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Butch Stearns is joined by Patriots Legend Ben Coates

May 25, 2013|

New England Patriots Legend Ben Coates joins Butch Stearns tonight to discuss his recent Pop Warner Humanitarian Award.

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Are now works as. It's it's. Boost -- earnings in the year I think. You'll I did well a sports insider about me coming there and now here for. And turns on the WEEI Sports Radio network. And yes indeed T hello everybody and welcome to a Saturday night special. Sports Saturday night a few early on WEEI. Thanks to John Ryder. We're getting things done this afternoon the Bruins are winding down. And this will quickly turn into a Boston Bruins post game show to 48 to go. 21 Bruins lead in the third period to 4645. He's counting down. The Rangers are fast and furious trying do. Somehow get a tying goal to. Send this in overtime and possibly extend this series. If the Bruins hold on they will win this game and win this series four games to one but we will keep you updated offside there is a stoppage. In play so we will talk about a few other things before we get into Bruins and bruins' post game because there's going to be plenty of that. If you'd like to talk Red Sox tonight we can do that. Not nice to win today for them. You would like to talk football we can do a little of that tonight phone numbers. 61777979837. At 6177797. 937. I text on the AT&T text line at 37937. Out while the Bruins are winding down before we get into probably all Bruins for the rest of the night to take a minute right now. The jump on the phone with some of the greatest patriots in the history of the franchise. To be quite honest. He was also. And this is the ultimate compliment Drew Bledsoe is big. And I say that is the ultimate compliment -- you look at numbers. And you think what Drew Bledsoe the number one overall draft pick. That was one of the key figures that helped turn this franchise around. What that meant to have a big -- like this it is huge but the reason we're having this gentleman on out right now tonight. Is that Ben Coates. Accepted the award tonight -- pop Warner humanitarian award it is just at the pop Warner. Our thirteenth for the third annual tease me all American scholastic banquet being held in Boston tonight. He was honored along -- Aaron Hernandez Nancy Kerrigan Alfred Morris. And the New England Patriots again it was the 53 annual American scholastic banquet Ben was honored with the pop -- -- humanitarian award that's given to an individual. As well which portrayed both outstanding athletic achievement in high humanitarian principles while serving as an inspiration to you to today past honorees include Matt Light. Santana and Sinorice more mosques the Brothers and Antonio. Freeman so without further ado we bring in now Ben -- on the line it's Butch Stearns. Hello Ben how -- you. Number I'm very very well congratulations on your reward tonight. Our regular and just as you settle out of Boston sports fans I know. You know you're not here all the time but the Bruins just scored an empty net goal to win their playoff series. And then move on to the next round she kind of she kind of vibe around is already normally don't you have a competent article. About me. Number or what what is this award means to you what does it mean to come back to the town where you are you had -- greatest glory is a pro athlete and. It's hard to come back to be a part of -- -- probably -- program and everything in the numbers are honored to be able to come back in and be a part of. So with pop Warner and we view I know I'm from talking to Troy Brown -- know very well and others. That after your career now you've got into some coaching his -- -- you coach in what is an offensive coordinator right. Yes the office scored men senate gusting university in Raleigh north -- So many guys from your generation don't going to coaching. Because so much work involved not that there wasn't as a player like did you and what does it mean -- be able to coach players and also be involved in young players a pop -- It's all about getting him back and been able to step -- younger generation because that's our aspiration in the turn to go. To the next level and I'm also cut them to be betterment of large and also help them in that situation in this moment in the states for months to be here. To have their to get that support in the beginning with two guys them in the right the right direction. In which you know a lot of people don't have that so startled people in the limelight -- is to do that. You don't talk a little bit more about that then because you know none of us are perfect we've all made mistakes in our lives. Tom I know you're no exception you made some mistakes in your professional life from shore or in your personal life but what what did it mean to you. To have some role models like -- and what does it mean to you now to be one of those guys are to be looked up up to like. I melatonin more of what I'm doing now what else spectrum up for his political record you have run a -- made some mistakes remark. -- second career but you know it's part of me. Given back to you know younger generations ago does try to play football got to try to live the dream of what I have alternately. Are you were honored tonight along with others and Aaron Hernandez was there. On how often have you guys talked have you met before. Note the first how we met Harrison epitomized in. -- that would force him to probably have a great career makes get by the district where these. Let's talk a little bit of football -- when you look at him and Rob Gronkowski. Hum for those of the young fans may not have remembered you you were kind of a combination of the two or -- the -- the. He heard that. He's overload him I get -- -- completed. All around complete tight you know -- Eric I have there -- different different and remote so. Our computer receiver so -- blocker thing and also. It's been on how to -- a fraternity and help -- here. Rupiah to receiving target is -- orders are currently trying to. When you watch Hernandez and gronkowski they're so unique to give Brady so many options I mean. -- obviously is one of those tight ends like you that probably could've played in any generation. Of football and an Aaron has got the talents of a wide receiver the toughness of the tight end in the act the moves after the ball like -- Like a game breaker at times -- mean what do you think about when you watch and Brady would those two compared to what it was like when you had. You know UN drew they're really what it was -- it was either the wide receiver to tight end it was more the distinction during your generation wasn't there. Yeah yeah do basically -- -- drew -- two -- target -- some -- in -- -- -- -- date sorted out throughout those got there about everything goes out like well. These guys out there operating right now ruin their career -- -- in the article that you have Brady completely at how little which and the cardinal inaugural period you know. Things happen and you know if Sony -- those are the best I mean -- still clear how little and that spoke of their productive inner core each and every week interview. That's our problem -- -- Ben have you ever met Barack. Our -- -- -- if you did quite honestly and again you're a young player in your career win. I'm sure you were invincible that you knew that nothing could ever harm you he got older and you realized it could. When you look at the way he's and -- a fun loving guy have done a bunch charity events with him. What he's a Rambo out there on the ice -- change anything he's doing is is it is he does too destructive here. Well I don't know what these stories in their start in Mexico or Libya or where you know he -- is living that liked it or -- in heaven on these. I don't think is anything -- affect them all and ordered Google news or altered to lose a lot of people are about to watch him. It simply because -- -- you'll and you -- both well I have a lot. Well I read an article recently where you were talking in my Greece and now you say that you love your son loves the fact that. Number 87 is still kept alive for the page. You're always ready to keep -- -- there's an article about -- is -- well argued over and you know he's seventy he'll -- -- to look. No no -- to. Ben Coates was given the pop -- humanitarian award tonight at the 53 annual all American scholastic banquet. Took a few minutes spent some time with us here on WB -- And congratulations great to catch up with -- in my friend. Are dirtier here are OK Ben Coates former England patriots. And -- winner of that award tonight and as we said as Ben came -- Sure he said hello -- Bruins scored the empty Ned Colt the game is over now 31 the Bruins win this year.

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