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John Farrell postgame press conference

May 26, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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John -- good wired. Enough. Without Barry -- he did. -- John I think the biggest thing is that we we didn't abandon a plan we continued to stay with having a pretty strict. Strike zone I'm. You know -- or number of all the pitches over just off the edge. We're able to -- some hits and and the three walks combine but. You know David it's the the double. I think it and we felt like we had life on the ninth inning but certainly it elevated notch or two. And really when you think about the ninth inning they can get back to me was -- walk. He files off a tough two strike pitch. Takes a close 32 pitch walk. But. You know enforcement from the emperor has goes out and injury and we felt like when Smith came in that arm slot that -- -- them pretty well and was all the reason for. He says that there is lightning team and I think he just -- up. Like this -- never getting out. I think we've seen it. Many times over whether it was a game down in Tampa against -- where we came back. And on the double by Leo well in our game today once again and you know that this team. Loves to compete there and you know we we help their cause a little bit today it was an outfield defense. They were able to benefit on a couple of two strike pitches that didn't get to the spark for two run base hit by Santana and home run by cuteness but. You know until that 27 out is recorded you know this team doesn't roll over by any means. -- -- -- I can't say it was you know he's getting blocked out I just think he missed that. Just just flat out and you know even then. You know he -- Santana down onto an and leaves occur vulnerable played for the base -- put. In Iraq it was just. No other way to say it I don't think he got mixed up with with Stephen and I play it was just him off the homeland. -- -- -- Jacobi who's struggled a little bit at the plate and -- just getting the RBI but more importantly getting an RBIs in that situation how much can that maybe start to get them on the right track I'm. Well well hopefully. It gives them a boost -- confidence you know -- the base at the previous at bat and we've seen his on base frequencies starts. Pick up over the last week. You know either by walker or some basic so he gets obviously the key hit of the day with the with the game -- so. I would certainly hope that this will have a carry over effect. Felix can hit pretty hard this year on two counts. What do you attribute that to. Maybe just kind of rushing through the back and not continuing the same. Approach thinking maybe that might be over before it actually is you know he gets at a campus with two fastballs and then he misspoke it was another fastball out to home run. He'd thrown two previous off speed pitches to Santana today and I backed up the curve -- another one that you know kind of repeat strikes against very good hitters see you better miss to the extreme and and that hasn't in the case but. You don't even though he continues to make progress I thought today was another step in the right direction form overall. And yet you can pinpoint a couple of things that. He can be veterans for sure.

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