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The boys respond to Salk's attack

May 22, 2013|

Our afternoon host Mike Salk was offended at Gerry and Kirk's conversation on his favorite band Rush, the guys responded.

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So one little day off yesterday -- -- -- kids alone and like him back and we're in the middle up. A storm. That's current term today. And an oblique light. With the afternoon shower and -- not following orders he's been called into the principal's office already happening again yesterday and really rough time on the swell up. Bell a border that is a break right yeah yeah I called nobody got called him yesterday -- said deputies. So did K it quote quote. You can't take the yeah Dick that he can't but I disagree camp fired back I got a -- stadium I said he might cry about the Arab audience pac on -- came right back at you and and the deal is both of you decided org or opined. That you hate rush. I decided again before Salk was moved or you know we talked about mother was still like -- -- -- subject him stupid speech that bad performance we -- right we don't like Chambliss historically bad so I hear the -- commitment assault. Sound the semen rights -- Exactly. Here's what I would say. If he kept his mouth shut. And it was an instrumental -- -- -- out there right threatened that if three guys in the band could just get a fourth two consenting this year. -- the music the spot them. The -- would -- -- -- eliminate the -- as a Jerry said yesterday you go to some high school you know concert ever dance -- band shows -- you leave you say these pathetic if it was clearly a ban that belongs in the studio where they can challenge that -- that's. Yet at some where residents work with them at their elect. This alive. Their their huge hit that they as The Who who introduced him anyway forget the guy who introduced him and he was really sing -- -- -- is obviously he said the second. Biggest following and The Grateful Dead puck in the world and the can you follow that and literally followed them and watch them live. I watch for ten minutes on Saturday it was torture. And but it is just -- -- yeah. It isn't a single word we figured I was voted in -- it's called us on the semen what is he saying about pot call Nancy about content whole the -- -- seek an excellent sound Siemens sexual thing. -- bought X rated but that was. That was nothing compared to dispute that the Qatar gave. -- Okay. This this falls under the -- trying too hard to -- People fake laugh wasn't the slightest bit funny it was brilliant comfortable he was supposed to stops and blah blah. And thank his wife and his manager and he never did not kept blah blah blah blah. He never stop it got really uncomfortable trying way too hard way too hard way to wait -- and the next there was -- -- -- is that right. And that's that's you know that's that's so that's all he's -- group to sandy is well they love yeah it's fine producer is sort. Yes sort of got a muscle here that went -- -- or yesterday afternoon. It was just don't know I don't know about that. Why does the fact that I like the main Jerry telling him like them less than he did before those that are good. Now that was Kelly -- -- so okay you like the -- you don't like the band find. But here's what I wanna know if not that there my favorite band makes you like the last. Estimates languages and act alone and all -- that and Kirk again -- Bruce Springsteen. When -- of laughs I hated him when he was a baby growing Andy's right. Yeah no for me it's a knock against it fair man like I. Don't it's all collects and knocks him out just endorses the right side is why should be Oakland sound like some sand you know I'd love -- I love liver right. And I love. Wanted to -- And it's a yet it -- for breakfast -- you know right it's just I don't get I don't understand -- could listen that normally like music in the background and that's segment like that. Let's -- -- the soonest Indians to say. And Kirk again here. Bruce Springsteen one trick ponies for him to talk about what's good music and doesn't put up missing crap for years from us most of the doors. Don't use the tomb are names all learn a good while I am. Oh. And all brands are. I'm fight you after the show here is but now that I know Jerry -- -- likes them I hate them even and apparently and I ridiculous that there. It's 00 -- just -- you don't have would you like you have to like Springsteen he's a lot of things he's annoying with the politics. The last thing he has a one trick yeah I was gonna ask Andy what that is exactly. I you know I just don't know but that's OK I mean there was for phonies like like AC DC's and one for people like him. And in -- think this is a tree I thought you said Kirk was the one trick pony. Because now he's three yeah about it -- -- one trick. And took a Protestant it's wrong things critical like complete. Yeah effort let's located field that way the product -- framing him Tina. -- -- I -- -- and good. Line up -- probably -- if you email and I think a lot they have brat -- much and not a dirty player but any fact about -- No wonder why -- women -- to any public direct really liked it and get Andy. And yeah. High school kids Nokia now there are simply a girl go near it the cryptic woman inside the arm. Happen any -- What -- sing along like this -- in -- -- you really like abandon you have to be listening along using one Springsteen and I did this you know Andino signaling the Nielsen daka is that. So that she was across avid -- a single and the Russians don't know how do I don't know that they're terrible. Apple. Just. Under the behind that but not all instrumental in getting. There are multiple true love art and final hour when we come back we -- gonna give away a thousand dollars and our national contest Sean for Jonas right after that Terry Francona at 935 -- shall.

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