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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 05/21/13

May 21, 2013|

They're like a ray of morning sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day.

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Mean it's so rude I can't believe that -- so yeah. Now this is around you -- friends. -- -- -- In -- is unfortunately all good things come to an end it's my job we've solved and Ali I have it and responded you blow it. -- -- -- -- -- -- high right now we've got Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In that no I don't court. I go to. Before the first ticket and now. My job to do have a problem turn off this nation where it all we've solved in the -- Right after Mike Debbie it's the question -- questions still -- -- in 37937. You sent us a text we will answer it -- -- up -- -- -- AT&T -- live available. On your iPhone or your android device brought you by AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins for the most -- coverage in new England and now. -- that that that. WEEI live app has the open Mike feature. Which I believe we have some of today and in my dog mix to menu -- like to hear what we got. I was born scorer and -- Does web based automatic -- when you open. What you. You're radio station automatically. Raise and pat would you open up the radio players automatically. So expect. -- We sit and explain. When you click on content you should be expected to -- that happens everywhere but I'm talking -- the web sites just go to the page. Without clicking anything you get audio and video and put to lose. You -- another room your audio. Is that your computer automatically playing an -- You know -- I think as a result of you watching too much. Not at work. I needed. To borrow. It. And does -- say was -- hole was that. We're talking about what how ready to come up they know what is the doesn't sound politically correct me what -- at rush -- yeah because of you. Because they're angry to hear back hitting a session and you say they're obsessed with -- they seem to be obsessed with putting things that's about. It's just Reyes mentioned -- in -- car keys the old tires. Off. Talk about me when it do so and it bruise so soon lose. What they like what what was the bit I -- they what they like the doors without. That's what won out over Russia and hand is significant for brewers -- these -- -- Correct -- and talent and a back a lot. Actually this. Is being what you were coming. -- -- -- -- Box didn't. That's almost David and right -- if they suck don't need to know. And I never liked him and now I like him even -- the sound of my number two leading them toward the water is better music than anything Russians ever produced and -- just -- I'm close to tell. Let's just wanna know about that. What does the fact that I like them being Jerry telling him like them less than he did before those that are. Now that was -- -- -- accident so look at you like the bay you don't like the band find. But here's what I wanna know the fact that -- my favorite band makes you like the last. Estimates its. Bitter speechless. Kirk again here Bruce Springsteen one trick ponies don't talk about what's good music -- put this -- forty years us most of the doors. Boom boom and the -- and popular and good welcome. Well a lot of the. All brands are. I'm fight you after the show -- the -- but now that I don't Jerry -- -- likes -- my hate them even more apparently and ridiculous that. So was that there is that's what you're gonna go gaga how did it Italian that's been solved and always talking about it. -- now want it played bits and put it varies us why do you know what they're good. And -- fixed it and I don't hear about it it was funny -- for a we have to find out for them. And it. Not really -- dot -- I guess the big. Between the morning after Dallas all the upbeat about talk and why didn't have that motivated bases and why. How professional ABC's. Parent that now aren't you have got caught -- but -- -- -- -- it's that bad loser could enable him to grow. And the message. With the thank you pretty much -- is that everything in his studies that there. Should note cup coffee it's breakfast this sport you. The big big about it. But I can't you guys still out there babble back because -- bit about there's going to be a good record but -- -- Gary. In the dumbest question I've ever heard in my life I mean. Why can't they figure out how to stop because they don't. -- -- so -- about how alive it will put them out. -- our house call it's an extraordinary thing is yeah out of poetic that the guy out. -- -- visionary but act gives the all time Democrats. And now but are you guys. I don't. This. He got a river this earth I told you this they told us citizen journalism schools there is no such thing. As a dumb question. And I believe that you think that's a dumb question why can't they stop a tornado no. I don't there's no such thing as a dumb question that it had to stick to that no matter how dumb questions down. I believe his solution was to shoot some sort of laser. -- cable. You know what -- -- kind of respect that -- seem like they can solve just about everything market they saw the tornado. Obviously the open. -- work. Oprah for who are. It was an adventure. -- should mention that you or. Chicago area and over with you I don't attack. If I don't leave my football that. Are. Important to me to the but -- -- if you look. Like going back. And message Whipple ball you're reform gaga. -- my. Why would go for ball that piece of the I would do -- -- tell him my wife ever leaves anything outside she won't go out and -- action terrified of snails so. -- rated in Seattle she looks outside sea snails in the backyard trouble is that it that a normal thing and normal phobia. North that a normal things -- -- -- -- -- rains a lot right so after the -- sea snails and really solve what's wrong with them. I don't think anything that I want it man stalked her she's just her but it is it to the truck on I got it reference. Barry Melrose saying that he would keep -- on the bench is like keeping KG on the bench in place of the -- attacked golf. Just got a few good games get out again. It was a delicate topic. What you figured out how to pronounce his name back I was money. That piece of cigarettes. That was rod you've got -- -- -- -- proper code here it wasn't a smoker just. -- America just wasn't worth the lottery pick they gave up together what was -- it was a thing he could jump out of that you know. -- was The Who was the guys at casino -- would never play defense who was the guy who could jump out of it yet ginger brown. -- there was another there's a -- right around the same time -- -- actual historical Franken yeah right who could just jump out of the gym very athletic that got us. -- not so good about putting and a. Barry Melrose never met for the wedding -- lineup. How long periods of coaching career I think capital and although it is considered sort. I give Barry credit -- as a coach G you know that's something some codes at the NHL coach. Great -- -- -- great analyst sunny SPN just totally disagree with them on whether or not you put Seidenberg back into the lineup. And -- come back. Ever quote it was like -- -- -- I guess that Mariah song felons and they -- Eminem. When an Eminem do camera Eminem claimed to have slept with her and talking crap voters and then she put -- that's on an. And media she's -- She's crazy enough to claim to have slept with ourselves. Who doesn't sleep with. Themselves -- okay. Aren't mad next what next a C rookies not that they ring disagree but there is just the Bruins have a hard there is take. Q was just for our news. This is. On sauce CA does not bad we're -- might get the golden days. Gentlemen get out your dollar bills -- Lexus number it soon. -- -- -- So he'd be good at it Greg. Yeah because it's. And I -- -- the -- problems aren't aren't apparent that I thought. Wanna listen -- the -- Satterfield of stealing away from the other -- -- -- -- -- -- looking up but is Donna Alvarado. Did that ball ever -- right to left. And the message. So Eminem has it has a rebuttal. Through a rebuttal to the -- rebuttal so it -- Okay and Nick Cannon has a rebuttal to Eminem's rebuttal tomorrow rise above we should just stay out of it completely -- -- views than either Nick Cannon yeah. Shares of -- America's got the -- sure they can. -- directly. Or direct effect. Right. That we got the -- particularly going well. -- -- -- And I guess that's the wrong. Are going to be here to stick Rio de beer girls. Like the -- They like to do things down there dance I'm like -- bullet and it is the season. Squeeze it -- don't pull out how he can speak -- in the -- Max line that's if you want. -- -- I'd like to see that. I don't see it happening but I -- -- did a good job last night Mike dropout rate the anti. Issue wireless provider of the Boston Bruins the most -- coverage. In the New England Mike is here that means it must be time to answer the question yet. It's time or answer the question -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. I brought you by -- restoration specialist -- property your facilities manager an insurance -- call heiress to injury have a disaster restoration game plan in please call 877. 4611111. Or ARS curve dot com I'm -- hey -- I agree it's good to it scared us is totally like he'd unnatural orders hole like you deaths in Iraq I didn't hear any of his -- how did that with our side parents. What I was at the -- I heard in Dubai -- play each code and all that I -- that talented broadcaster. -- gonna be -- -- broadcasting is before you were born as a true yeah what you're gonna to broadcast probably before your board members every two. 7170 something -- as every three that anyone was just a baby's. A you did that it's suspiciously and Andy was. -- -- -- I can't you know he's just about him are cut mile. Jerks why is it rude to put your elbows on the table. The question why is it. -- -- etiquette goes back to the fourteenth century through that my mama she is not about that -- you put your four arms on the table why is it not even here for -- because nothing can touch it at all it's during the meal. After the meal for some -- yes but. -- -- -- forms just not your elbow. That but to what you know -- -- -- she was pretty comfortable to do right now that yes because as you would look like you're nobles and -- -- -- -- have guessed that we do it should. To Houston. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If your house rules are that no one where she was in the house. In your guests over the age of eighteen come your house with your shoes that you don't like at least say hey could you might taking your shoes off. You wouldn't ever say achieve our elbows off my table to an adult life. That to -- gobbles up what about it and I had -- the potatoes are you raising. Can't do without using the elbow is next question about it did you wash your hands between -- as -- house. -- have you ever -- bitch slapped by patriots hall of -- yes just once today one great thing we ask -- inaugural post called -- season Monday's five. Actually gets up by current patriots coach and a daily basis weekly anyway -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to call no weakness. The true -- word -- -- north looking up Google weakness storage you don't actually know what right now holly because you look at me like -- -- crackpot you don't really have any feeling that out and readiness spoke. WE and -- Smith -- W just to shake it -- -- its quietest he's right up top is that's. Do you think I go this is far off I -- about -- we -- a little -- I think that was the -- -- from -- one. It's on all the speaker brought to its -- -- mine and as we news. You can tell we can curve it work place you can tell people checked out my weakness and hope to -- -- to look like thank you appreciated. Jerks. Mikey. A matter of giving -- science where you guys electric culture exactly what would you rather be able to teleport or time trial. Time travel -- And travel. Nurture it help or is being able to go from one place to another in -- time nitro got a race. Although I say that the end of like a -- -- -- every time you fly across the country teleport patience and perfect although hole. I guess you could just time traveled to the end of the flight and majority either you wouldn't have to waste any ship that if you time travel let's say let's go to Vegas right you know and it's eighteen and it's good -- 24 weeks to get there -- covered wagon. And aces which refutes what. You do -- well I mean I think here. Over thing as yet just a little bit thicker over thinking. Why wouldn't the same problem the -- time travel. Could he grab field or -- you know it's historically pivotal. Studies that his current. But digging their history books first come on -- -- -- old outlets. Back too far you could end up underwater some expletive ridiculous. Guys how much do you pay guests like Melrose Angel random players have always -- Usually not that good on the out of the goodness of their own are opposable themselves usually don't crap to -- that question please. Jerks how many hours a week do you -- to order Ellis spent in the mirror grooming. He's got that purposely and potential beard thing going with the wavy locks. Zero does and he doesn't seem like a group does not care.

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