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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports: on Bruins Rangers Game 4

May 24, 2013|

McGuire joins the show to discuss the sub-par performance from Tuukka Rask, the Bruins young defensemen, and the potential for the Rangers to get back in the series.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- Very good but at a popular aim at the we don't buddies. Everything's -- and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania get ready for game five of Pittsburgh and Ottawa and. Wanna get to that series and some other. Playoff stuff of these -- -- -- -- series stillborn on in the NHL let's start with the game last night is by now you have seen it the year you've seen to go Rask. In his I've fallen and I can't get -- moment but what trickles in. Do you wanna join in the course people call that -- said I've never seen a goal like that in the NHL playoffs. Are people like that not will play -- -- actually go whose fault bound while trying to handle the puck -- play and Opteron defenseman into the back -- -- and actually it's really strange stuff. I do a lot of didn't do every year and I've been in the league almost forty pictures now actually locked up over and call me. All opinions so that was -- shoot me strange and I couldn't agree more -- -- -- talking about I'm sure a lot of it was tongue in cheek but. The Rangers can talk about you know come back get back in the series is still rely on it -- back to Boston -- -- five. And the readership -- again last night the Boston Bruins -- full of self inflicted loans. And that solid team. Whether it's due to collapse fall down two pins -- -- -- chair not communicating properly cherub you lackadaisical with the park. But also give credit where credit to Hendrick Lundqvist was -- expulsion over -- up. What's gonna happen in the playoffs unicameral reacted to move along and play games five and do a good job internal sandwiched. Yet that that that one was a killer because -- seen -- the Rangers down two nothing not -- There was now no excitement at all in the building in nothing in their plays well in -- Give a little but a life a little bit of say you know what is out due to one got a shot. What I figured I was watching it from -- try -- community -- called -- so. Do a little bit overlap but not that much that it -- get back into this then you had to use time between periods it will launch. Most of the action so I'd agree with -- Rangers had nothing on on the first heard I was shocked. Shopped at all or I was actually shocked and other ranger who plan. And I thought the -- daughter in particular really had a sense of urgency to start thirteen executable broad -- and we're good they're ready to -- We'll go to that for second here because that the shots or something I've focused on and try to figure out the Rangers. Effort in game three they had five shots in the second eight shots in the third period last night. Halfway through the game 28 minutes in. They're like seven shots on net total how much of that. Do you think that's related to effort is that related to jump when he see those type a shot numbers and try to claw back in a series. No not in this case -- I'm telling you guys straight up people are under planning how deep -- in it and how good Boston is. And the Rangers don't match up particularly well with posh English as a reality because we don't have the same kind of often to adapt -- especially down the middle as they have in Mombasa not a big problem. And you compile that was of with the sheriff factor in with the boy -- factor in terms of size and you've got some very big defenseman that whenever operative question my -- in Turkey get shut down pretty quick. Who cares you thought son who's at the too many men on the ice and how much is discretion of the ref trees because you know -- it comes off the Orton doesn't come directly off yet. Number really involved in the play yet it's called I don't know if you saw I don't know what your thoughts on the. Also so aside it's a tough call but it's called it's made during the regular season. Sometimes you get -- attached merchants in the game I did last night. There's a very similar situation I wasn't called. Because one of the good team that was the offending team have not played the park. Even though clearly there's too many men on -- And so it's it's up to the discretion Orangemen are northern rhetoric. -- and now it's it's a tough call plus our great culture not a bad cultures without the. Here you coach in this league so when it's a situation like these you call them self inflicted wounds self induced last night the Bruins do you treat that. Differently today it can address their skating right now the B of video session how was that different it. The coaching aspect from lack of effort which clearly was not the problem last night for the Bruins. I don't think there's enough leadership in that room at the culturally does not do much just pulling out some of the fundamental mistakes were made and then. Basically you have that room police itself. And experience I've -- culture or something that Washington applying. In 1991. Stanley Cup Eastern Conference final that it was planned -- and but part of it's for Denver down two games to none lost first two games. Born we have decision much we put the video together we showed the guys were they were right where they were wrong and that -- And the minute team meeting and the coaches did an episode and it Kevin Stephens chilling moment. Guys that tie into the Boston area Paul stand. They basically gave our speech force -- -- were embarrassed for better than -- we've got to be better than us with what we've done us all season. You know routine ritual in the Stanley Cup we can't be -- wrong decision that we are. What -- can take it anymore we're gonna play better Kevin Stephens was so passionate and -- strongly as messaging to the rest of the team. But everybody body. And we eventually won four straight into one ministers and -- -- won the Stanley Cup but. Using this is that time of the year and look at post because that's probably all anybody. This is on the players really leaves the room and it's more about peer pressure eyeball contact. And it is about a course giving a sermon or speech. Location at us two of the Brad Richards. Benching and and daughter yellow came to his defense after the game but this does this to Motorola have enough talent -- -- not include a guy like Brad Richards moved -- That hasn't played well. Yet until kind of traditional I don't think this is the question jobs sort of relevant some wrought -- just a case of Brad Richard not playing very well. What coach has to do what's right for the team not for the individual has been the -- for the team. I tell you right now Frederick church would be the first person to tell you. He's not playing well and I like the way channel that he channel late April that he is a decision on -- make sure that they get myself in a position where this never happens again. So I guess -- -- and yes it is the follow up would be. Was that in motivational thing hey if we get to game five. Maybe I got a different Brad Richards do you expect in the playing game five. -- this -- I'm basically divorce should match yours and my guess the series then. And it gets to get in -- that I I think my botched comment today. There's a chance on the back it depends on what happens with that her -- would -- what -- Chicago Detroit among most -- now but. As far as around the hurt you know there was around a last minute have a better -- for villages don't know. Here McGwire is joining us in terms of the defense -- we -- spending a lot of time today even a loss. Again talking about the player to recruit and and you have talked about his skill Pierre and my question was in terms of like the the ultimate potential for him could he be a guy in your mind that is in this league. For a long time and in Cary that's beating Kerry that odd that -- confidence. For a long time in this league. I don't know why he couldn't have the same kind of -- Brian Rafalski. I really don't. And we're talking about a multiple Stanley Cup what are guys that played double digit year originally it was very very effective and very important. For the team you played on whether indeed be true that major major developers started. An undrafted player being virtually Wisconsin it's been -- you're playing over in Europe purgatory and got a -- an NHL. I don't see why can't recruit can't be very much like that. There's such an emphasis on skating and puck moving from the backhand. And we're the Bruins are built for four with Hamilton with him with adamant -- continuing to evolve. During the real good spot in terms of the overall depth and fast they've done a fantastic job balloon that defense. I think Doug hill that's in good moments obviously would -- keep going up the game winner which -- lost position and after the game. The don't sound pretty upset about it I'm curious. He dealt with a young player is the playoffs different than a regular season we all know that the pressures of it. If we don't don't play and he came off a bad game and will what's the best way to handle that -- the know the player. With a put back out there yet to given night off. Well I think you have to know where I -- -- -- penalties can do I -- stronger warning nineteen years of age and there -- some nights when he was all world on the road victory wasn't great. Brought out kept pumping them up and column are really wasn't how great it was going to be anybody's gonna have talks also incurred continue to work hard. She got to you know continually reinforce positive that's at least my belief with young players like that. I've played by the way. -- numbers back here good position I will say this I'm not trying to be overly defensive of the young player. You tell me in this new NHL. What -- and supposed to do we get to play that six foot 3200 point five ounce against gay as that's also anybody in the week. That is of virtually impossible place beautiful touched by -- -- and the only thing Hamilton could have done and that he's a little bit older maybe does do. He -- panel. Q what I'm saying -- then he takes a penalty because that is an unbelievably. Difficult way to defend. Because of the size of the man attacking the net because of the speed of a man attack and because of the precision in the past me by Rick Nash sits up. Unbelievable passed by national great finish by crier. I think this is something you learn over time in that situation you may just take a panel in just tackle the guys who goes to them. And come full circle on this thing last night -- you told us after game -- the broad is the better team their deeper team the Rangers. Having a hard time keeping up. Lou what I feel the same way the Bruins still outplayed the Rangers last night will find a way to win this series from your vantage point if if the Rangers are to win a couple over the weekend and extended out what what specifically your minded they have to do heading into game five. Can't think penalties. Have to get good start can't let the Bruins crowd get into -- have to hold the ludicrous again as the best player. But I think the biggest thing is they've got to find a way to -- -- -- case if they can't match before -- to his -- and it won't Wear a minute from Boston it's about pushing the -- And really pushing the pace hard and where some guys out. Because now you're on this super highway of quick hockey it's every other day and that now all of a sudden where -- -- does start to kick in -- -- Injury situation potentially destroy all McConnell who's coming back -- not -- you guys up you can see amber liquid struggle with the pace of the game last night. There's going to be some fatigue from Rick -- and Girardi. If Mombasa on planet full frontal assault hockey force and then try to match up -- -- -- the Rangers get away and kept -- penalties have to have a good start Lundqvist -- the exceptional. And you have to try to match the pace of for a fact about which I don't think they can do. -- three share it sounds like you let us know this but -- for now the time being her techsters her to say this year off Bruins Rangers series a couple of games. I've lost. Some awesome tool this is dependable Cologne the other -- but I mean he -- for games which appears on. That people are happy to be known on albeit not at the -- -- they want -- more Pierre watch your back a year to say they they -- playing up the Bruins are three you know in this series in years between the glass and look at what -- blob gets out there they have a lot of game yet here. My -- okay we'll all remember their connection around but the. We will all be watching yeah -- Pittsburgh Ottawa -- -- that the gets extended outer Pittsburg. Lock themselves in -- a lot more talk about next week here have a great week and we'll talk to you then. You guys are often so -- and there's going to be back thought courageously one other thing at north Memorial Day weekend. And I just want to thank all those men and women in uniform and all travel ensuring that they do. Amazing to be part of the United States and CEO Walter -- That commitment of the young people in this country thank you very much. Well said here thanks and have a great weekend. Out here -- NBC sports joining us and of course appeared joins us he's brought you by the city of Boston credit union by town fair tire. And Mike Kelly automotive group so. Sounds -- it straighter earning blob. Saturday night in super Dave. And brining blob that Brian was -- here it is you want it's hard to end this thing. Let's but now a -- -- -- -- said it's going to Detroit protectorate Chicago either way both Somalia Detroit Detroit public Detroit. That he's dead in the water a during the regular season. Peer group are joining 6177797937. Text. Well I'd always their 4837937. -- James Heather -- Bob all your phone calls. We'll get to -- -- come back we have all runners heading in the week and we got a classic for yeah. At 145 and at some point will address a picture of -- with a shovel. A bucket. And looking kind of scared in his own backyard keep it here.

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