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Pedro Ciriaco, postgame guest

May 25, 2013|

Pedro Ciriaco joined Joe & Dave after the 3rd game of the Indians series. The Sox utilityman had three hits in the Sox' come-from-behind win.

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All right nice job Pedro three for four in day get a big but -- set up. -- rotten and he started the winning rally yet though also -- that are like your first time Bob thought. What -- day for you three for four -- do you feel. Good but he did you know we win again in we've played. My entire evening and we got to wait and minus. That's when you -- Vidro tell me about the blunt in the sixth inning as you look like you surprised the might drop and went down. Yeah. You -- but it -- -- you know us. It was raining in the -- -- -- it way it. And they I have I have a pretty good order and it is you know stunning. Will. Good line and you know over on the by the McCain. As she did in that -- the throwing error that was very very important that there's. Probably would -- part of -- without you and Iglesias went six for eight that he is -- really enjoyed getting down there at the eighth and ninth spot at. Vigor they've grown than for the team you know. We got away the night in and they. We we. Vidro weather conditions like today with the kind of rainy weather really never came down to hard but. It was it was damp it was -- all day long was it tough fielding was a tough but as far as getting a handle on the ball defensively. Yes but it you know been raining like last couple of days in that for -- this way it. I think the first -- England this week -- -- double in the -- -- IST what do we you know. You know sometimes they bought him way then that's but it probably you know we we with -- hired them that they in. We we we go off the top -- the -- ball that dropped the and that operate it looked like your routine pop up. Are you know he would. They -- Like in they feel. It's down into the right field like -- -- you know it's raining in. They brought that he had but he did well you know. We got dual -- score enough play. Ellis who's gonna. Two came in it was a gigantic play gave the Red Sox Lotta breathing room was it it was it extra windy up there we were watching the flag and it was blowing the other way do you think that factored into that playing. Yep rotted out of the was you know the Wayne in the rain. That brought in off of the ball of that -- and was -- -- rats are used the wall where are you started at -- ball Boston the eight and he catches your home mark. Yeah I would think about it of the feel you know we know there are -- but he goes though that if we -- -- -- law and we got the result of that. Q did -- very nice day for you three big hits in -- right the middle of -- congratulations thank you.

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