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Red Sox GM Ben Cherington on Jacoby Ellsbury

May 23, 2013|

Ben joined the program to discuss the return of Terry Francona and said that he always had a good relationship with the former manager. Ben added that he thinks Ellsbury is in a slump due in part to the amount of left handed pitchers the team has faced.

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General manager of Boston Red -- been -- joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE importing about how aria. -- work well hey is this going to be a comfortable. Week with Tito in town and uncomfortable week or just business as usual. Well there will be -- told -- because -- out scouting for the draft. Opens. The cultural problem people direct excitement results from UN. You know I'd obviously be some attention. It is sort of back in the into the final law so. Will be a tough games then you know we're -- our audience. How would you describe your relationship with Terry when he was here based on what your role was when he was present. I think you'd get saying you know as assistant -- for part of their parents and different roles earlier. And in you know troll you're just. You know it's that that -- to the commanders really more or longer function you know he did it can demand -- what letting equally muted and try to try to be available on and and so that's that's what I was doing over over the course of obviously you hunters. The real either and some of those at the end and he would you know people pretty well -- I appreciate what you know. It for me while he's here so help me a lot thought a lot of our car how the game works. Was Justin Masterson for Victor Martinez was that your idea and why does that deal looking now looking back obviously it was a short term fix and and Masterson pitching well Tito -- yesterday. He's his pace did you think did you see that common. You know frankly -- we we didn't see. And performing quite like this as a starter we thought that he. The par would be a good Major League starter or or really here earlier. I mean it's probably exceeded that. Starting role so. I shouldn't be meowing we should be too surprised but those is -- pretty. It is recurrence of -- man matches as a from gone back the draft news. That out of practice at the -- make up on the board that here and you know he. Also agreed to it he doesn't answer unconventional way. You know really it's commentator there's. Physical size and strength and so together -- -- -- Separated and -- didn't utter -- A lot of good work -- and that's of course it out here get him but that's foreign and you know partner the other issues. At the time. You know I would have done the same thing is really. Bill analyzed at the time we were. Try to get in the playoffs certain and Victor Martinez certainly helped him while some needed that Atmel. The Chinese here that I'm not surprised at all just he's doing that the president had success yet he's probably even -- -- it. And we were we were just talking about Jacoby Ellsbury obviously struggling this year but -- kfar writes today that it be. Smart took the talk to him to get them elected to get talk about signing him and keeping them here. I just assumed that those talks never happened that when you -- Boras guy you don't talk about an extension you wait till. The it's free agency if you really wanna keep a player and you usually lose them. Is is that accurate do you not ever doctor Boris or anyone -- -- office about extending Ellsbury. -- -- you know because those very proper treatment cost -- There's been an opportunity to talk. And utility of those. Those years and in order report for training earlier -- About its status and and -- here we of course are one year deal. Are a -- so the darkest before truancy hearing but there has arsenic he thought about cost and you talk about. You know other options -- prospect options other other sorts of scenarios that are. And we've had those conversations just -- and in this case we. We agree. You know before this season that we would. I'm defer to the end of the season. That's our that's our verification right now in area nursing hammering things can change that our expectations -- pick up the current session this season. What's wrong with him in Europe it in your expert opinion what is what is he doing wrong the season. You know I think he's you know some goodies. The combination of things the northern part of this is the speculation. At least we've seen a lot of lefties are already here. You know -- -- -- near your left hand hitter and use your other opportunities certain get into retirement is sponsored. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's spilled an unlucky. -- -- -- It's all right -- people is nothing really. Alarmingly different pattern from the underlying numbers. Strict operated from a percentage that he's. He's still doing the micro car tactical there are things that he knows so well and as he's healthy you know the bat speed there at school there where he looked like it got to me it's. You know. Get -- of important will stop talking about it or think. You know that this. By far the best outcome for. All processor Jacoby -- didn't. You productive -- our record that helps them -- -- games and so -- that can happen. Those underlying numbers though Ben aren't good for middle Brooks you know you look at 52 strikeouts and 183. Plate appearances to 36 on base percentage are you concerned about his progression here and your team. Did he go through he's still developing as a player immediately -- and Internet arm from arm their numbers aren't. As -- a look at right away I think it was. The player like well who has so much. Talent and potential of the templates such a long term value for their outside -- As long as we're seeing progress and are reimbursing or better. Lauren we're seeing attention -- bill on. There and and and that it was physical skills so there aren't all that then you know get the welcome and you know it's obviously you possibly perform better and we expect to. It's not. You know he he got the big leagues. Frankly no sooner than we saw last year had a situation where you'd call that impressed I didn't do really well. You know we it is nor his timetable we will go back to spring training and quite well -- really expected it to be. From farm later this year and I -- last year. That happened quicker but it is brought the president ego and the result figure now. He's 2002. Outside our various sub -- They've been final question here can -- you analyze the resurgence of Clay Buchholz as it barrels presences that we have as is that -- Pedro plays a role -- -- or is is the guy organically reaching a new level in his career. I think all the boat and and over goes back to a player. Players are more responsible for their own success from the adjustment there are also. -- -- -- Came off of 2000 all. Feeling. Physically healthy and I bet I've been -- you're out here. In any industry -- strong. That -- fresh mental outlook. And and feeling good physically healthy and able. And able to get a lot out of spring training. More media he has in the past it -- these aren't physical issues. And those from -- became not just that are that are getting ready for the seat in the spring training. Opportunities to work -- some things for him in the games. Do you see that China the games the ability to. Moved the ball and you know has recruited -- direction -- played. Mixes pitches. Commands -- -- the things that he did well in 2010 minutes of success successful. We're seeing -- yet but not the first time we've seen a pitcher. He's got back there I think -- -- All right -- additional won't tell us who you're starting with the angels where your scouting. I've been -- her. A little little bit infectious literally looked just this week law. All will reconvene in Boston. The middle of this coming week. And it's it's an exciting time for our scouts -- prospectors who doesn't. Added every day since late January and or -- the senate pick in the capital. Everything that I think I -- that it's it's an opportunity. Yet figured out as a program works at a ignorant and figure out there -- Our bench they've traveled -- talk to -- to get home. And sharing that with doesn't LL on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LT -- -- report is brought to -- Salem waterfront hotel and marina. And by celebrity cruises. Buzzer beaters next.

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