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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Dave O'Brien

May 25, 2013|

Dave talked to the Sox skipper before the 3rd game of the Indians series. John said that the starting rotation is shaping into form.

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Okay John and on this rainy day the red sex in the Indians will try and get in the ball game and coming off -- a terrific performance I'm sure you agree from. John Lackey last night his second outstanding outing general. He really has been -- he's been consistent he's been powerful but the thing that stands out on the year overall for me is that. Typical for a guy coming off of Tommy John surgery in -- first season back you're gonna see some fluctuation and arm strength and velocity and that hasn't been the case with John and I think that speaks to one. Fact it was sixteen months post up when spring training started so we had a little more foundation under him but to the work that he continues to do in between starts to keep him. As sharp as he's been physically. You've also you know managed his innings in a really Smart way in and last night was there any thought about bringing him out after you scored the extra runs to make -- six to one. Now for -- and no there really wasn't in for the reasons that we talk about here he is coming off of Tommy John he's missed a year plus. You know even to start two or three starts to go down in Tampa we took him in the fifth inning effort. Two and a half innings of real stressful workload. He didn't want to come out of the game but still we have to keep in mind where is that in this return. There's a lot of pitching left this season and certainly a lot left in his career. So and that gradual building block that we're going through which I think is paying off form at this point. What does it mean to have him pitching so well and to be a guy who can be a -- at 200 inning -- After what we've seen from -- from buckles. Well you you can't you can't fully measure it because what those three guys could give us and really the way Felix is coming on his last two starts you start to see the rotation take a step forward. We've got to get right Dempster going obviously but. When when John Lackey pitches like he's capable in -- such a difference when that starter can get you through that seventh inning. When they can record 21 counts. It makes managing a bullpen that much easier it keeps those guys fresh and rested out there so when they do come they're sharp but lackeys. Consistency. It is been huge addition to to this team and what were more or potential success can be for a this year. Mike -- had a beautiful swing last night for three run homer John and really get the club started offensively. We had -- the star of the game show last night and he talked about how nobody messed with that swing when he was a kid nobody tried to change it. Well -- -- as we talked about probably a Smart thing for the people around them believe Malone because he does have that classic left and it's going. You seem and his stance -- get that high handset but when his lead foot touches ground. It's just a classic swing through the strike zone and Andy's obviously seen Masterson pitched as well he. Two or three extra base hits over Cleveland back in April the three run homer last night to get on the board -- -- hit put. In the role that Mike is in its difficult to stay sharp. Even though is coming off final for 21 street. You know he puts up good at bats and we need that kind of bat coming off the bench to it to compliment Gomes in left field. Finally -- Mercedes-Benz question of the day for John Ferrell and John it's about Masterson and the Red Sox have had success against him and hit him pretty hard a couple of times he's a real quality pitcher no one has to tell you that. Why have the Red Sox and able to beat him up a bit. While others there's two main reasons though one and we we've got a number hitters in our lineup that. I have to find strikes on so we typically won't chased out of the strike zone to give him those quick outs and we can we can run a pitch count up on him a little bit. But I think most importantly is that our guys do such a good job of keeping their hands inside the -- on him. If you try as a left him that if you try to pole his sinker. You're gonna have a lot of those 43 ground balls and that and quick innings over in Cleveland both are right handers and left handers -- a great job of staying on the baseball hit the ball the other way I think we had. Eight -- nine hits off him and in about six innings of work. So in combination of not chased out of the strike zone. And used in the off field with our hitting approach that's what we've had success against them you feeling good you feeling lucky about the weather today. Well I heard if you if you consider getting soaked being lucky guy do what we're we're probably going to be in for a long day here whether or not this thing gets started remains to be seen. They're they're talking about some you know. Light showers from about 1:33 o'clock time frame and then it's supposed to be pretty pretty heavy the rest of the day so. I'm sure the -- a lot of dialogue and whether we get the starter would -- to play tomorrow. This may be hoping against hope let's play fast time. Well that hasn't been the trend of late that we we've granted some pictures you know you look up at the three hour mark in the sixth inning or seventh inning and that. But at the same time it's one of the reasons that makes us successful John thinks that like today thanks if. Our question with the manager was brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz. Dealers in the new 2014. MB USA dot com today. John.

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