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Former Patriot Matt Light on the Pats offseason

May 23, 2013|

Matt joined the program to discuss his first ever cornhole contest and to break down the Patriots offseason. He told the guys that he was upset that the Pats were unable to bring Wes Welker back to the team.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan we will surely turn our attention back to Bruins Rangers game four tonight buckled seven an old start the leader in the clubhouse for the all star star I would thank. And some terrorism as -- double talk a little football referendum Matt Light. Matt joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE -- conversation is over Jerry. That's going to introduce us to another sport that I didn't even know existed but I'm told your big fan of. -- -- Paul -- embolism is a lot of people you know -- they -- when -- first say that but. A major problem at work like I have grown up Ohio. You would know to give a core hole and probably a bit -- and editorial gate outside to a stadium you'd order compact. All. Like to beat back -- Here but he if you'd be in court order. You know you all in a crucial per core hole right in order form or again. Hall of war. And teach people stuff on this program -- -- who. Wrote in coral and or export from Arabic. I was close to hide the weenie. Cornel no different. Could you -- in the gold medal in court -- Some people out. I think I think tiger tennis -- the silver. A that. So Matt is what it is right now that you brought it up got a call horrible economy and -- best kids don't talk some football that's Saturday June 1 right. It is yet come quick it's hard to believe in due course global here you know what of the foundation we are certain things outside the box and come out on trade -- better. And you know posting something that to a stadium we're going to be back there -- you know Dana Farber field house which is an incredible venue. If you have the mavericks -- -- an astronaut their wedding. But never you know doing something like that raise money or -- -- work started going to be bought a -- of Berry farm family. You know day where everybody could always open what are outdoors indoors -- -- part of recordable term are not going to be an awesome day. -- what team tournament correct. You had doubled in relation to be got a great preacher place so Durbin there. You know David great dining establishment the restaurant of the -- what you are all going to be either. You know a little display in zombie -- from their. Particular restaurant but you know overall record on paper -- banquet -- or break a record at all. So you're going to be an exciting day or injured. McIntyre patron experience with the inflated spilled raffles games prizes all that says -- -- liberties and events spot to celebrities are coming. Yeah well you know I mean I'm pretty much -- the they go about it so we don't overload -- you know. -- we've got -- -- man mean in the locker room we used to go for -- gave quite a bit and you know that was. Poitier when we had brick and second that reward in preparing for so open but. We've got guys signed up already manned their -- they're going to be as competitive and -- probably agree or on the field. Will there be the boost with god -- demonstrating wrestling moves and doing keg stands and let be part of a the experiments are darker wherever we have -- it expect that it but it. Not good you know look at -- in year one -- -- you know I think it happened so. You know lumber you know we're thankful we you know we go to. -- it's a great spot to stop shop in the sports authority city's sports them. And their courage so you know what what -- people would go almost burying him they're going to be the cool -- -- -- -- -- on our bigs are going to be a great win and then our foundation and you -- have been great supporters. No Deloitte foundation you know we we keep expanding and there's literally help of our program and everything else overdue. Arturo moms and -- to bring the family or summon him to sign a team worth the website -- we're -- they find -- more information. Yeah Jumbo -- sign up MetLife foundation dot org and the result is made on the event and you can actually. It's routine done -- and I think we've got about corner spot -- so. You know join us some 100 probably even under some -- with -- for ordinary. I'm not sure if you -- OTAs -- mini camps and we don't miss training camp but hypothetical situation -- -- Belichick said do you you can pull Walter Jones or you can pull a Brian Waters you'll become the training -- do what you need to do. And you can show up and play you know maybe the last exhibition game and start the season with -- all the stuff that leads up to would you be -- You -- actually had a conversation puts up before right and then I look at my hands. I'm in I he'd displayed at all have been nailed it's rip off -- like. All -- bidding at launch and actually make it you know mean to you when you when you look at yourself a year out of the game you wonder how in the world would you ever made so I think it had to. They're put your rain check on -- like the other was not stupid enough to make a decision to give -- comfort -- enjoying her pain free retirement. Hey Matt what it didn't affect you obviously you're done but when you found out. After Brady restrictions on that you found out -- Wes Welker was Leven and Hammond dole was coming west was going -- the play. Without Peyton Manning in Denver we US surprises we were. Well you know I think as a the guy that's been through you know several negotiations. And you Democrats took on -- active -- much so and that in my last fuel. Are you understand the business overboard would make it easier I mean yeah Ellis. I was -- -- and I kind of thought yeah you know look at trip with a dialect -- it's anywhere -- it's gonna get done them. You know that there's a million factors are going to why that didn't happen on both sides you know I think they're probably gonna have some ground to stand on but that's. It happens when. You have a high profile player and a guy that you know you gotta do what you gotta do from so Stanley and in other teams feel they have to draw a line out there somewhere so it never got the cover of play out well in the court of public opinion actually serve regular though that I have like a -- On the other hand I understand the business -- that. That day is there are listed as Steve and Bill Belichick has a list of guys up front with who are. That he's just not gonna let leave and maybe you moron as you sure did leave but. Seems to me that it would be Brady and and -- at this point -- and he would just never let leave. I just assume Wes was on that list two obviously that was wrong. Well you know I think are pretty good player really holds the power in the list you know it's so that it may not look that way but I think overall. You know look any team can go out there do they come -- you remember the date some in Washington when they were. -- anybody and everybody and there was never -- to buy him. You know you see these cycles go through whether it's you know a new GM murder. If you know just kind of the timing a little particular guy that hits the market but I think really anymore the player or a lot of power with respect to. You know what they do it and how they do I mean look you look at what some examples request a one you have options. And you doubled exercise that option somebody -- -- -- than. You know what -- -- -- going -- not you know he's he's so I had to make -- producers. We don't ask very many offensive line questions so here's my attempt at it when -- coaches up the -- offensive line and he's done a spectacular job doing it for numbered years. Is all about Matt schemes and techniques and focus and effort or does he and the intangible that says. Brady is the franchise back there of what you morons lets him get killed your your ass is mine. It -- a little bit more colorfully. Yeah you know listen I think. I think but I'm a mean to you gotta go moldaschi YouTube are some of these guys you you know -- -- -- you know have a long term guys like you know the Brady's of the them. And fair concern of course feel much so I mean you -- kind of a culture they create. I think that's maybe more. Of the peace proposal than anything -- the fact that. No accountability issue here at a guy like Bob that you relentless -- Uga -- next military you know its military are still early stay late. You do whatever had to be garb you know your two best your ability and you don't let anybody help vocal and others are -- -- custom or that employer. But they are buried -- what you know -- -- better picture better than good where all of the -- a -- collectively. -- held there it would go out there are no matter who the guy years. You know are rotating group because the vendor wherever else that you figure. How daunting a task is that it will be for Dante and he certainly risen indication over the years were talking about Canon changing positions nick McDonald. A five positions swing tackle will Svitek Tyrone green all that I mean his estate is this big for daunting in this offensive line to climb. Well yeah I mean look if I repeat if he if you want to. If you went to the bar pretty hard for anybody in any of those rooms for the coaching staff goes the big beautiful about them -- he's got a he's got a good group of guys you know have some experience and obviously your guy. And Logan who just got ridiculous amount under his belt but as far as you know the scheme of the vote -- so that everything else I mean that guy. Alone is is is a big part of the success on offense but. Outside of that you know you -- a lot of guys that you know bureaucracies and years and had to step up and and and bit depth this year a bigger support the probably. On the going to be the toughest thing to -- up spewed a lot of guys that although the system ago Laura wood -- are young so that that's a big task for -- social. -- met Tom Brady is is older than you are and yet most patriots fans assuming as for five more good years in him is that and me being too optimistic coming he's human. And do you think. Belichick retires ten minutes after Tom does. They -- -- good there's nothing you can stamp them where it becomes the law you know how long make him player coach or I mean. If you give comic character you play from the reporting years and who assert that he couldn't you know. I think that I think there's there's no doubt that he -- for -- -- the -- there's no doubt in my mind that you. You know welcome ordered to -- got a good line -- probably wouldn't what you takes care -- and so open that it could that be pale and every level you know with Communist. You know it's always impressive and assistant war epic and bill and forget about it I -- he noticed that one -- -- -- what -- -- -- Yeah he's he's pretty darn good at it saw what equipment it's -- Did you ever think your college teammate Drew Brees was going to be an all time great. Yeah you know what I mean you -- you have a lie about a height of the computers so that the sport marker you know me and it up for 511 guy that's pretty impressive right. And I mean he's so he's not done yet either right committee. Are you got a lot of Barkley diagnosed through. He kind of made the comparison you know -- with -- with respect to drew a problem early on you know after you are my rookie season and you know what pounded the Super Bowl in the you know start of next season. You have no on both those guys and be around them. They had a one thing in common that is and everything or do they compete to be a degree everybody bacon bit would be skipper Iraq's across the pond and find a way to make -- competitive. So. Know give or how else do you want those guys they they bribe in -- situation that like the pressure being an autumn and you know jurors know differently and he wants the way that everything that he -- you know sentenced. I -- who would win Brees vs Brady. -- now that the Polk army and honestly they double look because you have several partner record also. You know those guys they've sailors who are the best -- probably got a -- team together and it -- -- Its core hole Kamal a commotion Saturday June 1 at the Gillette Stadium Dana Farber field house. That's a fun fest that the kids -- a family thing it's a 128 the double elimination tournament. And find out more information Matt -- website again. MetLife foundation not organ I appreciate all the help put this. No problem to talk and -- -- enjoy the enjoy the on June 1. Matt -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Orgy LTD stocked -- bench Harrington I'm 35 all odds are wide open jump back in it's all on the table Bruins Rangers game four blowout. One -- squeaker. Talk about some terrorism in in London and in Florida as well Sergio and tiger if you like and now buckle off to a tremendous start regrets.

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