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May 21, 2013|

The Bruins look to take a 3-0 series lead, Jon Lester gets his first loss, Dwight Howard has options in free agency.

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I'm no going to handle problems do you. He's somewhere on the plane with my game needs stood there a -- -- -- -- -- high availability of them sound with your. First of all because we are legitimate news organization here on a daily planet and all of our staff members have reminded me that there is a tornado warning for Berkshire County in Massachusetts till 9 o'clock tonight to -- might like to know -- -- our listeners. Or in the western part of the state. -- lie and Manhattan's Penn Station and advanced. -- -- dark and all he all. Rangers Bruins game three the Rangers -- meal ticket Henrik Lundqvist has a sore shoulder he keeps telling everybody. -- -- -- He won't need to dry shoulder to cry on -- offensively the -- defenseman have been very very huge in the latest bruins' run. Defenseman scoring to a boss's goals recording five of the bruins' fifteen points and a 52 victory game two. The Bruins backhand is produced nine of the team's 44 points including four of the eight goals. In the first two games against the Rangers. Also. Let's listen to the coach yes his name is coached forty he's cocky. We've done this for two years now with this club with with a lot of that the players. Last year we had when a couple of Roland. We've -- back and forth who wins and losses we've we've been in this situation for a lot a long time for -- -- so. I'm not worried about that I just wanna make sure we correct the things we need to correct. And I and I think will be okay. Thank you coach to already. LA kings lead their series two games to wanted there at San Jose in late game action game four as well tonight. To have -- south side of Chicago -- Where Barack Obama made his bones and smoked a few also progress. -- the Red Sox against the wrong Sox to quote my old pal Jimmy young. Last night Jon Lester less than impressive. So those teams you know I mean you have those teams that you do you know they're good offenses and do really well against them for for whatever reason and then. You have teams that. Chicago for some reason don't feel like I've ever pitched well here for whatever reason. Are -- sure as -- didn't pitch well last night heated John gave up five runs in the first two winnings and set the pace for last night's game in the end of the five game winning streak. Adam -- lumbering DH strikeout specialist connected despite his warning eighty batting average for the big blow a three run home run. And -- are never quite catch up -- his first loss of the year tonight. Felix do bronze -- -- six policy are re. -- as -- was naked timing game time AT and our coverage begins 725 on the WEE I -- Red Sox radio network. Meanwhile -- keys I don't know they're getting it done is. Guys like wild over day in Travis Hafner and Vernon Wells what are recycling program they have in New York. It'll be up 32 pitches to get out swinging. All of came over yankees win. Oh yeah it is all. Oh. David Adams a rookie hit his first home run and no relation Mariano Rivera last -- seventeenth save he's perfect yet he's washed up to right. Yankees beat the Orioles six to sport New York has won three in a row other game and a half forget ahead of Boston Baltimore meanwhile has lost six. In a row. NBA tonight grizzlies at San Antonio gonna rebound from an ass kicking in game one in the Miami Heat are hosting the pacers in game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. Featuring. The world's most are amazing man. LeBron James. Game you didn't do. LeBron James who cannot only walk 34 steps at a time seemingly invisible through the -- can also perform jet I'm -- tricks on the ref Rees. Causing them to either forget. Or ignore all rule violations he commits. Not just those two -- great thing. -- we're very confident and you know it would be read them. There were just another ten you'll hear you really don't prepare for just -- -- we're not just another team you have to prepare for us. Yeah I guess it's got to be great to be LeBron. You know it really does. -- the difference between LeBron James and god is that god doesn't wander around Miami thinking -- LeBron James you're doing you're talking DG. Terrence Williams 25 years old arrested after visitation exchange. Where -- ten year old son's mother in Kent Washington and I'll wait. 25. Years old and his ten year old son. Okay all right a 25000 dollar bond set for of the Celtic after yet allegedly brandished is a gun and from news. -- on in the mother and the boyfriend as well. Is it me or does 25 -- county youngsters Hamlet two its annual. -- -- What is ahead but prove your butt head well when -- Chad Johnson AKA alias Chad Ochocinco who had -- and his wife last August was arrested for simple domestic battery. Got probation then. -- to -- book numb nuts. The daily -- -- category Dwight Howard let me just have a little commentary here on this -- -- weeks away from free agency. Now rumors that he felt quote miss utilized with the lakers that's not a quote him and that your network up and his vocabulary. But here's the -- the lakers. He can take a Max extension -- 118 million bucks. But the most you can make deals were 87 million Texas teams are interested in to a home and there's no income tax in the lone star state may be -- that's. It's the main problem is that Howard is a coach killer ask van Gundy asked Mike and Tony at and he stocks at free throws which is where he spends most of his time and best record resort. But the biggest problem. Some NBA players feel that they are bigger than big game and bigger than winning so where will Dwight Howard end up plates. Knocked. In Boston. We'd like moment. The sort of event -- And whistles -- business as steroids ability. Clinton -- world is finally stop spreading this to secure -- -- story via. The 32 year old operations manager at Chicago's navy -- lake -- entertainment attractions spent the entire weekend riding a gondola at the appears fifteen story tall Ferris wheel why. Well it was an attempt to break the Guinness world record for riding a fair grounder theme park attraction the longest. I here's his quote. I didn't just want to beat the previous record of thirty hours and 35 seconds which was set last July by guide Canada I wanted to shatter. Sheppard told NBC news what. Chicago was on the first -- we and the title should be here he said the fairest -- it was built in the 1893 Chicago world's fair. He boarded affairs real Friday afternoon 2:30 PM got off Sunday 48 hours eight minutes 25. Seconds later what a jerk. You know sometimes it pays to be nice it really does I tried every once -- while works out nicely for me but in the case of CC Bruce. Who's a server at the Steak N Shake in Indianapolis it paid 446. Dollars -- of five dollars and 97 cents. What -- tip that is. Wednesday CC Bruce -- of the chain restaurant the two years received a surprise one of regular customers -- reporter 46 dollar tip she set I was amazed. She always gives me 50% but it -- used the only five dollars in the use of I don't tips to very nice lady. The regular customer whose staff knows only as miss June oh. Left to right after paying Bruce tried to tracker down apartment saying she could accept such a huge -- the customer. Was adamant that Bruce keep the money I think this girl had a crush on that girl. -- Ricky Williams the marijuana laced running back 101000 yards in the NFL and he's got to. -- 101000 joint smoke in the NFL -- 35 but he doesn't even know he thinks he's 29. Met readers is 26 he's the Orioles catcher -- her back never had the big burly first baseman for the Minnesota Twins he's 52. Josh Hamilton's 31 today. Out Raymond Burr big gay actor who played Perry Mason and ironsides on TV war in 96 today by. He's the man. And there's just theme song. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This. Team. Member Mr. T. Of course you do these his first name lifted. And notorious B I G what do bid 41 today but. These I'm dead that. A mistake history may 21 197821. Year old rookie golfer Nancy Lopez defeats -- childhood hero JoAnne Carner on the first -- of a sudden death play up in the Coca-Cola classic James -- New Jersey. It was their first big win 21 years old and her spot is consistently grown -- years since then. 1992 Amy Fisher you remember her Long Island Lolita. She was arrested on this date 21 years ago for shooting Mary Joseph but a full goal on the front porch of her -- pequot -- New York home. Fisher only seventeen of the time of the shooting was having an affair. With 38 year old Joey bottle full go. Always a always Mary Joe's husband at that time. 1927 American pilot Charles Lindbergh -- Le bourget field in Paris successfully completed the first solo. Nonstop transatlantic flight in the spirit of Saint Louis you've seen and hang. You've seen it hang in and a museum of very plain. I was between New York to Paris his single engine plane and lifted off from Roosevelt field. 33 and a half hours before that's all it took him to get across the ocean to Paris 33 and a half hours now five years to the day. After that. After Lindbergh. Guess what happened well female aviator Emilia Earhart became the first pilot to repeat the -- Landing her plane and Ireland after flying across the North Atlantic from Newfoundland. In just under fifteen hours. So she did really at home in that cockpit. And in this day in 1901 this is kind of an unbelievable story being from Connecticut Connecticut became the first state to pass a law. Regulating motor vehicles limiting their speed to. Twelve miles an hour. In cities and on the country roads. You can go fifty. All the way to fifteen in the country roads. That's on this day in history in 1901. And Connecticut and that's your daily planet brought you by. The greatest -- doctor whoever walked doctor Robert -- Leonard hair transplant associates callable at 1800 get here you can look younger feel younger and get your hair back 1800. Get there.

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