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Rob Bradford pregame before the third game of the Indians series

May 25, 2013|

John Ryder talked to Rob from WEEI.com before the game. Rob said that John Lackey isn't having command problems, unlike many Tommy John patients.

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Welcome back to the Herb Chambers Chevrolet pregame show -- John -- as we -- you're ready for the Red Sox vs the Indians game three before game series this afternoon at Fenway Park. Pure lefties on the -- Jon Lester for Boston Scott Kazmir for Cleveland. Now it's time to talk -- clubhouse insider WEEI dot com's rob Bradford and in robbed of if the Red Sox are going to compete there'll. A likely need someone other than Lester buckles to step up so far it's been John lackeys fastball. Touched 95 last night a remarkable of these results been over the last two starts. A fairly remarkable which is usually you see a guy coming off Tommy John surgery this some. Story instance of him having command issues now the loss he might jump back for a lot of Tommy John guys but. The command issues is usually the prop are usually the problems so I think it's usually encouraging in. You can make the argument that John Lackey pitching as well right now as the pads make it any time in his career. And a lot of that factors into true including velocity you mention we got up to 95 yesterday in. And that's not the John Lackey we had seen in Boston at any point so. Especially with the struggles of Dempster I think this this this revelation with a lack he has been hugely important this team. Jon Lester on the mound today suffered his last in his first lost his last start was it just one of those games right enough not a big concern well I think they do. -- when he's had that bump in the road this year he's been able to bounce back prominent and it seems pretty cut and dry in terms of understanding his mechanics and being able fix -- that's where he's able to do this year. The -- getting set to run last year. That it even when he thought he was going to be able to correctly wasn't he wasn't able to do it over the course of an entire game. But I think that he's dead in such a rhythm starting in spring training going through the -- middle are beginning of this year. That he is confident that he can correct things in. And so I think of based on what we've seen so far I think -- should be pretty -- -- with him going into the start. Stephen Drew is over his last seventeen is he stealing still deal -- back back problems. But we don't know we all you don't know how much has gonna that has affected him by you're right ever since he came back from that back issue. He's -- for seventeen in and you look at some of the swings that he put on you know -- -- him for instance against rates tell it was a B because it was against a left the US a because. He wasn't quite right. Were they bunting in that situation because they knew we wasn't quite right. By it he came back and he has put some decent swings on the ball. But this is a results business on and and he hasn't been given the results and and that's why Pedro Seri doctor -- in -- today yet. Michael on notice but Jared Saltalamacchia Sweeney odd that even taking walks as well while haven't played it on. I think that you look at Saltalamacchia over the last couple weeks EC guy playing with a lot of confidence and there are instances on the road trip where he could have sat against a lefty pitcher and obviously being left him is his strong suit. But I I think that they had so much confidence in the way he was throwing in about even from the right side. And even -- Hardaway who we are looking pretty decent the plated the short time he got up here. That they want to ride this out with Saltalamacchia I think it's paying out by the you're seeing a much more confident -- play. Always great information rob appreciate it thanks John a calculator -- -- soon a rob Bradford of WEEI dot com our clubhouse insider -- -- by popping geno was. This summer high temperatures made one thing but pizza deals right now -- Papa Gino is by any large pizza and get up to three extra large cheese pizzas. For nine dollars each. Coming up next to we'd take her trip around the majors it's the Red Sox vs the Indians today at Fenway and this is the Herb Chambers Chevrolet pregame show on the W the guy Red Sox radio network.

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