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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 05/23/13

May 23, 2013|

Kirk's still a jerk, but we want a SWEEP!

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And you won't -- that. Analysts negativity that's in this town Sox beat -- job. -- -- -- Dial 6177793535. Nice sitting room and now my job to wake up until Monday you know I'll rephrase -- -- really nuts with salt -- holly. I'd like -- -- -- by AT&T. WEEI alive available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins at the most four G coverage yet. In net new England's Andy. We have here before we answer the question a few minutes still time to getting questions 3793. Currencies after 7937. -- your question. Hey -- they like New York. These cities are probably a mailman Mike your mailman Mike Michael. And the commitment is not my. John -- on the Mormon but give Mike for a long were you very clearly said Joseph domino. Is great. It confuses matters -- -- Turkey season. Okay he reported that have a lot of it was -- talking about -- many hands as saying that it got into a fight you would probably be. Much spotted -- I have got a little bit hand to go along with little bitty ball discussion -- was going to wind up by. It's true -- the spot but it's up the middle school what grade. But it elementary school who -- going to win that fight. And -- that okay if you're right but what do you think you could not opera got we're really moved on -- -- -- here here's the real deal breaker whose dad it was. I don't think about -- -- that does -- -- -- -- -- -- about your event when you're really little my -- can beat if you're not. It's electric and above my dad. -- -- my -- my deadline almost got into a fight together at one point that's great we were close love that we were out playing softball and New Mexico. My dad's a -- get afraid very it's awful that even that is advanced stage so very very often like David -- situations that I try to pick and -- -- from a it was like you know -- off you don't always happens -- those -- door softball games as companies like a white -- twelve runs in the bunt and it -- and people just -- obsessed with. You know rules of and accused American but not -- unwritten rules exactly -- my dad's played second base shortsighted it's all said. And this guy starts yelling -- them -- from the us from I think you may be that in the stands of the bench. Some like dances like a logic about here it's a tough -- rightly that this shy he would do to light not noticed previously stands up. And start to climb over the fence onto the field. I was center field like some -- and I was I was gonna get my dad's back. I was so site so what happens often that somebody wrap them out of coasted down America the biggest gotta MTA didn't build around a little bit but there was nothing happened -- -- -- hey thanks for coming I don't remember -- -- are there now I feel like I have my dad's back it was -- ago. -- -- The student loans. -- -- There are a lot of things you already knew about bought that would be moved back certain burden something that I Gary. It's no -- It's a talent in the bowl. And that message. -- -- Well to cancel the moment. That you know -- By the way it's on introduce you to -- minute all right Tom how -- you -- -- -- no longer -- many hands in his place Kirk Miller and Tom Brady -- -- -- they don't. I could read it yet like that could do is do I can't get a visa pride. You also protests like this country can do I gotta get over Arab group bring. Because I don't -- It could end. It's good good good good good. The I didn't know of. And that is that about right at the perfect that's the perfect description. Like many hints that this so much admitted self slowly and there he only has filed for everybody else don't take it personally -- -- Why would -- take your person is dead on right there at this self loathing is we we got into that little bit -- it -- -- into the questions here right. You talked about going to see if therapy is I talked about it how it doesn't like himself I feel -- perform well it a little bit do we need a -- tires now. I'm not willing to do that we can say a whole bluntly we could do some nice stuff for him try to make them feel better but it's so different name worth that name of their transforming. It there -- his therapist not working very well. There. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like month but -- caller. Any golfer whose use great taxi but you know right next to within. -- a taxi -- really easy you know Tom green was commodity. Like comedians who was totally people. Do you have almost exactly the same taste in Kaiser. We're in lockstep on that and finally to taxi pulled up today and like as well as any anything from that Europe and it's pretty funny style. And that's what -- in the future -- don't know. When this thing community. This thing and -- now. -- and that's -- Ivan Ivan now like type cast as as the rush is the only thing in my life cycle ultimate Rush -- inaccurate. Maybe. We. And I can't figure out why -- active kind of quiet of the -- but it's. Because they don't have -- network but that's going to add. It's. But apparently they've. It's really big news to report that said. But it could go too good of. And message we -- tomorrow. I hope so we asked Jack to maybe give us -- save by Rask. Is that is that his best call. That is that is that is if you think of Jack Edwards. And his his. Number is vintage Jack Edwards. Do you think saint Barbara I think rush to talk a robot or maybe by Thomas I think saved my house because he just puts so much into it yes. Here -- calling -- you know -- I don't think of I definitely don't -- chip and about that will be there. And -- -- Andy Andy's got that back on this when the opportunity. I think -- your -- couple times you didn't do it instigated. The Rangers and it. It's kind of. Yeah yeah. In New York I don't know Bronx cheers. Bands they have and indeed there she -- Johnson letter read. Here's some. We're playing. This man. Well -- get up. This Texas is get out and that they get jackets. Jack -- Delivering -- in that time did the Jack bingo. The put up all of Jack's phrases and a single board to cross them off as he said it dvd I think went first. Community went first he did he -- very quickly debate in a Jack bingo game the last last series the first one ago with the crowd is here to goalies go triple. It's about a lot that's like up power by AT&T. Official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins those four G coverage in new England's. It's. Time for answer the question generic answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. I brought you by -- restoration specialists if your property your facilities manager court -- -- -- -- to a -- got a disaster restoration game plan in place call 877. 4611111. Hello how are yeah how long gentlemen we missed you yesterday -- her her answer the procedure that it calculation -- your -- children listen the entire show Saturday night. So talk 64%. Of the time. 64%. -- yulia 36% of it of the -- time that turn. Yeah it is scientific -- -- didn't know where where Japan is an -- equipment I only -- 64%. Today I was there was much higher about it argued dangerously close to the two thirds you know. When you don't wanna cross that so. You reach -- drops significantly objects -- I'm. What do you think that ratio is Indianapolis tomorrow and find out are here we go into the questions here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Neither -- mean I'd like I hated -- salted natural peanut butters off. Give -- the beauty accused chemicals. Yet. Give -- It to a straight up ground peanuts and so that's all you. It's been adjudicated in the house anymore I never liked. It really interfere with the texture of -- beat Butler now. -- -- -- it's an open eat peanuts is separate from the actual cream experience next question. -- next question of bikers comes to answer this question jerks if I offered -- -- hundred million dollars in bonds and tedious you're gonna die at the age of 67. -- you may have -- -- for the gathering six all the guys at the age of sixty we just don't take it no. You're a hundred million dollars but no you're gonna die it's expensive now. -- -- -- new event. But at the more information does this person knows that died 67 -- and they yes you're gonna know if I don't take -- -- dollars I don't know -- that -- that covers your honor Michael's numbers are hard. Because what important here today to take that risk of a hundred yards. We did in two weeks read it I am terrified of -- I would I would absolutely. Not take that. Two years after he says who cares I will take any extra year ranking -- really go -- -- -- years did you have success. As. Maybe you yourself like nine years it surely chip what is it just had a baby he's got to be that -- Steve Martin 66 and that it went seven. Just want to question your what's the -- couple weeks ago that desktop that is shooting it can't just look it -- Underrated nobody ever talks have been Great Britain -- next question. -- is Kirk just matters you because you've got the job he wanted with all. He wanted to work with. Restaurant I would think knowing meeting. Mean spirited question that they'll be -- you can watch your Texas and Texas very how to -- guy. It depends on any. Sex with somebody now answered -- to round. Them. As those two words did you read perfect storm. Has the like in depth description of what it's like -- and that's the worst thing I've ever read in my life wrote. So why that was his life you can't -- recap. -- -- credit from personal experience is that going to be released as a bastion younger freezer and he wrote but they gave birth to be worse movies with the worst Massachusetts -- ever any movie. -- there's going to Martin Sheen in the department finally had the stay. Awful message is Ericsson products. That are what else is on the list or mass Boston deserve a Massachusetts -- or Boston next opponent is and that's. Because it isn't the -- -- in the afternoon and limitless yes yes. I don't think anything could be worse than Martin Sheen in the department and I love Martin Sheen that backs off. Of the department. It was good that the Japan I like it but I didn't think it was good some of it when I don't think it's a legendary move to -- -- I don't like Matt Damon at the back. More fun road -- and he's a hero but it. It's human rights story overseas schools it's I did actually he's right I'll I. I forgot about and -- and that to write another -- Yeah now you're right he looks like it looks like a -- behind them as -- look -- Middlesex support industry. And again at the school life. It's sort of before Brendan Frazier became game next question it would speed and Belmont he'll lacrosse game tomorrow night who's gonna win -- anything like my high school group BV and Belmont -- -- crap to limit your necklace is -- to try to get on the elevator or train or subway before letting people. No apps -- rude it's is is that route you get on the OK you know and let people off are just stand back and people often out about it you know -- at what time what time is any time now not any time any time this rush hour. You're waiting for everybody to get -- unit and you have to wait for people go off and or at least know that you're doing some room. Art of the answer to the right -- you -- after the race is hello and worked out with the schools to be let everybody often and everywhere -- goes on everybody everybody everybody wants to get off I mean you have to let people -- that are comfortably sitting. We've been much next question. -- if you ever driven over a hundred miles an hour. So. How's it -- we're curious motorcycle -- I would not. I would terror excuse as you've ever -- -- -- -- one. Forty you -- -- for -- car we drive -- one for it was a driving in the receipt. Announced her Audi 86 -- -- huge. How about parents are listening in the Communist. Should I at 120 in an eagle -- in Nebraska and only for few minutes recourse or it's Jake. And I'm now that I once nearly forty in the Prius Tim Murray is listening to you guys saying that that's not that's it may not even drug. Next question marvelous. Looking for one more here. Others on the glass may -- as -- guys -- back there are once again over here but you have one part two. Who's the weakest link in any rap group ever did Altman and you're right you're right and he's he's going -- In the -- pretty new business to read that one -- if -- They went about and what I rest my head is on a pillow Peabody. -- PPP PPP PPP. Is a good song what does that leave restaurant level cap right now knows what is spoke -- spoke cab. But sure -- -- my -- it's on the how many -- it's a bad. You're ripping him on -- -- -- like your thoughts on the week as we can be pleased if you want to vomit before rates treatment program that we -- -- the rock and roll hall of fame induction over the -- the public enemy gets inducted. -- you know that the two primary members of public and there's a difference and that's who I was -- like terminator X. Is -- weak link I now know who media days oh no not weakly but who's the other flight per -- And there's another pastor who was that he's you don't regret is he had ties him. Is there is definitely the weakest link of over them. -- -- us retirement Pokemon. I'm -- -- Mikey -- coming up next we'll be back Jack Edwards tomorrow we can all celebrate the broad sweep and John to Motorola's. Seem to be firing. Him has done is imminent demise imminent demise on the to a the year more relative to everybody.

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