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NESN's Barry Pederson Bruins still in control

May 24, 2013|

Barry joined the program to discuss the Bruins disappointing loss last night at MSG. He said that he was impressed with how Rask responded to questions after the game.

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While most of us have Memorial Day weekend off the Bruins do not Barry Peterson does not as well he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE. What do best opportunity to put their skates up. Crack a cold beer have a barbecue is that a crack and heads with the Rangers in game 5 tomorrow evening Mary. There really was which had that tuneup and lead you -- wanted to give up a goal. -- kind of keep momentum but the way back goal went in with to go falling flat on his butt in the pocket going you know and one of their. Softer goal we see that kind of started to change momentum -- -- -- Chara gave up the other one was as if cut the floodgates opened up a little bit. But the Rangers still didn't show me a lot last night yeah this is gonna come back it's up to the Bruins -- going to be a lot more intensity from their leaders. I want goalie Tuukka that I thought was. Kind of loan losses concentration could deploy lack of action but also I didn't think a jar -- -- great Utecht. Three leaders that they had so far this playoff but -- think they were nearly as intense as they had been and that's what makes it hard. To win four games -- wrote not only the team you're playing as usual bit more desperate play with pride it's also the fact the kind of lack of it cuddle up a little. Yeah. I wanna get to a ball that but I want to look at this from 30000 feet for just a second this is gonna take some imagination on your partner are that may -- right away. I want you pretend that you -- New York Rangers this morning. Now what you do know is that last night's win. Allows you to live to play another day. Does -- give you given the nature of those goals and and how they came to score those goals give you face that whatever ails you is now fixed. Well that's what you hope you could somehow find that -- could convince yourself of that. But I still believe write -- totally up to the -- and I didn't see much at all of the New York Rangers last night that tells me -- boy. The offensive juggernaut now all of a sudden is going to. You know collectors here they go. -- I thought it was a situation where the Bruins totally dominated the first part of a hockey game you know I was shocked again. At the other the first -- how bad the New York Rangers looked. I don't want to -- to get to not totally I kind of felt like it was over that abroad to complete control of this because the raiders -- shown us anything up to that point. To the broad -- applicable. And and be ready Saturday night right from the open. Give the -- the Rangers a reason to not show up and they have to bring that intensity level that they showed earlier on tonight I'm kind of counting on that I think. Do you field does it feel like 2010. In anyway to you -- -- Don't know what not what -- -- to different hockey club I think go to go to different goaltender he's got more depth more experience what these guys have been through the playoffs. I mean forget about 2000 life insurer to -- team that we saw the last round that was up 31 in Toronto and rightly. I think it's a better team -- to got more guys go what. I think the element they have with the young defenseman. Has given them. Morse -- and more mobility back there and that's -- more offense for the targeted to different -- Do you thus begin young defenseman do you think it is a simple matter of Doug. And Seidenberg returning to line up tomorrow. I'm not here to people here don't blame him for the last -- he made a mistake but I also thought that. Charged back gave way to what yelled at -- -- to 213 -- normally adult situations and the C does not. That -- what he had been outnumber you an opportunity he goes right out the guy and I thought he backed it a little bit too much gave out too much speed. That of course Kreider was able to win the one on one battle with -- you know I think like I can't establish the same way I -- will -- -- the last couple times jury that it's wet weather this Seidenberg is healthy he has got to play he is that good a player usable while Perry takes ice time. Big minutes is -- physical presence they need him and I still there but I thought that if they were going to make the move. Dodi Campbell who will be the first to be pulled them barker got Tony young -- -- -- tell people I was very impressed with both crude and barked out again last night. On that Kreider goal do you think it crossed. Car's mind that Nash was it about the same spot when he attacked them last time they went around have been scored in the in the in the earlier game. Yeah it may happen but I I just kind of figured I go back to the mistake of the second goal which was elected. Character is yes and I just kind of thought that he didn't even as the intensity normally he has. And he said that all the music about the playoffs here with the Bruins have planned well -- the two guys. That you could count on my factory for a wrap it there as well and Bergeron -- and -- but to me it's -- -- -- yeah receptacle and I didn't think last night. They were as visible. On the physical side of things that they normally are. And clearly on that goal both. Chara and -- kind of nonchalant and it now my question you about that is was there any responsibility on Hamilton's part -- to -- took out toward Chara that government he was behind him. Yeah that's all part of a communications you've got over kind of -- guys in the years for your partner there and when you see that pressure on you gotta be yelling. Ask him hey look all behind you as the guy right argued that soldiers took up he could see that as well as he's coming around but again it just kind of shoulder the Bruins just weren't. As intense and has focused as they need to be as a team. Hewitt started properly argue had the opportunity just let it slip through your -- -- As school as Barry tell us. Whose fault that was for the on too many men on the ice and how we can how can we be sure about this 'cause. They're all gonna take the blame that's the kind of guys know hockey players my fault my fault my fault. Whose fault was it. What we normally it's always the players because the coach communicate he couldn't -- -- Europe Europe Europe. And again you need focus needed to be intense I needed to be ready to go would do the right thing even when the coach. Tells you moved -- you're communicating with your other players. On the bench when you're in balled which is hey I've got my gut. You know I got -- I got to. Birdie I got whoever I absolutely everybody note on the bench who's up who's. Who's going and obviously there was thought about communication that's -- situations where the coaches already. Was who does the -- has been made -- previously he's already can be. Indicate his guys in this situation this is who I walked up and I'm expecting their their deep throat sold sold and I want you out against. Are two more questions about that generally speaking I would think that nine out of ten times if somebody is on the ice it's the guy who's taking gas goes too soon before the guy gets the -- is that about right. Note -- -- it's actually kind of the other way you're expecting the player when you see him coming off your expecting a lot of time to come directly to the best -- right. The opposite happens where he almost -- delays that goes sunrise right he's he goes back to go get all the players that you jump and that's we usually want to have. But generally speaking with a guy comes directly to the bench and and energy -- him on the -- if he's coming directly to the bench the guy that gets on the ice too soon is at fault but that was the case last night correct Johnson to -- date does -- They lived up happening is the guy circled back to your heart but you recovered directly after the court -- it -- -- also that fine line with the coaches say hey let's go. Don't leave your -- shorthanded on the site. -- -- barbaric enemy that does the tolerance for too many men on the ice depend on on what because oftentimes you have a lot of guys on the ice with a puck is down at the other end is a possession. Is -- a puck in play. How does that work. Are you wouldn't Alter the plane anyway I salute you already it's put it to the far end of the linesman. And the referee gonna give you a little bit more -- could you not directly of all right but right there that -- was between debenture. It's global pitchers -- also it was an obvious call he made the right call. Did you do what we did after the game in kinda watched and listened to Rask and see. How he was handling this huge -- in this disappointing loss. No I didn't like kind of I know what kind of guy -- is I think I've been around him enough we all watched them enough. Just so impressed with is poised. He made a mistake that he wasn't focused and you know -- look at the view I think Jerry -- in the morning a little bit replicated in the mail they have which is. He just didn't have enough activity early on to me I mean again I think it was only like seven shots like halfway through the game. It was their seventh shot when they scored on -- -- I mean I thought sometimes is as you know the players to that you're sitting in the room in your pocket each article Calif. That first -- gore they're getting hit or giving hit so you're into the game to get emotionally physically ball. I think he kind of just lost concentration a little bit because you want -- up activity. He was bored I -- boy you get bored watching the Rangers in offensively don't you. Well I don't know Barbie abort -- you as shocked as I was how bad they look the first. I was just what I expected -- to promote the kitchen sink run everything through the boards. Take again trying to take the young defensemen out of the game be physical they were try it you could -- -- Getting to net front presence in fact there -- a little bit too overly aggressive on a couple of interference on duke is such. -- these new fourth line guys who are the roots and a sand. They're gonna go down fighting literally and it wasn't even any fights that didn't even appear. Any more physical to me than it did the previous three games. No I would agree about that activity was the bigger shock. I mean the things that happened for the Bruins again that that happens because what we talked about worked hard to win four games emotionally and physically. But -- the Rangers just didn't show me as much as I anticipated from the I didn't see enough urgency I didn't see any desperation. I didn't see -- attempt to kind of bring that elevate their game up -- to the level have to beat to beat the Bruins four games general. Berry is it my imagination or is -- crew getting bolder and more confident with every shift and certainly in every game. I I don't think you're imagining things I think he's getting a lot of confidence yes. You gotta be careful little bit retarded you know jump in front of -- do we have to do that but again you know there's a fine line and you see it they -- With your armor you -- is a fine line between making the right decision deceptively. And trying to create some offense. And told the guys that are able to create offense to the guys that don't have the fear. Failure means the guys -- read the path of the guys that would that would jump out in front of the defensemen. Could make the path in the corner in his old man ruled that are sold to his sediment was wide open rather than -- and around the board so it's a very difficult fine. No it was a great example that would crew took it out of the zone and have fun of his own goal right and you sent out to people rookies. Are supposed to do that thought it was a great sign that he is not playing with any fear at all. All I -- agree we first made the movie where are all of that is that the great wolf now a -- out that that's an example to me of what. You try and teach your young kids when they come up is -- If you're not that's -- player when you get up here just keep it -- And that's also leading the boy you go -- there you make a mistake you make eternal over okay do you have the mental toughness to be able to forget about that if you go to the next level. Very technically speaking is the harder slap shot the one that. And I'll use a golf term near the takes a little divot and torched the stick or one the -- is it going. Well I think it's that it's almost like got a good other analogies sale of of a picture you know it is what state. Batter gets a feel for speed it doesn't matter how hard you throw what they're gonna get hot but all of a sudden when you start to give guys off speed pitches and -- sit there wait for south and a hundred -- -- -- eighty. That's the problem we see a lot of times especially on the elections. That we talked about throughout the series with their defenders going down. You know Lundqvist is expecting something to commit a hundred pad and it comes in a -- pediatric good deflected he's already reacted make the top. But I were referred to -- -- admitted to nothing above above by his his glossy -- he get behind the the the popping up at 45 inches -- -- that much. And -- his stick really torque than I guess that adds some. People yeah we are sorry what happened in that situation you call like loading your stick -- -- re used to -- -- tremendously well what you see that full port. The -- keep taking guys behind it that builds up the torque figure sticker that -- it it releases. That wrote that extra speed momentum behind it. We sought to three of those from proved last night how many miles an hour would you estimate he is below chart as he pretty close to apart. Shot so I don't think so -- yards of -- -- to get to take effect pork analogy. I'll bet you that charge stick is probably four feet longer recruit businesses until he created all that much more -- Tomorrow night. Well I've expecting it again I have to go back to what you sit sore back through last couple of times you've been on witches were out of the prediction business yes. I've expecting a Bruins team to come out much more focused. Much more physically involved. And I think that'll start with the leaders that we talked about negotiating took his game because it would Charlton -- Creaky. Bergeron. Also really like what -- -- say good game last night and I thought Marcia what's all of as well also are looking for a balanced. Focused that it volleyball team which we did not seem league game five of the throttle series and I think that's what I expected. Psychologically. It will haunting words of capital are from 2004. At any point occurred the Boston Bruins that is don't let the Rangers win this game five. Well what could -- get old looking goal and -- yeah or they scored the first goal but -- take this team is focused enough and mature enough of that popular of they're not diluted the first 45 minutes and situation where they're going to be involved. And they're mentally tougher I think there were the last series we got more guys going to get some development with the young defenseman. Ended -- I'll be curious to see if Dennis Seidenberg is back yeah I don't know diabetes they'll be ready ago. And can we assume you'll be directly involved in the -- pre and post game. That we will be to your point which I've got to maybe think a -- there really ought to have a weakened with the family looks like I'm going to work. You go to work. Well -- to go to work you have something fun to watch very well -- outlook for a talking and actually my friend have a good week out yeah we get after -- their -- Barry Petersen but doesn't tell him on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT isn't the potential game six on Memorial Day. You want a man you memorize schedule. To memorize it right there. -- we did it means everyone will know obviously have to work tomorrow. It's gonna rain and be like fifty -- -- anyway my initial Monday supposed to be better. And the game is that TBA for -- Time. What is. In no time yet. It is Memorial -- game six right which isn't gonna happen. Would be back in New York's of the traveling party would have to work. Carries in his home and you're right not like -- -- I'm batch of the press row was rooting hard for the Bruins last -- -- would like all real day off. He's got memorial now would you agree I'm out of the production business Gerri we'll get away a thousand dollars right around 9 o'clock it could be yours.

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