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Minor Details Ep. 50: Allen Webster, Rubby De La Rosa and a different class of Red Sox prospect

May 26, 2013|

Because the Red Sox are almost always sellers rather than buyers, they rarely have the opportunity to deal with high-ceiling prospects who enter their system after spending their formative years elsewhere. Last August's Dodgers blockbuster, however, yielded Allen Webster and Rubby De La Rosa, who pose a different set of challenges (in some respects) than the Sox might experience with homegrown prospects. PawSox pitching coach Rich Sauveur explains some of those challenges and details how the two impressive right-handers have been performing.

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The Red Sox have a new class of high ceiling prospect in the organization this year. When it's basically unlike anything else they've seen in years. When the Red Sox landed right handed pitchers Alan Webster and ruby -- from the Dodgers last August they got a pair of pitchers with special arms. But the Red Sox have had their own share of homegrown pitching prospects with dazzling talent. The thing different about western dollar rose is that they have no organizational history even though their nearly big league ready. So they're finishing there at the finishing stage of their development. And yet the people who they're now working with don't have any history with them. -- and challenges. The Red Sox have to figure out things like their mechanics as well as their personalities. In order to help them become the best pitchers possible. In the kind of have those finishing stages of their development. This year that task falls largely to touch it pitching coach rich of -- AAA. Of worries in many ways responsible for getting Webster Intel rose to two point where they are big league ready. And prepared to contribute at the Major League level I talked to have more recently about working with pitchers without an organizational history. Here is how he explained the difference in building a working relationship with pitching prospects who aren't homegrown. The difference is that these guys need to understand they need to to learn about us too as well. You know these guys have had their own pitching coaches coming up as just organizations in corporate trade her positions are new teammates and obviously new coaches. Every every coach has their way. Every organization also -- -- different ways of teaching these young prospects he. You know it's it's it's tough job on that were true. My hand it's just cynical about it. The same way I do have guys coming up tools organization. It is these guys are new to me -- and come out and able -- in reached triple level. You know these guys had not seen much of except maybe extra training. So to me I go about the same way these guys the more about the always. -- first and learn how we are them. When when its guidance coming up internally if you you have so you have a wealth of of knowledge available to you whether it's. Talking about -- the double -- pitching coach or talking to Ralph Troy dale who's pitching coordinator who's worked with them in the time that they've been drafted many cases. And where do you go for sources of information about these guys. When it that when their their past you know when they're when they're making their Red Sox debut more or less in AAA. Well. Ralph does is is the big -- integration. Trust and when when we picked up his trades. The scouting department they know everything raiders -- to know about these guys that's reason why we laughter. They've they've got plenty commission is seeing these guys kitchen. Down in the minor leagues or -- into the -- -- opposite they've got video on them they're too. The this stunt -- -- -- Appearance. Starter. Progression with these -- Which got -- Ellen and Andrew -- specifically what you mentioned the the importance of introducing them to what the organization is is all about. Bob -- that mean what what kind of things do they say you know to museums and other a little bit different than than what we've done in our careers with the Dodgers. Well did -- -- about throwing programs talk about social programs that we take care of these guys. In in the training room. You know we are always. Being very careful. They were treated others you know. In this organization wanted to know how Albania went about their strong programs what they did with the social programs and stuff like that so that we know. You know how to maintain that for improve. Their strengths. Talking with parts of -- tuck to pitching coach. How do you build relationships with these with these guys how would how over the course of spring training for instance. Or perhaps even before that did you start so it kind of laid a foundation for working with Alan Webster in group -- dollar. -- -- it would camp but these guys and I talked to -- -- and see what. Girl coach's word in this you know on an album and stuff like that we just talked. You know he talked about little things about baseball and talk and -- -- then you know it's it's a big help which you. Do you start that relationship and and hopefully they would be with me and merit we didn't go so -- would be AAA. Towards the end of spring training though it -- the world that they were going to be triple and didn't help out knowing. -- spent time with them during big league camp. -- at least you know on the hostilities. Talk about everything agent and you know these guys and -- organizationally he said -- you know did come over last year was in the double him. Separated and switch over and everything told me a lot about it and he got two starts in. Trouble if it was stupid yes you know in in natural period you know problem a lot about. Told me about what what to expect and what it does so well. You speaks Spanish correct. I understand a little with ruby is obviously made and pretty impressive strides in terms of learning English Britain which language do you typically communicate with -- -- up. It's mostly English there's no I know a lot of words in Spanish. And learn that from going down to win a ball last four years in the fall also guard play you know fifteen or fourteen years and portable. Set a record served for a player him -- -- or decides ball in the states. -- record there was -- road maps. And a -- you know but it does help what it is also from Guatemala so cheap cheap -- -- ought to the past four years and years and it does help -- water rose as these kids from long and they see that. You know I instant with a -- when they get upset mirrored that talking Spanish and in north diminished and -- sentiment and special form because you know there -- -- -- in this this country. That it was not a home and I understand that go over their country and so I do and other. Talking to rich have more Red Sox triple -- pitching coach and touch it. Talking about guys who get out -- who are upset into words facing challenging circumstances. With -- specifically. He struggled out of the gate this season you know had some issues. Had had some -- some rough up a couple of rough outings out of the gate. How challenging is it to deal with a guy like that in a new organization just because. Thinking about this where is she would have. You know the voice is that he'd been around for years and years you know -- Chavez or something who who's in the Dodgers. And their pitching coordinator. When he's struggling for the first time as a member of the Red Sox you know he don't exactly have the guys who have said OK you did this when you struggled last time. How how difficult was it to kind of figure out the right tone to strike in order to get them back contract. Well that's one of those questions suggest earlier. That we deal -- You know. We have to learn we have to learn how they can handle it when they struggle -- probably be handled that situation. He was very good enjoyed. Well this just early on election like orders said that -- talked to Washington to throw it all changed. Which led early audience couple. Pick ups and worked very hard opens. It is clearly they're receptive to. And I think I have form. At one rural -- good game and again -- -- short pitch count everything we have more on. It was just sort of battle of make sure you got through three innings. Having positive outcomes and what's that turned out. We bumped up to four innings military merit last 34 -- -- sure. One thing that was enticing to me was that I noticed. And noticed that after after this first couple of pick -- outings. I've met at at some point you guys have Pedro Martinez around him in touch it. And Pedro of course has a bit of history with ruby they know each other from the Dominican I think that -- are gonna say his grandmother was Pedro as many of all things. What was Europe where were you trying trying to kind of bring him. Other people you know just just as a means of giving him something of an anchor someone who is familiar in a time of struggle or. Was it just as simple as when you have Pedro Martinez in an organization there is considerable. -- -- Having him you know having him -- around him and contribute when you can. -- that's exactly language we just wanted to talk to him explain to him. You know it was centered about you and local -- we've got its origins in this organization we want him to talk to you and and and show shall this kid you know. It's work work your view and papers here. And entertainment. News -- for three -- four -- talked to on. You know talks together I mean I enjoyed talking or just later but he opted out there and saw everybody. I'm not so we're talking about baseball. You know they -- -- our experience and it was great having him there. I really think that. The major thing of talking to do. Really set in I -- differences in the very first outing after. It was there. And he's he's stuck with -- very very professional on the -- very positive. And very aggressive. Again. I. They're there was absolutely nothing. Feel. Actually not everything is going to be good so you know it. This will have the smallest amount of. Talking to rich -- for Pawtucket pitching coach with the with regard to ruby what was it what was happening when he was struggling early. In what is up for -- like now that he's in this in this run of I think he's thrown -- eighteen innings without giving up an earned run at this point. Well I think that you assist. It was not. Thinking about pitching I think you just think about growing. At the exchange -- and pitched. And to me when I watched him early on. News just went out there and look at what it's done done and done. And that's. Everything expert in Peru where the pitch count kind of -- a little bit. And he had obviously it was four innings would stay -- for ratings but Singh was in these -- To make its pitch and not just what are they -- their budget which is unconscionable. Awarded him. -- out there watching out for -- and go let's see which candidate and once they they they took the three Marines also. I think saying -- be certain natural to really see him. Reacting to to a -- that maybe means. 02 that he just minister which -- -- reaction to a reward make a better pitch somewhere like that so. It's just. You're seeing the progression of this just turn out there. Again in the chocolate with Pedro. Oh on. And you know what you get him back on the small -- -- -- potential. Yeah I post you reference getting him back on the mound how's he doing physically he was of course scratch the other day with but and the like a little bit of soreness in the inner coastal area. Yeah I have two things foreigners. Are absolutely nothing at all. It means you know thrown in and out through yesterday -- sixty -- so I don't think there's any issues. When in terms of stuff what have you seen from him houses fastball changeup and I have been playing. This -- obviously as well as all. Is changer for me as a plus plus -- chartered he's got very good arm speed and you know watching from the dugout there's times where. I can't tell it's a slider or change. With this week it has. You know put -- the if you could break it down and ordered them away from. And I have to ask. Our hero -- -- know what was. Because simply wanted to is just ridiculous so imitators. Very which can change so. Those judges you know will play in the big leagues no doubt about that slider and improved our. It's more like big herbal. But it is -- double. Two words like slaughtered -- just wanted to appeal to trust little bit more and we trust changeup. More than anything. He -- this observed that want to it's a slider it's that the trust and it is at three hostages. Has a fastball velocity -- and -- is the location of a pin. The last four awards. And improving. There's time Israel throws and just like anybody else -- that such on the -- when you overthrow it lacks so. It has improved. Has velocity series anywhere from nine B. And -- shooting 98. Where it would from the episode about ninety. Probably going to treat -- 95. He's again he's improving. That reality. With with the consistency of -- zone. I think he's going to be up to five or six innings here virtual. Yeah I was going to ask is it gonna be regulated by innings or number of pitches going forward didn't. And I mean if you -- just pitches and let him pitch and let him you know go as far as those innings take you I would assume obviously I'm not a pitcher but. -- assumed that kind of gives a guy heck of an incentive to be efficient. Yeah I agree and it doesn't. Something that that they're talking about right now. But again there's there's no law. No actually I was only for rush. He's been pitching well. Hello we want to continue that I don't think Russia has very good right now they're playing all. And in November and stay on hold until. Sheila all the news to him change. He has such power -- and with that ability to kind of just ratcheted up into the into the mid high ninety's so easily. A lot of people look at him and in wonder is he is he -- reliever going forward is via a kind of laid back and bullpen arm. In terms of what you've seen in from the pitch make at a time when he's doing with his pitch count restrictions. What what do you see in terms of that in terms of the government the ability to stick as a starter. Well right now I'm gonna have to. Wait on that question because what I see him pitch in -- 67. Seventh inning I'd like to you know right now. I think -- to start in the potentially. Still as a question of you know if you go deeper. Were not there sol what I marshy areas -- -- how he handles six or seventh inning. That's what mobile financial questions of what did you actually write off -- my head and good looking as seen. Up to now. I think -- starter in the big leagues in the -- emerged where there. Just remind me have you dealt with anyone else who's had done these kind of pitch count limitations. In Tripoli where you. Well now it's there's something I mean. It was a plants that -- also want to protect imports after reading you know -- you know you know he's he's doing very well -- -- he's accepted it. With absolutely -- no problems no qualms at all. And I think it's working very well. Talking with Pawtucket pitching countries -- -- I'd also like to talk a little bit about Alan Webb are obviously he had. You know kind of blow the doors off spring training where. Where he was he -- -- was just eye opening. And it seems like at times he's been pretty dominant for you he's obviously made his Major League debut this year. Had one terrific outing and then I got it around a little kitten -- second outing. Bob in terms of where she's at at this stage of the season. How would you evaluate his stuff in his in the consistency to six situation. Well. Has stopped and also there's force which is about about -- -- via the laws of armed. At least such -- nine. He's also oppose change. Disorders that is -- these these are missing missing album. Rose. Now that's very good. It's Henry now that we need to improve. It was -- struck it well. Of the soul. After that first game the big league team that struggle that -- command and was overthrown. In essence of the two top -- -- -- pitcher ever that you liked our. Our first game back from big leagues in the -- and that also. Which with a big lead and -- -- and this game in the first game back after it's been weakened -- -- well. On struggled wanted to overthrow. -- probably -- -- to dominate hitters and it didn't happen so. -- started over. Next game improvement and and down the 20. Picture of the and approved. And commuters in the intended -- much water but there was some improvement. Now that were. In the -- today. Which is it's. Friday and again we're very -- and we know how to do you know yet to do now is is it possible. Then his last outing up prior to this one -- that he's gonna make on Friday was very interest -- because. Yeah I think he'd he'd retired the first eleven guys he -- gave up one hit in five innings and -- -- need to know felt it was a hard hit ball. You know striking out at a ton of guys a lot of swings and misses -- all of a sudden it seemed like to walk came into this cluster you know all of a sudden. You had an inning with you know 23 walks. Is that is that just him falling where they kind of near misses or what do you really -- out of his delivery was missing by quite a bit. Well I mean. They would vote I mean there -- some pitches that were missed some minerals which it will just show up late. That we -- of -- difficult strike so law if it was it would stop it struck out so it's in a row. With two outs in the fourth inning struck out six guard row and then. He walks ago or that you. He walked the next guy and gave up the single school -- social -- so. At that point I guess that would chew up the thing is may have left him. We feel already got a little fatigued on. Don't know why. But he did seem like. The velocity wasn't as saying it was a little bit down. Thought he tried to Russell Burton and not overthrow. Because -- -- lost out there wasn't what strikes there's a lot of the pitchers do it in particular Ted Sorensen an outdoor strikes. And they just need to step off and down. The Olympic speed up on them and and just recruit and I just wasn't a college student happened that there. He's an interesting one because you know he's he has stuff that gets ground ball he has stuff to -- -- and mr. isn't sometimes it just. You know works like a -- -- through through the opposing lineup but. He hasn't really been you know getting to that point that you talked about of the -- 67 innings on a consistent basis with you. Do you see him as someone who stuff should be efficient doors he almost one of these guys who falls new category that there's so much when you miss. That there might be a high pitch count. Issue quote unquote they've done that makes it difficult to be efficient at times. Well I wouldn't change this stuff constriction I would say the other is going to be our pitch count. But if it's on the fraternities are very efficient with what most -- So you know he can be there's no doubt about it he's very aggressive with -- senators when he's down in the zone and and and a commander in his fastball. And his change up. I mean he's very -- fiction there's no doubt about it. Now. -- pitch count will prompt -- a lot strikeouts to a lot of sort of -- of this with institutes of we just started and he's just got to get back for perfect what do you resort early on. First couple games down here what he did returning. Are met released for China command then he's going to be very good. One guy who he reminds me of a little bit and again I'm I'm an outsider so I don't -- I don't have. This is obviously in anything but an expert opinion. But just in terms of the athletic as most of delivery the ability to -- the ball some crazy you know secondary stuff. He's he's he's a little bit but cult ish to me do you see any similarities between those guys. Who is -- you did have the opportunity to work with clay quite a bit over the course of his career. Well. Always know we we knew very from the start that it is it is going to be image -- -- -- very good it's such. And and go back to -- my -- and say it in which to matter term limits is -- start on. I can honestly say the same thing about this did he use it just a matter where his first start in. He's got to stop electric stuff. It's American put it put. Down there and he -- just trying to volunteer fire on June the group -- little things. This guy's -- Three post which is. He showed. In the major leagues a month ago and he's gonna get it back about similarities. With saying. Few few. You know fastball. Got a movement that buckled. That the curve ball buckled. Second to -- I I stone. Anybody. As -- credible. -- street -- phenomenal still a football coach -- vote. Webster all the lectures miracles -- articles that you know again the book called -- woes. That's all we talked about. So. Again it's very tough to its matchup took quite -- right now. If the and it was close to -- -- Yeah -- -- -- being told that your that you're close to -- a tick below the guy who's based who's been the most dominant pitcher in the majors here. And well rich this has been tremendous I very much appreciate you taking the time to to kind of give a sense of of what it's like getting a chance I mean what an interesting thing when you get these you know when you get these guys. You know and they're kind of you know clay to mold not not no pun intend with a buckle -- but like when you talk about you know guys like Webster a dollar and you're the point of entry. For them in the organization it must be I have to match it must be kind of a blast for pitching coach to work with guys with that talent. Well I do enjoy it now. It's only only bigger profile is partly due to the big leagues I've pitched well so it's a fictional watched where. I think to protect -- pitching Goodrich support for joining on down on the farm this week's sponsored by being one advantage tire and service Steelers. Find a dealer near you at -- one advantage dot com. Think also the producer pattern today. If he'd like to hear the complete interview with experts -- or visit WTI dot com slash podcast thanks all for listening enjoyed a long weekend.

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