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Barry Melrose: Sit the injured veteran defensemen until you need them, until you lose

May 21, 2013|

We check in with ESPN's great hockey analyst and former NHL coach Barry Melrose to get his take on this Bruins-Rangers series. We also ask the coach in him how he'd deal with the great play of the rookie defensemen when the vets get healthy... and his answer might surprise you.

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Game three tonight expectation levels have changed at least for me after watching the first two games. -- clear expectations changed due to thank. Maybe not quite as drastically but your expectations have to change well we'll see let's see what happens after let's see where we stand after game four. They're up 30 wait two more games before you judge an expectation yes I'm I'm I'm. I was scared she's wait long -- -- -- -- go out of the series you know what happened without that they are sent the cup this year I should -- receive scared I was scarred. By the experience in round one. What's at the series is over after three games. In with a game seven back in dramatic act. -- going to be a little war costs let's bring Barry Melrose into the conversation joining us via the AT&T how ordinary course of ESPN in Barry originally had -- What Bruins in seven in this series you've got to see them play two games if you could go back and -- do the prediction would you. I'm not sure I hadn't thought they -- along through darkness cannot. Washington hadn't brought to not an option commute in Albany, New York won the next two games and turned into a seven game series so not a -- -- you lose your home games so we got -- Respect the Rangers you gotta respect and the blunt question -- so I think innocent little launchers. Saying over the conservative route and that the wrong with that and if if they went to that the Bruins went tonight then you can change your prediction let me ask you about long prison guards as mentioned. I mean he was good in game one gave up that goal in overtime. Game two it was not good a lot of people speculated that he might be heard with the Bruins figured him out. What do you think the issue is what Lundqvist. I think he he had a sub par performance I think you have played eight games. And apps and games. And you know -- when it comes to talking to you had a bad game and pilgrims. Are not informal that are plaguing a lot of movement a lot of traffic. That's all the Bruins play a little bit different in Washington. Article which talked postal. And watch officer at Microsoft parties opted. It's legal right now that you -- -- which are older he saw from from -- long withheld and distorted and so I'm just incredibly important sub par performance -- -- -- and -- I didn't. He turned into an acoustic on the -- to create problems -- There are teams that you don't create because the only captain not to upset or strength as Clinton did you better than anybody else. -- a lot of games. It's confusing there those are when the Bruins creative problem by attacking the net by getting pressure on them by getting a screen in front of them so we can't see the puck well. We -- that's not a bad goal right he was screened on it or they beat him cleanly or. It was a 211 is that in the goaltender to do -- taken something extraordinary. But I'm not sure I understand how the fact that they do that often. Other makes an allowance very soft goal ought to play where they didn't do that like HR goal elected to crew goals. And we Lundqvist and our financial goal that you are under a lot of -- you watched. Jimmy Howard lift Detroit to going to really popular -- -- jobs and quick and you know last. Casey -- stop at but -- seats that the NHL and our goaltenders are so great. Our goaltending hasn't got so far over the last twenty years. Athletes have to are always multiple users -- -- to put -- that. They couldn't see Barack Obama -- of the best athletes on the team so. -- goaltending hasn't helped more than the other position and occupants. You know we it would ultimately see the puck he should stop -- -- and Lundqvist he's up clock and around one stop to. Owns he didn't do that in the two games so far. The ink spot into boxing -- but also. -- and repair wasn't good what should our. And WS -- back in New York GM rebounded. Great -- the last -- back in New York -- launching our place and I. We're caught out yesterday about one of our callers he said we were treating our cows do you like he was a young Bobby your we've gone too far but. Hyperbole aside what do you think or what have you seen from Murkowski in group the Bruins young defenseman. What went out and I think to a crawl through the under the great yeah I don't know why would be criticized not. New game matches that got four point two goal assist. Ku medical assistant game one such six point to have gotten into games and above that they're playing very good defense I haven't seen growing states or that they're targeting each physically. By the New York Rangers who are very physical team and taxes and their -- also. It's all part of a truly great now. We'll see how -- do it on a -- in -- home. The role as a different animal. The rate a real lot hungrier they're actually initial all the knowledge and dropped this game. I also know that played a night for the first two games that they've been great note out of -- I think that. Arguing that period happy with the kids. Our -- with a sorry about that Barry's I hear this on WEEI. The difference between Holman road. -- just the atmosphere the environment I would think by the second round of the playoffs that affects them last or is it the ability of Claude -- to get them out there in the right situations when he has the last change. They match ups are what's changes erode. Obviously -- launch a -- on it in certain guys are great so far. You know he won't be able to -- easily. On the road. It'll be more destructive on the -- because you'll have to people on guys often and -- on an import Charl put guys -- Sometimes -- can create to remember and as demolition like. -- but it certainly is easier when you have a start where like Chara. About to get them albeit Serbia want and all that is on the road and now large onto or no ability to do the same thing -- -- Isolate the players you want to waste which are much easier than he can do in Boston. Actually have a two part question for -- daughter -- but I'll ask it the last really the question one piece at a time. So we can focus on it number one what do you think -- to -- -- as a coach. Thank you very coaches want Stanley Cup teams always play hard nosed competitor they're always ready. So -- John's been a great coaching which. What do. You think of his. His statement. You caught on Agilent said he stinks on the power play I think you said it -- counted maybe 24 times in the Pepsi and over and over. It is these save that is that just a moment of weakness for him entertaining the media is there a method to the madness what's your take on that statement from the world. Well coached never has and their coach Harris says the that he -- -- -- there's a reason why you chasing the props and that's get back to reporters it's a message under. And that the culture and all of motivate players on their race. If pat on the back -- when I'm ready to -- in about consistently and good coaches that's part of it is known -- players respond to -- all -- You know I gotta say that John Doherty was saying and I got to think John knew why he was saying it and he is home to get a reaction out of -- And that's that's what coaches say stuff in the process -- good coaches. Aren't just up on that podium since. Midair. They thought of what they're gonna say. You know when you're sitting on that bench and you're in the last two or three minutes of the game went. Whether you opera down you're already start the fashion. The message that you're gonna say after the game and I you've got to beat -- ten minutes basically. Two -- depressed you gotta be ready to say some and and the coaches are all prepared at this you never say you know stops. That you just make up the reason why you say everything impressed opera doctor game. I either have to take too long to figure -- -- what do you say you had a thirty total seconds of actual him speaking in his press conference evident the third. 32 total seconds how could he possibly thought of 32 seconds worth of material. Well he always -- That it did not choose. The way Apple's pressure -- certain time after being at the available to the press after certain amount of time. -- almost two you know approach what they want to -- would be you know press friendly after game. You know John -- new locks off. Seeing -- longer that period or about two minutes and things like -- Just what he goes out and we've done for years that residual coaching. We think -- Lucic is game right now the way he's plan. Thank you are important to people are seeing -- lots Lucci plays -- -- it would that it stays this way. You know are historically two and won the Stanley Cup he's like I did you -- and or incompetent. And that line -- -- is playing great the birds are online now this. It didn't go on four plants portable. In the second game that's huge. Soriano got four lines or not -- aren't playing good. Arne Lundqvist aside because we came into the series here Boston just focused on him he's a great goaltender. And who we saw primary in a previous series and we knew will be a lot different so let's put him aside for a second. What guy on the Rangers are you looking forward to step up what guy needs to really increase his game for the Rangers to get back into the thing. Well it's it's Richardson national. I've almost given up talking of origin that because it just -- happened. Not political barking started -- and you know the power movement and the power forward ideas but you know and I I just I can't believe it's gonna happen all -- -- sudden when it happening in Washington and -- -- saw -- -- become a second thought he's. It's -- speaking on the fourth line. I'm a little bit of power play time that he just shuttle what he wants what is as far as the playoffs are concerned so. Appeared stars aren't getting the job that's all the other guys in the and that's been greater strength this year. Callahan an unbelievable about legal. The pipeline that big line boils scorching goals in the playoffs for the amount a plan to handle physically. On the sense -- A security guard at very average game in game two probably the worst game matching a -- to play out that's a little bit of tribute to Boston also not just that -- did not have a good game it's it's tight but came in the box and has an hour -- -- into this announcement -- I think it's going to be by committee I think. It's got to be -- action. Is an example action were issued in Washington. Into -- -- scores and plus whoever is playing so. You know rather and it 012 guys for the New York Rangers I think it's gotta be by community and probably couple surprises guys that don't use cork with the puck in the -- for the Rangers. We've talked so much about the young defenseman for the Bruins we got your opinion on them earlier it looks like maybe not tonight but maybe in the next game for game four. Seidenberg indoor red and are going to be healthy how do you handle the returns of those guys who would you see it. Would you allow me it's Amber's gonna play that no matter what it once he's healthy but does written find his way back into the lineup or do you like what the young players have brought so much. I don't make it changed so you'll lose. You know why are those big believer in -- can change a winning -- -- -- lunch special. There's a reason they're winning. And and certainly don't street kids on the center -- part of that -- so. I would make -- change until you lose and then obviously Seidenberg would come in because. Italy as a shut down guide him Chara played really well together you constantly. But -- let it -- when you got three guys playing as well because they're playing next symbol while they're built for today's NHL. It's articulate guys go onto the plane right now. Even with side -- in this Seidenberg is a guy Jack Edwards told us yesterday he believes Seidenberg using number one defenseman on May be half the teams in the league. He has been by far the bruins' second best defense and of Chara wasn't all world that he would be the top defensemen on this team as well Andy you still believe. Even if he's healthy you leave them out there until you lose. Yeah I wouldn't make a change in just loose why would you a year a winning like and why -- you -- a winning lineup you got twenty guys that are playing great the other. If you lose and you and you bring Seidenberg and then it's and it's doesn't hurt got to sit out either make some real hunger a little. Matter to it now lineup and then he'll be ready when he gets an -- and a buddy I was always a big believer when he lineups there are special and don't break markedly after. What they lost a couple games without Chara which cannot bring him back. What you just I just said if you win -- winning you don't set that. All. You know it went if you luge of course and Turkoglu back -- of baker went and why would make change. All right it's it to decides not to OpenId even really considered Michael I kind of gone over and over instead with -- like Seidenberg as good as he is he probably jumps back game but that's that's the word of a coach. Barry Melrose is still think it's a long series don't something like seven Bruins and Rangers Barry thanks so much of -- appreciate it. Our scenario and hope we will keep talking to him throughout these playoffs Barry Melrose ESPN analyst joining us via the AT&T hotline that. Now the change until they lose I that like I understand the logic behind it Steinberg count and for me it works with Wade Redden. It works with guys who are are not. The absolute cause or of your team. But isn't Seidenberg and give you listing Bruins if you added a Bruins draft. And we went back and forth I even do that odds -- -- -- -- at the beginning -- who entered first you have the perspective first pick in the draft I've taken -- we got. Really yeah you're not taking turn the first pick -- -- camera the Bruins are already out there -- -- Bergeron okay. Well I got to had to cut back up to -- interprets and deprive our current. I'll take -- Oh yeah that's Adam Dylan probably think about that. It's pretty -- apparently I got a goaltender Brad. Bergeron and Brooke asked -- the first pick. -- -- -- -- I guess they feel good -- about it adrenaline that I'll stick with them -- -- a pretty good about. Our thoughts about not gonna take him right now that you can't have a both is that I don't have a -- but what -- you who don't. What I got a good and I talked to teach in a back up go our final take -- -- Immediately taken so far -- -- -- this technique well. I'm I'm I'm -- a pretty good position. Aren't aren't you know on the defense and that's fine not yet okay but I can I can go Seidenberg here you know original -- should. Didn't go with the value -- cows do you hunt that -- world. -- defensemen right now let's find unity defenseman -- not right now it's fine now I got chart yeah. You'll probably takes Seidenberg after it takes very. And I I really love your voice vegan I don't know I got your equity get a bill Sagan won't go Syrian. I know mark a noncommercial. OK you take -- -- and Seidenberg okay -- right so -- is right so for the for the sake of this argument Seidenberg is a top ten player on the broad. I can't believe -- and have the number one. And I got Berkshire. And Iraq -- -- pretty mega church -- -- feel pretty good about my I'm not too worried about it I feel like I'm in good shape. But but he's -- and I think that's interesting not only eight top ten guy but he -- city top two guys. Like a bite it take enter a budget and Bergeron first to would you take a second charm would you taken Rask. I probably would have to go. I'll probably go to r.s there so -- so he's in the top two guy I would refer any or all our -- guy. Are are both even if -- everyone else's health. They're gonna sit out to -- looks. That's very surprising and I mean he's the coach that's that's not the way I would be if I were coach excellent 777979837. Whole bunch of people -- away you know -- Barry Melrose that'll get right to your calls. Start with Peter and hold my Peter Peter. Or stop it regiment as a coach and I love Harry. They're not -- Kmart stock. Analysts and his Mormon cult that and an analyst you wouldn't put. Are back again I'm sorry he heard that -- not about the Bruins. He's a top NHL defensemen and the legal team are awfully good lead her back on that -- right there it sounds like I want. Now I agree -- meet the idea that you would stayed a year captain. Thanks to contributions are great but until we lose forget it. Well look at the majority extreme Peter -- -- let's take it down. One more level playing so. Jar jar is one of the top two guys in the team according to the Jonas -- and -- draft. Of the draft Nixon he's not going to back it alas. Past that the number two panic. Seidenberg. Did that it is this course -- I think so too. That probably in my life right there might that probably write. A team. -- can also do think that barrel between leadership and chemistry that you know I wrote an -- but back in -- chemistry without the leadership. I'm -- Chara Seidenberg the leaders are a lot of money right you want undercut. I totally agree you Peter a 100% and I think write about or we made the cut off of our draft there. Is right about the time where I think that that hate and I even though the marsh on makes it on there Marchand is is hurt and he comes back in the team's been winning. And and you wanna leave whoever it is out there for few games fine but with Seidenberg in -- mr. top two defensive pairing when -- is not in -- mean. That's the guy you can count on for for for for any sort of penalty killing whenever -- not in the game surprising comments from. Yeah -- says ever hear this one is if it's not broke don't fix it. Effort that summer before another one says that Salk. Don't you ever challenge. Barry Melrose. Games. Barry Melrose -- on our -- -- game was coached the game all that good stuff. That was very surprising to hear him say that about Seidenberg I just thought it was a natural. Seidenberg draped outside side. By the way I'm not looking to I'm not looking to change everything I don't know that -- deserves the spot back in the lineup until you loser until you change series and you think you have a better match up with him against Pittsburgh or whatever but. -- -- I am I'm fascinated by the idea that not only wouldn't he return Seidenberg to the lineup when he's healthy if they're winning but he might not even do the same thing with Chara. -- you just I just said if you win you're winning you don't gag said that -- surprised by the -- about. All -- problem segment. Of our charter or loss of -- is so well. I love your guards and -- show but I got -- restrict -- help at all mark okay. -- -- -- Doors -- last obligate brewers look out. They gave a war that still work out. -- -- -- I adore -- but I did that very reason there's got no defense there. By a roadside you don't you don't wake up ordered operation. And why don't play your solo last spoke or gave users if you care all that -- -- the facts are so. -- your forwards like you'd be realistic here. The -- truth -- You're not going anywhere at number 20 if you are not the hockey sense and the ability. To joke that didn't play. It up they're all -- sensors on that you're basically play a three on five down low record double the -- Let Bob know -- talking about removing all of these guys you don't think that just Seidenberg though when he's healthy deserves to be back in the lineup. A once again. Politics -- and our whole game. But what are what are what are my sixth defense what might defensive corps is Chara Seidenberg. And then boy it shock and -- how ski and then crew can McQuay. That's not a team that they can continue to move the -- also has some safety net he's chores in the box for a few minutes with Seidenberg defense. -- Sure as I got ballclub what -- slightly -- back. -- -- like these guys have birds or call 88 goals. The fact that there's been a popular. History. Parker now forty years three years ago what they -- -- like the heart there are here are just not what it was last year or two years ago. What is -- Not bothering you look at the some good points and Seidenberg has not had the best season but -- the idea of leaving them help out as healthy scratch should be very very surprising to. Is not Richard and Beverly were talking about wrecked truck Soderbergh were talking about talking about one of the course dear team one of the pillars of what you've built. Guys -- all over there. Yeah I don't see it he said it would be so surprising it would be surprising because it's not that I was -- Barry Melrose is record as a coach that's about killing Barry Melrose. Grapes about Barry Melrose. -- jumping or six or 7779793. Sevenths alcoholic W media.

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