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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

May 26, 2013|

Joe talked to the Sox manager before the last game of the Indians series. John told Joe that the Sox are getting contributions from everyone on the 25-man roster.

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When John talked about a total team effort yes today yet. Some of the extra man really contributed in huge ways to share react oh ending glaciers goes six -- -- with a big pinch hit the bones of the sac fly in just goes -- and yeah it does show and to think that you know that to him after a night game when when bench players. And not dislike them anyway and they find themselves not roll but I think they look told that they came after a night game knowing that that's going to be their data. Be in the lineup to start to watch in effect. The outcome of the -- game and the guys emotional for them. Had a huge role -- yesterday and this is the way it unfolded today in the comeback fashion. Makes yesterday one of the better wins in the entire year so far. We know English is ahead. -- mission is running -- ground balls in the attack at what about his attitude here. Well what we saw throughout spring training and certainly before he was sent down after Stevens returned to the lineup here was a guy whose ex who's extremely confident believes in himself feels like this is we're usually playing every day. And as we talked before and talks specifically to Jose about this is that when -- when he went down is that. You know sometimes your personal goals on the goal -- goals in the organization sometimes they don't mesh on a timeline. And those things are totally out of his control as a player. But how he responds and we assume or what's most important and there was some candid moments down to talk at that. That these are had two basements and down a couple of days for some of those things I think it's a matter of young guys learn in this way and understanding. That there's something bigger than the individual player -- organization which yesterday case of Jon Lester really battling. To a certain extent I think more than anything -- was -- himself. The first three innings that you he had the best fastball in terms of power and velocity that he's had all year. But he was a little bit flat as we saw last couple years he got back into that that mode where his fastballs a little bit truth through the strike zone. -- decent swings a lot of foul balls pitch count ran up. But then that fourth inning Ronnie was able to get a better feel -- -- -- changeup and he settled in he was much more efficient. And really after -- 104 pitches in six innings but like in this loses this was his game and run back out there for the seventh and unfortunately. The wild -- a lot of that forefront score but we we knew what took place after that. Which are Franklin Morales comeback kid to the clubhouse today how is he doing and what that is a timetable for Franklin. Well he -- members last appearance of five innings and eighty pitches and with Portland fine physically right now you know he would be next scheduled to start on Tuesday. But we're having some internal discussions that might make him activated here and presentable and will be available force -- of the pan. On Tuesday so we've got a couple ways we can go and I think by the ended today we'll have a much more clear direction on which -- probably. And him I carpenter field today yeah that's really sweet swing isn't that. Yet as we talked about you know him against -- the other night and then yesterday comes off the bench late in the game. You know the first let's fast forward to seeing the way awful awful RBI double but. What we've gotten into in chains absence in between those absences it is a good little flow between he and Jonny Gomes. Both can anticipate -- use inside of a given game and certainly who they match up against as a starter. So that there's a good boy and of of the guys that are coming off the bench in this case and Howard Shane and little motorboat progressing. As as expected finishing continues to increase the activities you know he's he's been on a treadmill he's been on the elliptical trying to get that the motion in the intensity built back up. We've gotten -- we come off this next road trip for his availability so. You know where before we might have been a little bit more aggressive early on just to see how he's responding now we can take a little bit more methodical pace to build him up for the the day in which he's activated -- will. You know some symptoms of presided. You but he still shortening -- that he would not have been available probably 'til later this coming week so. -- in their own progress you know with the rehab. Today it's still -- still running it's great over Felix Israeli. Seemed a -- finish on his pitches lately hasn't. He has I think that's the most encouraging thing and one of the more encouraging things in the last road trip that is the way that he's built upon the two previous outings. He -- mentioned -- he want done some work with his lower half and get them online and freeing him up freedom up in terms of in his in his delivery and -- -- -- a more on screen that's a lot that finish those pitches to take place. So we're we're looking forward to him continuing that path. And most importantly shows is the confidence that you're starting here in conversations with him so that's kind of insight into what's going on internally and how he's thinking about himself. Our managers questioned by Mercedes-Benz John that this is the last game against the Cleveland Indians and Terry Francona but I am sure you will be following it Cleveland is Dili following the Red Sox well I would imagine because you know they're going to be in the thick of things and that's a very good team that they've assembled. When you consider some of the players that they picked up and in some of the bigger names or the attention whether that's been born and swisher from the free agent out. But what do you look at a guy that they picked up -- -- on Gomes was almost take over the starting catcher crawl. Some guy that you know appeared for Toronto a little bit and they are able don't really steal them away from Toronto. In the Israel Valdez straight or. Though the Roger trade as will Rogers the red and -- legally get my fabulous and young Gomes who made huge contributions from Ayman. Gomes is a catcher that can shut down a running game so. They've got a good team and and I'm sure that we watch and us as well because who knows maybe it's a repeat of 070 if you -- -- post season that you're a guy like Jack thanks Joseph. Our question with a manager was brought to you by your local Mercedes dealers and the due 2014. Last visit -- USA dot com today. Yeah.

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