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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 05/23/13

May 23, 2013|

Four guys, four topics we haven't mentioned today. Mark Sanchez, the Pacers blow it and more.

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-- And now our silicon -- swollen painful rate roller board or the -- Fun me. Mean. We'll probably -- -- Kelly and Sports Radio W -- I do agree about. -- -- -- -- I'll put them technical difficulties -- there -- Our revenue -- problems assaults -- Roger Matthew. He's part of run DMC is not absolutely better alive is that these are -- totally with the problems. Well you're gonna be run its commercial. It -- the beat the story now now maybe I'm more comfortable being in. Tim masters you're speaking -- its emergency -- -- right let's -- some of the as its. It's very dark no it's mcdaniels -- McDonald. The -- to barrels of workers are. You read that and so last night effective and accurate or not read you know -- tomorrow factory in front front as you're here tomorrow. Last night Indiana Pacers coach Frank -- made one of the all time bone headed decisions and exiting Roy Hibbert was 2.2 seconds to go and run proceeded to drive the lane for the game winning lay up what is the worst post season coaching decision you can remember. Okay that wasn't it but that was dead -- talk about Frank Vogel for a second brutal what would you -- case. What were you thinking got a seven footer on the bench got the -- -- this way up the tallest man in the series. On the bench and Roy Hibbert who is having a great game. So you take out a shot blocker any rim protector. That's the first problem second problem with Paul Georgia's an average -- overplayed LeBron James. Double teaming LeBron -- You double team LeBron james' audio speech you say OK somebody else beat somebody else made a shot but with the broad. At least. Allow him to get the ball and let's -- get a 5560%. Chance of making a jump shot from fifteen feet. A high percentage I don't think it's that. It's the DR percent. The percentages of driving -- with nobody argue and making a lay up for LeBron James -- percent. But the worst call bank managers regular. -- -- -- And that is the obvious answer it Grady Little because it's so bone headed but uncle John MacNamara number two refusing to -- go partner and I finally hitting against the bad guys in army that don't mean I kind of -- that -- had -- there in there where's Dave -- he did it -- -- you wouldn't do -- the final games. -- RG three's father came out and said you'd be he should be throwing more and all the running just like this -- -- -- -- it. Jimy Williams leaving Pedro and heartbreaker. And stupid. Somebody from. Somebody called. The great -- about -- the body called him a couple years ago. And was all over Tito. Shouldn't have the job in the first place because you let an. Hello in hand in Yankee Stadium in 2000 during that rule usually of them might be funny here that it's hard cuts are about. No problem RG three's father came out and say he should be throwing more and running less if you were RG three's coach what sort. How would you handle him. You were doing what Tibetans thing. It was -- So -- that -- -- the -- who's your -- your separates. Are you -- -- we are -- your jacket by Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren. You know -- got to do. If your Mike Shanahan. You'll laugh you'll laugh -- the coach to quarterback what -- what -- what the quarterback to be coached a picture that somebody's parents in the rose. Patriots know what his dad thinks about all his his run pass ratio. Of. I think I birdies that the Bill Belichick shouldn't you were Tom Brady things can you imagine why Mike Shanahan would possibly giving crap what or -- -- author thinks. -- -- -- millennial generation you talk about entitlement I remember talking to a banker couple years ago who city you know a -- that can have in his office did something stupid. Take enough off the project is whatever you do to somebody doesn't do a good job on a project when you're their boss -- the guy's father. Next day father calls. What do you say about my son. On his bosses and tell him right outside it looks -- -- -- are yes you can't let your parents call you -- your -- At what point that you can stop your parent your father is like that you can't stop them their unstoppable. Not when you're nine years old ten years old in -- you have those overzealous about 24 hours and the other is overzealous parents. And literally couldn't get anything about that at what age. You guys coming at what age is it not cold for your parents to say anything. To hear coaches. I mean within reason and talk about just within the game not get some jerk coach your culture to your boss. Your boss should not happen ever ever your teacher somebody at school I think they get until you graduate high school. Or your teacher. For your class no -- what if you're not play. Think you're sixteen years old nets too late and you're not playing now. Your parent. -- -- wanna hear that parents goes through your coach junior high. Yeah and I beat Georgia hi I think so I and that somebody -- it if -- junior high. Oh totally acceptable in elementary school if he had junior high non negotiable want to get guys because. Let's say let's say your year your parents get through to the coach. And the team five desperate that he tried -- true to life. It's just totally -- July. A much or G three but eight -- user who was who was Robert Griffin's dad. You must be important to talk about RG 30 let's hear from -- GO RG -- must be really really important guy. It. Tim TiVo's biggest fan has finally revealed himself and no. It is not god -- someone more powerful than god it is Chuck Norris. And please explain that's me. I would guess it's because much like my last night Tim Tebow can win a game of. Connect for only three moves. Tim Tebow haven't called the wrong number did you answer the wrong phone Tim Tebow many happy meal -- Tim Tebow there used to be a street named after Tim Tebow but it was changed because nobody. Nobody crosses Tim Tebow and live better than that Tim Tebow can do really -- you -- cycle some adjustment some adjustments can walk on water. Tim Tebow could swim to land area that in the low power of Tim Tim Tebow. Hold up. Yesterday during OTA's Mark Sanchez threw three interceptions and according to reports looked terrible. What are the odds that Sanchez will be jets starting court. I'm really tired season. I think the odds are not good that he starting inspires an artist I'm on thirty per hour to answer a question I would ask you got a question Andy embed. That your -- one person right now. What are you guys coming in the -- A thicket with equity and we just drop no opposite. If you're doing if you're so moved to buy -- I don't disagrees with this guy saying that absolutely -- and if you're so moved by the -- that we took her turn to Michael. You're so moved by the -- that. Then I think we should as a show. -- to melt the DNC do that they brought Chris Curtis in the new producer. Well we should do that with our producers and before but my former producing partner of them were just putting him. I'd -- NC pair pants issues it's -- mr. Five payers -- -- picked these four suits off the wall. She's a strong that the whole goal. Now you can appeal to conservative which do I have to be among the producer. Couple what you don't have to be I can do whatever I want barely caught after the previous behavior and here you really are here tomorrow tomorrow okay about Tuesday. -- -- -- -- -- About three months and -- to match. It up a few pounds ex army I forgoing the snack food I saw you do that. But you keep that I know that it was part of a bigger a bigger picture we're gonna going to Milton and -- I'll do it the time to be you know it's not -- over the next door next week or so that's a good idea well. -- What's with the goal he won't talk about the goal. The line was. American Beauty would it make it that's. McDonald's on iChat or what do you look at that if you wait for what that's set by the creepy. Kevin's -- care -- -- Let me say that he was trying to do is shaping up to give that sixteen earlier right to try to hookup about high school cheerleader style and get out of their I don't know if you wanna compare yourself to Kevin Spacey in that -- Of the freak and that was how much you wanna drop them what time. What can we do to help I'm which -- not -- -- -- -- are you really. -- -- Like to hear ours is the team is gonna change who you are as a human being. Are you still going to be kind of cranky -- -- him -- and apple are at war with -- Berkshire's current. Admin can you have to Brownsville. And Youkilis -- ground. -- call it but it Marty and he's okay. Okajima and he's Chinese journalist and I could use yeah like atlas rocket that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Indian -- -- -- we will do it to it as a show solidarity with you turned out would you like. -- -- It took note I would probably -- -- your problem right here. Don't solidarity nobody cares about -- that's the problem we're gonna there on consistency can lose the most quickest -- so they'll. -- tell you what I'm gonna do that since you don't want me solidarity every day I am going to bring you would sub nice. A nice steak and cheese from down the street and put it right in front of your desk. Maybe one often -- tool. To. Good job your lifestyle change. Your. -- helping guys out but we have a four point -- another question do ravens buried Anderson worst decision. Going back. He's an over Grogan starting Tonys and that's a good answer that they're pretty good but the very Gannett. Architectures is a Superman put on Tim Tebow pajamas. When he goes to -- Tim Tebow. As a push -- doesn't push himself up pushes the earth.

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