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Andy Brickley, NESN, says he's not worried about Tuukka

May 24, 2013|

Andy Brickley joins the show to discuss his reaction to game 4 of the Bruins-Rangers series, and how he sees the rest of the series playing out

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Brick up but Lou we started the show today talking about the three. Mental mistakes Tuukka Rask falling down Chara given a position a staff and -- gold and eventually. Too many men on the ice which one of those three if any of the three. Stood out to you the most is being made the biggest blunder toughest -- to take as a as a hockey observer. Yeah -- critical role in the game was the goal that Rask went in the first goal of the game for the arrangements you know everything about the situation this is a knock -- game. You have not single in terms of any kind of offered to -- I think that somewhere between. -- or 78 or nine shots on goal beat two quality scoring chances. Down -- -- the building it and there's no signs of believability of the New York Rangers. That global -- in you know -- to Iraq in the stumble and that was the absolute most critical point the hockey game. Because all the sudden the Rangers got the belief that there it's. Heights apartment at once again in Berkeley -- a break it down agree I would wait and let you play on the boards I love it. York overlook the other mistakes Greek army the eight and you know people maybe one for the little waiver and will certainly -- -- the blame on -- computer in effect for the near post and communication wasn't where you'd be. This -- it happens all the sign and charge it at the awareness deceased I'd come from the blind side and that's really aren't they and that -- the -- -- to lock in at that point. But -- -- 32 lead on -- -- -- able to say in. Adult you sprinkle but for all purposes that would also call it. But that was a result ratings on the ice and that's where it's a little -- I had a good conversation all it will bought -- a couple of hockey drill together you know however the -- the same job radio television. And we both played for Lanka and you know you can read the rule all you want but I thought it was good -- You know it's it's. He basically tell stepping on the right Campbell that the clean and change them -- elegantly -- that situation because it will not -- -- -- -- -- stated jumping on to replace all -- -- while they. Still out there though one of them laid out. I think because you have expert on the ice in the new proposal with a change protection. That next opportunity both directions in order to make plays and I think it's volatile political -- now. I think the best example that I can uses. You know for play is not in all in Italy Huckabee you know oil marketing three yards to. All print all -- orders are from behind it caught -- in the you're active zone. And all the sudden somebody steps on your race to replace one of -- all would stage trying to back check. And -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- three on three and a players are going to replace the part. You're replacing a guy that's going to the bench a little later on that change. And now all of a sudden you don't have numbers coming out like it actually into the -- absolutely. Sort out the risk that that call. The -- the call -- talk about a before. Superstar -- call when he dropped his gloves drops a stick goes after Marshall. Well you get a full disclosure you know I've probably don't know the rule book it will order and it constantly changing. But -- -- -- that's one of those calls. Upbeat experience and making that we do during the regular season. You know some -- -- call -- sometimes it's not and I don't have a true. War. The real feel for what direction whether that should be currently you know it's not that the -- got a little altercation. You know like it was close to let somebody there are -- records are what you call it a sport like on the -- I thought -- is you know the Serb. Apparently that situation you know -- onto the job he understood. But I've seen it both ways and current judgment call and yeah you're in trouble and I it would its first -- that black like no brainer he over the last week. And Nextel just by coach. Here is -- look at the AA you know. I'm aware of what just happened and a little if the market how difficult this -- Is gonna be going to be a night for me to analyze these officials say -- you know that this is gonna be okay. And he can -- the -- currently in the area how late the data are a lot after the crowd reaction. What you gotta protect the -- and it goes so I have micro officiating. Can it be better absolutely but it is what it is that he got to -- -- You mention which of the -- the committee met on the ice at least that power play opportunities score is that a case in watching the replays that a case brick of -- she beat Campbell. Just being out of position and and not covering a guy their right there at the top of the point that set up that pass the eventual game tying goal 33. Guys out there as Gregory you'll go through his mind certainly the way we saw it was such as people were committed to the -- and only section collection interest. Players need to really good colonel ordered. I don't know he realized whether the communication with McQuay was eager tricks are irrelevant that drives what he needs to get pressure on him from behind. And now he's a little too deep because -- a little bit it was tiny. Step under an incomplete those are all great passes to see. Finger on why your approach scoring area just the release so actual. There was a feel quite by the rages but it just it all for it that. The front of the -- By Campbell work because and it held his ground and that slot area now right pat. A regular a lot of people expecting a cyber game he's ready comes in May -- it's Hamilton. I don't know if you know that the status of Dennis Seidenberg but I look at -- know Hamilton is highlight because as the final goal -- don't -- off what's the that they can beat him with Doug. An end if Seidenberg wasn't a 90% I still wouldn't blame game five -- you know what the status as. I don't I don't remedies that the nation on his status of that now what we've watched as our skating practice more state. The work. It he certainly looks pretty good on the -- I think he's close. All I don't have anything definitive. As far as how do you -- -- defenseman. The eight in -- at their side -- -- come -- kid I think general consensus is that -- would come out you know they get a -- from -- -- -- they get a lot from -- -- -- -- in the shots you -- Chara -- -- a bit of a broken record -- -- play those two guys have the luxury of every one of those two guys aren't nice at all times Seidenberg completely out -- Well. It based on performance by these street it would be part ghostly -- -- in line to real good and I. But those guys to get range because it is -- That's the scary part it will likely mention that -- -- -- he basically circled the net off a break through the crystal ball. You know away from three rank and -- Like the puck out of the defensive zone so that's what those two guys can -- -- -- table and not so much there was some good for the regular rate some not so good. On a game winning goal you know he's not out of position it to to award to any -- -- cry at any tried to get it. It layer on top of the circle building and you heard the sound -- that I know exactly where you go to what he was gonna do. But he didn't get it they're really trying to distract the country yet it was too late in real outcry that -- said his side's position well cute way. I'll put the microscope is on him because the game where. Any sound pretty dejected after the game in the question would be to me is for you -- -- bird take -- -- they don't wanna use him in game five. Any chance that may be -- and replaces Hamilton was just -- left right thing. I'd be surprised -- select the left right. You know you -- to see a kid nineteen. Figure out a lineup because. You're looking at winning goal in overtime -- you know what he did some good -- -- you -- -- -- -- Written Micah Becker played one game like he did the truck series and be clients operate back out -- you that you mentioned that the sickness and his police won't be generic. These -- good lessons for young play you have to album Arctic and the disappointment. In order reached the level that you expect to reach a professional athletes into the growing pains bounce back -- determined there. A follow up on crude -- -- asked the question that I had what what's his ceiling brick when you watch him play I mean is this is a say sky's the limit opportunity for guides undersized it was a a free agent coming out of college. Well I mean that's the opener. Inaudible that you expect. Dictation but it -- -- -- that he can be effective player deliberately looks at his side noble one but. If you could point to where handful management literature about his side than it ever really great Korea's I think Brian Rafalski to pretty good example. Take a look at somebody that -- -- ability ability to move the pocket medical error for a long time before you actually get a real opportunity played the NATO and had a great career with their courtship you know really the puck -- Offensive the -- that I think crew as they actually keep. Abilities but what you're watching right now really really could match I -- that trouble I would talk about crude oil that's in the series. The Rangers just don't have the -- edict in -- be allowed to take the right. And carried -- to make plays but they call this the east where news is the kitchen -- wind blew -- in there. And and it is thought that it's -- because he's playing call. You need it thank you need to see him play against different ports. Different skill sets and different team. And -- annually year old so that he would be physical punishing few unfortunate because they have -- -- -- That'll give you a better indication on what his ceiling is -- -- Regrets of people called up a critical to correct and we kind of brushed them off because I think it even though he fell down and even though may be usable with slogans at a post in that second goal I still thought he's very good the rest of the game. Got this completely -- there you very easily be at stake in the certainly didn't want that beat difference -- they still have that opportunity away need to -- -- in -- to. He is great -- focused or you're focused. I thought he'd get that authority -- a number of cities you'll. There's reputation as a player out so -- -- -- soft goals in currently say those two aspects of his eight. I thought he was actually right from the Toronto series and right up until the Aqua goal last night so. Just air that you -- able -- an example if you like you're an -- an opportunity yeah not so much -- emption. But an opportunity to come back it's numerical look at all the -- he in the bottom of the order puberty like dropping game five of that unexpected -- Rick last one for me obviously that the Rangers extend this series out -- and I've been on the same page here -- the morning in that. Our opinion hasn't changed the Bruins are still outplayed the Rangers majority of this series the Bruins even last night. I thought for long stretches out play without those mental mistakes that your opinion changed at all about the direction of this series based on last night's ranger win. I know pat it has -- coming into the series I thought it would be one of those -- Why -- 67. In series all one goal being a civil chime in there. Two teams reached. Indeed the sensibly about -- every it to the ice. A lot of that in this series. But we haven't seen arranger change that it played their stats in weeks in a more consistent -- That we are in the Toronto series so this you're going a little differently than I anticipated or think that most pros -- it anticipated. They have that three nothing lead -- he get away you know to optically. Elimination game for on the grow and to allow the regional bloc that is disturbing and you can understand the importance. Reaction to it because they want at the series and current number reasons but. My expectation pre game side is that the the Bruins are at this period team in this period. And you'll see it. Rick is always appreciated an hour before so for thirty tomorrow afternoon and after the game as well. Here thank you brick every weekend. -- brick with a NASA joining us on the -- hotline AT&T -- LTE. With speeds -- the ten times faster than three -- AT&T rethink possible brick joints of course. He's brought you -- friends at -- Yoder of Nashua visit the only to a go to a Nashua. Megaplex during their ongoing spring saving sales event comes he with the buzz is all about and by my land. A direct mortgage lender call 855. Mylan -- we continue with your phone call 617. 77979837. -- talked to Rask have talked -- of talked. A lot about this game more your calls next.

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