take this how to handle this. And from all indications you're just playing he's not hit two big. -- -- is too big for Britain outside engagements we've got to keep the moment that you try to do too much. I know that cliche but too much will be that it's been the I've been to recruit will start making more mistakes I like what he has done. Offensively I'd like an awful lot of of course doesn't like Google but I love what he's done. Neutral -- defensively again not perfect but his body positioning has been excellent it instinct when the -- they're not close the -- excellent. And it containment style -- Excellent you have better liability did have a girl who only played beautifully with his visit made Selkirk. And got to me is more important believe it or not that is often because as you get exposed all the time. And we got probably would be a lot. We came into this interview with the cut from Peter surely talking -- the army -- younger and what he's brought to the table here now that the Bruins are in the Eastern Conference finals the Bruins have to pay. The Dallas Stars a first round pick three armory jogger and I am OK without by the way. I think that if yarder did nothing more than improve the power play which he's done this is a good move. He frustrates me at times -- how he won't use his line mates. Peter cities he snake bit a little bit I mean there are times when their -- three colored jerseys around him which means somebody's gotta be open somewhere. And and I agree and I we can't question is -- people -- all right you -- like he. Absolutely -- So much up there any I know he you can look at him he's having fun -- a great thing about your armor daughter's expression. You can coatings and good mood and Nokia would add it up so badly -- -- -- last year about the play out that in a bad -- whether it was injury or lack of ice time -- when -- wanted to -- this year you seem to be having an an arts and I'm. Seem to be ecstatic like a -- bought. With that said Billick couldn't agree more would be at times you double trying too hard -- too much on his own in the movie censorship law. You know I mean it's it's giving it and it and it will actually. You know it hinders knowing you -- at the end of this year but in line -- and coming up because. Always gonna say Nathan Horton gets screwed usually. Yeah it -- you wanna get into a rhythm to you you know you get short (%expletive) -- your lighted an -- -- much and their report. We pick. That's currently compete better but -- -- that brought. Opt for the most part what would that water out of -- no question about it you bring it really -- He brings with him you got a lot of under water detention in the immediate future in the walker and this and that and that unit didn't need and other older acquired. But they've got great -- there. He couldn't seamlessly -- -- computer -- and yet a lot. It -- a little quicker I mean is it easy cases where I'm watching but he could move a little quicker. I think you would probably get some more results do it feels like. I mean you're watching. -- chuck. It'll it will bill quicker -- -- -- -- -- order could take -- this is going to be one of the great storyline. Of -- Nick's -- I mean this is gonna be like a big boy streak coming up but he's going to be a big part of. OK now we can get into the next series even though word word probably a month away from a it feels feels that way. Is that the so we dale I have been talking about this last two days about obviously Pittsburgh is -- and all when it comes to offense they've been averaging a goal. More than anybody else in the playoffs. Bruins. It varies maybe on the defense of side of things. Which do you think wins and I'd guess this is a roundabout way of asking who's gonna win the series by. Is this bruins' defense especially with Seidenberg back good enough to stop what this does -- Pittsburgh conference. Well. That between net for question and the other question come to the plate to hit you know Tuukka -- Was excellent against the Rangers and essentially outplayed and -- Lundqvist as awesome as ever was the last game. It was the fact that I early and fury -- was the better the -- There and you are up and sitting at Hendrick Lundqvist is just the fact now can he do that against article quote I think so. So that's part your defense. But. The other question comes into play you say Seidenberg back yes it seems pretty effective in the Q what would let caught by people haven't -- they're awesome. For guy like him to really get healthy get. But. Will -- group assuming he plays will map -- out you're assuming he -- be able to. Handle this offense. The way that -- -- -- I bet beat two guys that I would have to an -- look at your statement 82 young guys to green -- Canadian of this dynamic offered for the it's perfect for. If the if the Bruins don't have to -- that's an extended period of time in their own don't that will help the other thing at the Pittsburgh Penguins when they hunter project going through the neutral on it really where they dominated where they need Ottawa. Look slow. And that's going to be key for me -- you know look we can look power play numbers fit for our players been awesome does that mean the Bruins. India's aggressive no I think they have to play as aggressive just don't take a lot of penalty display. Margaret the -- But when it comes don't do -- I I look at the neutral zone markets -- generated so much speed and momentum their. That that's where they took it to be our center -- started dismantling them their. It -- seem like you're wide open in the -- -- Goldman went -- was you know running around but I think a lot of it started in the neutral on an -- the Bruins are gonna have to really really be good. I think the Bruins do have an ideal I think the Bruins who have an up. And they sit on the sentiment -- -- but the Pittsburgh Penguins. You know good and I don't I think they've got -- up to the Bruins aren't aren't Smart about it and then Pittsburgh will win here. If you workload Julian. Would you consider flipping Tyler Sagan and -- -- yarder at this point. Or. Yeah I would because in. I I thought about that I was looking at the numbers of both of those players and reminding myself that well again I know they're trying their butts off the opportunity it neither produced where they need to or want to. I wouldn't be against -- but I don't think you will early on Google. I I I I don't think you will early I think he'll allow. It is to stay in the in game one away at it and see what kind of matchups see what kind of low itself from the bulk of those guys. A -- splitting splitting up Seidenberg -- No I wouldn't right now I mean you know -- I bet you always have that luxury and and I -- think that that makes. The two of them. Even though you're putting that you're too big eggs in one basket so to speak to combat you know big unit on on one air. It gives the Bruins that you dynamic look back there and you could only split them up I but I would I would continue to played -- a fair amount but on the road you'll see him as much together because you know you know it is I -- will be out there. 01 of amid the very least and every defensive zone face off in a certain line throughout their club will probably put both of them out there they get one of them off but. I know that fold them like playing together so much. And in and it means. You know awful lot to -- in a chart when he goes inside -- there I mean he's even better. And because about it -- so you begin over Iran and again about how much on the -- And I think you're. Under control much of. We know that the Bruins are a big strong hockey team I think at times. They don't get enough credit for being a skilled hockey team their skill level is better than they get credit for. The Pittsburgh Penguins are a good big -- team is well I don't think -- a physical match up though the Bruins get the advantage. I'm not so sure. I'm not so that your partner. You know we think the Bruins as this real big bad Bruins and we sure there's no question about it I don't know all the people -- -- Cult musical called straw. Guys like Jerome -- James -- believe it or not now he is younger guys that I would say you know book to crush people but -- strong on the and he can play a physical game belt law. Chris court it's to me is what -- and he is one of my favorite players in the National Hockey League because he's got a bit of a dirty edge to a it is stickier and much indeed -- and then he's also in the -- yet you should be able to an end and the sole physical front of the net. Brenden -- physical. You know. -- sort brick up I'm thinking of all the players on their team you know it glass plate and about Craig Adams it. The play would cancel -- I'm not sure. If they get it not credit for being as physical as they can be they're not gonna back up the Bruins are definitely talk there's no question about it on. -- I don't know I would say they are much -- thirteen cup is white and the Pittsburgh Penguins and -- -- that things that I respect about Pittsburgh that they play. -- physical game as well. Jack had a a phrase that he used when he was describing Brad marsh on the other day called -- one in twenty niners in other words there's one team that loves him and there's 29 teams that hate him. The idea the Pittsburgh Penguins have their 129 -- and it's Matt Cooke. And and he carries an especially emotional bond with this team. And he's gonna do everything he can do it to agitate and instigate and the Bruins are of a predisposition and it did go after him anyway. They're gonna have to be more careful with Matt -- and almost anybody else in that regard. Absolutely. No question about it and -- -- You can pick up the incident. Let them you know with with Eric Carlson the incident of the year will all that one of the he's been -- really be a good hockey player this year guys you really got. What you -- -- not yet taken on the next you know personally. I'm talking about premier hockey playing perspective. There have been more than. Morton has been more than one game in -- and -- interest is that they're best. Player on the guys in particular he's been phenomenal on the penalty kill. And -- of the guys that. You know it's only -- out of -- -- -- platelet treatment but that's. He's in good hockey player can he can skate so well he's going to irritate. A lot of you eat is going to do it you're going to bother Bruins. He's in trying to editors in. They're trying to understand into the central nervous system and absolutely. He would a disaster to that you want to you want to -- between single and lead melt them down. Emotionally. And he relishes that role soul. Yes they're gonna have to be Smart. But there's always there's going to be other guys to epic Crisco and it's all -- trying. Yet dad and different way to keep he's gonna try to get at them. As well so Tyler Kennedy. Other team and I'm a huge fan of -- any by the way I -- -- -- concern in the lineup against the islanders by the end -- up. Changed the tenor of this series where he put Tyler Kennedy Joseph Vitale you know metallic -- out a lineup the Tyler Kennedy speed and ability. To shoot the puck is high speed change the look of the Pittsburgh Penguins team in the aperture on an Indian bit of a lot of sense but just the finish -- that a -- He's going to be a -- He is one of the best that it -- job. Albeit that he has its dirty stuff but it career since the belt in his career you cannot deny that he wants the play hockey. When he -- play play hockey he is he can be a different doctor. Final question before we let you go in your opinion is the Boston Bruins so called fourth line. -- Campbell important the best of that ilk in the National Hockey League. I did I had said that they are I -- -- that they are because they consistently. Do their job which isn't just. Stop hitting which isn't just you know. You know coming to with a quote unquote -- league ball. -- -- -- speak to at all I mean every -- -- Portland is supposed to do they've got it all these little light to a retreat guys Campbell by. Credibly well on the only kill me. Out -- -- guy central importance that can settle that we don't match up against anybody and help settle anybody bouncy Derek Dorsett. In the New York Rangers series. I think that they are I think that it got all the work -- on the Pittsburgh Penguins to interview for sure Craig Adams will be out there for sure. Kennedy will be up there whether you'll tune -- -- collapse somebody got all the work life and it'll be effective but when it's all said and done. It's been approach of this postured or fourth line that set it on net and throughout the year and then in my opinion the best. In the National Hockey League when they don't hurt you -- people -- up for quite up to dispel you and other operatives do things to. And especially here they're there to keep the momentum or gain momentum. And they've done that regularly -- very patient this year that I remember dale. We're right at the fourth line was bad cop again I go back you in terms not perfect. But it is called the perfect -- -- and I'd like to have a viking. Always fun to talk cocky with it we can do little Latin and I am glad that we get to do with folks listening in here today and I have a feeling we'll see each other. Very soon here. Sure hope so great catching up with the guys enjoy today and to everybody. Who has served and allow us the ability to our copy. And a Monday morning on Memorial Day thank you for all the you have done it it's awesome to be able to sit here. And do that and I finished my -- -- not. Delicacies here. And area thanks -- I'll talk to them. And that's Billy Jaffe minus and colleague. Also works at the NHL network Roger sports net up enough in Toronto as a great job and it's fun to talk cocky with. Well take a very quick break we'll get back to the calls with you with 6177797937. AT&T text line -- 37937. It's -- and Robin pretty NC Sports Radio WE yeah.

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