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Shawn Thornton on his big game three

May 22, 2013|

Shawn joined the program to discuss his big night at MSG. He told the guys that it is not Marchand's job to fight and that he needs to be on the ice and out of the penalty box.

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For the final hour Dennis and Callahan. The -- more respected name in the fourth -- even -- lol line. For Shawn Thornton's line and and by Ian and in Campbell's well will -- some of our suggestions bash on John joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning -- how -- But I don't think I've ever seen a guy. Do as much and be as it vault. As you were in six minutes and 42 seconds of ice time yesterday you got a lot on holocaust seem like seven and -- it. Can -- it back. I was pretty -- Republican lieutenant despicable let little little little but we're out there. What to talk about the mentality of this line and you've you've addressed this before but it's it's it is a special bonding there is they're not -- you guys. -- we've been together for a long car -- or. Wentworth and together we had a nor'easter that is going to be on the base a lot of the time are fortunate it's pretty simple button. We in the world roots and just try and stick to a little deviation planned. I think the biggest thing to strip the pucks there or were were. We can get back to type so fast and ignore it and usually get a -- some -- so. Set before the play of the two guys are probably you know -- -- fourth liners on a lot of other teams are unfortunately out there. Are you using illegal grooves on your -- stick to get back spin on the puck. -- believable to do that. I -- Look at what it was expected she relented this behind them. Eight Hughes played pretty deep history so -- -- -- -- -- -- but I can't I stop with that I would have been seriously expected in. We we've slowed down the video we think I think you touched a clash on ago he got screwed here Hoosier imperil. We'll give you the game winner. -- partnership. It should do what -- do and not enough football was sex get a half a goal. But what would that work for you. The you know I don't care who gets little ones with closet goes there's just happy -- -- on its -- Did you take any grief for raising your stick early and you couldn't see at anybody -- thinking about celebrating a little too soon. Yeah it was cumulative and I -- that everyone gave up ought to pivotal my hands up also -- reduce Soledad. As you sit there on the bench and watch the the power of the rangers' power -- are you amazed at how disorganized they look -- Oh and chaotic. Without a plan and they appear to be. RP RR PG -- that it will -- each. Turner -- -- we actually -- all of a little bit but who knows walked out the -- optional it's different things. And secure assisted PK meetings today get part time so. They give them credit but you know what they get it goes over the -- Pittsburgh had a couple chances but I think our guys that are really good job. -- -- The idea the -- you know a team that's blown -- 30 lead before the policies that much you guys does that play any factor at all as I thought about it all here. As you try to close to -- as -- -- you'll be even discussed. I -- -- -- -- the senate so. And they actually crescent. You thought if Lundqvist were going to steal one was last night not the night it was gonna do it as well he played. They are here don't believe wasn't stopped in two pretty good players on particulars of the first here's. There's. There's a few more chances city usually that last pick. Look we are a little -- a lot. Articles -- we have a lot of traffic in -- -- and analyze on the John avoid such hospital personal to so they can. He is our best scores early in this group. Out of that -- knock you on which -- shot. I don't know in my adult I'm not sure I am -- for Bobby has two goals just to. I don't know whatever it is it just added an assist from which a -- a lot but it sort. Just receptive -- -- -- When you talk would. We hear so much praise of the fourth line him and his some real fourth line level out there for you guys and you point out you've been together a lot and you know you've got you know each other is it different -- the fourth lines -- May -- other lines you play against where. It's guys who've been demoted or maybe just called up or whatever. And they don't have quite the that the symmetry that you guys have. There are epic well you know a good look at. Your editor Peter -- You know -- -- -- and also bringing all through the back literal citizenship in the last years and epic out. Because your wallet -- real during the season. It now there's too little money to keep. People troops are confident. I have looked the other. Or once believed that work opposite pretty well as far as what orders go so. We're getting some notoriety -- not -- -- but she believed in us. Not not as well as Brad Richards. But I mean your clothes your closure on them. I'm real world press. But he stick with now before he doesn't play on the fourth line typically it's just that he will start this and I guess. What one of our suggestions was to call you guys the value lines and to treat your make him three point eight million dollars and Richards make him twelve million dollars at seek appropriate to me the value life like that. But he like yeah operators. I think with the world -- other sports like fourth -- so. What did what we've we've been talking about this all morning -- -- talks to you. This is was that a amiable conversation does do you ask them you know. Do you really wanna go disease say I don't wanna go my my beef is with -- number 63 over there and -- the little guy I mean how does that go down. I'll hurt he's doing his job he he dealt ourselves it's sort of the first period. The -- that caters. He's if they're matching him against our she's gonna try to members given. Keep up its lowest possible marsh is probably their best player in the series so far so I hate each other I just don't have to go out there. Lately say they're looking to panels. And you're over there -- start -- where. Were you when you go out there in that conversation haven't do you think there's going to be a fight do you think you guys are no idea how it's gonna work. I didn't know. It's if you want to present. So -- political -- so what is called type I choked will be -- it was clear picture yeah actually -- -- little later. -- -- the -- -- ideal for you you did your job you got a lot of praise for it. You made -- look bad Pierre McGuire question discouraged. And you you've got the message through that that that must be perfect for you no blood no sore knuckles nothing. She should it ever and if -- -- applicants. Where it's it's such a great but the good for a long time. Sometimes it works so sometimes it doesn't solve -- this happened it. We got a playoff for the funeral -- -- -- -- Yeah it was it was 11 at that point but the two part question it would have been idiotic for marsh and get goaded into the fight with him correct. Our all we want -- -- exactly also also issues cited the matter what. Right and and and and whether you and dorsett did fight was up to him at that point obviously you would oblige if you wanna -- and my question is and Barry Petersen made this observation. He said he seemed like the energy got sucked out of the Rangers what was ever left at that point when he backed down. You'd think dorsett did himself or his team a disservice by not fighting -- Now I don't think so I hope they -- I wouldn't put the blame on -- hurt. -- like. I think we didn't serve it up another level not much they get away except that another. That's not. I don't know assist those sounded like. Pockets delicate. The paparazzi in the play it's not going to be easy fight for for heavy -- so bright. Not to say it could be democracy and it won't be these fighters. And that might it signal lights -- everyone to occur might not like you're going to more than two I don't know it's. He can never -- speculate on what happened in different situations. Did he respond with with verbiage did he say no I don't want to order he just ignore you think a lot I saw his lips would be sect yeah you -- it probably should. So. -- -- Do you ever do you ever forced to stand up for a teammate. Who kind of deserved it I mean you know to me like a team and goes out there and maybe these jab and guys with a stick we used some of these examples Sean Avery. I mean he must -- teammates that had to stand up for him and really didn't want to. Yeah. But it's. But not for people at this light which saw neighbors heard a few minutes or so it can't get -- but. Yeah. Lot of teams over sixteen years let little things -- it is in. You know you have to go out there and do that you are here future -- but. There that's -- kept your -- your credit bureau all the time and it wouldn't be here anymore. It should be pointed out that there's some -- -- you won the faceoff. For the beginning of the game winning goal. It won't seem so surprised but I actually -- signal is possible right side. No I'm surprised I'm just saying that 11 -- contribution of some -- to the list of the stuff you did it. There are accurate and it got a pretty good piece reflector that suppan helped you get that back here -- about the point that he should keep an open so. I don't I really have no clue what do countries Australia so ignorant that process. It away. A final question do you practice some I mean with -- -- we view gold as Bergeron in practice and -- you have win one. Not as often as the -- and obviously but who wants a week maybe all Putin believed they work out of every tree street -- Take five or six against you know couple leftist authorities and at no I actually. This your -- Washburn a lot more what district seat solves the case amongst. On the trees took big strong guy he just absolutely ripped the pocket underneath the -- has to be that happened is about couple techniques -- healthy people sort of brought. A final question what would take in in game four Thursday night for the Bruins is just. Break their spirit one goal one intense period what he thinks on. -- got a couple strongly in civil four point personal -- and there's -- reason further back if it's the law they're they're gonna wanna play it you know one game at times starting with an -- so. We're gonna bring everything we can't in the first period hopefully. Hopefully get out of their problems. Well congratulate what happens tonight New York he has call all going down. -- -- practice through it and probably a quick launch. You're probably -- for dinner we had a bit of an adult rebels say but it -- Go for groups of five or six and -- -- mutant but little help of Ross. Congratulations good win here on the brink we'll talk Q talked to down the road. Jumper with Dennis Kelly on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT he'd be the ninth caller right now. At 6179310937. When a pair of tickets -- the Red Sox June 5 to Fenway Park. Courtesy of giant glass mural for Boston Red Sox baseball Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI FM once again at 617931. 0937. Terry -- next up with Dennis and Callahan.

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