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Jacoby Ellsbury postgame guest

May 26, 2013|

Joe & Dave talked to Jacoby Ellsbury after he hit the walkoff double against the Indians.

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All right thanks John that's probably where there. Heroic moments there's so many different heroes of that inning but that you have -- if that's -- tied it but want it. That was what you. Plan what you do with the relief pitcher was counting -- yet -- to one count the change pitchers right it's it's the unique situation I'm not really been a part of you know. Which -- pitchers of the millennium like that but I. You start fonts that that hit hopefully he does over the plate and I enough situation -- got to be aggressive. You know put some part of -- unfortunately. Got a good pitch to drive and I drove it Jacoby best win of the year for the Boston Red Sox -- was it was a great comeback I mean we had so many. People contribute to this -- I -- Felix it's great not just a great Phelan. Vehicle with a victory a document but that. And how about Macy's just before you that was a terrific at that all -- very difficult breaking ball that meant that showed great patience to work walk. -- eighties he's been great I mean yesterday he came up huge for us today in drawn out walking. Give me to the plate and but that hole any guys -- tremendous at bats in you know got us in the situation where we could. You know -- that we run across. But it's a great point -- Kobe because there were eight guys who batted in an inning you finish it off every one of view did some things. To help win that ballgame even the groundout by Napoli is Saltalamacchia drove in runs for. Those are those are big ibizan at the in the game like that you just want a chance to. To bring the timer in the later you know bring -- to second base -- position just keep yourself a chance to win and guys trying to write -- today in you know fortunately. You know I've got company for the team I've never seen David Ortiz smiles so they were run so fast as when he ran out to the degree cute there rushed. What was it like it next round always is it's a great feeling to great in the coming through for your team and you know just how we came back in this in this game today in. You know via the game on their forget. -- us congratulations let's go celebrate in an all of both wanna talk to you it's a beautiful throwing a watching in on a replay just at the daylights out of the. Buffers and things got -- tied for first place while the Yankees. We go yeah that's not a very nice things to go we thank you.

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