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Tom Brady on the loss of Wes Welker

May 23, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the program to discuss his upcoming charitable event supporting Best Buddies and his off-season. Tom said that he has learned not to worry about free agency decisions since he cant control any of them. Lastly he defended his over the top celebration at the Kentucky Derby.

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You know summer's almost here when the patriots conductor old TA is when Tom Brady gets. Re involved with his labor of love the best buddies challenge both of those things are run up upon us joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE the quarterback of the during the patriots Tom Brady good morning TB twelve are you. Good morning and the talk to you get elegant as Bob best -- -- and a little bit don't talk a little football first OT gaze with so many wide receivers Tom. And with the desire to have them learn the offense and synchronize them with you what your comfort level right now -- all these new faces in new places. Well it's -- -- quite a few new guys on the roster. Certainly at the receiver tradition. You know almost the entire groups though. As many days of practice -- -- -- it -- opportunity that we can actually get out there and broke bought together. In a competitive environment I think that's where a lot of improvement are so we've only -- unit to track -- You know it's a very competitive position I think there's a lot of positions are very competitive on -- team. You know I'm excited this seat you know at this point the work that we look at how well our. I'm asked a question has probably already been asked you a hundred times will be asked a thousand more photos -- dole looked deal. Well again you're you're at any. You know he's always tell our talents. To watch him out there and and play against him. You know what you -- the ram you very productive. You know it's been fun to work with -- you'd you'd got. He's got it that tenacity to -- -- and that drive in the determination to work ethic or short period and it certainly heated seat belt. Our I -- say he's one of those guys where we've got the more we throw the better we're gonna piece we're trying to. You always kind of talk and communicate. Their district OJ is in -- You know we during the spring a lot and hopefully -- this summer continues leading up to -- -- get as many reps as good as we can together so we're on the same page. Observers who have watched view and Danny play pitch and catch say if he didn't have a number on here remind you very much of Wes Welker in terms of -- style his movement just the way he plays the game would you agree. Whether or similar positions are and you know about the same -- -- -- they've both you know they got. You know very good agility it's hard you know we're so productive for so long I mean it's I think it's an area. Compare any until Weston where -- it would accomplish in his -- here so. Could be -- early -- -- -- -- -- the work I think he's come in early with an open minded understanding of the way that. We -- patriots. You know the way we need to play and and you know Josh is trying to get everyone aren't -- and up to speed with. You know how we're gonna play offense this year -- gonna try to be more consistent we didn't. Last year or so. Are -- any early taken to that a lot all the receivers and all the receivers ever really had like if they're willing that the government work and lists and try to get better. Tom I don't where you were when the news broke the back here around here it was shocking. When Wes Welker signed with Denver when he was replaced by -- -- was it a surprise to you when you found out. Yeah you know things happen at different times didn't you know we're the greatest players of all whether that last -- Uranium being traded from the raiders or red are gonna be a player for the jets and vikings at. Yeah that's happened this today I'm -- that very competitive business and you know nobody. Appreciate your -- more that I did and what he was able to accomplish our scheme but he's gone he's not a good situation where it. You know another great team and you know great quarterbacks though. You know we we all kind of kept it we always well he's one of my best friend so I certainly wish him the best. So that was never report where you were disappointed or even angry that your that you good body was was gone. I mean of course I have feelings -- married. Let you know those feelings are very personal to me and you know are are you say get caught up in you know anger frustration and its board member I don't make sure I don't make that decision -- -- These things are to me so. At some point you gotta realize that things are your control you just got to let go and focus on my job I need to do. You know the game Mubarak -- he -- audit. You know there's only so long you can dwell on the past and at some point you've got to move forward and like I said my job for my team it's -- the best quarterback and not the general manager not the coach did not owner. To try to -- out -- -- -- you know my own competitiveness to the field that you know those guys play it this year Kimberly relied on the edge on the debate about I can. What winning -- and that's obviously the that the best perspective for ago I Q when did you. Reconcile that your mind you're pissed off when when lawyer Malloy was let go correct there as I recall that. But didn't sit well with you but at some point that you worked and all of you mine and you don't. Let it get to you anymore. Yeah I mean -- you know you you care an -- yes there's always you know different side. Every situation and then. You know I did and you know contract negotiation. Have been you know it you're you're all -- -- I think that you control its own attitude your own belief system and I learned that lesson a college you know and you try try to keep -- apply -- knowledge of all it. Arrests in my life it. You know I'm a focus on what I can control and and you know that's my attitude -- I try to bring. This but I try to be a good leader I try to lead by example and you know it could agree offseason that -- would be out there on the field. You know every -- you know with my teammate just fuel we can make a big secret because it. It's in the year -- start at the same place sinners. You are -- or 32 very hopeful teams and you know. You know I think we have a lot to accomplish. Well when you renegotiated and took less money to what extent was there a quid pro quo whether stated probably lied that if I do this. I would hope you would resign west. Wide -- and I don't make you know that's those are my demands are I didn't. You know I -- -- field is competitive it -- as we possibly can and I have all the trust in the world that. You know mister Kraft and arm and a coach Belichick do that so I don't. In other nothing about you know me. You know I don't I don't I don't say that I'm not general manager I can't say you know look I do this you do it it's just. Now that's what my decision was that was kind of you know value proposition for me and I want to be in this. System where you know coach Belichick and the other players that I have been able to play let them. You know I think we are gonna field a competitive team its competitor that's art through offseason conditioning program and third OG eight are so. You know we've been close we're gonna Super Bowl two years ago in the AFC championship. Here and you know I know we have a good team you know it gently guided. -- few more things you know better and you know hopefully it will. Well well lead to more success. Best site told Peter King this week that you're throwing the ball better than ever going meter fourteenth year he said what's different say than a year ago or two years ago why do you feel that way and by the way it's on -- you to -- minute all right -- how you cut may mean there's no longer here many hands in his place Kirk Miller and Tom Brady. -- and adopted its. Well -- You know I'm I think I'm always trying to find ways to improve and just like every player anarchy in the strategy your receiver you're trying to become a better runner. Certainly the quarterback Mike Jarvis says throw the ball with accuracy now with my decision making. And I think that things that you can improve an -- and you know I'm trying to work hard to continually improve those things so. You know my mechanics are important they -- Taliban and they're trying to our -- at W a more efficient over the years that I -- -- and I you know this is going to be upbeat and -- You know I feel like I've made some significant improvement. Are you worried about gronkowski. You know I I think if any injured player you know your ultimate comeback. Fresh and strong and healthy and a -- deal with his situation and -- -- I I hope that it there's unity can be a unity you know I want seek them out there opened the team win it. Treatment and prologue and then. -- his mental toughness and and hit excitement and what he brings to the team you know or are really our match so. When he is the I'll be excited and there have been nice to see you are and can be like where -- -- out there rob out there -- All the other guys -- being injured or you know I've been out there can contribute fully. The team. And we know some guys can get it -- others don't some guys. On the same page with you offensively. Receivers and duck -- and some aren't. How do you know -- and how soon do you know when you're and with a guy like Amador -- Donald Jones or rookie. How quickly we you know if they can grasp all the things that you need them to grasp the effect that will. Bloody. It's a process or no question. I think there are certain players have played with -- give it right away like -- As an example like west as an example like Randy is an example of those guys worked so football Smart. -- You know they know how to play the game they know play that position fanatic you know -- certain looks certain. That type of body language you know they give it to me as -- quarterback spike in interest rates -- -- -- also. You wouldn't say you gave negotiate we haven't figured out. You know I like training camp amid an apple have a pretty good idea. -- outlaw most comfortable where it at all look bloody year. You know you just try to get more comparable -- a place where. You don't have a lot of comfort and you're working hard every -- it looked at comfort consulate. Repetition and practice and certainly the most pressure situation where you are about an hour. -- mean it's so much about medal of -- it's you know it indeed it. -- doing whatever you need to do. To help team where and that. That comes a lot of different shapes and forms that come on the practice field where are you really see where you're in the -- -- the willingness. It has. Did you get out when it mattered most. I find the the year relationship with Tom house -- and former Red Sox pitcher a guy who. Introduced footballs to the to the bullpen in major league baseball players started throwing footballs -- on the baseball field and now he's your guy. Since you lost -- -- the guru Tom Martinez. But I don't understand anything you told Peter King about what he does a genetic sequencing. Getting the power from the ground ground force production. Sounds like he's one of these really brilliant and a walkie. The guru types like in the in in in come full member who who taught young grasshopper. All that kind of thing is it is really. Mental what he's what he's doing for you. Look -- it and the metal part of football is. I mean person it's so important. Brad -- every decision making. Anticipation and so forth when it comes to actual throwing the ball. Like I said. You know there's always it comes to our mechanics and armed. In our -- -- -- -- according to the -- and move your stand and look at a -- you have a lot of there are consistent over the course that -- -- about mechanics so if you're slightly off are still pretty good guys. You know -- -- -- weekend hackers that go out there and don't have very good mechanical the -- you. You know either party is it nearly impossible but for the and it's not because they worked really hard aren't. You know the mechanics and the mechanics a little argued. You know -- you would you need to use that. You know you get -- where you want it to go that. Also bought the same examiners mechanics of the article on how do you maximize your efficiency I think I have really been intrigue over the last few years. You know somewhere and a lot of the reason why and not necessarily just how to -- it did well. More -- it's been about how -- Hey Gary scientific approach to throw the ball and it's just it's learned on improvement on the scene yourself. Make improvement. Part of the motivation you know what you if you continue on in this game it better and better and better and better and so that you can be picture bastard -- In this offseason did TO big you. Pay you to throw the ball he does wonder on the practice field -- you're -- Hewitt Hewitt you know he widgets are barely any -- -- or throw it down. Eight GO you know came out. You know I had a chance -- brought him which -- judge you know what my first time ever so. I'm Danny and I try to schedule the -- to go and it was fun to be out there. -- get a jump on the season. OK before we get the best buddies thing I got to ask you about the Kentucky Derby I've seen excited but maybe not quite that excited away from the football field fumble was at all about what's your relationship been. And that that manhunt last may be a little longer than felt comfortable for me. Well. Elated -- is a very irresistible expert with regard to Kentucky Derby for a long time -- it. A lot of my blade less then there -- and Tedy Bruschi and a lot of facts in a lot of guys that I do it Brandi came -- here. Other golf for about twelve years in. We went down with Brenda Morris you Yahoo! it was an order or so we actually kinda had a rooting interest and regenerating interest for several months. You know it's kind of like. We are very much bad and I haven't had that experience and a very long arm where you -- you're just very happy that someone else won. Yeah I would I was very yeah but they overjoyed. At the edge and it was quite it was a long buildup to that race though. We were are having a great dot. If -- gonna bet some money on why would you choose 4750. Bucks instead of like 4500 or 5000. I don't know where all that -- divers are not true. I would. I was just got that I would most Thabeet had you know my buddies -- -- -- -- which -- -- to -- it was really -- it was a critical. I'll call according to the IRS she didn't bet anything that's right nothing is -- what their funnel. Yeah well you can -- at that point of the day. -- don't you get nervous eating we have a suit that white -- that play tuxedo on our -- anything that day to be older my health. Other sports and are your -- social worker and diapers. Right now that's some stuff and let them to do that you Wear suits like that again hours like Michael Jordan used to Wear suits once and liked him away do you do you Wear that when you -- that again. Yes of course of course yeah home I mean I don't work so why give -- my friends you know a lot of teammates. You know at a time so that you got a little maybe in my and we play Miami you like and devices. They're gotten I mentioned earlier your labor -- best buddies challenges coming up give us the give out the details on its next weekend correct from the football game of the bike -- Yeah next Friday we have the ballgame at Harvard stadium we can do and Pittsburgh. God for five years now and we every year it's grown -- this year all that I'm aware there are. Being made are being given that I don't want to the -- one one aren't. Which is which is very -- to support -- the marathon. The people were injured a marathon so. That's that's Friday night at great turnout -- a lot of foreign and then Saturday's race. From my north of Boston die in a sport. The support best buddies with. It would look great organization had been involved with murder twelve years you know we raised. Brief four million dollars last year which is great hopefully we do more this year so come out. It's a great event. A lot of right he made the beat -- and it's really highlight of -- I'll -- I assume people can just Google best buddies and find the yeah he's our board believed he had. Yeah everything you need now let me ask you on this football game Friday night a WB wearing a red Jersey and -- of Bernard Pollard shows up will you please sidelines or how does that work and -- he's not invited. Now -- heavy security. ABC ABC the 2000 foot odds poster hanging over the mast -- Yes I dirt every day yet is that is that -- -- there with him yesterday at the are our oldest daughter. -- Usually used to have a a little dog too but I assume little -- it. Don't have -- Yeah you knowledge that they anymore without my dog that -- -- started working here such yet. She passed -- last year. I'm good talking to your best of luck with the OTAs and -- gold -- -- football and certainly -- best -- next -- football game Friday races on Saturday best buddies dot org is the way to find out the information you need to get involved could talk and -- double -- -- down the road. Are ready with Dennis and Callahan and -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. -- actually introduced you to him but I was -- feel like left out on some island by the -- going with its voice yeah. He was supposed to leave the room anywhere -- is your nobody a -- -- -- -- It channels I can -- a little -- gunshots sacked him in that game -- game Harvard stay in pictures -- parent know though it still got to trust that's what he's saying yeah well it's a scholar I'd date and found out who took no Olympic Gardiner museum they may never find out. Our -- you say. He's either great actor genuinely honestly has worked this whole thing is mine and doesn't it doesn't take -- personal not personally notes one -- -- best -- yes but you have to write some pointed huge drive you crazy. What you think the immediate response in the immediate reaction will would be what everybody's would be -- that would be on a visceral level I'm disappointed to stop whatever the case may be but I think he has reconciled in his mind. For him to be as good as he needs to be as he possibly can be and whatever is around him. Yes -- take that approach to and I think if you're Brady after awhile you look and -- Malloy and every other. Almost every other personnel move that appeared to be. The disaster waiting to happen -- they've generally worked out yes bill I large old chick -- cut guys trading got a series a great example great success and elsewhere mercy look and and you finally. You know after whatever. How many years have been fifteen years yesterday. He knows what he's doing but somehow I don't I don't think I don't think Welker and and and Manning is going to be a -- know what I think -- on either although you know -- -- -- Amid I'm not doing it to me it's not personal and it's an emotional I just think Welker was a great player and reliable player right and never have the patriots had a player. They need. To stay healthy more than Mendel. I mean if he goes down and -- oh my god if he has done -- week one and locus of the make undertaken he is usually a hundred catches. That will appear to be that just the worst. Judgment call -- Belichick's time here. All right -- 6177797937. Fault lines are open or to talk with Tom Brady his former teammate Matt Light will join us in the 8 o'clock dollar Red Sox GM bench during -- in the night we'll be right back.

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