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Tom Brady plays the good soldier role in discussing departure of Wes Welker

May 23, 2013|

Tom Brady appeared with D and C this morning and talked about the team's OTA's, the comings and goings, and most importantly what went down when Wes Welker left town, and how does he feel about it?

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Some meanwhile Tom Brady are going to OTAs this week with the patriots on this morning -- Dennis and Callahan. Play a little chunk here where he. He gets in the subject of Wes Welker and and Danny Amendola to a point to what he makes of it personally. And it's -- lead me to ask you question when we're done here but here's a here's a few minutes of Tom Brady this morning on W media Tom I don't know where you were when the news broke -- back here around here it was shocking. When Wes Welker signed with Denver when he was replaced by Amendola was it a surprise to you. When you found out. Well I don't think any big surprises me anymore in the NFL side -- Amman and deceit. Yeah you know things happen at different -- didn't you know with the greatest players of all whether that last serve. Uranium being traded from the raiders or -- are gonna -- a player for the jets and vikings it's. In this today. I got said that very competitive business and you know nobody. Appreciate -- west more that I didn't and what you would be able to accomplish for our team -- -- and he's a good situation where it. You know another great team and you know -- great quarterbacks so. You know we we always kind of kept that we always worry my best friend so I certainly wish -- the best. So that was never report where you were. Disappoint or even angry that your that you good buddy was was gone. I mean of course I have feelings are married. Let you know those feelings are very personal for me and you know are are you say get caught up -- you know anger frustration and -- board member and I don't make sure I don't make the decisions that are. These things -- to me so. Some what you got to realize that things are your control you just got to let go in. Focus on my job I need to do. You know the game Mubarak -- he move on it. You know there's only so long you can dwell on the past and at some point you've got to move forward and like I said my job for my teammates beat -- best quarterback and not the general manager not the coach and owner -- To try to plot very brain you know my own competitiveness to the field that you know those guys play with this year Kimberly rely on the edge on the debate about I can. Well -- I am and that's obviously the that the best perspective for ago I Q when did you. Reconcile that your mind you're pissed off when when lawyer Malloy was let go correct there as I recall that. But didn't sit well with you but at some point that you worked and all of you mine and you don't. Let it get to you anymore. What are you. You know you you care and it sure there's always you know different -- Every situation and then. You know I did and you know contract negotiation. Have been you know what you're you're all again. I think that you control its own after your own belief system and I learned that lesson in college you know again you try try to keep -- apply -- -- -- all it. There are some I liked it. You know I'm focused on what I can control and and you know that's my attitude when I try to bring. This but I try to be a good leader I try to lead by example and you know it could agree offseason that -- would be out there on the field. You know every -- you know what my teammate just fuel we can make of this secret because it. -- -- -- -- -- start at the same place sinners. You know there are 32 very hopeful teams and you know. You know I think we have a lot to accomplish. Well when -- renegotiated and took less money to what extent was there a quid pro quo whether stated probably lied that if I do this I would hope you would -- west. Wide eyed and I don't make -- others are those are my demands are I didn't. You know I -- this field is competitive team as we possibly can and I have all the trust and the world that. -- mr. Kraft and arm and a coach spell check do that so I don't. In other nothing about you know the you know I don't I don't I don't say that I'm not general manager I can't say you know look I do this you do -- it's just. Now that's what my decision was that was kind of you know value proposition for me and I want to be in this. System -- you know coach Belichick and the other players that I have been able to play let them. You know I think we are gonna field a competitive team that competitive that's part through offseason conditioning program -- negotiate that are so. You know we've been close we're gonna Super Bowl two years ago and NFC championship. Here and you know I know we have a good team you know it gently guided. -- a few more things in -- better and you know hopefully that will. -- hope we owe -- to more success. I was Tom Brady this morning on the Dennis and Callahan here on WEEI discourse alcohol back in the afternoons now but. Lot in there. A lot from Tom Brady and at least we -- couple questions for you Michael you've written the books -- you've been around Foxboro Tom let me ask you a couple of things. In terms of Reading between the lines there on Tom Brady. He says nobody appreciate nobody appreciated Wes Welker more than he's one of my best friends was I angry. I have feelings. Those feelings or personal I used to get caught up in anger and disappointment and frustration but not anymore now -- removal. What is he saying how's he feeling. -- -- Is angry but he knows that. There's nothing. There's enough and he can do about it. Why is angry but then he goes back in the -- he thinks of lawyer Malloy a being cut off with the season starts and then he thinks that Deion Branch being traded before the season starts and Randy Moss starting -- talk about his contract at the beginning of the season which forced. Force the hand of the patriots and had to trade and so it looks at the Wes Welker situations says here this is business as usual part is wonderful news. Why is he said so why he's saying that he was anger. Why isn't he saying he hasn't really set I was angry easy cut up and that -- that so we know my personal feelings why is the insinuating this to us. What does he have a right to be angry of course have a right to be angry. Sure but I would take a step further from Tom Brady. Hey. I know you have to say you have to. Command the respect of people in that locker room. So when you're young player. You've got to prove to the veterans that you don't think you're about the team. And I guess is a veteran player. You want you wanna be able to connect with everybody but let's be realistic. The young players and even the veterans look at Tom Brady as a little different. Quarterback is always looked at as a little different anyway. Whether he's got or not. Earnings quarter -- the most important guy on and on your team so Tom Brady at this stage of his career I guess what I'm saying his. It's okay you can still have the respect of your teammates and pull rank every once in awhile. I would I would completely understand if Tom Brady went through Bill Belichick right it. Now man. When he was what if he felt that way that we when he Wes Welker it is done. Or if he said the question John. If I do this when my contract can guarantee me that Wes Welker going to be here. Acute care team and it's okay if he does that aren't I that's. The other part of it is the quid pro quo -- a very good question from John Dennis. Is there was there a quid pro quo that if I do this you're going to re -- Wes Welker. And I would say the answer from Brady while he did not say yes certainly. With a lot of hemming and all right there's a long pause there was a lot of frost -- sort of confusion is exactly to the way he wanted to answer it. It was his -- was markedly different in trying to answer that question. Are you want you want a chance to feel to feel the most competitive team -- you can. Doesn't Wes Welker give your chairs that are now being competitive to may be I mean that but I'm sure at that time he thought lawyer Malloy gave them the most the best chance to field a competitive team. And learned from that that Belichick is viewing the big picture the -- chessboard. Differently than every individual player -- right. And that's why I don't know that he really has a right to be angry about the loss of Wes Welker -- frustrated your friends no longer playing with -- -- But how do you not seen time and time again from New -- coach who you're essentially going to be linked with forever that it can -- to work out. Sometimes. Sometimes and then he also saw a situation where -- America. It and we're -- 2006 he got he got screw you Reche Caldwell IE eight Reche Caldwell and Doug Gabriel. Today after daily double that's nice of you to bring up -- -- Doug Gabriel Reche Caldwell I can -- and Jabar Gaffney. And Troy Brown at the end that really 2006 with his Latin was the last real season of his career. Dude he's he was 35. More from third giving it 35. At that point 3435. Yeah I mean and I don't have I don't think you ever Reche Caldwell Doug Doug Gabriel situationally and addressing that they've drafted each round you are you guys -- gay pride and -- is still have to tight ends in in -- and Hernandez and -- -- think can be productive pass catcher I mean this is not DO six patriots had no weapons but there is -- -- that there's a balance and Tom Brady now in Tom Brady then. What we're talking about different guys for for many reasons you know Tom Brady then. Wasn't really sure if he can be a great player and -- from talking about 2001 did not he could be greater not you know it was a little key run war few had. One of the all time greats now we know. He's an all time great he's married now he's got kids now. He's got some credibility in that locker room music captain he has a relationship -- Belichick -- the relationship with Bob Kraft. It is -- not a good teammate if the if he goes he goes places where -- -- -- -- he goes to Bob Kraft if he goes to Bill Belichick says you know this is what I want. With teammates look at it and say I just. Are you trying to do is try to be allowed to. I don't think any sort of be dirtier I don't think there's -- does have more he's not more probably toss -- -- -- -- organizations. She is its short -- it's -- use it if you need to the question though is. I always view it this -- there's two patriots the sort -- to Tom Brady's right of the patriots before 2007. And the patriots from 2007 on right you've got the defense minded patriots that never turn the ball over never take a chance to run the ball power running game big defense that ends after 06 you bring in Welker mosque and you decide to running -- just just just run up the score never with -- crazy up and get to patriot sadistic. -- Are are also to Tom Brady's. And not -- that either one is better than the other but the early Tom Brady was. Quiet unassuming. Backpack slung over your shoulder how cools -- that this young -- it is replacing Drew Bledsoe we such a cool story. He throws a lot of short screen never doesn't throw the ball down the field that much he's deadly accurate he finds a way to win he wins the parking space every offseason because he's he's number one in the work -- he's -- shocks he's he's on believe he's everything -- ever -- right. And he gets downplayed compared to Peyton Manning rages an entire city entire region. Because how dare you recognize Peyton Manning in his big numbers well we've got the winner. Right here. All what you don't like and -- short pass whatever he out works everybody and that's why is great. And then post 2007 time pretty changes little detail right. He doesn't win the parking space next year because as often it to Europe. With -- for the entire offseason he's now essentially not like there's anything wrong there's anything wrong but aren't it's a different it's a different narrative for who Tom Brady does. He's now in the -- grown up now grown up he's like Peyton Manning he's got kids he goes to Europe -- We a ton of games and the rose for -- gazillion yards in the post season where that was the biggest game wears a wears thugs charged about the auto. I mean he's he's different just Q. So Escobar is this part of who the new Tom Brady is which is the guy who question Bill Belichick or Bob Kraft or whomever. And wonder wide Wes Welker still on here. Well I don't but yes I don't think he's questioning and asking wise I hear a -- because he knows where your -- don't I guess -- What he's saying well this is what he can do it in campaign for economic case for Wes Welker. If he's inclined to do which already do you like about it. I can ask everybody on set at 77 on 79837. Which storyline but yeah I -- -- today. People grow up twenty that the kid did this job winning an apartment space and all that nonsense. 23 years olds 24 years. Eleven years ago. I don't want it don't want -- freeze anybody 23 years old -- so people wanna do that. -- home the Botox and all of them but I know some of you wanna do it does talk about in terms of evolution in terms of a maturing. I he could not he could not maintain that I don't think he should make them think anybody should just stick. To that to the place they are emotionally. For years and years or 35 year old man. Your father or your husband. -- you've been in the NFL for a long time you. You've made some relationships. With with teammates were I don't that -- that's what I know there -- active or. You've made some distant connections you have with people who have moved on away from the NFL on. On to other team which -- will be like which one you like more. Like -- -- people you look at mature rating you -- I knew Tom braver Arnold Tom Brady to disagree I mean I I love that narrative. That to me was was everything that they've embodied that patriots team you're supposed to stay the best players showed us you have to stay like that yet. Yeah. I don't might be unreasonable from he has respect a little bit but from a fan perspective look I mean it's not up to me to think of him as a human being sometimes. I -- I know he is. Is one you don't like I can separate that out in my mind in on one hand it's as a human being married to Gisele and of course he wants to go to Europe whether I would wanna go to Europe whether. On the other hand I'm a patriots fan Tom Brady's happiness in his personal life really isn't that important to me. Tom Brady's performance on the field is everything to -- -- patriots fans like you whether he gets to -- to -- to Europe with his -- when the parking space again today and not win the Super Bowl. In 2007 because it went that well you know Iraq. Does the same guy. It was after that year it was after that -- about how about hurt that your actually immediately after tonight I'm not suggesting the two things are related. How about the last Super Bowl loss to the giants that's definitely because it -- in the parking has nothing to do out of what how how could it possibly be anything other than that play great game and now he didn't and he's not in the same guy in the clutch. He has in some ways kind of and into the Peyton Manning story exactly exactly the same but don't you think there's more similarity now than there used to be. Really don't really explain -- -- got -- call 6177797937. Salt -- W via. You buy it did to Tom Brady's you hear him this morning on the Dennis and Callahan and talking about. -- go did he not go. Kind of pauses. When asked whether there is a quid pro quo on bringing back Wes Welker you're willing to take a little bit less money. He said he did not but it also the answers sounded different from all the other answers. Nobody appreciated west more than he did he said is best friend but he's not angry -- feelings they're very personal to him. Used to get caught up -- that stuff anger disappointment frustration not anymore now he's learned to move. What kind of -- should Tom Brady have in determining. What the roster construction and it's. Literally rolled and rolled out a role. And about a role it can. It's okay though and there probably happens more than than we know in more than anybody will admit. Just the way. This quarterback. And he knows the offense as well as. Josh McDaniels is Obama also quarterback he's had not had no offense as well as Josh McDaniels knew it as well as Billy O'Brien and all the Charlie Weis. So to get his opinion on a Q what do you think this guy did you think it is it intelligent. They go to Tom Brady and -- come. What do you think Danny Mandel. And let them make sense to do that. For. I don't know if you go so goes so far too. Sit down with Tom Brady be watching Marshall film of -- -- -- announcement of this -- -- second or third round we're gonna draft him. But an existing about a guy in the league a veteran -- only. -- -- ask or not but the player we asked Tom Brady. I guess what I would do in this is me as I would look at the patriots system and say a lot of it is based on being an emotional. Right the patriots approach to talent approach to bringing in talent is being unemotional. It's not it's not getting caught up and that stuff. So instead of asking Brady about individual players I would ask him for qualities that he wants what kind of a player you looking for a slot receiver what is helpful TO. What sorts of things -- do you need that kind of claiming it is is it important for you. And then try to make my decisions and unemotional way based on what Tom Brady wants in order to make him the best quarterback possible. I guess that's how I would look at it. I can Tom Brady separate out the emotion of being best friends with Wes Welker from the cold hearted reality of what is he worth to this team. He's probably not in as good a position to do that. As Bill Belichick Robert Kraft and the rest of the of the upper parts of the organizational right. Did he can tell you what he wants -- is he is qualified to be on emotional. On actual human beings I probably -- -- Jack is a cold hearted man. And that's what make it go to college. Every addresses here like I get this every now and then and I went up at the center. Texas as Michael was so tied to the team through his book. Books and books available on Amazon account. When so asked about his preference of older new Brady. Image is pregnant pause betrayed them of course you like field Brady oh. -- -- like this story of the patriots. Winning their first Super Bowl sure. Be realistic. -- I guess. I like to go back in time and have a lot of things happen in a perfect world though would you prefer that Tom Brady still in the parking space as the pictures from now really know you would prefer that he not. Does it matter. It matters what what does it matter when it matters I don't know I quite like that matter. What matters at different player you -- it's about player I don't know golf course. Great player about the the parking spot Tom Brady and they made a big deal about it we ought to debate they did and I did I thought -- soccer -- line and -- absolutely I love that story who was a better player. The guy who won the parking spot or the gotten through all I don't know fifteen touchdowns in the Anderson noticed that the guy like that I spoke what three so I. Well I think without the parking spot -- fifty touchdown passes is okay nothing to do with. You -- being tied to the -- not tied to the patriot. They probably wish I was tied to the patriots this book has nothing to do what they have learned to repair their bottom line -- profit margin. It's not -- patriots. Production for a good for them right. No I I would think they would want a piece of the pie was a big part. That's big enough for me there and I'm I'm I'm I'm happy with Robert Kraft needs some of them are all right. I'm happy with 677. That lives down nine last night at a news Gerry is in the back today hi Terry. Yeah Michael or little -- Exchange close. And not ruled on right now. -- -- The -- it's spoke little Mike's not torture torture the Braves via a reporter he covered you guys won a World Series to gobble up. Also lol I'll already salty foods that are you. It could be back down and dating again under a beater does it'll we will start here is what we. Report. Luckily -- got to -- -- area you don't like it. Yeah for me -- -- -- carpet but by and -- and again I'm middle middle and we don't really. A lot to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably Pedroia who seem to have orchestrated she -- -- you know Tom Warner. I'd like seeing a CPB and I gotta tell you can be up or don't go. He looks -- The salaries and look happy. -- our taller taller bigger or. Smaller ball. -- Those are all popular or. I just was curious about bills and in every time you hear that my favorite Terry Francona moments all have to do with your let's say love affair for Brad Mills how how easy or hard I guess was it to convince him to come with musically. Well or -- I don't think you or you look like while I have a lot worker worker trampled a very hot. -- and the eight you know when he became available in stone debacle. Our school can buy up more elegant apartment and actually happy that you guys so well or very devoted group Albert I. Quoted equate to a game like outlast her order declared -- to -- Sorry to say take shots at Bobby -- I want to take you shopping around. I didn't Michael. -- -- -- -- When you're on the -- had an opportunity to take -- shot and leader columnists. Are -- you're on -- morning show. Earlier this week what did you discover an archer. What. What did you come on -- show why did you come -- -- you want a wonderful -- The critical the united -- go out and -- applicable about a little local pocket on you'll look a lot could go on Google. That's -- that book that's -- either be a long look why didn't come on the salt and -- -- -- -- Terry Francona did Jonathan Quick at all. That's a terrifying that's that span of eighteen to 27 you wanna Cleveland on pre 225. Eighteen of your last 25 win that integrate. Report. Oh so I wouldn't expect him to sit what is expected a series or your return adrenaline what are you expecting. -- -- -- -- -- -- But what to expect and it didn't you know course -- sort of early. What earlier in the dole out on locals. -- -- -- -- -- I thought you told me before you don't ever know anything about hockey. And don't -- the -- -- that would -- -- I think he'd be good it's skating the -- on how they hold up but I'd like to see you -- You don't understand yeah. A great shot. Albeit I shot it just it just asked not to. This is -- not apply what what are you what are we don't we are all my New York I would guarantee you'll win that race. Don't really guarantee it. While. We're chart B -- LL earning report. -- put Jose Molina out there to see how he doesn't Israelis are -- -- it you know. You know we're dealt with you thank you hope you guys go award for the series but I thanks for calling we get a good -- before you go. Mr. -- in the back -- you don't know. About their. -- there's also that we also Jacob Providence -- United knowledgeable magic was gone terribly. I want direct I've been on the constitution -- we're all pretty -- Brady and I want it makes it just -- in the at a question I want -- more directed -- -- and enough angle. 2.0 on the -- -- -- I a car and I live holly on the front I don't all agree to because. The big question I can't -- -- it. -- winning and reversed if the order treaty with one reachable younger treaty. Or even if you put it this way or the Brady if you finish out the last -- growth period and wouldn't even be a a question right now. I think it's easier to look at the younger brigade Billick. And we think that the success of the horrible to him and -- be like oh he's one of the guys you -- you know he's he's one orchestrate this and that. Well. Factor back Brady also was just a game editor and you know how did he got the bulk of the leadership young person now. He's older he you can -- But while agreed to success -- -- particular is heavily rely on him he not only -- -- leader -- carry the offense with a sub par rebuilding defense. And that's something you can't deal with the young player. You know I am not only did he carry them -- been very successful and the point where he's almost willed them singlehandedly come true provable wind -- bombardment senses. So my question you talk is that what you're still make calling him that you want the younger Brady even if you want marketable or later Bert -- you won. Copies when it's Super -- obstacle courses you know if he's winning Super Bowls there's no argument from anybody. I guess -- my my point is about look. I love the early the early Tom Brady narrative don't you. Is that what you fell in love with the idea of the patriots is this plucky team that out worked everybody and because of that they won the and then they -- they had their young quarterback who's a great leader who -- the -- in the gap and in the locker room. And that that brought everybody together and they won because -- -- to love that now. I love that but that businesses that eventually -- you gonna catch with these big they're gonna try to catch up to the current. I gonna catch -- -- you a lot quicker if you're not working the hardest in the off season date to get your parking space what does Jake Texas the Tom Brady 2007 was an 0304 teams they would have lost the game in two years. Easy easy better. I don't know that that's true he's a better quarterback. Now -- -- -- better passer he's got a quarterback that house. What happened was. They had a more complete team remember you're talking with the Bruins and how they had a complete team and that's why you liked them over the penguins to forget that point. The patriots. -- had a more complete team in 2004. Tom Brady is a better quarterback. Right now. That it was in 2003 what do we know that having a quarterback is the most important thing in the entire NFL maybe in all of sports. Why haven't they want since then. Because of the defense it's just that. -- a big part of I don't buy that I don't by the hockey not because I think -- -- is a direct result. In part of the offense they had a more -- this offense puts in many ways more pressure on the defense to be out there more often. With a high powered passing offense to put some pressure -- the I'm not gonna tell you about. Stats defensive stats you -- that the numbers about -- from 20032004. I don't want -- -- where they ranked in the league how many points they allowed -- with their numbers -- on third down. For the patriots. When I think of the Patriots defense. The great patriots defensive that they -- play makers. They had playmakers on defense. Multiple playmakers. They don't have that anymore there's no doubt she'll no doubt whether whether they had a passing offense in 20072002. And whatever they have multiple playmakers. On defense now like they did then cannot tell -- ratings are -- operating would have five Super Bowl just homely those two things are related -- I'd really in my -- it just it just equality of the defense in general it is not in a vacuum. You guys are all over the six -- 777 on 793 so you don't ex alcoholic Emilia.

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