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Jackie MacMullan on Doc: "He's coming back"

May 23, 2013|

Jackie MacMullan joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the latest rumors surrounding Celtics head coach Doc Rivers and whether he'll be back next season with the team.

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Jackie McMullen of ESP in boston.com joins us on Thursday's two on the eighteenth the outline. At any ideas Jack is to -- your doctors and squashed some of the murmuring that. He's not going to be backed by just may be calling you texting you would say hey Jacqui by the way yeah I will be back next year. Well I mean. I really think he's going to be back I think I told you guys that -- my Pataki in fact after I talked to you -- lineup and I -- dock and we traded text. They set them on -- playing golf with some old friends are gonna play tennis later and we on the hook that turned out he ended up with a bum hamstring. Was playing golf and Orlando or LA just curious. I didn't -- Mattel it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Any -- like I told him coming back to let's say I'm not coming back and I really think he is. And not attack I think he wouldn't count yesterday. And I think he would you know there's meetings going on and and I think I fully expect him to be back. Yeah this thing came up again obviously because really done their growth. Being let -- Alton delayed but it's it's not like they're cleared space for the guy everybody knew that was gonna happen is when reasons why he won that KG trade go down -- first place. Listen listen there's no question in my mind that the LA clippers would love Doc Rivers to be their coach. But that doesn't mean it's reciprocal. Yet and yet they took me. Why would the Celtics BO OK sure you -- -- and Roscoe some ghost. I mean why would say he's gonna get a player in return to the team wants to win right now they're not gonna give you the type -- players returning on baseball you'd better talent basketball. I think the clippers had interests I'm quite sure that I'm sure they would would have loved the chance ticket docket as many other -- I mean you know listen do you think of the Detroit Pistons I think they got that Doc Rivers should be all right now -- over. But -- under contract and and I don't think he's unhappy about that it would be different. If doc was looking to leave as doc was concerned about the future which I'm sure he is concerned about the future -- -- -- up in here. But he knew he was getting into when he signed this extension. And my feeling is Connecticut told you guys this couple weeks ago. You've got to come back next year at least next year and then going forward if they're going in different directions find then maybe he can make -- different. But is this just I just don't see how that any scenario. I just don't see it. Well to sum it up you talked him after we talked and in Europe pressure and be of the text messages that you've got back is that he's back next year. Exactly exactly he didn't say I'm coming back you can run an idiot -- I guess that's. I haven't made any definitive plan but it's like I told him it's like -- told that the small group of us at the end of his press conference. Hey guys this isn't about me. I do this every year and he does you know what they're also inducted the end of the year it's like none of them are they're all Smart it's like none of them. I'm forecasting future it's like Kevin Garnett didn't say guys I'm retiring because at that moment probably felt like I'm sure it but it kill them. -- that he probably he probably need some kind of surgery did all the variables you know at that moment you can speak to this at the end of a long season one that didn't end up the way he had hoped. Yeah I -- I -- think about next year. And it NA and I think that that's what -- does for himself every year and look since I'm sure he's also you know sitting back and saying wow I wonder what people want to make but. You know I just don't think it's time for this kind of move for -- yet I'm not -- it won't happen before the Lincoln this contract is up. I'm just -- that it can happen mr. And it terms of those that you mentioned the organizational meetings and as they start to sit down here. How high up as Paul Pierce and what to do with him at Jackie next year how high up on that list you think Paul Pierce's. Yes I don't think it's Garnett this first because personal he's the most important and second of all he did he dictates what happens to everybody else. If KG is back. And he's going back if you keep -- That's one thing is KG back and now understand the business that maybe appears set to move on that's another. If KB is back but back to play with someone else could he wants if he's gonna come back at this advanced age he -- to reduce minutes and want to win a championship they're the third scenario. -- KGB is back and he retired. That changes everything for Danny Ainge and then you can be sure that Paul Pierce won't be back to the media are hinges. On KG not pierce. And because -- the Celtics held all the cards with peers and none of the cards with KG. Jekyll rescue boat Dwight Howard the story's going out there and complaining to Mitch Kupchak about Mike Dee into my -- Tony and -- coming out -- the coach was never even brought up nice a free -- It's gonna happen all summer long I am I believe in talent or even though the the sheet the disguised as pretty much fault him. Would you want him to Boston. Well listen. In that in in that state that the Celtics are in right now if you could ever pull that off I think he'd have to do. But I'll tell you that this is what I think -- on the White House. First of all. Let's just talk the fact if you if you meeting with your GM for a long long time and apparently his meeting with Mitch Kupchak went on for like ten. You're gonna really look me in the eye and tell you their locker. Come on yeah come on that's silly but this is what I think and I know play pretty well. Dwight Howard wants to be loved. That's all he's ever wanted to and -- but it has to be miserable. He's he's a guy that wants to please want to be loved wants everyone to light combat million dollar smile. And that's what you're hearing this stuff about Houston that's what you're hearing this stuff about balance and supposedly talked to a Boston report you'd probably hear it about popped into. He wants to be wanted he wants to be courted he wants to be valued. And he really wasn't any of those things in LA this year. Now we know that we know the economics. LA can pay him the most money to bring him back we know that already you can also do that China's trade if you want. I think there's real questions about the lakers. And if you're gonna keep and Tony if Kobe come back I think it's a question among those guys. Whether Dwight Howard is the kind of guy you build your team around to win at all because I don't think they believe he has that killer instinct. Now -- And Houston believe me they'd be first in line to try to figure out whether he does -- doesn't they'd be happy to take him on I guess I think this is too light being in delight. And immediate need to be loved and he needs to let me tell you he's the most thin skinned superstar ever been around. I want know a lot I want no part of Jack McMullen is joining us let's go to last night for a second. The Indiana Pacers to meet -- have a game one Jackie but two and a half seconds to go. And I make frank -- and held a job and I'm still be in this series but. I feel like they really let one slip away last night and want to get your take on global explanation as to. Roy Hibbert on the bench he's concerned about of all people Chris Bosh hit a jump shot would you think about last two and have -- yeah. I didn't like it and you know when he. So personally. You're right they let slip away but in some way they had no business winning that game right because that shot that put into overtime -- like are you kidding me you know. So it was this such an exciting game. But so frank makes that switch and frank is a really really good coach who works really hard he's got a good mind again started here and everybody sometimes people forget that I think he was the video coordinator here under Rick Pitino a million years ago. And -- at the audio plot itself and that in the -- was. When LeBron made the shot. Before the winning basket. You know Chris Wright made that switch. I thought why don't you get you into your your best interior defendant who is really bothering them and by Stevie had a bowl game. So why are you worried about him but anyway so -- it cost them and I thought OK good he learned let me not gonna do this again and it. And he did. And as much as I like frank I cannot sign off on this I it was kind of like he almost solid they deserve to lose after making that big of a blunder. But when asked about because the draft though order comes out the cavaliers get that first pick again and then everybody's course have been sort of hinting -- talking about at least. Maybe LeBron James returns to Cleveland. At any chance he goes out wins championship issued a cure whatever isn't -- what. I'm gonna go back to make things right. I suppose it's possible I suppose anything is possible at this point what LeBron. Because the -- but did hear it it's a more practical reason and the sentimental reasons you're getting yeah. Because Dwyane Wade we're watching apparently -- -- -- caddie I am on my team he made he made some big plays and then made a real bonehead play to -- -- to -- -- to the line. For those free throws. But you can tell he's he's breaking down. And his at the end is -- for delight Dwyane Wade is very near its mirror than I think any of us thought because they play him heavy heavy minutes so. And -- to me. He's fine. But he's -- he's not a number two now okay he barely a number three in my book he's not number two. And he disappears for far too long stretch it to be that. So it might just be a practical decision that has weighed wind down his career LeBron look that says OK I need I need more pieces. The only thing I would say and in the -- in the face that is. Miami is like LA. Free agent always wanna go there it's warm it's a heck he's city and you have superstars there. So they're not gonna have any problem. Drawing people to play with LeBron in Miami. There owner Dan Gilbert do. Right I mean how does he would tell you fix that. Well Jim stink Gilbert to that this -- itself LeBron wanted to come back I think he'd have to swallow hard and except that you know. And and they they they are assembling a nice little team or they're not there yet but they've got some nice pieces to remember and -- at an international missed the entire season. He's a great energy guided it didn't play for the -- they get some nice young piece of -- later I like him a lot. -- for -- Jacqui we assume that they'll last night was a tough one for any candidate -- -- they don't come back and rallied to win this series -- you wanna see Miami take on in the final San Antonio's up two nothing very young hungry very good offensive team in Memphis. A lot -- expert hand. Because they do things the right way to play the right way. And I and I think it would be a good matchup because there's so defensive oriented and they have. They have suicide inside they have some muscle inside and I think those are the kind of teams that had success against. -- LeBron -- and the Miami Heat and that's you know hammered it's just a shift that prohibit hits such as spectacular game to have to sit there and watch that at the end. And you guys like Hibbert big strong guys like that they've they've bothered -- Miami Heat. And and I do think it would be fun to pop I would like haven't Popper -- I know people find to be contrarian kind of -- gallery if you will let down and they really -- the game and he teaches at the right way and those guys respect him and I just always like watching the spurs play. Will be fought after all the hub bub about the him sitting his guys against the earlier this year. Thought you know -- -- great stuff is always have dot give dot text allies in town that says he deftly back feel freed at. Called Joey let us know will pass that message along to sell I can't come back OK I'm telling you he would. -- either it is I believe it Jacqui thank you so much we'll talk to you soon I can get -- Jackie McMullen obvious PM Boston joining us here Jackie always brought to you. By drama hill Ford.

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