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Bruins give away game 4

May 24, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing a missed opportunity by the Bruins last night. They broke down the poor plays made by Rask and Chara.

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The weather forecast this is the weekend that ushers in the summer it is Memorial Day weekend it is Friday on Memorial Day weekend and if you're lucky as most people are in this country. You have the weekend off. But not -- -- -- not the Bruins know that don't know all about whether it was going to be rates in the probably -- who wants to play -- does that matter they could have put their skates up they could have -- a -- on the barbecue wants to the other teams Pittsburgh -- -- slug -- out the they -- -- the cold one but instead be cracking heads with -- New York Rangers. On Saturday evening and and and it's. This is it's not so much disgusting that they lost this game it's the manner in which they lost an era when you -- to leads of two nothing and 32 and then in a matter you blew those leagues. Wake up this morning saying. Some America unit we can't make it easier and if you're not generally cap. To the Rangers for those first two goals and a couple this is -- -- what it boils down to good news and bad I mean good news good news. That news -- get that right the bad news is they've lost. The game that could have closed the team but the movement lost yet for lost and sweep the the good news is that lost too far inferior team well they're not gonna lose to that team anymore. Psychologically here's what I would say it would take another step further. I don't think they lost because the Rangers better even on this night right you needed you needed Rask to trip over the blue -- section in the in the creeks that he when he -- -- light from the white pricey trip over that spot right you never slipped on the ice before. You've never slipped on the ice yes I hadn't happened out happen -- a free agent market for big bucks and you know I'm well I. -- that's all I'm we will that is all but I'm not and it's so -- on the blue lights. Char and Rask could have been more nonchalant. On the second goal to my point is the Rangers won. Because the Bruins screwed up and did something stupid as a -- to the -- winning because they -- building -- but on top imposed their will on the curl and pop that I believe the game -- sixty minutes long how many minutes of the sixty do you think the Rangers were forced the action -- the -- were the better team and we did it look to even begin to look that way until took a trip and never discuss a -- -- moment it seemed to show -- -- some -- right overall. There was no indication zero. They are. Equaled -- yet they're just not to the Bruins just better in almost every way not goal not a goal -- -- -- -- most way if you put together your about the send it. In and you think before you send it -- and something happens that make you -- and that this happened in the last night assured that it went. Can you -- if you think -- pretty sensational. As a better way to send it does the weekend about how hot don't just say Friday Saturday I don't relatives and rainy weakened Memorial Day we -- some good stuff on school nights I've got my wits about yet you don't think about for a second it -- and an all I was thinking about Washington. What was was after -- tripped and -- The Smart last week the said excellent coaching move by -- rallies finally found his offense he diagram a play where the Bruins goaltender falls down and this is brilliant Belichick's right about the send it and they scored another goal and I just can't say that's their entire off. But. Honestly mean this does it feel like. 2010 does it feel like Philadelphia now. As you know -- you don't like is the Bruins are just much better. And then the better coach you know better offense better defense -- that -- better. Young guys coming in from the minors and given him a boost all those things to say it is now saddled the debt -- Like as the puck went in it I -- that the puck went in so taken back the puck and going and it's like it was made -- his saves. Sick and still there's a statistic makes -- is something wrong with him I love that it is wrong with them I guess there is to look at the numbers. But it's is generally with the hockey guys that even experts who looked down. This signal the goals and play well. That he played no differently than he has the other games just -- -- -- it right. Yeah -- -- unless you tell me that your code where you're an assistant coach who broke that on the film all right. Barry Melrose he's gets him in sight is some guys. -- real insight. Specially guys people watching on TV who can't see them up opens the guys parties were conceived Tuesday in the corn seed Simone -- political Cassel played well yeah. Yeah two assists for a chart chart a good game I mean it's it's -- Simplistic -- Gets his own rebound puts the puck in the net now he's happy but not so much. No it's it's it's a referring of course you know those -- Not exactly how many shots there's too many minutes taking that haven't gone in and you know -- be relied on as -- cut him -- a puck so. Feels good and went and -- It's it's not a good feeling losing them. We'll take. Nolan finished nineteenth and talk about it and move on motorists are Indian. Aren't sure that numerically as statistically he's glad to have the monkey off his back but as you wake up this morning and say everything is now healed. I think now is rate with the world I'm good I'm about to go on a roll I mean maybe he does I don't know the mentality of hockey player well but the difference is that rebound happen to come back to him and -- it. Not much different than you know the other previous games where he only had a goal. On Bergeron the system one game seven against a monster and assessing her struggle over -- one game seven in the halftime but. He led the team in shots correct yup I'm sure that means something to the -- to the coaches to him that he's getting his opportunities. I think the reason people assumed he was sloping as the he was off that line that brings up the number two line to -- -- one line. And is playing time was down so you're saying right -- has seen so that he doesn't like he's keeping him on the bench that you know that may change. We have from minutes last night -- sixteen. Golden -- and sixteen seconds this is your most talented guy yes we often hear. That's not much -- works I'm not goal win toward guerrilla. Benches Richards he sending a message because of something he saw that he didn't like -- hear from him in just a second commitment to sound -- But but is this not unlike when -- moves him down a leaves him there -- like drop a guy in the batting order I mean obviously don't like -- -- he's not doing well but is that sometimes just like a change of scenery. If we if we take pressure off him. And take -- off -- this line we put all of that lied they won't feel like he has to go four for four in the three hole in baseball lineup bright right. Yeah well for affordably plus minus because we've been told plus minus is the only thing that matters right we compared -- Nestle -- Betty Ford got a New Castle. But I read that -- -- and blog as someone wrote that and the Bruins are cancels. Pump plus minus is worst and sink into them and -- -- impediment to the Bruins are eleven stand -- is better than send Mardy in their seven the for the post season the Bruins right saying its mines to. Also look at it that way well all that -- these these are. I'm guessing that game. Again it would got a good plus minus just a port. Orton who haven't held the post season you know plus eleven yeah no plus thirteen. Towards balancing and who's better than. -- I'm better than whose bed and stand -- about how to get and I am uncertain quality it's all about plus minus and. He -- notice what it took to finally. See the real John zarrella released the one who felt empowered to pose at the real John to -- that -- overtime win and the questions immediately key overtime right -- -- over a weird fluke he overtime win with the Bruins did everything wrong as opposed the Rangers doing everything right. Although that Nash -- supreme passed an overtime that shall we finally get to see finally get here. Guerrilla. Toward -- -- when asked about the healthy scratch that was Richards. This is a Conn smythe winner and I have grown up with forgot that I love as a person and a player. But I have to make that decision regarding the so kiss my ass if you have. If you wanna write something different it's not about blaming that god and I don't want anybody -- along. -- this is my decision. And I make it for the hockey club room. Greatest threat for us it was it just might boast contrived thing I've ever you -- your line here fine meet the person that. Didn't see it at the old that you criticized emphasis mine that nobody says Richard should be out on the Marc Savard did. On Twitter feed us ironies that Toro should be fired and it was sisters in the hash tag something -- Richardson and thanks Marc Savard kiss tour rules just last. This preemptive strike if you don't like my decision you can kiss my man and girl the girl put Brad Richards. In Tampa I -- of that's a question. As they manned rocket alert -- -- the -- Rangers Richards deserves the book by Larry Brooks deserve the well ultimately agree leave the easiest. This is the ultimate defense -- order with the -- -- is that yes it doesn't work rally here right he deserved the way it was one pregnancies played great yet. But he's benched anyway -- sort out you can have it both ways I mean. It is amazing you benched again you win and you don't wanna hear any criticism. Of the guy who got benched. Can't decide now works coach if you got smoked in the guys and took place did not than. Maybe you could say point preaches. -- What I'm -- -- Jude which have been benched. We shall Norah shortly anyway right toward real but I can assure us anyway because I think you're right. That Richards wasn't playing well enough to stand on the -- right yes. You've got to convoluted map argue that. Exit and -- -- kiss my ass if you agree with the decision venture it is. I think he's saying don't disaster could you put -- -- Richards is a -- of course you criticize Richards is just a pinched by the -- he's saying is the ultimate criticism from a coach yanking your -- a healthy scratch it would be a ninth floor I think yeah -- -- -- trying to say is if you're criticizing if you're saying this is some -- personal -- from doing -- refused because I don't ever said that. I'm. Just saying that's what he has said he loves Richards over and over again in he has defended him as a player. It is the ultimate you know what I guess a -- would be the ultimate albatross. On the ultimate healthy scratch your -- -- around a TS -- but there's. It's a close second by hockey east and is as Brad Richards sure seven years left that a guy who. Done at 33 what's embarrassing. -- -- and dropped to where he dropped him. Was it was eight by Joseph Torre yesterday by Joseph Torre Girardi -- right yeah yeah the final game at Detroit that correct and drop eight the little changed by Gerrard and they close -- game where your team had to win just to keep -- head above water you're healthy I'll meet with more embarrassing. Geez about a A-Rod took -- -- -- in Iran is so high. You know that during the a year at one point droplet that was such an obvious -- is already sort of what the kind of thought this might happen in the bottom out -- yeah he's also costs -- most eligible. -- closer to -- -- problems for New York team at some context to this kiss my -- thing because in the previous sentence. In the post game he's talking about blame blaming the guy that he sat down with a healthy scratch. And I'm sure people -- apart I wanna make sure you know Brad bridges is a hell of a hockey player he has had struggles he has had struggles here. It continues. Meet putting him in that role does not help but so I'd rather have a -- And in and identify how we're gonna run our fourth line. So none of -- is don't put words in my mouth. It's not blaming Brad Richards -- her enough of that crap already as far as he's concerned he's a hell of a hockey whether -- -- held a done. So I need to make decisions what I feel is right for the team to win tonight's game and that's why they've -- decision. So that don't pick apart don't put words in my mouth and don't blame Richard -- bench in the bomb but don't you blame him. So that goes on to say this. This is a Conn smythe winner a -- I've grown up with a guy that I love as a person and a player. But I have to make that decision regarding the so kiss my ass if you have. If you wanna write something different it's not about blaming that god and I don't want him to pile on. -- this is my decision. And I majors for the hockey club. Maybe that's it piling on baby that's what he's confessed to piling up highly dial on the slippery reporters at them series from New York. It's honest to god to get. Tabloids. The daily news the post -- and 27 people. Every giants game yeah or every knicks playoff game or 200 people go to -- pressed up. And they apparently cut there barely cover in this and he's he's -- like. Not in Omaha on almost -- attention isn't isn't logical question and OK coach he's a great player you love music great person and he's failed here. Is an utter failure than. It is a great player and hasn't done well on the system -- that coach your failure that would be a trick question because it would put it in an untenable position having to say well I I'm I'm just trying to do what's best for the team he thought he can't play anymore -- we couldn't -- that woman because it's a state seven times I can tell he's a great player he's not playing well whose fault is that he's trying as hard as you can. At least you know until they tell extra oil -- is in the national opera career. It's seven dog years I know to -- 47 more -- You know what and you can't trade and to some small market is not fitting in in New York. -- who would take from Maine who would wanna -- them and they may and a buy ammo one of them that probably will erupt for Richards. It's not a bad thought -- out of the money yeah. Yankees at the -- watch the morning skate but he looked good he's considered him with the Dodgers I concede this isn't -- thing we've learned. In four games. Is that Toro as a complete fraud means just in the not a good coach he's not real deal. Personality mean this is continuance is all contrived all of this this. Kiss my ass off the tough guy from the mean streets of Concord has been exposed behind the bench to Portman into the into the CNBC microphone. Can I ask one question about him. Smiling. Looks like he has -- bemused how I look at it after the goals -- snow all all the time every shot he's got this weird look on his way doesn't smile coming to the squinting. And Canada's the you look at the smile or he's trying to smell gas -- this my gas to be in and he loves being in the spotlight I think he knows that the camera's on them yet and he's posing preening. At all times. But. You know committee will hear the next two days. About Philadelphia in 2010 will hear about. The -- Red Sox and yankees 2003 about notable are saying don't let the Rangers win the next game but that -- by all accounts the Red Sox and yankees fairly call them teams -- only had in the Red Sox had pitching. -- it's -- had players the the -- you could a -- you can picture them. No win in the game well -- vote for Luke's in that you know weird breaks -- and you just picture them -- the same level the Yankees. All of the lesser team can win a game in the NHL we saw that. Let's team can't win seven games -- well that far inferior. It. And if you just don't statistically with the exception of game two at the Bruins won five to the ball been one goal games I believe -- what. Social game was over time blow while lots of thing if you look at like you said if you just look at somebody had a goal of a good game that may not be true if you if you ever watch a series all EC game one or. Overtime game to fine. Game 321. Last night overtime that pretty competitive series. But it's been I'm close to service that team and it's back to the wall right there were down 30 of the -- home they lost. They had. They had nine shots halfway with the game correct the -- -- over. Don't let her period eight minutes into this game 28 minute right into -- elimination game they had six shots and we all agree if Rask doesn't fall down and do that debate there's no -- Angel. And it department just do nothing appellate twenty. Right now that goal -- -- -- falling down Portugal injury when they scored when when raft trips at 21 that was their seventh shot of the game. Seventh shot of the game yeah but it was a good walk out there was a sizzler it -- it. It ends up shots forty to 32. Bruins dominate face offs. I know the the Rangers. The engine hits because they -- older coombs. And and they and -- -- wait for the fight any minute and a couple -- the blustery here we -- yes guys are activated. The fight or to you know -- to channel what's going to happen until restruct all the what's gonna happen to -- in skated away its authority. He took his gloves off 4040 broke out of the great another go by got a Ford another brilliant move by -- -- -- me through this in terms of why statistics can lie. In your estimation eyeball test on the Bruins was the best player and -- Group crew via zero. Plus one. Minus one to zero -- that's -- one goal game zeroes okay. And not great but he but he was sure about everybody out there. Do you think it and I it doesn't reflect energy it doesn't reflect it does -- the right move in the pocket does reflect. Taken the -- got to your that we weaving your way up the middle making a scoring chance for so it doesn't do what Andy those kinds of things goals and assistant. And things certainly applies to shape and -- slightly. I guess he's too small maybe to be defensive force he's my new favorite brochure is -- -- offensive force and -- -- let's start doing that -- -- receive four feet behind -- that's right I don't I used the power for four inches 45 -- what if you -- huge boost ticket now electronically -- -- to look at him now. I should have had four inches behind a golf -- now that hole on the right -- -- start doing that -- -- humble -- I -- -- honest government I'm not that you might still have some game left a tremendous angle CNBC. -- and yet if you better than yeah that and -- and woke -- super -- -- he was not enough at that point -- -- Pack and asked to look at what two inches over his glove it was it was great agreement there -- now are we sure now that -- still as the heavy slap shot on the team. The heaviest sabotage the hardest I think they are the Jones goes harder. I think Borchardt slept more effective than just a great competition double check. -- -- -- Noticing whose you know miles per hour tops charts -- except that it -- -- -- -- -- -- outlet -- music. Radar gun on he has no shot Pakistan at the physics is peace stick is twice as long as groups was her doing this -- Providence all year. Good quick -- in Ellis did it hit them -- misguided they miss him. And we have that to you can come back three and -- with wilt Berry did right against Providence Bruins want to take away their two best defenseman that can happen. I don't know do you guys feel uneasy about this god not -- not really different. Not signal Toronto had a little bit when it got the 32 with this now. I would if they had come out talk about the Rangers and had more than four shots on goal. At imposed their will had -- his desperation had led one nothing with some great play from Nash or anybody else got up to nothing won this game three to one and as well don't let them win game game five the manner in which they want it. In -- it is better way to say the manner in which the Bruins lost it. If -- New York Rangers doesn't fill -- with a whole lot of X and OXQ shouldn't good feeling but game number five now. 6177797937. AT&T text like 379837. Barry Pearson joins us in the 8 o'clock hour. Shaw important joined us in the 9 o'clock hour and our national cash giveaway and give away another thousand dollars right around 9 o'clock all eyes open let's talk with the.

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