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It's Sports Sunday with Dale Arnold and Rob Bradford -- The Bruins Advance to the Eastern Conference Finals!

May 26, 2013|

Dale and Rob kick off Sports Sunday discussing the Bruins awesome victory last night at the Garden which finished off the Rangers and catapulted them into the ECF with the Pittsburgh Penguins. The guys discuss the success of the B's including Tuukka, Krug, Chara and how Claude's approach is clearly working. The boys then look ahead to the tough mathcup with the Penguins.

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Good Sunday morning to you Sports Radio WEEI this is sports Sunday Dale Arnold rob Bradford broadcasting live from Fenway Park and if they. If they could throw first pitch within the next 67 minutes I think that he -- -- a so if they'd hurry if there I mean I guess -- guys walking into the ballpark -- their suits and stuff on but it they'd hurry. And he can get the grounds crew to get that LL being carpal I could say -- held up -- your problem yellow beam that canvases. Presenting an obstacle here at the very moment it looks fine here. Although I -- I said rob a little while ago the fact that they were able to play the last two games here shocked. Yesterday shocked me. They've they've they were saying before the game they had an hour and a half window and you say an hour and a half he's not going to be the game and -- proxy joked before the game he says you get three -- and that's exactly what an hour and a half -- yesterday three innings and but you know what that rate held off -- after five they get it and. They got -- in a they got to win they've won their last 22 out of three here against the Cleveland Indians wrap up series this afternoon. And at some point between now and 1 o'clock or thereabouts I'm sure will we'll talk some baseball as well but I just. I'm gonna -- ought to eliminate suggest -- -- sports fans of Boston have another team on their minds right now there is nothing wrong with that. The Boston Bruins eliminated the New York Rangers four games to one of their best of 7 Eastern Conference semifinal round series. I'm not sure that that you know this is necessary which you would hope for as a Bruins fan as a hockey fan. A Boston Pittsburgh Penguins Eastern Conference finals is great. Kicked before we get to Pittsburgh can I ask you what do you think the future of the Rangers or -- dollars. It specifically I thought it was gonna be gone and and in fact at the beginning of the season we did one of those silly things on on nests and you know your predictions for the year. And one of my silly predictions for the year with the John Toro is gonna be fired before the season and it. Because like I I just didn't think it was gonna work yep. I I had a feeling that Rick Nash was gonna have problems. Performing at the white hot spotlight of a Broadway and boy did he ever in the playoffs and I just think -- -- act has a shelf life. Now during the course of this series the five games of this series talking to guys who around the Rangers on a daily basis. John genome from MSG. Dave Maloney who does the games on radio former ranger captain they convinced me as the series went along that no matter what happened. Even if they had been swept that quarter -- was not going to be. Also Tuesday did that one wins -- whose job. -- wouldn't think so well I mean if if if if they were inclined to fire him. You wouldn't think that that fluke win in overtime was gonna change things it seems so silly to me. A coach's fate is determined on one game. And one goal -- one goal I remember a couple years ago when Claude Julien there was a lot of talk they lost Canadians. He was gonna get fired well they lost the first two games of that series at home. -- go down two love at home headed for Montreal. And and to your point and talking about one goal if Nathan Horton doesn't score in overtime in game seven. Is close Julie in the -- to the Bruins but we were talking about going into game seven series and saying. OK you know but if they lose this game quote you we have you fired if they don't coach who is going to be the coach. My point is that we may have been -- crap and saying that to right right absolutely but my point is in I guess there's this recruitment for -- It is if you think the guy is the coach that you need on that team going forward. Then one goal or one game should make a difference but so pretty -- that's not the case or or at least the perception is in the case you're actually right we don't know. What was gonna happen with Claude Julian. And we don't know if if that want wind is gonna help well I don't know. I I will say this and and we carried. Well both coaches at the podium we carry their entire press conferences last night on NASA and and I will say this I'm not a huge John toward a -- and I don't like his act right I think he's overrated. As I said earlier in this series as the series has played on and I've watched him work day in and day out I've come to realize he's Mike -- He's he's Mike -- who has lived on the glory of one Stanley Cup championship. Is a bully. It's a brag geared is is a brace -- Mikey. What and and and as as it played out I I came to feel that more and more and yet his post game press conference last night. Sitting at the podium. Talking about the series talking about the game. The frankness with which he did it now I happen to think that's one of the reasons is his act has a shelf life via. You can't take. The shots eight year old players that he takes and have that work long term I know fans law. They want they want John Ferrell disable of course we lost you know Jon Jon Lester sucked last night -- they want managers coaches to do that. You're stupid if you do that if your coach or manager today it it it's counterproductive. And the things that toward relish says I think ultimately are counterproductive. Let me ask you this -- you -- 24/7 -- classic -- did that change your perception of him at all. And I would imagine that it up -- boy he was entertaining. You know I found though yeah subsequently. It was all an act. He was playing to the cameras in the microphones that he had no choice about you know he was told everybody is total gonna elsewhere as much as well and who are swearing part was finding. Couldn't even begin to -- as much as Bruce Boudreau does there. If he tried he couldn't but but as you as you watched it you came to realize that a lot of that stuff was I think played for the cameras now it was entertaining. It was great. Frankly I preferred -- vials -- act on that same sort of thing or Peter Laviolette. I I I just think that. There comes a point where you can't keep taking shots at the guys that you're asking to go to war for and I know I hate that term and I. I shouldn't use that -- has the of these in the days and -- but you know what I'm saying. You you can't ask guys to go out and give their all. And then sit in front of the microphones in the note pads and question their heart and that's what he did last night. He said ultimately I couldn't get our best players to buy into playing as hard as they could. He talked about Derrick or set who was on Nim rod in the game last night and he said well you know at least he gets to that point. I'd rather have a guy that I have to rein back then have a bunch of guys who I'm trying to get to that point and I can't get them there. But you know it's what phrases like that worries us say I would get our best players to get appointed needed to be. That's kind of the Kevin Kennedy. Hey you know what I can only put him to succeed. I blue line as a couple of pictures with a celebrity. And exactly you know Natalie Wood is not on. Rose what about that I know dad so but. Good thing is is it. Yet it's self deprecating he's trying to be self ever written but he can't do it he just can't do it and that's the perfect example. I I. Think that the Bruins. This is where I screwed up in my assessment of this series. About the -- -- I thought the Rangers were better than that war com I now I'll say this when I was talking to John and -- about this at the beginning of the series. And they asked me you know that you know that stupid little thing you do about the offense check mark here in the defense check mark -- argument that the offense I said the Bruins had the advantage. Defense I said the Rangers had the advantage because the Bruins were going into the series with three veteran defenseman her. Got that I have screwed that up any more than I did now goaltending I said was a wash yup. And I was hungry is Lundqvist wasn't as good and as this to grass coaching I said the Bruins at the event. Well that was the biggest thing coming answers right the defense. The by the way they listened to us to take in the TARP off the fields I guess to get ready to start this thing. Well there ego thing that may be via the by LOB. The weather right now it's great I'm talent to get this thing started right now what's the forecast I've gone through this now you don't know. But anyway. Yeah regarding this here's a lot of people thought the Rangers are a lot of people thought the Rangers were the better the more talented team. I think because of primarily because the Bruins weren't at full strength at the Bruins might be worn down. And I I I never -- saw. Crew -- -- house gavel that Hamilton that the -- -- -- that they especially true of the difference maker in this series was two well three parts Tuukka Rask outplayed Henrik Lundqvist. That was one. Yeah look Chris had a couple of bad games like I just think to who was better yet for the entire series and and I can hear. The idiots out of I mean stop. Okay took it was clearly the better goaltenders did what he had once sub par game by. That was one sub par play yet he fell on his block he caught a -- we fell put put us way in the entire playoff. You look at what Rask is done. And you could identify that one game when you wanna -- -- part whatever that that was one sort of mere mortal type of game other than that he's been a -- back. He was clearly the best goaltender in the series okay. Com I I'd underestimated. How good the three young defenseman we're going to be certainly you're not alone I certainly did not foresee -- crew. Becoming the first rookie defenseman in National Hockey League history to score four goals in his first five Stanley Cup playoff games sorry I didn't see that coming. And the third the third difference here the and it it quite honestly shouldn't of shocked me but it did. The bruins' fourth line killed the Rangers the line of high -- Campbell and Morton. Killed the Rangers they have no answers for that fourth line the energy align the low lying views whatever term you want. That line almost single handedly beat the Rangers you look at. The the end of the game the last period last last night's game. And in. Large part of exactly what you're talking about by the Rangers were playing or maybe we're playing with desperation I don't know. But they -- they wanted to right but but there was no all may you know the Rangers ago amounts company and they're going to be able they get the equalizer and you should be worried. No it was because of exactly what you're talking about the that -- level. If you build the with just so much more with the Bruins which the races could try as hard as they want it wasn't gonna make a difference the last five minutes of that game. The Bruins completely shut down the neutral zone other than the one break away for Callahan in the third period. They completely locked up the neutral zone they didn't allow the Rangers unfettered free access into the offensive end for New York. That they they made it frustrating for the Rangers they did a good job. And and I am not even called on the fourth line anymore because in this series they weren't they flipped with the third line if you look at the minutes played. The Marleau line played more minutes than the the third line did. But the -- line the energy line whatever you wanna call them. Code used them to such efficiency. Because the Rangers couldn't get them off the ice they couldn't get them out of their end. That line was so good at cycling in keeping possession and even when they weren't scoring and they did a lot of that but even when they weren't. They kept the Rangers a 150 feet away from their neck. And it was it was masterful watching them work. Yeah and now look let's be honest they are the underdogs against the Pittsburgh Penguins and they should. Pittsburgh Penguins were the best team in the Eastern Conference. They are the number one seed they deserve to be the favorite in this series and they will be. Do -- think that the Bruins can beat the penguins you're gonna be shocked to hear this from the guy who went -- games on -- Yeah I actually do think they can win and and a couple of reasons one. The Bruins have the decided -- -- -- A decided edge. The Bruins have an edge on the on the defense their defense is better than Pittsburgh Penguins Chris -- tang. Is a breathtaking offensive defenseman. But if you take that group as a whole and the Bruins six man defense is a whole the Bruins are better on defense. Now the penguins through the first two lines. That's as good a sixth man forward group -- are gonna find in the NHL I mean those top two lines are otherworldly. But the third and fourth lines. The Bruins are as good as. And in the in the case of the fourth -- the Bruins give the edge again via now that's where. You hope you hope that that defense and goaltending can help somehow slowdown. Mall can and kneel on one line and Crosby on another line your whole. And if you can do that you hope the goaltending for the penguins proves to be what I think it is which is sub par. And that they can chipped through enough offense to make it. Uncomfortable for the penguins and that they can find a way to to grab a game here too in Pittsburgh. And then do the job on -- here's the reality is that Pittsburgh is gore and averaged a gold more games than any other team. In the playoffs so far. And they're doing it was less shots the Bruins have had more shots many -- they're doing -- shots the more efficient so. The obvious thing it's -- things you mention which is the defense which is the defense men which is the young defenseman. And our big going to be able to continue to do what they do if if they don't they take a step back here dale. The problem. Well I'm one of the keys I think going forward for the Bruins happened last night. And that was the return of Dennis Seidenberg yes. No disrespect meant to Doug Hamilton who I think is going to be a terrific NHL defenseman. Just on that. Right now he's nineteen years old and played it's not a game and and to me that was one of the keys that Seidenberg was able to get back. They they can hold him out for the first four games of the series they didn't have to rush him back because they were down two games to Warner. Or anything like that they can hold him back until the fifth game but he came back last night. Which means the Chara Seidenberg defense -- is available now. To go up either against the mall can line or the Crosby line whichever way close chooses to to play this thing. And that was one of the keys against Pittsburgh and it happened last night now with the return of -- And we it and we're talking about how good Pittsburgh is. In the street the Bruins public should we factory in suggests what the Bruins are doing how the Bruins are feeling about themselves. And they're feeling pretty -- -- -- I mean I don't know how much that is worth a playoff series especially going up against the talented team. But the -- which would be the Bruins -- all read -- the plate race maybe by one goal yeah now. A couple of comebacks in the third period right. If it's okay you take that one -- Africans but I care about the Bruins at any time this season. Has felt as good as they view about themselves right now. And a large part because it started with a comeback if throttle we understand that may use that momentum. But they feel good about that they have acute. That it revitalized -- it like toward group. Who not only playing well but. Quotes -- I mean this kid he's pretty confident that now just what it is but what you want. Well as I said last night and and it it is as it should be in -- a great story one of the best stories in the playoffs so far. Now right up until the point where he takes a minus three and game. You know and and right up until the point where Crosby your Markkanen dresses him in a game and hasn't happened yet -- you know he can be confident and in your confidence we have a reason to have that confidence stripped from -- I hope it doesn't happen. I hope it continues to play with this level of confidence in this level of skill. He brings something to the table that this bruins' defense lacked it's a presence on the point on the Blue Line forget about the shot in he's got a good shot. But it's his movement laterally at the point on the Blue Line. Where -- is a little slower pace so much bigger it's understandable that he slower -- as quick he's b.'s water bug like quick and he could make that move. Unilaterally at the Blue Line to open up that lane either the shooting lane the passing lane. It's been a key part of this Bruins turn around here. And I know they didn't score as much on the power play is fans might like the power play is dramatically better right now just tell you what your -- -- Watching imply. They have a viable power play now. Some of it is jogger who like I think you know as frustrating as he can be to watch sometimes he's still an important part of a power play and part of it has been you know the insertion of -- crew back the Blue Line. Both the media is going to be very interesting answer is one of the great stories -- well you've got younger returning to Pittsburgh to play the team that he starred for. You've got Jarome Iginla. You know playing against the team that he rejected at the trade deadline amiga a lot of great story at all -- meals and sitting in the stands Tomlinson. And stay in the stands. Out maybe you -- -- there's still -- and should run up into the stands and on. Crap out of him wonder -- I had defined by -- kick -- -- yours again no problems with that. Up real quick very quick story in the we'll go to night and open up lines. Way back when it cam in the studio and we're taking we're taking phone calls in this when he was a player. And were taking phone call tonight at the line and you're next on on Sports Radio with him in this. This was -- Adam. Will be. And you -- in the Lee's eyes get about this -- I'm thinking oh my god. And that's voices. It will be used for disease to. And I am I'm going oh god this is going to be ugly. It was Michael J. Fox I'll always staying at him haley's house. -- -- It was calling in to rag on the alien and imitating all -- -- theater -- where fielder Michael if you had your choice and it was your choice and you you went with the wrong so. Will take quick break we are live at Fenway where right now it is sunny and gorgeous acts the TARP is off the field the rolling it up down below us. Sold their forecast must be. That this is gonna continue like this yeah they're taking the TARP off now. I heard that aids is going to be cold when we tried -- -- army of you know 45 degrees driving in today by. It's going to be colder part of the threat of rain wasn't going to be like it was yesterday if it worked. Played OK I think with playing double Saturday if yesterday backs though. Yes I think that judging by what they're doing right now and judging by the -- guys will just say it's a beautiful they've played as well. A little chilly but beautiful and volatile couple lines bring you guys in 6177797937. Is the telephone number you like to join us. The AT&T -- minus 37937. You can use that whenever you'd like or you can reach out to us by way of Twitter -- Brad -- or at dale. We'll take your calls will talk Bruins those of you wanna talk Red Sox will work that and as the day goes on as well. Unlike Ian O'Connor we probably won't spend the next hour talking about the New York Knicks. Or do you think or know -- apparently your -- if it. Did you know that he's on the national that well -- Iowa you can read the grape marks. But every time publicist that show it's the New York. It's all New York is everything New York they were talking about the bats our system the other day yikes I didn't even have -- snow on the article and thought there's only one part just the way I want it here on Sunday mornings and that's Alex -- -- -- -- 61777979837. As telephone number quick break -- died in would you guys coming up just a couple of minutes Sports Radio W media. Well they responded well obviously you know we want to make sure we ended the series for all the right reasons some of it is you don't want that to linger on say you know because of that goal. That's what you expect in this series and Austria is three to two and I think it was important press for all the right reasons and it -- we wanted. Move onto the next series we are looking to get a little bit arrest to when this came -- -- it was important for all the right reasons but also. Gives to -- the opportunity now to allow both tackles that are crying right. So I think that was pretty important too so that's what I told to grab -- game could start laughing now. Coach Claude Julien last night after the Bruins eliminated the New York Rangers in five games with 831 victory. Nothing that John toward -- -- at his post game press conference that we were talking about. He said he said you know I've been here the last few days and I am I'm a little baffled by the reef that -- Julian takes in this town. And even John -- Ellis said you know he does such a good job pianist after such a good job with this team. Think how many teams just imagine for a moment. Any team you want New York Pittsburg. Chicago Detroit in nineteen you want. And you're gonna go into a series without you -- not your top three defenseman but three of your top six defenseman. Here it would series without them you're gonna put three rookies in their place tell -- and rob our last Q yes tell me you think that team's gonna -- generally speaking. Yet -- that that was that was the issue right absolutely and this leads us to the -- argument. And I think you pointed out expertly dale. Which is I think -- -- -- of the misperception when it comes to close at the misperception it's being propagated by people who either have an agenda or don't know what they're talking about. And it's and it people who say you know quote tries to make everybody and his kind of player. Yet -- crew fits into that stereotyped as -- -- I mean met mark -- ski. Pitching and at the Blue Line on a regular basis that fits into that perception -- -- it you are -- jogger and the way he plays fits into that perception is well right. This idea that -- once every single player tip that this little. This little tiny niche is is absurd it's idiotic. Now he certainly expects. Every player on his team to be responsible in their defensive yes he does. Gaffes. Are you kidding he wants his team to be responsible in the -- to the ice how dare he. But the idea that he he wants to stifle creativity. But he wants to do you know make sure that the -- taken doesn't have any creative abilities are creative opportunities. It's who. Well Alltel all you have to note is that the first time -- crew makes that that sort of play where he takes the puck out from beyond the net. Right between two defenders instead of this watching it up the ice. And you know it's a risky play but if that style that's his style hockey the first time he does that. Does -- -- come down on him and say hey don't ever do that again because I got -- magic defeat did do that. They tore recruit probably has to do that again is going to be playing -- the type game he's comfortable playing but he didn't he let him play his game. The unique type game compared to some the other defensemen. And it's worked and you could again you'll understand. That you have something here I think that's exactly what clothes are registered from the -- ago. Well into your point rob according to -- crew when he got called up from Providence. And he first met with Claude Julian the first words out of clouds -- war don't be afraid to make a mistake they're ego don't be afraid. That you know if you make a mistake is summed -- squat and play the way you played don't be afraid. Do what you do the exact opposite of what all these Claude Julian detractors claim that close sets. -- crooks at the first words out of closed mouth was. Don't be afraid to make mistakes if you think the thing is -- and part of that is because quote also knew. To your point they needed someone they need people step up this was a tough situation they weren't. If they didn't get someone to step up. Then they weren't gonna go anywhere and they are working to get anyone to step up if they didn't have a gut feeling good about themselves feeling confident about the way they're playing. And that's exactly how you do it that he did a great job of nurturing that. The only thing dumber than some of the things I've heard about Claude Julian -- over the last weeks or months around here. Is what I used to hear when the Red Sox were winning world championships and and competing for world championships and we -- this all the time. You know the Red Sox win despite Francona. -- I mean you couldn't beat -- And say something like that like like when they win it's always the players. But if they lose. It's the manager all the head coach if -- hitting coach particular to point out is exactly yet it's so yeah listen. Coat took some heat last year's little bit this series I don't think -- her very much you saw any duties or knowledge -- absolutely. And you go into this series because clusters where we think back on the roster and there are some line adjustments and defense of -- things like that which were up for debate we understand that. But now they've settled in and maybe at some point this series there's going to be more that debate as we sit here right now dale. What's the debate you get guys back healthy you know what you happened these lines a little bit more. -- you also have guys like march on who's stepping up and playing with. Rivera this show we -- a couple weeks ago two weeks ago I think it was we're talk about Bergeron and marsh on. And we're saying you don't expect anything about them. Because. This concussion thing to point for one time -- that -- martian. He's come back yet exactly. -- gets the call 6177797937. This telephone number. Nick is in. It's West Greenwich Rhode Island. Went up there because this team work and -- -- -- -- Well you guys -- -- -- so long you know. Great series against -- New York obviously. And -- partly -- We had such sets because of the defense and the young talent dot com. A whole new perspective of that out defense of coal. And -- here and show I -- you guys kind of say lull. Of the upcoming series against Pittsburgh. We have an advantage. Again from the defense. While it's because Pittsburgh defense is -- Yeah it wayward second I don't think we're saying that they have an advantage over what Pittsburgh it's presenting offensively. There I think that did the I'd sell it for the -- Pittsburgh has the advantage. There are -- and -- Basically you know compared defense in front and right you know maybe this is a little bit of personal opinion but I think we have exit sites. -- advantage offensively. And you know that makes me wonder. Hey because and -- against the Rangers. Have widgets work -- You know. -- -- start looking at ranges Ferriss Bruins. Obviously current -- have much law. Offensive talent and -- Ranges seem to have happen other goaltender. Possibly bad defense. And now I'm wondering if you know the Bruins had just become the Rangers in comparison with an expert has become -- Owens. I know I I I understand your point it's a valid point man and then you know if you look at that in those little stupid check mark things that we always do. If eight if if you're looking at this series forwards you put check mark in Pittsburgh's box. Defense -- put at the Bruins box goaltending I put it in the Bruins box coaching I would put -- I think -- -- was a great coach. I think he does a great job with Pittsburgh on the net unlike -- -- I'm a big fan of the -- -- runs his franchise. I think clouds a really good coached him. -- I think they -- even now. Is is the advantage that the penguins have on the forward lines. Because they have got some guns and is that so great. That it offsets the advantages that I think the Bruins have on the Blue Line ending goal and that's the question from. Yeah -- and -- young defenseman keep playing as well they have not met mark koskie came back a little bit last night. Right by Pacific group stepped up the this is the thing. -- if contracting with the united Stan Deo. -- Ice time with its second loss -- the entire playoff like -- -- -- -- -- -- Roddick and Seidenberg came back and then Seidenberg like 23 minutes last night. Interestingly enough of this six defenseman last night the defenseman with the least number of minutes was Adam quaint you know. -- -- Kruger wasn't -- out -- it was McQuay. And -- was -- 24 minutes the lowest he's had previous to that was the very first game. All the playoff number I was at 43 minutes ago. No it was great for the Bruins last night that. First all the could win and get some valuable rest of these guys but two with. The re insertion of Seidenberg in the line up. The 33 minutes and an overtime game that's -- you're saying where I asked you about in the first game might be. You thought no sooner than Thursday and told the earliest now please don't run your unity -- -- -- -- to stay -- that -- I dale I have I've selfish motivation at the book fight for DJB. I have been holed the earliest they could play this would be Thursday you have to understand. Both Western Conference semifinals are still going on tonight San Jose plays ally if San Jose -- they force -- game seven in that series coming up on Tuesday. Chicago and Detroit are still playing Chicago won last night. They play tomorrow night. If Chicago wins they force a game seven in that series on Wednesday. They won't start Eastern Conference finals until west is done or at least you know close enough to being on the you know you start the east on one night in the west on the next night. They they won't allow the east to get that kind of headstart on. What I've been told is that the earliest the Bruins could start is Thursday. And of course the first two games in Pittsburgh they go home ice advantage. Which means. Realistically and intimacy the Bruins back here probably until the following boys in -- target by Charl what a difference for Adam Hall. And it's why you know hadn't been able dispatched to -- when that fifth game it would help -- a lot to he would of had to play thirty some odd minutes in both games six and seven. They got it done in this series in five games and now he's bought himself some time off my guess is -- throw him out of the ring for today and tomorrow literally thrown out of the -- Don't show a lot to come over. The problem would be out riding his bike for 35 miles McPherson oh what's what's amazing you'll look back at this run in these had ever went folks on that Toronto game the last game. Game seven. And but he played 35 minutes the next day for the next game against the Rangers game -- play 38 I'm now. -- he's a side or the guys on the team joke about a Hamilton's and I think he plugged in. It's it's it's amazing what he does. And it's in Norway and you're next on Sports Radio sports on. The idea and you. -- change quick like that. Then and I. Hit a couple of moves and injury chain victory know who -- injury both well well well. -- really and and your medical degree is from where. Degrees from the Nazis that. In other words you don't have no let me ask you this -- let me just ask you this why why would you make an injury why would one with the team with a player do that. Well well -- -- with him at third base right now art is 08 holding Iglesias who was. Four for 36 or something like that last ten games in Pawtucket. In -- stereo Arco. It's go but in the but I'm in the the -- another outlet which a fake an injury to middle Brooks he can play him right. Likely it is that eventually up obviously it's -- begin the evening I mean even. But I mean they. Make money. -- -- -- back I mean it should make and that's I mean he needs some at the head of the that. They do they do. Let's put this put it -- -- let's let's that it doesn't put an end this move on to do not want Jose Iglesias to be there recreate third baseman going for go ahead. -- So that's -- they make the injury to middle. Apple brings outlets work in this morning and you have a brings its operating today. Yeah I have read so I can't let -- read -- and the absolute -- quick with. That it's as good as your baseball tickets won't take that that was it that was the Red Sox that's what you went -- over the Red Sox. It would have been fortunate that not me Judy it might be. I anybody so so you don't know how he's doing its AAA level right now either -- -- -- -- -- And while that it goes along with a rescued today it's 617 sevenths and he ought to read Alex -- if or on WEP I'd -- Ali I read Alex I'm here with this with this stuff but you Hillary. Others you know I -- Terry I -- just a -- Google thank.

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