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Dale and Rob talk about what Memorial Day means to them on Dennis and Callahan

May 27, 2013|

Dale Arnold and Rob Bradford are filling in on D&C on a day that America pauses to remember all those who have served this country. Dale and Rob also touch on the Red Sox walk-off win over the Indians yesterday at Fenway Park.

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Can we just confirm before we go any further than we are on NASA. This morning we are right okay which pants back. Well a little concerned about how casual you had gotten here on the DL or hailed the great thing is -- gives me opportunity to Wear my white pants. It is that time Robyn finally I'll get a break them out of the countdown has been going off for weeks. When will -- who Wear the white pants again and I'm kind of opened it's never real honestly the others as far I've I've had enough of that happy memorial and everybody yes. It it is. You know the time when we. Try to remember those who have given their their lives in service of our country. Others say yeah there's gravestone. On the -- and vote main. It has my dad's name on it and dates. Of his birth and death and the dates of his service in Korea written on the bottom and there's an American flag next to that that gravestone this morning and while -- the will be placed there by my brother in my sister because I can't be there. But it shouldn't just be on Memorial Day that we remember those who have served our country and I know that a lot of people out there try to remember a lot of other days besides. Yeah I mean we should obviously aids I figure Memorial Day I think it was first introduced to it maybe -- kids. I know that I've played via rated Essex Massachusetts every memorial day of the baritone armed. Marching through the town regionals and notice that brought that in here this -- yeah I don't know if I remember along quite well thank you causes that I started with a trumpet. And the mouthpiece was too small so. I've QB your mouth you know there's like eighteen lines that you were -- gas through my head -- dominate the baritone horn for a few years. And yes so either of the you know the cemetery and we went to my family and I we've got into the depraved Hamilton a few times and yes so I think that. For obviously it goes without saying that we should this is what we should remember today especially. Especially by particularly -- What is going on in the world and you see. What's going on in Afghanistan. What has gone on and Iraq and how it's not covered like. There has been in the past but then every once in awhile you'll see death poll asked poll -- And that makes you understand what some people are doing for us. I've said in the past that you know you'd be desperate trying to find something but there was one positive that I took out of happened on nine elevenths. And that was the respect and admiration. That was really given. To our our. Men and women in the military -- in the aftermath of 9/11 all of a sudden we respected the men and women of the military. Those of us who were of a certain age remember that following the Vietnam conflict that wasn't the tree and the fact it was just the opposite. Men and women who wore the uniform to serve our country were looked down on. And in the aftermath of 9/11. Men and women of the military first responders policemen firefighters. They were all looked at differently and and that was the only positive that came out of that. It happened again in the aftermath of what happened here April 15. When I left the ballpark yesterday you and I did the show it at Fenway and when I left the ballpark. There was a police officer standing. -- and you know directing the crosswalk and directing traffic outside Fenway Park in as I walked by. I stuck out my hand and I shook his hand and as I walked by just to thank you. Any kind of funny and I was thinking I -- I hope other people have done that one point or another with a policemen or firemen era. Or an ambulance worker remember the military I hope other people have done that especially in the last month or -- round here. Yeah I think unfortunately what happens is that the further we get away from it the the year it is not to do for people and I think you're right we should do it on a daily basis. Every single day no matter what's going on. But I just mentioned. In Afghanistan and Iraq and how. How sensitive it wise aptly said after 9/11 orally in the years after that. A lot of people forget that we're still fighting a war. Which we still have men and women in uniform in harm's way. And -- Exactly and people are still the my wife my existence. That gets to me more than anything else is seeing the of military people come back. And seeing the families. You remember that a couple weeks ago in Tampa all that the gentleman and I forget I forget his is ranked. -- on the whole you'll Foreman catcher's gear he and his daughter through the first pitch to -- not knowing it was him. I mean if you watched that didn't get it tearing your right wing -- I got to honestly say that as Mormon mom my most favorite things. In my life to watch those three unions. I just absolutely love them and that was that was unbelievable. And maybe it's because you know we have kids and we understated even coming home from for road trips at Red Sox and everything is senior kids and the reaction by. They -- I don't think this is obviously a data remember. But this is so this year we should remember this every single day I -- Congratulate you for doing that yesterday because. I think people were doing that in the days after the marathon bombings though the couple weeks after. But now you probably do -- the police officer probably doesn't see it that much but we should keep doing that every single day. Every single Bruins game. It gets me every single time they do what they call the eight spoke excellent. Know and they when they welcome a member of the military almost always in full uniform. And they read off. You know what this person has done you know has served three tours in Afghanistan. You know won a purple heart whatever it whatever the ballistic -- And then -- they have the big logo of the gates spoke salute you read off the whole thing and then they they Goldman is shown on camera. Every single time. You see all of all the players from both benches every player stand up and start banging their names on the on the boards in front. And you see the officials on the ice they do during a commercial timeout. So you've got the guys out on the ice with the buckets and shovels and I'll -- the the on ice officials they all stand out on the ice and applaud. Gets me every single time yeah -- players from both teams. Or in the middle in and in the playoffs you know in game five of the Stanley Cup Playoffs all the Rangers standing up and banging their sticks on the bench all the Bruins. Every single time it -- them. Have you seen the Pat Tillman documentary. It's been and now I understand that document for. To remind people Pat Tillman was the professional the NFL player Blu-ray player at Arizona Cardinals great player out -- Arizona State. What after 9/11. Basically dropped his professional career enlisted in the was in the Marines of the army. He was special forces yes also is already so he went to I was an army ranger which -- Afghanistan him his brother. And and he was killed and did documentary while there's all sorts of stories and questions right right friendly fire at that. It spelled Elmer but I mean I think that's a symbol of what we're talking about we're in we're relating sports and and that so yeah I yeah it's a great documentary. -- But it's also another reminder of what people have done a small sacrifice. A guy turning down millions in dollars to go serve the country and and paying the ultimate price which is with his life. It's a. I won't say cheesy song but it is a and Billy Ray Cyrus song but I quoted on Twitter last and it's a very simple line. Some all gave -- But some gable wooden and that's exactly what we're talking about with members of the military some gave all Pat Tillman. -- yeah and there are unfortunately. You know hundreds and thousands and millions of others during the course of history. Who have given all and today is today where where we remember them look it is a a holiday for you guys may -- it's a chance to get the barbecue fired up especially after the rainy weekend in whatever excuse that puts you altogether I'm fine with -- But in the course of celebrating the holiday in the day off from work in and time on the back. -- with the that the family all that's good just pick a moment remember why we celebrate now. And and teacher candidate might NT nine teach your kids about it too I've indicated look at as a day off. But teach your kids about and make them understand this is why you have to stay off. And as on a lighter note in terms of this great country of arson. And -- industry country. Did you see the god bless America yesterday at the rats are -- and. It was one of the funniest moments ever I am I -- -- obvious that by that time I -- -- -- I'd gone home. End and I didn't know lol what had happened with Terry and the umpire. I didn't know until NASA and showed it afterwards and I just it just crack me there was so Francona. Trick up its opponent like you guys all notice seventh inning basing god bless yes on holidays they they don't do it every single game. But weekend games holidays things like that. Seventh inning Memorial Day weekend Sunday game using godless America. Unfortunately or fortunately 'cause it provided high comedy there had been a close play at the at the base yet it's Michael -- get thrown out stealing. And Terry Francona came out and and was arguing with the umpire. And there was player right there and Terry and the umpire and they're all kind of gone back and forth that did not appear to be pro Spain -- Animated it was it was respectful. But but yet no I don't -- earnest argument. And then they start singing god bless America. It takes this battle with the ovaries aren't the umpire takes is not often puts it over his heart the player the same thing. And edits like this this argument is being it erupted at the home went by the plague of godless America. Well it is a borders Rollyo and attitude and and Francona is kind the in between he's supporting -- player and letting this player go at the umpire a little bit. Also -- Q why is Terry Francona habitat off because -- still cutting corners but he knows that god that's America's government -- -- it was the it was really was sort of the classic Terry Francona was also the classic slap shot moment of journalists have this on. It was great and even better with -- that though once again via the the never say die gritty Red Sox find a way to come from behind and winning game in the last at bat. Really couple great games last couple days and fun yes the and and you look at how they're doing it like yesterday was. -- problem because he -- -- the previous day for running eighth inning. Obviously you know we have another -- Miguel but this was more improbable because. Okay you push Chicago cross a couple of runs but now you've done that through -- -- ground outs. Nobody on. Clothes -- on the mound for Cleveland. Wins with two outs Jonny Gomes is up he draws a lark. Next guy out Stephen Drew who had it grew at a great rooted games that you like OK you know he could put a good swing on this. Singles first and third drew steal second. Now Jose Iglesias up. And you think you are the gonna pinch hit for -- literally every one to pinch hit for so. Dan he's going pretty good he might get ahead. Draws a walk the ball thinks of all things Jose Iglesias draws a lot of guys don't forgot I at the I would think you get a -- every time instead of getting a -- And then you're getting a walk and then also and Chris Perez goes to 21 Salisbury. And in the if he calls up the trainers the trick and he throws up hits the warm up pitchers almost its mascot. And then they bring in Joseph Smith. And now now you're thinking what is -- very gonna do here. Because you can go to different ways right you could say I may take its pitch and get to 31. And then maybe get another ball and you draw a walk and force -- run in. Or you can say this guy is gonna group this pitch. Fastball -- again. That's what he did it for Ellsbury drove to the gap went to wall walk off double everybody goes home happy. Yeah except Terry Franco Angela what's amazing I look at the stat until after. Ellsbury was four for six with a bases loaded this year so not a great year for him no at all by now game measurement but. Well in those situations he's come through great and it's it's a small thing but -- Jonny Gomes is average has not -- and yet. But Jonny Gomes what we've seen over the last week in terms at key times. Situationally hitting. It's really been amazing now it's not gonna help his average. Was sacrifice flies walks we understand other than keeping his at bats down. But this is part of the equation. It also keeping him in the picture are -- to run still because he is such a good base runners -- the smartest base runners on the team. -- David Ortiz know while. Well that was -- that was big that was custody demon -- -- he can give sold base I don't know another coach who say that he stolen base twice now on the last Annan has -- -- bands like well last week. Something he had -- -- times in his entire career yet so it great win for the Red Sox and it off obviously economic club oust tempered a little bit by effect clay buckles -- today. You know for people who have only heard that he's skipping his start today what are we dealing with here they don't think it's serious now. But you know you got a guy -- Not perfect record and his is right now probably the leading candidate for the American League Cy Young having to skip a start. By both -- colts and -- which is. He could've made the start. He slept on his shoulder Iran you sleeping -- is these young child I'm sorry but yeah I mean hockey. Players all over North America to kick a ball boy in their breakfast cereal this morning. So. What they got back from the road trip he slept on a shoulder wrong and when he threw. He's he threw a side session will discomfort through yesterday. Little discomfort. It was he said it was his decision not to throw you wanna take any chances it's on the AC joint which is on the top of the shoulder had no problem this previously. Said that ball -- he said that he might make a start later in the in the week. Tonight itself obviously Alfredo Savvis. But I am skeptical always. When both sleeping on the shoulder thing on -- -- the sleeping on you know makes you nervous does it always and so it sounds like let it. It sounds like an excuse you'd make your shoulder is bothering you don't want people to make big -- you're shall yeah -- know the fact that he threw his bullpen that's encouraging. The factory through yesterday still -- encouraging fact that he didn't even get an MRI okay. Dolce you'll see as it goes on by. -- also a reminder about what is the most important thing in this division race. Which is keeping the operator tissue guys healthy they cannot -- to anything without clay buckles. Well especially at a time when you know your your top four guys look like the kind of rounding into form now Ryan Dempster -- Another issue right now which -- top four guys do brought looks like he's finally you know coming around a little bit -- and I I nailed it Jon Lester didn't win but you know he's kind of rounding into form. Buckles has been great. Lackey looks like he's for real especially his last two starts. If you just keep them how their liking their normal start to feel pretty good about well. Just like the Yankees -- me think the Yankees are. Hitting their hopes on two guys. Which are CC sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda. And sabathia -- problems and Kuroda had a scare the other day. So I think that this is going to be the defining point in this race I think it's gonna be great race I think it's going to be outstanding -- throughout the summer. There's all these teams are flawed and I think but -- they they also have a civil level talent but there are couple key guys on every team. With the Red Sox certainly look at Lester and -- colds as being the ones for the rents arts. And obviously we have hockey to talk about as well we talked about it a bit yesterday will do it again today. A my buddy Billy Jaffe one of our analysts on NASA will join us just after 9 o'clock this morning. And and I had a long phone conversation with him yesterday about how the Stanley Cup Playoffs are going at this point. And the Bruins chances and yes. Boston he does think that the Bruins have a chance of beating there aren't -- as idea was well. We'll talk to Billy just after 9 o'clock and then we'll talk to you about a lot of the stuff as well. -- we get some other things to discuss I I gotta tell you what happened not not that I sit here and follow the Coca-Cola 600. Well on why a lot of a course you follow what happened at Coca-Cola 600 yesterday has been something that has made me nervous. Four years. And it finally happened. And my only question was how come it hasn't happened before this. We'll tell you what that is we'll talk about that we'll open up the lines will bring you guys in just as well. -- we got a lot of stuff to discuss between now and 10 o'clock he's rob Bradford from WEEI dot com I'm dale Arnold and for. John and Jerry DNC on Monday morning a Memorial Day morning. Will open -- just a couple of minutes Sports Radio WB.

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