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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 05/22/13

May 22, 2013|

The Jerks are joined by another, Jerk Minihane.

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An -- -- -- the champion quarterback adults to the Boston -- 63. -- highly intelligent enough to understand that you are ignorant incompetent -- typical cream to. It's my job. Weeks I'll get -- Ali would suddenly won't practice today. Always love practice dial 6177793535. Steps are dead indiscretions -- -- And now my job and as they say all good things -- does come. Good to me and we've -- cannot blame. -- don't front you buy eighteen GWE. I -- available on your iPhone or android device front you buy AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston bruins' most forgy coverage it lately Berkman and is with us somewhat invited Michael item in the -- -- -- Is that why -- and stuff you really are outside back. I like and so whenever I get that he hates them but I still love -- that's okay. Students are this morning. Deputy Jerry do you let -- blazers get a kick the crap but you have to -- -- jointly. Are you saying that hurt her -- was not tolerable for you want to refer to me is most cynical person in the world but -- -- -- -- -- you're just doesn't -- What are we got to them. -- told her the most interesting man in the world. I wonder where I could have heard that people. -- blood that's in my friends. I'd be fair. He ripping me battling to keep up the idea that. Like him last Friday. Though really so technically. It's. To a good give it up like tour of what we have 500 word as day one -- and wipe out. Yeah. Aren't repeated -- download. -- -- -- -- And the message aren't enforced right yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- Anna -- as the movie showed up early voting is that right exactly like your style assault 25 hour there's no progress to 25 hour yet into the -- -- It does yeah full circle of -- -- spread up the -- -- -- -- great great great move. I view it is group C and I heard -- -- football. Stop playing. By Joey Harrington -- -- like don't mention Joey Harrington. I would. You probably want to rip your head off no more moronic statement I haven't heard today. And -- our first of all it was supposed to be a joke Teddy took little seriously second of all Joey Harrington has more picks than touchdowns and color that guy is telling you. About the best moment of his career that you say -- right. Here's my favorite moment of my career right and when he finishes the story -- day. Very -- Well up next time to tell that story -- I don't mention that Joey Harrington with the quarterback. -- you expect them not to be upset about a story that way good advice so we're here for him right now menial ones in this. Tonight Killen Bruschi and upsetting and I'm being sarcastic because it is right for -- and doing great he's pretty good. I don't -- start acting up you know that there -- I am back. And just -- It's the only. Studio. This morning that. -- what it was examples you what what stored. -- -- It's about getting up there. -- call it capture. And how it goes down. And -- -- -- yet but I asked permission by doctor preferences it's outpace those all what you can't do the same voice it's the same voice out. -- can't do the same voice -- -- for both well I guess for solved its salt is telling his white dude your asking. Do you ever again ever talked dear friends on the phone the united really paying attention at the end of the sale of you -- you -- -- -- your -- but that doesn't happen to me all the time he really won't know -- do you tell your friends that's our -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey guys I was I want quit because they didn't have a great good. Got that deadly storm that brought the global authority has. And it -- it was really the vessel on the watch the whole the whole chess match -- personally. That's what guys like I want martian I know it doesn't make any sense I'm really nice thing about this fight us and -- and you guys that are really can't see any negative of the -- You cannot but I just feel like it's forced I mean. They didn't need to fight the war is certainly set our hey let's go right you could say something negative but the Rangers that could do refused to drop the -- that was a good moment now that negative for the Bruins Horton went out there it's an all right hey you wanna fight fight make. There's a low moment the Rangers I just sick of the Rangers announced that it -- sick of these guys the door on. -- of torture and hasn't had a moment the series is it more than forty bodies -- worth the content how could you be sick of -- Alex and welcome back Carter -- but. We gotta get him go off -- Kaplan a little bit but we've got your inaugural. -- Well I think -- Anybody. Alive. Can't get away. -- -- -- yeah yeah and just let. Some of them. BC sports. Sausage galore creek and that's ridiculous you -- voice soft and you could you couldn't find abroad there if you like the ball -- the same way to jump on the stage and any chance that's it. That's. So it was Russians don't coach. -- it just thank like Christ Springsteen song picker what she does this guy doesn't. This guy says he wants five flew to Baghdad. By Buddha was -- I can see through. Some people we set this. I don't do -- -- I don't do you know they're gonna have you ever present. I'm I'm. Abraham my brother now when I go home -- -- show. I do have a notebook that write this at the start and certain thoughts and members of the concerts were a judgment call when -- -- -- crazy but the crazy about bank -- that a man in his thirties during that. Yeah. We gotta get there that called it you gotta come. That. But divisions and I -- back. If you -- I don't have enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm glad that we do what I. And then there's no way to answer though if you're driving around listening to that subdivision to specifically about being an outcast. But the whole thing's about you're not driving around -- any miss universe or miss USA. You these notes that treatment to reduce exposure to -- to worry that if -- pictures. I don't I don't I don't get the business of criticizing anybody buy anything or about their music if you whatever you like his what you. This is -- learned today hypocritical and I think Andy's great great. But probably about -- the fact that we have a wonderful and and yeah people. I think it's. Are probably do it off that hey -- It comes. I. And message. Two Russians -- is polarizing I grabbed a little common at the beginning trying to introduce myself what you said you know what you said that -- -- the best available on I don't know what will that but he certainly singer recently anyway your case voiced any of polarizing -- -- -- -- -- does Bruce somehow okay that doesn't. Some people seized some kind of polarizing personality of the Voice of America but -- But that was John Billick whoever he supports -- -- if it does so here it goes it's politically. Yes it is it's easy it is still a couple things. But I have a -- Did you -- is whenever mean and realize that losing and I in the east saying that's OK it's fine it's that's OK that's OK that's fine inaccurate I noticed that today and accurate that's my pause consider. Am I gonna say the thing I want to say no because I want you can you know my age how much euphoric I love what would happen if you are all nobody if you were truly. Uninhibited. Well how bad would it be -- to be that bad how can it be a satellite radio. I would say this if you guys agree have talked about this before I don't we we can't swear -- -- in 2013. Right. I mean he can't afford why we -- also turned it. We say all the time everybody says anybody driving all my notes here but by city of -- right now not addressing the upgrades. -- did you guys see -- up right at actively. It was quite nice simple statement read it read. You know no big farewell tour you know not. It means you might I it is but it couldn't for the next three mark price pressure. Everybody involved would that would. It was a report. Ray Lewis. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- Nicole on the PGA tour tiger war. It did -- he did is arguably the story what sort of you know -- it sometimes as to his friends I love you yeah. Texas says -- wants to have a pretty hot text conversation with his wife -- don't believe that someone there got a text from his mom by mistake. The picture of his -- It with mom about the worst thing he said you believe that. Now that's seamless force -- -- a little forced on the other hand I have definitely received text messages that were not meant for me. So is it possible to get it from the -- you know yes or get text here all the time random ones from Racine. -- away when he sees an hour yeah. See it goes all the time I've seen other tax not meant for me that end up getting sent me again ever taxing the -- a picture of body part. -- And that's genuine surprise diseased body part -- I'm talking to from an obvious TD from Africa to speak at the producer of iPhone complained that their phone an expert on the of the herpes that it's great please put a case on me. They're still got to see living proof that -- I don't know -- thought really feel about you get off. Way to go bill. And that just true not a good moment you don't want to say that. But you think tiger when he heard it was deeply offended now you know I think he -- away I think he wanted to make. Sergio squad yet which that's what it would be like a camera make or rent and make it to relieve you -- -- with yourself not only do yeah. -- torso and he deserved to be deserved to twist in the wind after exercise Mike Boettcher. You know I think. Did you impersonation of Tiger Woods actually potential Sergio Garcia fit right into perspective that -- It's a long Brian rice hello fried chicken. Fail that is my -- powered by equipment to -- a great. Agreed sketches Chappelle history. Official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins -- four -- coverage in New England has -- and remains with us as we answer the question here. Will be -- second. Our committee had this got a drop him on this segment today. Yeah okay -- -- -- through the season the question here that we're able through the things that seems like it's fast -- in the congress. All it seems faster pace for you this if you listen. -- -- -- -- quality serious and sometimes Springsteen song that you don't want I don't like can I say I -- speaks eloquently to try artery out there. It's time for answers the question jerk -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. To put should be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Well it brought you by -- restoration specialists say if you are property your facilities manager or -- insurance pro call heiress to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan in place call -- 774611111. That or they are asks her. Dot com. That's our first question from it and of course -- right sure Kirk Mike how often do you have to delete the web browser history and the iPad I do it every night that's -- -- -- -- -- differently than just no matter what the other thing I can be via a dubious. -- use crowd Google Chrome. I mean that is Google won a little Google Chrome is their browser chrome -- and uplifting OK now it's like Mosul Firefox -- in an export what browser it's got Marty noble office everybody knows about this it's got a little I don't were no matter what you do it has it carries -- He instantly there is no -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet every day -- excited here really. That's important freaks. Jerks how is it that I hate and love everything Kirk says. -- -- can answer that -- I hate everything -- I really do you have he's paid and I am I think that's a bit either I get frustrated myself sure sure that you and your parents aren't. Yeah I mean is it on camera folks. While we MacPhail were you mistreated in some ways the key is him now. Re one popular too popular to -- Slippery interest the next question. And that's like hey here's Huckabee I guess I never thought would not put the two together to be a factor sure W even the therapy. Reaction have you are you still intact due to become an optical -- my name karma coming -- tonight offices not repeat not -- -- -- -- you know I don't offering -- and I said I don't once a week yet once a -- a -- my neighbors a therapist right across the street from -- Would that be weird if I go to London. -- -- there we can't go to your neighbor and that it would be the -- well you cannot -- and ignited a look at where there just are you sure that nobody and I -- by driven you to this do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jerks for buddies go out to dinner -- you split the bill either Italy or itemized for each person now you know one what about somebody's gonna have to be a match. And pay for that -- really somebody -- I honestly out of the word apple please somebody -- to -- There if it's adulterous goat rock have to pay -- state applicable our way I violence with a round rank. So it -- -- so easily screwed there yet semi curricula but I'll play if you go. Number there's numbers sixty dollars in low and below for a total oil summit that will not somebody to pay for that. Over six I grew up at seven tonight CB genders. -- holly you know go pick up the violent yesterday a lot of -- you know lying you know line. He said he claims that. My wallet McCormick a deadly level that we're here for what he let his wallet card that you would have gone to regard I -- -- -- be afraid and then on the way to the are you the body lets go a long car yeah. Don't calculus question please. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Question. Running JFK. Now hostage to smuggle it doesn't mean I'm a vacation. Trains planes -- Exactly reality -- -- planes trains come. I would say the great outdoors with the movies Dockery just that first scene -- is gonna eat steak. In the has all the groups have music announcer game yet that's a great scene but the movie's final week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right -- her sister right you know that Jason good answers excellent. It's the questions all who would you say at this challenge and or -- -- definitely want. Next question sounds appropriate I saved your. -- -- -- -- -- That's fair. -- the most out again most. Definitely the most. I would say it is important at the stage. Yeah I pictured Dino grabbing -- kicking him at all. Momma Titanic from -- where -- got a text from Sergio oh Polly only play a precarious jobs. That's there -- -- -- currently aren't Mikey -- coming up next Erica hill quickly the year I don't know there's no better and now but at least I didn't. It's all a threat or get away whereas I don't -- -- -- saga everybody's -- right now. All right well I'm it was assumed that there's a lot of rules all -- even come up what -- I would knock some damage they've got for a good material already sold it back one next Wednesday it would have to respond whenever you want to be an open invitation for him must be -- -- -- obviously I can't all right. And Mike Adams governor actually back tomorrow at two receiver.

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