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Shawn Thornton Joins Salk and Holley

May 24, 2013|

Shawn Thornton calls in to talk about the Bruins losing in Game 4.

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Normally he calls and talk to the morning show there was I guess a mix up or something but today Shawn Thornton Bruins. Winger kind of -- take a few minutes with us via the AT&T -- -- I shot -- Sweat pants in public your thoughts. Sweatpants people wearing sweatpants out of the house and public. Are you know we have a couple. It doesn't seem to work like pregame skate stopped at the absolute bananas such as my personal opinion but thirteen thought well that's up. Russian hockey players are usually pretty well dressed me see the see the guys when they're traveling or when they've been interviewed -- usually the guys dress opera yeah. Or. For games. On the road -- -- game and practice on the road or travel we have you know it forces. But. For whatever reason home. It is. Aren't you and that they'll have its usually the younger guys let you know. -- that we just got out of bed and all of the right place at not a huge fan but -- let them know. Our shot let's talk about that your your game last night had an opportunity to close out the Rangers they won in overtime. Well how would you how would you assess the the focus of the team. Going into the game last night you think that was the reason for for the -- lack of focus. Knock it on iPhone started over -- -- -- we're not saying. And you won't Waldman and I'm an unlocked the you know. In his truck on. That the puck barely -- I guess let's let's let's put it -- needed and basically well known and but. I thought we are doing the right thing until you know a little bit about -- but. But don't don't respond lost fifteen years and went off its those things happen without unfortunate. And -- of the world -- of -- America. I could've went either way in all the time that the chances -- we can't lose it aired on the last one -- about opening. What do you think this Rangers team shot. Are those big strong with Gloria obviously I think the goal is -- -- -- -- or. Are there on court. The problem -- game. I think they got the fire Arafat declares that it. Very active in yes -- it would -- I think at that but yeah yeah. So you see less seriously were so. It is these are so far. -- we were talking a while ago Sean about some of the outlook -- who key goals in this series and we -- Tuukka. Last night just got to fall -- wasn't able to recover an -- and I haven't seen anything like that in a playoff game. -- assault couldn't come up with anything either but you've you've played the game and you see a lot won a cup a couple of times. Have you seen anything like that before. Well that's a couple. You know dolphins from the red line that they can rears off when and it is some off the partition a lot -- -- You know that statement but about what goes on to -- -- what about -- in the open before. Not to worry it's all down. I see the closest I could come up with was I think Ty Conklin a few years ago when he first came in for Ralston and he put the puck in his own net -- member battery -- he shuffled with a coming back from from behind the net as soon as he got in. And that's what our. It myself -- yeah. Very vaguely bigger. The closest I can remember I mean it just so unfortunate what was the reaction when it happened. Not necessary and I'm -- were laughing about the puck in the net what you are nothing but. I don't know what happened I was changing I was gone that the puck in the opposite on both sides and I knew it was to a read. And then I don't know what happened -- the other end of the replay is such an aggressive. Thought this is basic the wrong way at what happened over the whopping. Although you're not overconfident. Well -- is not funny things happen and out again. I hate to bring it up but you bring up changing and obviously the too many men on the -- last night is it is a huge -- and it leads to the tying goal on the ensuing power play. It's it's it's a penalty that here in Boston obviously has a long long history on back to Italy and I'm all -- all but. What does the frustration Michael and I were talking about what things in sports drug absolutely crazy from a mental perspective how serious a crime is that. For the guys on the bag -- how do you guys take that. Yeah life is on this. They responsibility for the I want there at all what. In my opinion that. Pretty tough call that I've been saying it changed for me I had one put forward heavily let's talk. Apparently -- interest I -- there right. I think it would -- change for the person. In the definition -- that could be wrong. I I thought it was a tough call personally at that point in the game but obviously double file in the opinion. Is that you're watching today -- what's emerging post game for you is that do you. You watch it immediately after the game do you wait and watch it with the team and and now when you do watch what you're looking for. Very I don't look at -- all of -- all of my associates a net loss -- -- -- out -- Sometimes you have video. -- it's different it's different every time they -- I don't wanna look at our -- -- the first. First period first. How the game as well we're unity rather well and that -- unfortunate that -- -- -- -- -- talks about the -- and forcing this onto. I'll pick up because that you saw on an arsenal that. But I also. Joseph Thornton with -- us here on WEEI. How about this kid tore recruit I was saying earlier right he's. It's amazing that after just four games I'm looking forward to his shift every time I seem jump over the boards -- get just a little excited because I wanna know. What he's going to do next out there what is what is his. What is his entry into the lineup meant for the team. Only an unbelievable for us. I know he's got a lot of talk. The political scored points it is -- was impressed that must've looked lately that you know there's some sort of small plays in the neutral zone that he's made what really ignorant are you bit. Now he goes over they can make a on so that he wanted to make one. When he when it fashionable little bit he's been a great personal. Trouble from a confidence perspective we always hear about you know kids -- come up for the first time and they're told no they're scared to play in the in in the NHL in there. They're told just make the safe play just state your -- don't make any mistakes. You've watched him in park -- he come up and not just not make mistakes they're really be aggressive and confident where does that come from. From the coaching -- the miners. As well. -- And yet there's little. But the war that went UW before it up for pick it up you know you don't -- I think quote let it -- when -- -- it is saying you know certainly played down problems earlier games. We don't you know so -- guys to look up the block out you have double play maker itself. I'm sure combination of both -- well. Other cliche is that much on that it's tough to close out a series. It's tough to sweeper team are your position do both last night. And it do you agree with that is is is a winning game four or winning the clinching game different then winning think game one or game two and if so how is. Yeah and the I'm quality when you're a nice about -- couldn't Walton was -- and my -- and when you're playing for years even maybe there's well actually I'm about to happen. But we are up against when you're trying to close notices about what it has so. That's what the proper. What's the deal this Derek Dorsett -- hey what what is what is what who is he as a player. Are you a -- -- mostly clear sighted but as I indicated that he's just gone lower than the you know cardinals work hard at it here. He plays hard and he let me try to do his job so you were not and on the side here. -- seems awfully willing to pick on guys who are incredibly small Marchand then. And -- Daniel hiatus he he seems awfully willing to -- -- to -- with them and not a lot of backup afterwards. -- obviously -- it is obviously trying to do whatever -- -- the winners. We have that -- You. But the call I don't know on the other side of the you know -- I've seen so long I didn't. It was bottle -- of those you know the other let the final so. I had known that. There's about several field ever with Google had. Thank you guys -- having a great conversation in game three. -- -- what was that about what did you say what he says. You know it. On -- to a certain. I don't know merchants try to government statement at all clear -- it was there at all about what law. Well you know what it's the it's important despite those what -- I don't think so what would -- they don't plan master plan. Who makes the call free to jump over the boards there you workload. Flaw. Up question I know my job so I'm going out there. I know them well to do. Happy but -- -- that police -- happened on the -- and opens up with I just now so we'll have to succeed in this. But I've had a chat so. On the quote control who goes on the -- but we won't do at all. They tell nobody -- a Marshall but you that's your job you're the one and it's. It didn't occur however they want you guys with the well well well. Hey good stuff -- by the way to recruit Kobe baker finalists are absolutely right just texted to with what we baker finalist will lose it in right. John thanks a lot there we really appreciate it good luck got close in this thing out tomorrow. They're together John Thornton the Boston Bruins usually on the morning show a little schedule issue nice enough for him to come all of -- that. Still chat a little -- and we'll switch. -- Texas says are you stole all the morning shows guy. How dare you now in -- I'd like to steal and I'd be perfectly happy to talk to him all the time he's great love talking national. Even those guys who knows the code you don't mean in the one of the he just knows the code with everything in the game went to drop the gloves when not to drop the gloves -- to have a chat -- to jump over the boards went to take responsibility. Went to yell at the young guys and this team for not dressing appropriately. He's one of those guys that knows the code important it is got to have some Coke guys and your team -- now.

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