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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, on Tito's return to Fenway

May 24, 2013|

Kevin Millar joins the show to discuss the slumps of Jacoby Ellsbury and Will Middlebrooks, Tito's return to Fenway, and his reaction Dan Shaunghnessy's controversial column.

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Francona talked about coming back to Fenway after the game. What am I tried really hard -- -- for the game awarded wanna make you are wrong our players probably unfair. You know you did you know try to keep my emotions inside. When they did that thing after the first inning. I'll lose on hurt themselves also -- good. They showed catchy. Like abuse. Romance rich fuel and then you'll be standing next to me maybe my best friend in life proposal to share of that. Was pretty awesome. And I appreciate it was very heartfelt and what do you know again you don't. Want it below. The main -- -- smaller players play. Blood and it felt good. There that -- chance after that at the ballpark and at some of -- like the -- chance that a lot of this team's off to a bad start you know it's like eight. Now that Merrill what -- -- playing well it's got -- goldeneye weren't gonna let out of there was last year. Yeah Andrews last year I joining us on the AT&T hotline our buddy Camelot and LB network intentional thought the show has taken over. Other baseball world he joins every single Friday Kevin -- Lou Dario. -- -- I am being cause sudden did your thing you know is on the West Coast California San Diego Torrey Pines a thought like you for a week. Open now you know I'm no accident I didn't play I just drove throw out. They were just talking about you boy Ryan Dempster well me off to a great start dishes for seven and has really found at the last three and and my my thing is that guy's been around as long as he's healthy there be some mechanical flaws and that was before its ground imagine at some point. -- set that's exactly right I mean listen will be -- accountant and you don't -- Who'd been and you can honestly just what you as a as a entitled green and black restarts you -- -- whatever you Eric. This is -- doing this game as a constant adjustment period whether you're pitcher whether you're here. You know Bryce Harper it's 500 the first lot gonna go down to 250 that are. You see you Josh Al last year. But brought Ryan -- -- and -- had the look is it wrong he's healthy. Figured out from the baseball par round you'll be around -- height three. Three year eight to you know in the midst or happier. He's gonna give you quality starts majority of the time he's -- great veteran presence and that's why he's. While the other part of adjustments reddies hitting and we spent time with the last week talking Kevin about. I -- -- adjustments and and try not to be a power of focus on what he can do. It's been a week he's still wait for the next extra base hit. At what point do you tell a guy -- your lead off hitter or a movie Downey order try to get you going -- we nearing that point which Colby Ellsberg. I don't know I don't know he is much at all state you -- probably around a little more and I am. If he's grinding penalty at its -- in -- moved down -- 2000 courier or you know -- it was our lead out -- you struggled through a period and -- right it trial. And then they put Trot Nixon in the leadoff spot you know that's okay you do -- -- -- recently strict low pressure -- -- yet. I want -- sit back maybe. And you know the mental side so I don't know how I felt very mental side is right now what I mean let's eat my only option on this team and I'm now. What would hammer -- them and if you want flip flops -- weakened series or something fine but I still think he's too good player at the top of the order. Yeah you know we talk about guys in three years and usually it's. You know breakout years Beltre here at things like that we forget I mean even on this team Victor Reno Napoli -- years in go -- -- play well. Maybe they're thinking about -- bit what worries me with Jake is that. I'm afraid that he realizes that the separate air and the difference in money has to do with home runs and that's what concerns me that. He's trying to be something maybe not one. Eight magic point -- a lot of money for home -- -- a generation so. Trying to hit -- homer if you are strikeouts and all the stuff but -- gotta get down. Basics here and and just know what kind of player he has. You -- tool type player and if you -- that you're granted thirty home runs. A lot that your 1440. Home runs and still a lot of bases and play good defense you get to eight. Stay on the field stayed healthy you get paid so. I think that's the main thing once he realizes that orbit but you know what -- you -- we all go to the treaty years I don't want it they that they get a whopping. Nine home runs 2005 thinking oh my goodness three years I'll never got to return on single guys and it's amazing Siegel guys. You know what no 103. Years. But they'll very well until aren't into big boy. Or bottom -- you know what Libya's armed well there's -- but I I still think he's too good -- player. And and you've got to kind of watch and meddling in the amount -- on her -- -- know how to handle. You know here's your thoughts -- -- metal Brooks because here's a guy in year two. We saw last year before getting junior Q you know this going to be adjustments you know what's gonna be difficult former you know we are here now and you know 304050 at -- so be -- but 200 at bats you start to get your season a little -- he still struggle. -- now will little Brooks. Yeah the other meadowbrook situation. And a lot like would put on this -- you know -- -- -- -- on the roster the whole. You don't scenario but I hope he's young and it's almost like his sophomore season even know really into it but. Now you're gonna you gonna you gonna go and now. You know play defensively he's gonna go get some home runs. But what -- do now -- hear from this kid out. You know he's not -- the tribunal upper left 38140. McMaster now I've never seen it seem like it's gonna -- not -- that we in. -- Or. We take back so. Are there are breaking out and not -- -- right now eagle at least not appear able to boil water. During a few guys struggle -- -- because eventually they're gonna find. Well. The other guy who came back to town less than Terry Francona who you're you're mildly familiar with Kevin how much of the credit you wanna give. The manager and his staff for putting together that team and some of the veteran deciding Cleveland that does great stretch and that they've been on these last thirty plus games. What Vicki neatly brings a presence. Salt. -- knows aren't taught right from -- -- you're not so good progress remains. And the you know you play like -- marina manager he played Oregon like you know loyalty play expert. What their resume and also didn't you play like that I think immediately -- are present -- the Cleveland Indians period. They go outside at duke. You guys and sort term born and but the guys -- were there last year they know Terry Francona. -- arrest them and they know what he's done magnolia state Turkey at least and the guys so I think that's what he brought immediately. But he brings it all -- presence you know I kind of like a player acts like a little yet. You know resulted don't know interpret -- and a good -- so. That's what he brought now. -- integrate -- first to launch the other pitching. And and win that division now that that's what makes this story baseball great act to think tires that that team that. It has enhanced now starting pitching wise and you get Miguel Cabrera Perry put in your story right now tremendous. Yes I was gonna ask you because -- all people. I don't what's where I was last night Pacino as a playoff team in Cleveland and and it's -- a bit ahead of ourself -- it may be that the Orioles again team that I can continue to doubt last year. But I do look at that rotation. A look at the lineup it's nice you know I just wonder they played over their heads that big Detroit on this that the visiting their the best team in the league right now will be. A little delicate got to look at the union schedule comment too when you get his second term regardless of their schedule they've made a great maps to schedule right now. The planet rexrodt at all replace -- -- they play Yankee report the raid they play. Texas so you're gonna see a -- aliens are they start out and a great. Stance -- IP address soccer all insults but they have great match scared to your next forty games so. You'll see -- and you look at Detroit scared of the sport baseball being played well against him or spoke to beat the union so you get thumbs up right now. Yet another round up the big minus twenty Jena. You know schedule are you there had to be up -- about 50500. A man. Well let's stay on Detroit for second is my guess is we knew Chris Rose -- do when you show every night it's like OK what more can I say. About Miguel Cabrera he is just. I don't know Kevin he's getting towards that territory right well watched as a fan what bonds watch wind watch some good hitters. He's in that top two or three guys that just having command. Of the -- -- the at bat of the of the pitch every single time he gets in the box. My you know -- BET and apple I don't know why we we seek -- -- a wave -- and everybody else. So there's nothing else to say that. -- -- -- he's like -- Barry Bonds was planned and that crime scene meanwhile house with -- -- like Barry bond every three home runs usually better. I don't care about such store -- that right now to tell you there's certain guys that step on the field. Miguel Cabrera is so much better than everybody else it's funny. He -- game look easy who knows it's not that easy to get senator all runs in Detroit opposite field home runs. In batting practice from second base and party now. To dead center in Detroit so but think that he got on the baseball field you know refreshing. Besides numbers besides it. His attitude. He smiles there's no eagle that you know. You'll -- -- don't think it's good to get any kid that walked out a -- crow and eat great Libya and what my trainer. In court argue the trainer. In Indy Troy do you think you'll -- a better humidity. And I'm no economic team and what the Marlins you don't -- a little short stops that you don't short about a brand will. Yet -- he does not change we don't feel the World Series last year you bring him up on the set in particular that he gets hit haven't filed yet he's way better than anybody else. Yeah ideally the ball right handers -- curious thing you know compare me because it. You know many when Manny was Manny indoor pool halls because he's he's got to be there are -- Manny was the best -- in hitter nursing. Yeah when it was in his prime not not weird. National. Peter I've ever seen Weaver played with we've got that in Belle -- or pulled and has little here it was. Remarkable right source only guys each year but right now and made several Triple Crown so to me Miguel Cabrera is the best. And he won the Triple Crown last year in this generation moral we have sent up guys in the Balkans to compete you outlets and they denied any. You didn't have that back in the day so to me about trying to interest either he's doing it right and right out slobbering. You know RBIs and write your home -- and right they are so you're legal gambit jokes over this guy -- special athlete -- you'll eagerness. Even if he's a player or your favorite team watch this -- and -- and -- debate. Gently so what was your last week talked -- of the guys touched on this and opera want to get your thoughts on the whole Shaughnessy. Ortiz thing you know it's this day and age I understand suspicion but you know you look at David what he's done and in drug testing in and I get it but I just thought it was it was kind of strange timing just because you get off to a good start with average. Element that story is on the History Channel but I will be marketing I was very very low ball paper keys from Dan Shaughnessy. Okay you can't throw out stop I know he's got a job duke great story written my papers and got together in the paper. And is a good job what do. But let's substrate this -- the good guys in the game. OK let's stop with if you have a bad year drop produce if you have a -- -- accused Turkey takes. Just like every else. Are -- negative news casts so -- and we have yet to actually eating a lot throw this man's name on front street. Because he came in after an injury and it on fire. That's that's disturbing to me that's not fair that's why player corporate cute shield now to the media that's why a certain terms players merger. Because you can't trust anybody bad shot he writes for the Boston Red Sox -- -- -- you were asking him on the show who won the good guys competed seagate Turkey's. You know what you got to check him in the door because they were you want good guys will hear around you know I mean you're happy. Young man to go ahead destroyed dark cloud over him during a streak in all of this -- aspect that makes sense to me there's -- -- as well. That's him. You got you guys had a long -- you guys had a long last night did you get all fired up with though Ortiz. We get we had a -- -- potential target say you know we -- the -- Obama so when when we have guys on ostensibly they ball. You haven't let's see -- you're usually just you know let's switch on or anything and tonight right. Yeah. What -- to go to our first and it bureaucrats are a lot of great inner -- he is not a good guy again. So it's oil our show that goes in the crap we. Let's just. That's not what Biden and boy. And I know -- work -- affect their own don't -- Mon Ken Allard joins us follow on Twitter at cable are fifteen and also watch him. Beat up Chris Rose nightly on potential -- thank you kept talking next week. Luke Luke and from a bottle it and forget my back and put out bigger and you'll always on the fully implemented and obviously I. Let nobody checked data catalog -- and every single Friday when Campbell large it is but you buy me insurance by -- -- mortgage. And likable and a attract a corporation what happened on -- You know I don't you know support of which you. They weren't here last week I couldn't I remember responding to a couple guys who assembled Kia. So about I forget what it was always -- I had nothing to do with -- real for. It just rode the coattails of everybody on the team. -- kind of boardwalk against Rivera. Eighteen bombs 376. To eight clubhouse guy -- any kind of a big year -- to reducing did absolutely nothing. -- a deaf person prime wants -- open game five probably that it assessment was not panic thing I thought we have your chance to win Bruins tickets game five Bruins Rangers tickets. Very very very soon I'll -- you wanna go anywhere because you may get a chance to win those. --

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