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Andy the bee keeper on his hives

May 24, 2013|

Andy from Dartmouth called in to talk Bruins but the discussion quickly got off track when he mentioned his nine bee hives.

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Andy's apartment units with the NC. Well -- Good to talk to protect. Thank you. And it -- until seven the last couple years the last couple. Yet. And talk treaty it would -- on the radio. -- he's come on guys wife likes met ahead in the LA may have started sending its stock -- it is. And caught Talladega that was -- them yeah. It's a start up to gloat at how little petty ante only to finish here but to make this point than ever try to make -- given -- were having this discussion. With that out of the ultimate but he scored there so hard wants to fight or at least paddy he started punching him -- the start leaves the ice in and -- left there. But for ten seconds -- Apple's left there all alone because he chose not to fight Anderson -- wanted to. Yet had any one time that shot when he came out yes that dedicated -- comic I don't have a dislike that you know. Doesn't deal with immaculate -- in the slot he was a garbage men and he's in -- that was around him just like that he'd bought a stake in Sony is one time that shot and then that you know. -- -- -- call to lump comet salute them on the game. I'd like to see them the Bruins. Kamal a little bit more attitude just this whole series afloat in the arcade just seems like it to put up with them you know I'd like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you do -- much on an at a few of the players in and but when that point commodity IC just clammed up like a college you know. I just like the C yum and -- -- put up for the changes you know you know. Come at a more of an attitude about pissed off like I should be full and accurate score which Obama I'm -- keep a part time and in this weather when I open up -- The behavioral pissed off because as well this is kind of gross. And good on good weather they beat the Bruins. Generally. You know which -- three wanted I mean yeah hostile work out for himself warranty. There are 31 of the other playing the attitude they're bringing the discipline they're showing how is that working out the Bruins through four games pretty -- right. They're doing a lot of that. And I I think it's last month they would have a little little wedge in there. Our day. And -- -- how do you know the guys who would indeed be -- you -- the bees are pissed off when you open behind him. Because when I heard like crack open a coveted come right out what these two. Sort of weather is good and you open it they just stay let's play on their backs on themselves you know. If it's -- I got a little bit like Kaye but with this other it's it's been not so. Just -- -- last night's game it. It may be awarded a little bit that down. They may have given the ranges of the leg up to get back in this state I didn't -- -- -- and then there's a couple of guys that team that needs some rest and it would've been good to see him put it away. True now -- do you Wear a full sue or just like the helmet and as the netting over. No I would have -- -- I I've been so many times and I don't like each time so why Kiki do. Because it's it's interest and to me. -- -- -- -- to. How many times how many of the call hives political how many times do you have. Nine -- analog. You're -- he'd you know they sell honey to school or you can do is public will stop JavaScript local knowledge does not local honey it's. True that is true I can tell you that that's true honey run -- -- -- -- my uncle did it it's true we could taste the difference you'll taste test you could taste -- You'd better tasting has -- it's a lot. To -- -- and. It's -- carefully I -- the protection so I mean. It's hurts every time so. How many days would you say it would be any one of your nine lives. A full -- with. Were too deep route chambers is probably about six -- 7000 these. Are your neighbors happy earned their third nine million bees is the reason why a guy to have on site and give a bottle and don't get -- -- to commend you keep like mosquitoes and and bugs and cockroaches tell me. Yeah. So -- should said the Somalia tell you a taste the difference. Is that some -- -- you'll think you tell you what -- -- -- describe the different -- for me is our food analogy fresh personal local local person not pressure frozen -- yeah you know it would be. Is if you go to a chain ice cream store -- a homemade -- one of the local -- policy -- talking about it again you know is it worth the trouble. For me tasting it from somebody no problem. -- paradigm making now it is sixty to 70000 -- pitcher probably. A good neighbors her -- bunched -- -- I'll let you that it only eggs are bad when you have your own chickens public art that's again a treasure. Do you wanna get through and chickens you despite the McChrystal. -- thought that's why don't do. But it's doing it if it's if it's if it's something like to do something can do it that's the question how can you like to do that. Keeping these big suit incidents the death. Forms and the weirdos. That -- These little microcosm there little arm farms were LaMarr no that's not that's not weirder and grown Mandarin. Torturing. That's where we got the strangest thing gets a strange auditors -- my father wasn't. For an interest rate I'm not knocking. -- actually hurt it. It isn't about the times he Biden you like -- -- as well yeah like this is the baseball filled with death rates and Everett. I haven't been down there and years I don't know this obligatory conductor yeah that earlier this golf and it's all beat beat us -- like this based activity at a lecture -- Huskies and you're gonna get now I guess you know one right I guess -- -- have a toy train -- Back careful. Just to portray -- to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did the kind of religious or grandkids thing you don't get through it yet to play along and act like it's cool are you just kinda. You look at -- -- a market that was a great market. But his grandkids and actions and the grandkids and play a little pong table right. On the we stole that from a good we got news -- knives on now he just talked to a lot I'd rather the transit and on QBs.

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