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An hour with Jack Edwards: Bruins win all four line match-ups with Rangers

May 22, 2013|

With the Bruins up 3-0 in the series, we talk to Jack Edwards and take your calls. We touch on all things B's-Rangers and also focus on the future of the Bruins three promising young defensemen.

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An hour with Jack Edwards brought -- vibrant and smoke shop Boston private bank and by precision fitness equipment. Jack I've gone full hallmark. They can't lose that this pathetic Rangers team welcome aboard my friend hot topic this break first of all the procedures better but the branches better than the Rangers yes can you say that yes the prone to the better team -- the Rangers. Unless something changes dramatically. The Bruins are gonna win this series and then it is because they are the better team. And -- Henrik Lundqvist notwithstanding. You know that the Rangers cannot compete line for line. With the Boston Bruins in other individuals on the Rangers. Who are outstanding individuals but when you combine them as forward lines you can match any line of the Rangers against its corresponding line on the Bruins in the bruins' win all four of those exchanges. But if somebody surprise you you look at it if you look at the Rangers and and we know they're talented team. Has somebody surprise you by not playing to their talent level in the first three games. Yeah Rick Nash. I'm amazed that Rick Nash has not been able to -- more than one goal. In the regular season even when the Bruins had the better of the rangers' Rick Nash was just the monster he was impossible to deal with. Maybe. That was because you all also had to think about marrying Gabbert who is of very talented scoring in a completely different way. Nash is the kind of guy. That Zdeno Chara generally can shut down a big strong guy you think about the guys to give Chara trouble it's -- like like Brian Gionta. Guys like while Steven -- gives everybody trouble in and Crosby gives everybody trouble but it's usually. Small quick like Marty Saint Louis gives chart trouble. It's almost like Luke Skywalker against the death star in -- Capital Cassell gave them a little bit -- on the -- -- and more so than Nash and and Kessel is a much smaller and much. Faster player than Rick Nash and and Nash is incredible. Holding the -- and holding off his opponents but he usually holding off. A smaller weaker opponent and -- of course is larger and stronger than almost any police larger and anybody's stronger than almost anybody in the NHL paycheck true or false. Shawn Thornton would be at least on the second line for the New York. C'mon I don't think so. I don't think so and an angry gore the reason -- the reason I don't think Seoul is because the Wharton's. In tire rule is to be that fourth line guys life. Who can be the purpose -- and apply. Well Daniel -- can be a top six forward a lot of teams the mystery with -- it was why he did not score while he was with buffalo don't forget this is the guy I -- -- number twenty overall the entry draft. And it was because he would proved that he was a scorer as a junior and that talent usually doesn't evaporating sometimes it becomes suppressed. Occasionally. Because in a case like Zach Campbell where you have an undersized player who really over achieved as a junior. He just can't realize those numbers in the NHL but -- has blinding speed I mean he's really fast. And he still shows the ability to picked the corner and go to the dirty areas. That's the stuff which top six forwards are made so you could make the argument easily the Daniel -- could be a top six for the reason he isn't. Is because -- the Bruins have mortality players who were usually in those positions and Pete he is a tremendous penalty killer. And most of the time. If you have a Winger. Who's a tremendous penalty killer you don't have -- a top six role because that's screws up your rotation following your penalty kill it there are exceptions certainly. But most of the time that guys in a bottom six -- in the top six role. Of these auctions so here's your system -- legitimate effort you're gonna -- take you behind the -- you are a huge -- and you know not Jacqueline ticket package is kicking I don't know this for a lot of commentaries. -- -- when you're talking. -- gives me this little note like that give me this look like that when we're not actually I was supposed to be reject finishes I have one more thing that'll that's okay. Go ahead that's total traditional the federal -- there -- they've handed it. But his head in his hands. Another signal. That they don't believe this credit. What they were. No one more is just a little positive fingers near what do you think you ever closer to get -- attention to tell you something did you -- good luck Thursday night for -- something out -- and that you totally secure Knight coached there based kind of like Wendell Kim. Who would have. But -- let me -- I was yelling no no no not go go go back and you know we talked a lot after game two we talked a lot about the -- defenseman and also be -- and we talk about the kids. And all that young but yeah I think Erica if you want to get rid of -- in New York Jack you -- -- my dead -- to ask you about now we talked a lot about them. Did you notice them last night and -- what did you notice. There was a seminal moment in that game and it came in the second period. For -- crude. When Claude Julian. Jumped him up and played him top four minutes. In the second period the Bruins time on ice leaders work Johnny boy chuck. At nine minutes and twenty seconds leading the team. -- by the ways and you know Chara played seven minutes and 32 seconds. The number two guy on the Boston Bruins in game three. Of the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. On the road trailing. 10. Was -- crew at eight minutes and 39 seconds 839. In any period of any playoff game that's projecting. To a 25 minute night. That is serious trust and what that says is that Claude -- on the road. Not really caring what the match up is when he sends crew got on the ice knows that he's got a really really good player. In his team an -- As much as I was impressed with crude. In Boston where he is in the score book I thought he was better last night. Kind of work on some together again Jack Edwards -- -- for the entire -- guys can be part of this is well 617. As it was 77797937. We can almost gave up my cellphone from on direct. I think a lot of people elect no I don't have to change myself on over which are not interested in doing became very close. I. Court the new look Bruins. As we as we try to figure out what this team is they seem to -- the Jekyll and Hyde persona that debt troubled them in the Toronto series they seemed to have ditched. He'd just hide persona that they had for the last six weeks of the season. And right now they seem to be jackal full time but with a couple of new players that have added some new dimensions to their offense certainly. Without at least seemingly hurting their defense too much. The three of us together along with some callers we can work on trying to figure out. Who are these Bruins now what what do you make of them now. Yeah well I think they're chuckle with the threat of hide and and that's good in older and and the high it is not. The irresponsible and caring. Don't. Provide back check pressure sure forward. It is the tweaking get nasty if you want and there are about three levels and nasty that this team has yet to tap into. That it will need at some point in the playoffs if it continues to advance like maybe against Pittsburg in the next round or maybe even Ottawa who -- Could be I think there are a lot of there -- a lot of amazing developments in this playoff stretch. That all riveted on those last ten minutes in the third period in game seven against Toronto because if not for that we're talking about pulling parts. Apart from the hole and and selling some of more often telling others just a walk. And bringing in new parts but because of this. This. Amazing set of circumstances where we have. The Bruins advancing and defensemen getting hurt and young defensemen coming up and making them faster in younger. And they need that. Well my bolted and that they need that way need to -- mean. It does beg the question it looks timers gonna have to play for the steam when he's healthy he's active player but sure it sure seemed like this is something they needed Michael. Well we've just a shot of -- -- speed shop you -- you've. I think because you've. All the things we talked about what the Bruins Jack and dummy figured this all the things we've talked about during the year the Bruins who complained about them. It's the lack of consistency. So we gonna bring at a young player what are you gonna have. A lack of consistency with young players. Don't that's it I -- hall of Famer -- Krugman yeah I cut you gotta figure at -- the team just started playing to its level in the young guys have added dimension the spotlight. They brought -- -- star or they brought in stars those guys are good. But I don't think they're gonna anchor Bruins team for the next eight to ten years. Well. You know there are different means to get. To an end and the -- inconsistencies. That we talked about that -- this Boston Bruins team all regular season. Mighty hypothesis on the way and feel -- to differ because I'm not saying this is absolute truth. But my hypothesis on it was that there was not enough roster discomfort there there was not the notion that there were some kid. Who was making a lot less than you. Who if he got into your spot in the lineup would win the job away from you. And you when your bigger salary would become immediately expendable. Complacency is a toxic word I wouldn't go that far but it wasn't uncomfortable enough to keep that. Lower level pressure on the roster which. Ironically enough. Absolutely exists in Pittsburgh which of course has an embarrassment of riches of high end talent thanks to race euros moves at the trade deadline. But. And I it sure looked during that Toronto series is if the Bruins had remained with the 2011 roster while the rest of the division. Ottawa. And Montreal. And of course Toronto you know buffalo kind of out there on its own but those other three teams had gotten younger had gotten more mobile's. And had gotten more attack oriented and the Bruins had not. But because of these circumstances that bring up. Guys who had developed. Under the radar park house skiing crew much much better than each of them had shown in the 2012 season. Now this Bruins team looks as if it's ready to turn over the roster into next year. And beyond that you know accorsi got much more urgent things going on right now and we hope for the next few weeks to come. But the futures suddenly looks so much brighter for the Bruins and it creates all kinds of dynamics into the offseason and worked really get way ahead of ourselves but. You know you look at the guys who steals or opt. And you wonder parents Peter -- rally's gonna do with this new found confidence I mean -- Julian playing a guy who's a rookie. Eight and a half minutes as a defenseman in a middle period on the road while trailing. I mean you lap up all those circumstances. Flowed totally. Believes into recruit and part counts he's shown nothing to make it's not think that he's a top six defensemen in the NHL. Consistent -- and -- probably shouldn't be -- you know Jack I totally agree with your point about the competition element that they've brought into -- is complacency. Which is a word that we around a few times on the show. You could probably at a few other things that these two kids that have brought. David has fired -- -- one of the big complaints are excuses made for the Bruins as a -- to play this -- schedule all. Crew -- and and park -- have to play that tough schedule that -- more -- -- games they -- board games like them on the short amount of time public Bruins right that in the -- -- playing three nights in a -- everywhere you play three games in three nights and usually in three different cities while they sure don't -- as -- may well maybe it's the young legs elements and that's part of what data exactly -- -- -- right that's but that's exactly it that's what I'm saying -- city in. In the condensed schedule. The way the Bruins wore down the way they weren't able to sustain and extend leads the way they gave up third period leads and by the way came from behind in the third period to win last night on the road. That and because of the condensed schedule. The condensed schedule was exaggerating. The week tendencies. Of the core of this team now which which war that they were resilient because they were young. They weren't especially fast because they didn't have that. Ability to turn guys over within the roster and put fresh legs into the into the lineup so. You know may be these dynamics don't hold water may be rise to gas and I'm looking back in hindsight and saying yeah I must have been right but you know what I. I think that there's a common thread here and it was indeed for younger talent that could. Augment the core and maybe get its attention and they they certainly have maybe certainly they get involved. Another buzzword we thrown around over and over again I ask you about in the second wanna grab a couple calls for Ricky in Somerville -- Curome Jack Edwards plus alcohol. AP had appreciate you actively get closer to me I've talked about Michael Michael play out which one his head -- the board -- the the most complete team and he can you be surprised if they don't go to the Stanley Cup. Bob knows me I senator. I said that. Yelling -- dead -- how did you watch the Pittsburgh Penguins they. If you -- Jack -- next few. Day in day out for trying to keep they have much better talent -- get the best player in the game. Malkin have unbelievable we'll keep shall -- -- active and keep -- outbid -- and the only who's been beatable. Ricky who's -- well that's a big one that was exactly the point I may I said although Pittsburgh may have the advantage. With a better set of forwards -- -- equivalent or almost as good -- the defense have a goalie. -- they -- -- that the deadline would occasionally they got a relative Marriott involved offensively despite. The word to get it are much more complete team report. Now they don't have a goal according to talk about it at this point in my comments I -- hold on the second and how how much influence you put on now what what percentage of greatness do you attribute to goaltending. I can sort of out of it and I'm not -- Ricky -- you're not argument that is what does wanna converse with you hear what what -- arguing that the previous. And it's only gonna make a point what percentage of our public -- answer -- as a percentage -- innings and how how important I. They got there have to be at least 50% of the game -- at least. Maybe not maybe having fun. How well it does 75% of the -- you just said to grasp is the biggest advantage the Bruins have any. Given that anybody's gonna get better skilled players looked -- what was that you want to make police it would -- skilled players they -- -- I'm telling you Pittsburgh is gonna beat them. Okay while they maybe don't let Ricky if it would be. It would be huge disappointment to me at this point given how complete I think the Bruins are. In all three of those phases Jack got a matchup penguins improvements I mean we should be doing this but we are on -- -- on radio -- it close not going into a Bergeron got going at duke is not as just the the racial box on a radio. I have matchup are right. Here's the thing. This is it is my favorite theme of the day and a speaking out with -- producer before the end the show up this. If you can -- take the NHL and put it into Greek mythology. -- sure -- Dipped the roster of the Pittsburgh Penguins into the river Styx. Much his achilles' mother did. But of course achilles' mother was cell holding him by the heels and sure enough the -- found the -- Well one race -- dip the Pittsburgh Penguins roster into the river -- which guaranteed that warrior in mortality in battle. He had his thumb and forefinger. Pinching over the name of Marc-Andre Fleury their goal. And sure enough he's there Achilles heel however. That's why they got Thomas spoke un -- and as a guy who has won only seven playoff games in his entire career but four of them have come this year the reason for that. Is that bloke who makes the stop he's supposed to make. He's probably not gonna be the kind of guy who steals gains -- With the talent that Pittsburgh has if Pittsburgh's talent plays to its capabilities. And that's -- if that's not certain. If Pittsburgh's talent plays to its capabilities in form a goalie who makes the saves he's supposed to make. As -- who does and Marc-Andre Fleury often does not. You would have to think that Pittsburgh would be favored against Boston because of its significant. Experience. And depth and hole advantage at the very top end of talent. I don't think that's good management I think the Bruins -- more complete overall. As you -- include goalie in the conversational couldn't find this fine it'll be held in the series a -- Ellis take the Bruins right now the way -- play and I will take the Bruins like confidence in me I take him in six -- -- the Bruins. Aren't. Stick it out and -- it got past the Rangers I didn't even know the penguins beat Ottawa but that's a girl was just six right now electorate that is homers and with this transcendent. There anyway what are we went and we get over -- this I was talking Greek mythology at all while back homer homer after the break all right we've got -- -- -- joke to make. I don't coming up plus. Exclusive. Jack we have exclusive bodies so what happened with the war last night you know dorsett. We've got exclusive audio nobody's ever played story coming -- Hollywood Jack Edwards we. Jack Edwards with a -- Ali. -- -- half hour -- Jack -- we got a bunch of people on all got Samir calls a few minutes 61777979. 37. A -- Michael earlier jacket last night. And so many great things about hockey all wrapped up into one game yeah. Just so cool want to -- in addition to being a good close hockey game with the team being rewarded. For. Being greedy going to -- -- etc. You guys get hit in the face -- talks with sticks -- backed out there. Let's -- army just -- right blood everywhere. Yeah but the whole. Mental physical element to the Horton dorsett. -- had -- is like the ultimate summation of why I love hockey. Yeah yeah and and it's kind of it's it's one of the emotional outlets that we get from watching the game because. Really. We would be. We want to project ourselves into situations where we could. Administrate justice for ourselves and our friends in our loved ones so quickly and easily right. Where you could you could enforce a little bit of frontier justice which of course we get you thrown in jail in the real world but. It's one of the things it's so compelling about hockey Derek Dorsett is a guy who is. You know he's a hardworking player and he has really worked hard to get to the NHL. Nobody gets to the NHL and Jon Scott who just signed another contract with buffalo by the -- included. Nobody gets the NHL without being a really good athlete you have to have something that makes you outstanding probably two or three different. Tools that make you outstanding. And Derek Dorsett has enough for those that he's a serviceable NHL player. You know when we've been talking about the lack of brand and frost in a New York Rangers sweater and the loss of Brandon Dubrionsky in the Nash trade. They've looked for that kind of element. And haven't been able to come up with. You know it they they would love to have Ryan clos healthy but he's not able to to do that for -- so -- goes out there. And he wants to mix it up. And the way the broadest look at it if Derek Dorsett takes any broad who was dressed for game off the ice that is advantage Rangers because. Derek Dorsett is not a good price wouldn't it would be healthy scratch for the ball so -- current on this one of the whole thing Jordan comes on this morning -- Dennis and Callahan was asked about it here's here's some of his explanation for what happened. Hurt he's doing his job he he got ourselves -- serve in the first period. The book that caters. He's the third match gimmick it's part she's gonna try to donors give them. -- -- it is must also marsh is probably their best player in the series so far so I don't do -- other. You know -- people there. Plate and say they're looking to panels. Can you -- our star. As being very polite when Shawn Thornton went out there so the question becomes what he actually sake as we saw the stakes got raised right Michael we -- but little cross checks back and forth so what is it. That Shawn Thornton said to Dorsey and we have some some microphones out there this was this is what we picked up. Got an -- supplied from the on the -- a bit. Given the on your huckleberry. Is everywhere and maybe it was what right do. Stand. Wait you. -- optics and meet the Packers. This world Curtis I think more development more. Florio are you sure wasn't this -- Yeah. Knocked him. To try not to -- Yeah it's it's a beautiful thing and it's what's really wonderful about the game and and as you know. There's there's guys in the Brendan Walsh who played. -- you know for -- and really gave -- -- a professional player probably just wasn't good enough statistic. But today he's working in law enforcement on had a chance meeting with the many he. Was talking about Chris Neil against who he played in the NHL and mile courses is that guy for. The Ottawa Senators but has a lot more talent than Dorsey can score. Ahead and now -- yeah I was I was running around a little bit one game and there was a face off. And -- just calmly sidled up to -- like nobody in the stands could see it but he says to me. -- that now. -- -- gonna take your head off okay. -- -- I behaved the rest of the game and and that's that's really what it is it's there's a line you can cross and if you cross it. It's gonna be nasty and you don't wanna go there and -- a -- is skilled is Sean Thornton who has routinely taken apart. Men -- are larger. And have bigger reach and probably or are at least as strong as he is. Because he's such a good technical fighter. That's that ought to be enough -- a warning it's certainly was for Derek Dorsett although we should expect dorsett to mix it up like crazy in game four because I -- -- -- importance. Authorities say hell out of them that's his job I hope he does mix it up and I hope they sent Orton on the Chrysler hoping beats the hell out of them that's the funny thing about this Bruins team it's why they are still well constructed. You wanna play skating game the -- skating game you wanna hit they'll hit you wanna be -- do what they do but if you wanna try to to muscle up against Brad Marchand the support not -- he'll get chill or not try to fight you make you look bad I love that whole element -- 6177797937. David but hang in on Greenfield I did. I don't do it -- And we used to outlawed here in west compare the state tournament semi trailed upon you know you -- on for two hours. Your fingers are retired you couldn't take -- stage you couldn't play. That really triggered you could butcher's gate so an out right -- and -- -- upon and get a little bit when you're done. That's what you would have -- you -- -- guys willing -- -- upon. Europe and as long as they stayed together they get some skill players -- don't I'm not so -- that challenge -- What. It's gonna say LP struck Wear them through that through the year urgent criticism from collars. He's -- one -- them he's never ever strayed from his police in the in the team. And I think they're getting to the point where it's hard as they play their game. Let the skill players play when they can play they get a chance that this I don't know what -- -- think about. There and I'll tell you this first ball great great metaphor. And and that is so true. And you know if you want a project ahead and and presume that Pittsburgh table to get past Ottawa and there's no guarantee that. Game four tonight up in Ottawa with a sense trying to pull -- two games apiece. The primary reason that they thought that -- gamble would be such a good fit in ball -- he is willing to shovel the pot. And despite his 500 plus NHL goals. Despite his winning the rocket Rashard. Trophy a couple of times despite him being a sure shot hall of Famer he's willing to -- upon Mark Recchi. Willing to -- -- and that and that's a great way to put it as beautifully point Bob isn't stone. Hey I don't Bob. I first of all I don't agree with dad caught he must've been language and the -- -- lied he I'm -- defensively. I don't think there -- strong the rewards they've gotten better. By and -- to wrap up -- topic but I don't believe that I will say it don't we're going. -- have to play against vocal. -- somebody in the troubles gone against them but I think it is a different team and. These have trouble scored against Lundqvist to -- have had too much trouble so far in the series. Right right well that's what I'm saying it but I believe the fly and show you the recipe -- -- the penguins. And that is the total -- feet. Completely. Critical to coordinate it if anyone had their share result -- I believe that's they beat the penguins. I'm if they wanna create -- skate shoot out. They won't -- Because if you want to write a part that that Pittsburgh is. Out mortality -- -- you know collect at Sidney Crosby Malkin. -- -- Let's not on the Ottawa Senators -- yet that's the big game tonight. I think Pittsburgh -- -- -- like that's a good people would have. You you probably know better than anybody yet -- -- regular season we played its part. Portable believe every game we played. We weren't weren't -- almost gave me a lot nor I are shoot -- -- -- not only because a couple back and we. Right third period collapse right. You know this stupid callers in a -- what's -- about the playoffs that brings the best in our callers -- Mike and Michael but. Bob excellent observations. Right Pittsburgh can be beaten if you play smash mouth hockey against them and we have seen. The that is exactly what brings out the best of the Boston Bruins. You know Pittsburgh did not see. The Milan -- teach that we have seen in the last three weeks and they certainly didn't seeded David -- unit we've seen in the last three weeks. And if the Bruins can continue to get meaningful contributions. From puck moving defenseman who wore a bit on the green side. They may -- reject give Pittsburgh a dose of its own medicine which is that the best defense is a good -- if you have the puck in the attacking zone. In -- bringing enough pressure and you're playing the body. Maybe things work out for you -- as I said earlier in -- hell of a series and you know what if they end up playing Ottawa. Again providing they get past the Rangers have not told me or anything yet in a world that I'm assuming that elect. I was in the Booth for game seven against Philadelphia okay -- -- -- says it's not over until. You've you've exorcise those demons exercise in the next few errors Marc Staal cut back in the series. You know lighten him. You can fool the doctors yeah yeah apps allow good luck with that maybe they ultimately the way Philly did and the Bruins all get hurt the way they did in two grass regress is back three years that all of those things come true and the Rangers actually get some scores that that don't exist right now. Then I'll worry about it aspirin right now I'm not worry about it. I we will watch articulate by the way big big commitment pre and post game tomorrow on -- -- plus says will be with the an hour before game time starting at 6 PM. On -- and plots before the game. And that we're gonna go ala. We're gonna go to we blow afterwards immediately following the end of the game. And as soon as we connect get the rig -- in in Madison Square Garden don't go to your runs tons of live coverage. You know because something rhymes makes it OK gonna do work. He's got to go to your left off but it'll take a deep breath again there are Jack I need some I need some of -- -- some of your mythological expertise maybe you can come up with the right media. That is a good girl for what Peter surely did. Last in next Jack Edwards with a -- or your calls for months full salt and -- Adobe media he does kind of look like -- some of the most interesting man in the sun. A closer to -- world. Legitimate or illegitimate. But the difference knowledge that. -- legit a purse or in the first born son of the most interesting man in the world. -- look abuse last night and torts every. Was confused by especially the the winning goal they Jack hit the nail on the head he was looking around wondering where -- brand across once after let us celebrate -- -- to be -- a -- still gap protection put the puck in the net a way that destroyed my own team. -- -- -- why he's got the general manager -- an -- -- -- citizens on tour I was gonna say guys aren't final call -- -- let's say they're destroyed my team whatever you wanna say it utterly offensive weapons did have a tough -- to deal with or so hey what do you have left. John Doral and not much so Jack. Is there a -- You -- think -- your mr. mythology. Is there a myth. About going on a journey to look for something only to find out that it was right back you're known all along yeah that's The Wizard of Oz okay. -- and as different from Jason in the organized strike is he also went on a quest wizard of Voskuhl and police. Is it possible that the puck moving defenseman. Which we heard every single year how long that we've been hearing about the Bruins need for a puck moving defenseman. Forever right right. They'd search -- every year they tried so many different guys from -- to how overlay. Joke or -- every year was a new version of the puck moving defenseman. And I just wonder in annual -- understand much more so that we do. While he was out there looking for -- guy in free agency or in the trade market at the veteran level. It sure seems as if Peter Shirley was also trying to develop that from the inside and watching both crude -- -- -- play. It sure seems like that was the more effective strategy for fine. -- and and here's here's what you have to do you have to tip your cap to. The people working. Under Peter sure relic who were giving him scouting advice because. Will remember. How much Craig Weller Byron bits and a 20102. Round selection were worth right because they got the bruins' Dennis Seidenberg you're ever the other guy and that trade that would be broadcast. That's correct. That's correct. Matt -- -- -- and that's because the Bruins scouts saw him what he was playing. At Ohio State. And liked what they saw and understood. What he had and what he could give the team they knew he wasn't ready yet. -- you know I'll I'll be the first to tell -- I didn't think he was ready for the way he's playing right now. -- -- Actually was in that wonderful position. Because he was the CC AHA player of the year last year. Because of his rather diminutive size 59. And now listed -- a 180. He was -- -- past in the NHL entry draft when he was eighteen years old but Tom and asked this is coach at Michigan State said. That -- crude is everything you could possibly ask for in a player and a captain I mean. You know professional coaches usually don't in gauging that kind of language unless they really really mean it. And and asked this who had taken over for a legend Ron Mason Michigan State. Wasn't about to try to make headlines buying by saying something. That was off the mark well you know he was on the mark with -- recruit the Bruins won the bidding war. Obviously they convince him that quickly there would be a place forum. But who's. We saw it happening now I mean I certainly didn't know be the first to tell you I didn't think to recruit was even going to be in the equation this year. And as it turns out through two rounds of the playoffs. He's one of the most interesting stories -- is on this -- Our quick question for you before we get these calls because people -- lined up they wanna talk to you more than -- I'm guessing. Do you think with the emergence of bark out skiing group that ferret is done he will no longer be a Boston for a. I don't know -- no longer be a Boston Bruins but it's certainly moves the leverage insure rallies favor and not fair -- -- as the salary cap comes down next year. And -- -- is an unrestricted free agent. This is not helping his bargaining position one little -- have very effective top. Valuable player -- This is not playing in his hand Kevin is in the car -- Kevin. There are Benedict the attack on our current. -- -- -- -- There are a lot Borough or art party here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every vote all the Red Line. In -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't our economy and Aaron -- ordered back. 08 and Aaron John I have -- Well but here's the thing. -- have then and and here's the -- Kevin and I and and we all know we all know we're never gonna see -- -- guy like that who's gonna change the game and such dramatic fashion but but the thing like about to recruit is his decision. That when it's not there he's gonna eat the -- he'll wait for help while holes along the ports or he'll make the safe play chip it up and out of his old. And I can't think -- -- but -- that he has failed to get it out of the zone you know semi emergency situation he's made the right decisions and and you know I appreciate your but number toward war he's never he's never reached that level but -- but but the fact of the matter is. He does have a little bit of that bring odd years always my type movement to a game where it's really -- would go back to break hobby that I cannot be way they were incorrect -- right but. -- both hitting number four -- positive models -- yeah okay but here's the point he's he's inspired cabinets up from. Our Davies improbable -- why didn't anybody tell me we're we're playing a Clinton would pass off I had an avid unity -- before the show everybody else did -- gaming zone and where is -- -- Damien. David you're -- air was up. Damien don't panic -- Yes and it was what's in your mind and. And it got to the ball well all along they not -- an area. I'm allowed under a little while but I do much. Or more popular and I like anything else. Strict it backdoor yeah tear gas act title you take that the wrong way what you might be the most hated announcer. But anybody can NATO but where does -- match I got no problems that as much from the passion I think you have the Bruins. I mean I haven't watched a lot more do you have less and it moved back in this -- and you do that you caught in the game. A little tiger over the top but you you you have to -- the Utah. Ask -- minute hand I have. The only perfect game in this is nice of you with the you should know by now the only person in this town qualified to judge play by play announcers -- minute. But but -- you know what I appreciate the way you put it and I I never have a problem. With anybody takes issue with the way I call game more or. Or the attitude that I media portrayed on the air. As long as there's civil and day and and polls. Their point of view in this same thoughtful way the adjusted and and I got no problem with that if people. Don't like it that's okay too because. A lot of what I try to convey is the emotions that I'm picking up from the Boston Bruins in the arena. And if people like that that's okay is almost always there's an alternative. I think some of these other some of these other comparisons for -- a little bit more up our Alley rather than or coffee skates like Paul Coffey smaller version of Dennis popular Brad -- our -- the thing I can handle some of those names like -- Four still seems a bit much Jack. Always great to have you on and we appreciate what do it again lightning fast or at least -- little closer to what what are an object having. While you're at home here and home office got the loving cup there was. Well when -- got bloated regulator. At no no prowling and tribal -- before rains kind of testing -- one that's like ten times you know the -- unless you're only grow like crazy right now and that's a good thing but Madison Square Garden tomorrow. Expanded intense coverage on -- and plus beginning at 6 PM and immediately after the game men's. And as soon as we can get live up from Madison Square Garden. We'll have a ton of post game coming your way it's it's really going to be exciting Jacqui thank you -- given us extra guns for tomorrow -- Jack Jack Edwards brought to my parents smoke shop Boston private bank and by precision fitness equipment he will join us. On Friday. Gotta -- well part of somebody's Texans. Texas is once as Jack my wife is leaving me for you bowl. Must be the loving another wasn't -- -- anyone who doesn't like -- Michael we got to go we gotta give away money we had a thousand dollar money giveaway my buddy Michael hall talked about race I promise the talk coming -- rockaholic WE yeah.

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