WEEI>On Demand>>3rd Man Out Episode 4: Kirk is ill-prepared for the Buffalo Marathon and Mut's life has been impacted by 90210

3rd Man Out Episode 4: Kirk is ill-prepared for the Buffalo Marathon and Mut's life has been impacted by 90210

May 23, 2013|

It's another loosey goosey edition of 3rd Man Out with Kirk and Mut. They tackle everything: Family matters, Kirk's training habits, the Salk vs. Minihane blood feud and of course, Mad Men. And Kirk swears. But not as much as usual.

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Third ahead for the beats third man out I mean -- which -- minutes did not know. One WEEI dot com. We're back. Blossom classic you don't want off one on two off one on revolved back to back weeks. -- that's where you come to the office for the showed sick time or court. Senator Mike correctly you know it's nice the producer told me which ended -- -- in this. Final cut studio we'd take this again this utility is just student used the East Coast of seeing gusts about an -- -- was no. Seven years and that seemed Austin. 2013. And 2012. Song very much no thanks yes -- back. And we'll get a -- -- -- -- your hours and your teacher podcast though you talked a Twitter thanking them for our podcasts it's our price is right you don't know -- really show I don't know it. Jason wolf and all of -- huge -- it's so funny about your people wizard I really. It should you wouldn't. This is you do care is business you care people stopped. Well I don't really care if you're racist -- social worker you want you know -- kind of a business. I do this this -- again. Yeah for some reason Joey thought it was important business cards -- -- that I've given them to play my mother in law gives her friends now -- in my scenario that's out my -- on the radio the station -- all cultures. -- It's my place on the -- -- you are. Karma. Narco lease you do ICI never call my once. Two we had kids that you can call them. Well you know according to a team for this was for animal should not to know when he calls parents but Jim -- he did that idea Michael like Paris by the first name yet culprit Walsh. -- like this week I want to be Griswold the twentieth anniversary of their graduate school. A saga Donna Martin graduates are still wants all the time and knowing you still watch that. That would help builds us and them immediately cuts off the -- Ball game -- yet there's -- it's over it's unintentional comedy when neighboring activity Tiffany -- thesis and she's now running some sort of nightclub and it's also that's the -- at its lows against the -- -- -- so -- USC's quick. So where you would you would you what do you call your what are your parents in order. Just has its first name no fault for -- -- where drama. My mother is not. -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyways as a brother grandkids before. There was one other -- there was one my Brothers was the first debate but that's my dogs it's not different names that's a note Johnny grant app on my side and it's. -- G models at grandma's -- law. For my mother in law that's right and I don't think. I'll tell it was out all weekend she's down she's very nice and that. Script healthy. Father in law has won grandma grandpa. You look that sounds about right for you missionary position grandma grandpa. Chalky -- a muffin that's right position at a beer and that's it's what you enjoy basic basic things golf and your boxers on the weekend with a sixty. That is your plea is not a great all week and yet the whole game you have the senior PGA championship it's more secure we can't forget. Which a project ahead what you're running -- I'm an -- -- Full marathon. Second that darkness this will be the sixth time thank. Running a marathon in buffalo Sunday morning 7 -- -- out -- in the ball where you should support scientific and buffalo I (%expletive) and -- for this thing. Mike growing arts ball my -- for taking the entire week off stretching. It's bad it's natural Wear and tear running just getting older I am a thirty month despite US -- that's my forties produce -- -- polish your forties I in my thirties but it's hardware. The body's not built to be running for a long time and I know it turns on your wife sexually that Ron. For your previous conversation took place at the opener. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ridiculous score early Friday. Wanted to take half day from work and the guys here -- 956. Tomorrow. Let's go Dino crossed over would you you know by. Then we'll go local followed quotes about eight hours mobile 56 hours tomorrow. Check in America. Pool for Kate who better early bed and get the buffalo Saturday if you can relax and register the kids run. Sunday returned back trying to always backs and the -- -- Separates -- obviously need. For yourself all for us at separate. So I can see that -- a -- -- money that's what is it like it -- -- don't know what I want -- -- of course one of the Jessica. Problem not an issue -- Meant to lead view. -- -- when Iran now marathon. Enjoy this. QE2. Now the sights and sounds I didn't -- that's in Iraq. Yes and we want to -- real run you do the thing it did the job. They have Carty of machines in the gym WA are rolling machine to get elliptical I got my knees sock and I get out of -- on the the streets and I -- -- underweight might. Not concerned about my weight he's talking about a machine right now. Wages 173. Double file anymore. 5859. I have to lose some this winter -- OK but it's -- Let's stop dog not not concerned about it you put on -- Buick was right absolutely. Over the winter and with the child. I got very lazy I stop sticking to a strong eating regiment. And I did put Johnson is a pretty strong pretty excessive weight look at how much the way people are white. You actually don't know you know. If I knew that number I would tell you slightly out there now no she she start to lean back right away she's much like you into running -- -- -- track which usually she was better yeah. She lost her away by an Arnold. Not as committed as she is I've been -- with the that's in the pro cars at the age now where she can run with him. Five months yet we have what's -- it's a CD. City something running -- right it's awesome three wheels she runs she console with Carter. New Hampshire August trails -- -- trails the real trailed down in national. I went and I know the rail trail well I know you're used to run they're all with it I know you're an area roads. But 74 in the summer night the possible ways my pre pocket knife just -- and I'd -- -- I might have done that case a few times are mad -- your aggregate they need you back and they do you desperately. I don't know I still -- I read. Million reviews about it I'm sure you'd like to -- -- However accept that happened India is under review that said there was some doctored version Vietnam and you probably shouldn't. I don't know Sonoma what the hell was going I've watched about she watched twice and never. I went back and watch it again. -- like with the patriot games you -- -- that second time and all 22 mad at the patriot beat writers who tweet up the second time to watch the game watch the second time well this that the other was mostly Rappaport. It is -- guys -- still. Or Rappaport was one he was criminals. Chris Pryce. The point us in the -- did realize how -- Jones played sick OK fine but to do -- 910 times on Monday afternoon idiots and -- to -- to point out you're doing it that's all you do that's. How big night is that's what it will look -- -- secure that museum while watching. To find out really what's going on and I still don't know what was the craziest part this. The craziest part. Was the African American woman yes inside the Draper apartment which for a while Ike and -- myself. Maybe Don did have a black grandmother maybe get us a black -- took care immediately -- -- -- prostitution house for a while prudential would creepy. But that that we did the hell out of me the whole episode itself felt like Matt whiners break from the season seasoned and very depressing. Everything's always down this felt like we -- that a mix it up shake it up half for an episode. Was weird. It was a fun episode anyway when he saw these guys tripping out on some sort of vitamin B. Stimulus shop for forty all The Sopranos where he was a staff writer on we always give you one weird episode -- year -- -- years I have had nothing do with the the season itself we take a -- misses -- that one that's what it's almost like Tony took the shot. In the Draper took the shot from doctor feel good missile thing which is that just whose name. Yet but it didn't really happen and it can cause of the dance. These things that app can cut I've seen the Gifford -- now and I'm confused I've seen rising and it wouldn't CNET image -- that it is. What -- I don't know the of the apparently the creator of the gift came -- entity -- chase it's bulls beat routes -- for real instead of give this week came out -- -- Michael -- on Twitter -- in this regard already. The piece but clearly cause -- So I mean there was stuff going on why this woman. The black men women why did -- know these things tree. Which you know about. Draper she was mean Hughes -- him -- -- -- she's. My impression was she was doing -- to other houses in the other apartments she looked in the mailbox downstairs for the name itself. And she kind of got out of Sally. Different bits yeah she saw pictures a trip departments should be all right that's true that she asked what -- Brothers Davis Bobbie came -- should Bobby Evans senior forever. You know that that up to me -- think she called Sally calls the cops. The best part of the so it was Harry Hamlin. Running in -- -- him he is one they are established what you a couple of character. Is like eight Donald Sterling version 2.0 those two guys together at the -- and it throw from the clippers Roger Stuart Rogers. Get those guys to trees which -- sterling of that company. It's the same guy but you have so many freaky things going on. You have -- had you can cause group a -- hole the odd man. Spend the whole weekend that office two kids face against that woman's door. So it's not the episode you know wants her back in the by the Yankees care anymore elected to two days to clear his head. Yeah -- happened there to what had skinny Betty Draper back you society in any -- apparently you like CNET. Alec this year cut it and we will -- what -- -- -- cut. Your IB towel behind you kidding me. I get enough out of this podcast that we need to do more your back on the air right now that they want you back in the year. -- -- We're done we'll give it to reluctant marathon it too much forward on this thing to watch one which now for like five people between a Kirk -- -- not a good luck in their farm and -- -- your afternoon show appearance which is really recently came in -- take on equipment -- I feel like you've. There was forced personal prelude to it was very forced. And now not sure what to believe you know you insult -- best -- -- what I heard people thought -- hate each other forever. We -- to see you doing. I don't know it's true. -- here I go back.

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