WEEI>On Demand>>John Ryder is joined by DJ Beam with a Live Update from Bruins game 5

John Ryder is joined by DJ Beam with a Live Update from Bruins game 5

May 25, 2013|

DJ Beam WEEI Columist calls in for a live update during first intermission from the Boston Garden. The Rangers have a 1-0 lead but the Bruins are still fighting. Listen here for DJ's quick update with John Ryder.

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Look at the series so far would play or -- the series. Look at one goal. In the central part series. And has been up 31 I think it's more that I keep seeing the same thing and you know rested its remaining. Honest and protective. Fortunately there TJ being is that his TD garden joins us right now check run on WEEI dot com and -- -- TJ underscore being TJ burns down one nothing to the Rangers ended the first period how -- -- says the first period even though the Bruins are down was it was an evenly matched for the most corridor. And it wasn't either from thankfully. That are there. Bird back. Up in the right direction only long term Lucci should with how about gut check. Late in the third period Derek that -- -- particularly from. The first period but -- I look at it like you know what explorer. And I think you know. It -- quick vote to shut down mode which he's got to do eventually dispute. Those much longer. That that. I mean that the Bruins -- -- -- update at eight days of the Rangers play here up we're talking about. The other day job right -- well what I believe the door -- it happened so. -- about -- not are you relatively -- match but. Ago. Yeah right now out breakdowns on the power play goal by majority the -- in nationally would you know there this sequence that led up to that. Yeah op Ed -- also and this is kind of -- issued out where for the Bruins switched. No unexpected because -- -- -- that -- that generally don't the penalty kill in keeping your readers. Purple ops are -- you glided the -- on the -- This is now two big gold that the Rangers got on our -- you go back to the -- our regulations. He gave edict or edit it really took what you have got our house -- -- -- Brian Boyle would -- that there. They ought to try to move on the way it. And they've added some the bigger stronger guys he'd die younger I did not able at the issue. -- -- they would split highest earlier period. Not be able partly out of the way that would happen Michael. -- and enough ice time it looks like Dallas has come as a look at the box scores so far for for most of these guys. I subtext early on -- Torre's crew who has become a folk hero and understandably so after how he's played so far this series and Seidenberg looks I get six -- minutes as well so they didn't don't exactly limit the minutes -- Seidenberg. Just thought it gave the order that they're -- accurate but you can't get your work. Now I understand our idea jail check in -- of -- still -- -- after the second barrel gay right on. I takes DJ DJ -- of W he had icon and a Bruins Rangers right now about to start up the second period. At the guard with the Bruins don't want another danger or via power play goal his second of do the policies and Chris Kreider. Would -- it is says of course. He's. He's on the scored the game winner. To get box broad native Chris -- went to BC they get a couple of BC guys on the Rangers team.

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