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Butch Stearns - Boston Bruins Post Game

May 25, 2013|

The Boston Bruins have defeated the New York Rangers to advance to the Eastern Conference championship. Butch Stearns breaks down the game tonight and discuss the action with our callers.

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-- Nice job by producer Dan joy out put the three goals together -- -- -- his fourth goal of the series for the five games. To start things for the Bruins. And then Gregory Campbell in the fourth line the game winner and the nicer of the series and the empty net. Get it done 31 Bruins beat the Rangers 41 they win the series. -- not the end it's time for Bruins Pittsburgh 61777979837. I was in Pittsburgh last week. It's a -- interesting impressions talking. Couple bartenders are there a surprise presents an ounce of arms. And some waiters and waitresses on cabbies and other stuff they hate gaga about. I'll tell you why I've found some interesting perspectives deleted that little bit but start with -- Richie in Springfield Richie Rich what's up. You do that might threaten you tell me. Well I think you're gonna pick which -- talk about most but this story year that Regis was. The Rangers were better he'd like to set with the penguins on paper. -- Wednesday. Instead. The weak link it up and expose our defense comes out of record performance in record oracle level. Unbelievable -- -- and four feet short second page if god were crazy. I'll disagree with your premise off the top that the Rangers with a better team when this season started. When everybody picked them as the pick to click to go to the Stanley Cup finals. And winning. They might have been the better team but the Rangel did the Rangers had nowhere near. A season that the penguins did and by the way the Bruins were higher seed in the Rangers coming to. Let me be slow aren't they in the -- -- disease that's exactly what -- stand. Right so so a few of my point is -- if you're making the comparison that you know that little soliloquy -- just give about how the penguins are the better team let's admit it. The Rangers were not the better team coming into the series the Bruins. Brightly and now what our performance in defense you're doing the opposite what they expected. That now equalizer change that -- -- the penguins. You know I would say this about the Rangers yours aren't gonna sound like -- you know classic cocky guy would this which I'm not. But it's a new series it's a new day it really doesn't matter I mean the Rangers Rangers came back. After trailing the series two to nothing beat the Washington Capitals. The Bruins had to go to game seven when -- -- three to one. So the Rangers had more momentum and the Bruins come and an and the rules and up three games tonight. I -- hockey more than any other series. You know it just -- football so you because it's only the one game but every other sport it changes from game to game many of the pacers just beat the heat. And now they're on home and they got home court advantage. But if if he really believe in the heat didn't go in there and I'm gonna win game 43. In game for the gonna split and go back home and it will be a two game series and we'll just crush. You know it just changes every game means so dear to your point -- to enter -- about you know what more momentum carry in our. You know. You know that they beat the Rangers can they compete compete with the penguins like the penguins I mean Sidney Crosby's the best player they have the better offense by far. By far let's face was that the best team in the best offense doesn't always win. -- What we see the difference between use. Excitement and the experience and enthusiasm and although we have a young people that they've shown. Experience and focus. Not that creed -- ranged. Well I agree with your point -- shown focused energy but I think we need to give a lot of credit. Additional reforms and the veterans on this team last Sunday night we had Bobby Sweeney on and he was a young guy when he came up he was playing with Ray Bourque and Cam Neely and ended up his second year in the playoffs been a huge contributor. And I asked him we asked him why you know what's it like for these guys -- all born in most guys all they talked about as they pull these young guys aside and they told Broadcom ski. They hold crew and they told Doug Hamilton you're deserve to be here play your game Bobby Sweeney said the same things in my first playoff game. I wasn't saying a word the locker room ray Bork came up to me sat next to me to Harry. You deserve to be here you've earned it you're a good player and I think these current Bruins have done the same thing with the young guys they've let them play their game you know. Yet so what are you calling column this morning. -- I you know I I'll make a prediction when I hear when game one is. After being in Pittsburgh did this -- this could be a great great series. You know I think we've learned our thanks for the call -- a -- you can't give me a call before -- let you go. What you want say -- I think it -- I think like it too early to tell it the play. The normal conditions and rules don't apply it. It is intense called an intense -- injuries luck of the draw combinations and defense and offense. So where's your prediction. He'll say yeah we're going to -- you put the screws to meet -- You will get it silently deserve it right. Thanks for the collar -- 61777979837. On bruins' post game Aaron WEEI just tuning in scum from the garden love to hear from you. Wanna hear what it was like at the garden tonight I think the second period. Was probably for it to hire here in Iran saying it now the big debate this with me because. There was a fifteen minute stretch in game seven against -- -- It was pretty damn good as a matter fact it was his sport. Would they scored three goals. In the last fifteen minutes to cool them in the last two minutes and then won in overtime that was pretty damn good it was historic playoff hockey. When I look at the fact the company into the second period that this was a 11 a hockey game and you wonder which way it was gonna go. If the Rangers came out played like the Bruins in the second period tonight. And scored that second goal went up to the one. And outshot them fifteen to nine and -- like point scoring chances despite -- shots -- and like the Bruins did the Rangers did. And went into the third period it would have been a whole different feeling -- -- -- because you could face in the game six on Monday Memorial Day in New York. You wouldn't given this team like we ordered more creek along with stories and we couldn't -- beat. Now the Bruins can't close it out under a code code. We heard all that but instead. The Bruins came out. And did something. That they couldn't -- since. Since. Tuukka Rask gave up that fluke eagle went to asking about that fluke goal -- Most showed up momentum changed. And the Rangers have a life their forwards were good again their defense was good again. I got scared when DN Girardi was the guy who scored the goal -- that it was minus 86 for the series whatever when he scored the goal I was like oh he's optional. So I think that second period. Will not go down in the history -- playoff hockey is one of the greatest periods ever I think when you look at what was at stake. It'll be taken for granted that the Bruins finally. Finally put into this 'cause that's when it happened in the second period. 61777979237. Let's go to David Boston was at the game hey -- -- -- -- -- well what you were at the game. Just shut out -- and Obama are. I thought in tell me if you felt the same way being there. At that second period might have been the best period from and and that they played these playoffs. -- Sale. Yet there and and it and it came from everywhere Lucic was Lucic he was banging people are Marshall and started it. With -- That. You know and and rush. That he had they started thrown pepper shots on Lundqvist and even though he was making the saves the Bruins let the Rangers know that they were the ones going for the throat. Comparing him like I got -- more. What do stuck out to you at the game tonight. I thought it was comical at every time crow touched upon it out -- Why not any coming up caught here now he's definitely a cult hero I mean four goals in five games. Yes so we scored the first goal was -- -- in there. -- at the plate so -- it was great it was absolutely great I went any actual -- game. The and did. It yeah that was very clout to back. How loud it was in a crazy people are acting. It was hot -- the -- a lot of traffic. Our. Appreciate it 6177797937. As the number I'm Butch Stearns -- -- 1130. Bruins' post game -- WEEI. Hanging with you on Saturday night against send us the he attacks on the AT&T Tex wanted 379837. For a nine says I hope this ends the blanking stupid anti Rask Europe. Since the last game so glad he shut down Callahan. On the third period breakaway. Maybe that'll shut up Callahan on Monday. Jim and southeast Texas AKA almost Clay Buchholz all right Jim thank you very much in guard Gerry Callahan had taken up with him. I think there was a lot of anti -- pock. Mean Rask gave you the anti -- talk. I thought he was great after the game the other night. He said look we stunk we gave up four goals it doesn't matter I give mop in the end goals goal. And it really doesn't matter except for the fact that he's hypocritical. Because the way he did give it up gave the Rangers life and he knows that better than everybody else it made the shots that he took have a little bit more zest on -- And it gave the Rangers life. Don't think there was a lot of anti wraps up may be Jerry Italians are a little bit about it yesterday morning. But Tuukka deserved. He did not play well in a clinching game. He's played extremely well these playoffs. And by the way in the Rask Tim Thomas comparisons I've been saying this all along. Let's look at it where we're at at this point in the Stanley Cup run. From this point -- gone. Is really weird Tim Thomas made his legacy. Actually. From game three. Of the Eastern Conference finals on. Is when Tim Thomas made his legacy because in games one and two against Tampa Bay in the Eastern Conference finals. Which were at home by the way in 201011. At home. Tim Thomas gave up. Five goals in each game. The Bruins lost game one and won game two and over time. -- I keep reminding us the game two was the game where. -- I'm Nathan Horton got hit. Knocked -- -- over the blue -- game one. -- finally get a hug he's taken off Sagan had two goals are believed to assist the Bruins won six -- five but again from the goal we perspective. Tim Thomas gave up ten goals the first 2 games of the Eastern Conference finals from that moment on. Was where he made his legacy he came back in game three on the road and pitched a shot. He then when they get to the Stanley Cup finals gave up a total of eight goals in seven games so Tuukka Rask legacy has yet to be written. He has done almost exactly. With Tim Thomas has gone up to this point when the Bruins won the cup. As a matter of fact -- -- -- the exact numbers but after the first series with Toronto he'd given up when he goals and so it Tim Thomas when Eagles after game one. Against the Rangers and so Tim Thomas after he -- he was five and three Thomas was 53 same goals against average better save percentage. Ford took a rescue faced four more shots than Thomas in the big gains and now looking here. What Tim Thomas did was sweep the Philadelphia Flyers Tuukka -- it took five games. -- not all took -- rest but again every loves to do the Thomas comparisons. What. Tuukka Rask legacy will be will be decided from here on out. It really is that simple. So to the texture about the -- could talk you Iraq. 6177797937. Again. This is Butch Stearns is WEEI this is -- to post game. On a sports Saturday night here -- 93 point seven and on the W Riyadh. Sports Radio network we're taking your calls you text your thoughts about the Bruins in the Eastern Conference finals up until 1130 stick around. Let them are they going to Clausen. Teams are in another higher level isn't. Demorrio afterlife everybody like lord playing Pittsburgh there -- team and then there there were lines keep doing -- Everybody and now we have a -- -- not. You everybody is well. That's Gregory Campbell -- get on NBC. After the game two goals for him. Twitter is abuzz with the Bruins talk. Several tweets out here. Gregory Campbell general oil doing a nice job WBI's Jim royal tweet stuff out. First thing she treated I was a couple of quotes from Gregory Campbell after the game one question was asked was. He's tired of being called -- fourth line Campbell says doesn't matter to us we know more important to the team important -- the team. Much of the best line this entire series. Another quote from that I love from him says if we're gonna win this next series -- is gonna take us from here. From a -- saying that after the win they know. Like I say when you look back Tim Thomas made his legacy from here on in any still let some hiccups and some bumps. 61777979376177797937. Text on the eighteenth he text line at 37937. Also last several -- out there saying that tickets for the home games in the Eastern Conference finals will go on sale Sunday at noon. It's not official from the Bruins but I'll find that out even get that tickets go on sale for east conference final Sunday at noon now winner of the game's going to be well. John router and I were talking about this on the cross over what's interesting is -- any chill waits until the other series are over. Before they announce anything official stop -- start to leak out when we look at the schedule. For the NHL. Com we still got. Two series in the Western Conference going on so they're probably not gonna -- -- When the game -- it'll leak out it just doesn't especially misting in age but. You gotta believe that he could be as early as Tuesday. Say that Detroit wraps up their series tonight. Beat Chicago how about that the red wings beat Chicago. Or seven -- any securities. Ironies a check. And then LA defending Stanley Cup champs. If you're the defending Stanley Cup champs in the red wings and the penguins in the Bruins. Last four Stanley Cup winners. -- -- -- -- look at it's if not it's for the last five. Anyway com. That Huckabee wild. I Chicago had the best seasonal one member of the one what was it 26. Enrolled before they lost. Game with a loss of whatever ones but they could go they could lose tonight that games underway right now. Or infineon Boston who's next here on WB I am a Bruins post game I am getting out -- -- -- Hello Anthony put him Ronald DNC -- -- -- what's up putting opening an office phone clipped out 6177797937. Tax on the AT&T text line. At 37937. Com again if the penguins'. BC's meet the red wings can beat Chicago from 98. That's series will be wrapped up but then we've guts and Jozy. Trying to stay alive Joseph Thornton. And again that we've always waited a lot of us. I have waited for that San Jose bruins'. Stanley Cup finals Joseph Thornton against the Bruins don't we want them. -- we want that sidebar story. As part of it. If we do the Bruins will be a longer rest the only way that's gonna happen if San Jose comes back and wins two more games trailing three games to. It's interesting when you look at the Bruins in the penguins and you look at some of the numbers. The penguins have played only eleven playoff games abroad to played twelve. Penguins took six games to wrap up their series against the islanders they took five games to wrap up their series with the senators. The Bruins had to go twelve games seven game series against Toronto and they had to -- five games here. Either way. The penguins have scored 47 goals in their eleven games. The Bruins scored 38 goals in their twelve games going to scored nine more playoff goals in one -- playoff game. -- -- ended their series against Ottawa with thirteen goals the last two game. The Bruins have given up 28 goals in their twelve playoff games. The penguins to be up 28 goals in their eleven playoff games advantage Bruins. Except for the fact. -- the penguins. Had. Marc-Andre Fleury in net in their first four playoff teams and gave up fourteen goals in four games. In the seven subsequent games since Thomas vocal had been -- he's given up fourteen goals in seven games. So. They have a hotter. Goaltender. For themselves. What they probably don't have the hottest. Goaltender. That would be to correct. The power play has been as you expect. Very prolific for the Pittsburgh Penguins they've scored thirteen goals to the Bruins seven -- update the numbers but the penguins have only given up. Four power play goals in a lot of different chances so they're thirteen. Power play goals scored 144. Goals. Given up when their shorthanded. Two opposing team's power play Bruins scored only seven power play goals they cannot. Be taking a lot of penalties against the penguins because there's specialty units are just too good and then you've got all the sidebar stories. You've got. The -- yarder ending up on the Bruins after Jarome Iginla ended up on the penguins. You've got Sidney Crosby. And you've got his Olympic teammate. Patrice Bergeron. You've got Boston. Hit super. You've got a lot of stories going on between here a week ago. I was in Pittsburgh on business for two nights. And hung out couple different places went to anybody from Pittsburgh knows -- -- Brothers are. I think that's very pronounced it the dirty sandwiches. Here heard that placed him it's his it's his dice placed on in markets where I think the college. What they show you some pictures in the break. There on Twitter economic Twitter comment which -- against him but every -- which that they -- -- a heart attack waiting to happen. They put an -- on -- they put French Fries to put coleslaw it's like the old boys in New Orleans. But I went there and hung out and they all the murals on the wall while the greatest. Pittsburgh athletes Roberto Clemente and Willy star -- and Jerome Bettis and and Terry Bradshaw on all the legendary Steelers and Jack clambered. And ending -- Mario LeMieux and you -- jogger was. Some talk at the bar term deal we jogger in particular. Thinking about the fact that you know. He left there I don't remember the circumstances do any Boston do you remember the circuit is with the Pittsburgh found out. From talking a couple cabbies couple bartenders and some other people in Pittsburgh. About like you army under in Pittsburgh anymore for his grade is he wasn't part of the reason is. That the team went bankrupt Mario LeMieux had a commitment takeover and his contract. Think of -- Carl Crawford and how we felt about the money he was -- there that's how they felt about the money owed to yarder. But also yarder and a beliefs and gambling debts at some stuff like Adams speaking out of school but I remember he was he was unceremoniously. Dumped. And it's legend in Pittsburgh was punished when he left so one -- went as far as to tell me he is not liked at all. In Pittsburgh for -- all happened at the end that said -- name -- several -- he was a legendary -- along with Mario -- he made his NHL legend there. He then went from there to Philadelphia he plea for the Rangers played for the stars. Become as -- team along somewhere along the way. And now he ends up with the Bruins but what's interesting is to -- again -- Of course was the big story at the trading deadline Jarome Iginla ended up. With the Pittsburgh Penguins and in the playoffs. -- -- little having goal eleven games is the fourth leading scorer. For the Pittsburgh Penguins he has four goals. And 86. -- -- -- -- -- Has plenty of scoring opportunities on 77797937. Here on WEEI. We want powered down we get to a half hours to go on the bruins' post game. Again we're talking to you after the Bruins beat the New York Rangers three games to one after the Bruins win the series four games to one. And after the Bruins are now heading once again to the Eastern Conference finals at the game love to hear from the watching at home wherever you work love to hear your thoughts about Bruins and penguins about this game tonight. About the series in more text on the eighteenth -- text line you can chime in at 37. Nine -- 37. Com and again phone number 6177797. 983 -- Let's take a break will come back with more again to a half hours to go to enjoy Dallas taking your calls. I'm -- stern with you to 1130 tonight on a bruins' post game on a sports Saturday night. On WEEI. To. -- it's good standards. Why oh why don't put this guy butch stairs. Itself. Who experienced in the year I think. You'll I did well a sports insider. Make me there and now here for. Stearns on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Great text from our John -- here at W -- traffic. That's burning WEI can find him on Twitter at Bernie WEEI. He says check out what's on the NHL network guide right now it's not on. Because it's. The Bruins post games don't least here it's Rangers. Victory victory New York Rangers story. So Rangers fans if you're out there. Put on NHL HD and NBC in the rangers' victory New York Rangers story. Supposed to be on -- on the AT&T text line. -- taxes about yarder I think both complementary. -- playing great says -- don'ts as I think god has been working out for us not by making highlight reels but by doing the little things that. Now maybe let's look at the numbers now let's go this means in the Eastern Conference finals drama -- played eleven games got twelve points four goals and eight assists yarder. Has played. Well games for the Bruins and got four point oh assists. -- should guide the numbers are scary. Pittsburgh is the better offense they just are they have eight players. We have nine points or more. In the playoffs the Bruins have four great -- -- are important and Lucic they have eight. They have six players we have more bolder more. The Bruins have more great she important boy it shock and crew. To a former defenseman. The penguins players. -- goals and all those points of gaining market for goals twelve assists. Sidney Crosby seven goals eight assists Jarome Iginla four goals eight assists. Moscow -- -- seven goals three assists James Neal actress in the clinching game 56 schools. And four assists Chris -- it's four goals and five -- the penguins have. The better offense that scored thirteen power play goals aren't you scared of going into this. This is RT. This is playoff hockey and this is the final four you don't go to Chris Cox what's up Chris. And blunt guy by Cromwell. Listen I want it to see I'm at it eerie out there and you might fare like game seven and I'm Harold. Very nice. Edge. Like the power lately. Played a pretty big -- is accurate step up what you think against the agreement on that. Well we don't stack up with the penguins power play but you don't play against their power play play against the shorthanded you know let's be honest. I mean there are plays the best in the league there's -- pretty much everybody else. On at least in the Eastern Conference bomb but what was it about the power play tonight the scored a power play goal it was -- crew. Right so there what they did it is when they had the power play we yarder and -- out of the points it was an effective. It was not good tonight but then when nation when they double shifted or not double shift to -- -- a change in the middle of the power play. And they brought out cruelty and say again and they had that the speedy young guys the air that was much more effective it's -- -- -- You know. I think basketball is more of a matchup sport and hockey is mom and almost any other sport. So. So with hockey it's like your best against their best but. They do have to think about some of the match -- so to answer your question about the power play the Bruins are gonna have to score some goals on the power play because all things being equal. If they play a fast paced series against Pittsburgh -- aren't a lot of penalties -- they have to hope for they do not wanna put Pittsburgh on the power. It's in and it got really. Got a matchup but you know looking at that. The airport -- you know our Portland you know how do you think they could you know that you could see it -- hockey game. Like I gotta be honest I mean I can look at the numbers haven't watched the penguins all year maybe some hockey people have I'd love. To hear from you but that's the fun part I can tell you all about the ranger line to get the Bruins lines now cause I just watched them. You know I can tell you how the Google meanwhile Lucic did two. To what's his name the sniper who's been awful for the Rangers. Not Brad Richards the other guy which -- name. On -- accounting and the other guy that they trade Rick Nash. He was -- him tonight every chance he got in let him know that this is the Bruins series to win not the Rangers to extent so. You know when they get to what they get to this next round now as far as the match ups and what you talk about Chris it's gonna be inching him in the -- strength. Against anybody has always been a couple of things their depth. Their fourth line is as good as anybody third line when you look at the performance in the playoffs this year you can argue that to death. Palm Pilot I don't -- it -- we put up to them well. When I was in Pittsburgh last week the interesting thing about Pittsburgh fans is. There's sort of Steelers in football season. Penguins and hockey season but I went to a pirates game. A witness seventh inning against Milwaukee. Such a great game we got there is enough enough from their -- the brewers we spent fifteen bucks for three tickets to get in. It was a beautiful stadium was great to go but everywhere you went there was penguins on the subway -- penguins signs. -- and this is penguins country I mean they live and die for their penguins they're ready. For this series I think is gonna be awesome -- Let's go Barbara you sound great bloodshed -- debt. Good speaking out that -- you look at -- view. And are. Our Chris thanks for the call. Appreciate it 61777979237. Let's go to Doug in south UK Doug Dario. Say what you go home well. And sports. Presumably wouldn't -- a third worst and most importantly. I called him last week and get away horses for the preakness. The preakness I got -- well. Well remember that that I pulled you out guys wars. And game and play well I mean you got that called and we gave ox -- to yet so you wouldn't put to bed on a couple. I put out one I want to change the best bet Oreo at all well. -- ultimately. You know like ultimate shall guide Burton told me put. You know -- the sports the and I shortened. It's actually. Change additional with the -- which. -- I'm at a -- say that before don't worry about -- You know it's actually -- I do remember we gave you the horse that all -- was still -- was still out there and I got what would you got to -- the -- ideologues who -- and -- -- -- about it well. It's only a 10% for me 5% for dance so. We're out of let's -- -- and I used to use a lot of. Involved stop stop but it's probably somehow the legal if you meet me out one night -- can buy me a beer and I'll buy the next to how's that. So what do you think about the swinging of the Bruins right now. What what are they didn't make all the good points which there are good that depend spent much lets -- -- will -- What we have a moment shall we have momentum we could it's what thirteen. What do that we did it which will keep -- still went over time can be Bittermann overtime yeah are you the upgrade to old. -- -- the rose to -- and outplayed them but one but not enough I mean you know. Lot of hope that you know -- -- shall we didn't fall or an agrarian. You know -- I think until we got the momentum -- third period. -- -- that this game. Route through the series. The other bidding war for ten. That he local leaders they'll be. Not dealt with not much -- did they can trust the guy. I'll Matt -- and it's Marc Savard. More right now so -- not playing anymore in and -- I don't know if cook has been. Even. Yeah he's playing he's got three since he's played all eleven games he played he's averaging fifteen minutes -- game so Kooks out there. It's important and start it we don't know. Because of the way the NHL does stuff to get away to the other C I mean it will start hearing. You know I DJ being WEEI dot com DJ being in all the other writers in town they'll start tweet stuff out. When it may start but the NHL's weird like I'd like basketball. They would announce when game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals is pretty soon the NHL's gonna wait to the other series -- wrapped up so we could we we won't know officially. The earliest we'll know officially. Is tomorrow night because there's a gamer going on right now. Detroit and Chicago -- -- -- one -- nothing in Detroit can wrap up -- series tonight in the game tomorrow with the kings can wrap it up softball kings and the red wings wrap it up tomorrow night. They'll announce one game one of the Bruins will be -- -- might be Tuesday it would be my -- more than likely it's probably going to be Thursday 'cause one of those the year he's gonna get extended. What where when what we expected prediction. But -- you got. I'm already. I'm not ready Doug I'm not ready I'm probably gonna have to give up for the end of the night because I'm not gonna be on tomorrow. And the series a stock perform on again but I'm so I will give a prediction before 11 o'clock. But I'm not really ready I gotta think about this more. I'll give it tonight. Oh are you eager to take my advice again -- illegal -- -- -- -- -- -- But sure it's great doctor may give the guy I have fifteen to one -- we did -- -- at 85%. Achieve skater a complete one anyway. Let's stay on the phone to go to Richard Providence rich ally of my friend. Good -- Left what you just said we're not cheap. We're not let me rephrase. We're not that cheap. AT&T text like a flying an answer before you chime in I wanna read a couple of because they're bringing up a lot. Of good stuff. When I said in. Several tax it's a team capital letters effort that matter remember Vancouver had a better offense. In all eleven to correct. Mom who has home court advantage someone says Bruins are kind of what's the penguins there with a number one seed in the east. Another once says got to get physical with Crosby and Malkin very physical with capital V and then one more. Pittsburgh has the better offense but the numbers lie Ottawa in the New York Islanders are not good. They're not battle tested in Boston's physical game and slow Pittsburgh down well. I would argue against the Rangers aren't battle tested for everybody depict Yemeni port Toronto. So if anybody wants to look back and way. The road that Pittsburgh took to get here in the -- did the Bruins that none of that matters the went in Pittsburgh are bowl battle tested so we should get hockey at its best in this Eastern Conference finals right now I would. Well what -- And and very intrigued about. The first two lines went against the kill you talk about and well I really don't know you know -- if you keep hearing that the penguins. You know have you know more explosive offensive players. They have the you know their favorite to win -- you know yadda yadda yadda. And I think to myself okay. I still like our first two lines even though they may have the advantage I think that he didn't. Does this theory. As having guys coming back. Like they have been doing but even more so because these guys -- so explosive. Often the -- it's the nature of the board of are the coming back in fact check in these guys like crazy. So let me go to a phrase you just said he -- this series. What ended up being the key to the Rangers years. -- I'm not picking on your rich here's what I'm saying yeah. When we say that according to a series most times most of us are wrong. -- what is said could rule the would have been HP or -- key to this series against the Rangers. I mean really think about it so I agree with your points about. Dispute what you're saying if they keep getting guys back they're dealing from strength they now have choices to make and there's things that they have to do. But the czar. There while we talk about Crosby and Malkin and again line and we talk about yarder in Sagan the odds are. That Marshal on or Bergeron -- Gregory Campbell or somebody's gonna come up big for the Bruins that we're not talk about. And somebody for the penguins is gonna come up big that we're not talking about although I would say when you get to this point. Your stars are the ones that may decide -- -- And the penguins have more of them put the Bruins might have. Volume. Over -- You know what I mean if you add up the combinations. Of Bergeron. Preachy CA -- -- each important marsh on yarder in whatever he's got left. Against Crosby. Malkin. Again coats. Mean again they may be better offensive players but I think the Bruins might go 78 deep. And then you add in the fourth line where the penguins Michael six or seven deep as far as -- Players at this point the -- are. You build bill that is so when you mentioned of Pittsburgh. Are they consider because I don't know what they considered fastest -- -- Oregon. While Malkin and Crosby to their MVP candidates Armenia. -- marketing the. I hate to say this in people can -- before if you want the Bruins don't have players. Of the talent of Malkin and Crosby now Sagan has that talent but he just three year player in the league Bergeron has that overall game. And you can argue with me that Lucic when Lou 22 plays like to Cam Neely asked ID can be can be as good and a whole different way as those guys. But Sidney Crosby and of getting Malkin are two MVP candidates. To play every year I mean so did the two best players on the ice. Then you start adding him again -- -- was in that same category years ago he's not but again -- he's younger than -- -- has more left in the tank. As I mentioned just points for these playoffs remember the trading deadline again was got twelve points and eleven games four goals and it says the youngest got forces. So. You know they have they have more fire -- they're better offensive team and as we've seen. Many times have Vancouver Canucks is that text to pointed out -- better offensive team in the Bruins and the Bruins won the cup the the Miami Heat last year in the Eastern Conference finals where a much better offensive team that the Celtics took in the games -- so I mean the Bruins are gonna win or lose the series based on Bruins -- And played at the way they did what it. About the goalie do you think we have the advantage in goal. Well I would like to think we have the advantage in goal because our number one goalie is still in net and by eight. It just by definition Pittsburgh is their backup goalie in net exports started these playoffs with a hundred mark Florian that he gave up fourteen goals. In four games in game four -- -- give up six schools and he's been benched ever since so they brought in Thomas -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- some moments. But vocal was given up fourteen goals the same amount. That flurry gave up in four games in seven games so really at this point getting to this point in the season it's like a pitcher. You know it's like Derek -- was a forgotten guy in 04. And it could be and one of the key guys he won every single clinching game in the in the series and the Red Sox won the World Series yeah yeah yeah yeah and soaked so. I mean I think still think all that said Rask is the better goalie. I think he's better overall the Rask has won -- Stanley Cup racks hasn't gone this deep in the playoffs Rask vs bowl cool and he's certainly not you know I'd Jonathan Quick vs on Rick Lundqvist. At this point this season I mean they're unproven guys at this point in the season so I don't -- it's your question rich I'd like to say that did we have the better goalie. But who knows. I didn't do against. I would do against the penguins during the break was good. Question of mental look that up on the break and I'm gonna look it -- I don't have the answer for you off the top of my head I think the Bruins well you know hang on. I'll do this while on the line it won't be hard to do we go to the Bruins. Regular season schedule. Regular season. But pumped up. Penguins. Bruins. Let's -- -- the beginning of the season. The end of the season they lost to the penguins three to two on April 20. Com. They outshot them forty to 24 and that team while. That game by the way it was -- home at the garden. They then at Pittsburgh lost to the one. They outshot them 3218. And in that game. They lost that Pittsburgh 3225. Days before that there were out shot and then gained 34. To sixteen Antawn -- doping played net. In that game Rask played in the other two. Of their own three right there I said it. Think those are the only times they played and played them early in the year. Of double checked out but it looks like they lost all three games by one goal. So I mean even though we look you know we did lose but it that we did slam quote. You know maybe it's not like they beat up by two horrible. Now now and we outshot them by. So we'll see rich thanks for the call I appreciate it 6177797937. Again would be 11 o'clock taking your calls. Boston Bruins post game if you will here on sports Saturday nine on WEEI. You continue texts in on the eighteenth -- text on a 37937. We'll Cam Neely play since Yonder is you think candy mode and -- -- ray Bork are available. Can't keep my laughter. Pittsburgh has a better -- -- but the numbers lie number one of those tax. Not a texted the -- -- text on a 3797. And by the way if you're leaving the game still ignorant traffic love to hear from you again we're gonna be on 11 o'clock. If you were at the game. -- -- with you watch the game somewhere would love to hear from -- You can text or call the number call 617779. 7937. The facts warrant is 37937. Text -- from the final -- his vote corn will not keep up that pace. He's not stretched out enough steal a baseball term. Interesting point. -- in point. Com. There's a pitcher. Who pitches three good games in a row. Who's not stretched out it was not prepared in spring training to play those type games. It's probably gonna hit a wall somewhere so may be vocal and hit a wall although I would argue. That he's been a backup all season long and we needed to the playoffs that's a little different but it's an interesting point snitching way to think about it I like -- attacks. Another -- in Texas for five away a different one it's -- Bruins had a losing record against the Rangers this year to means nothing OK I. -- Manning in that expletive but they put two exclamation points. After. A great series win but Sega makes me believe in ghosts. An idea what it means by -- -- makes you believe in -- Greg has -- easy your next to quick break and then we're back with more on sports Saturday night. Broad post game Bruins in the Eastern Conference finals this is W media.

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