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If the Bruins win this Rangers series easily, take notice rest of NHL!

May 21, 2013|

Are the inconsistent Bruins of series-past gone? Are these the dominant Bruins we will see the rest of the playoffs? We discuss it.

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I feel like that you beat the Rangers -- beat the Rangers. I'm not incredibly confident I'm not overconfident going into this game three tonight. I do find myself thinking about quote. After games I've never remember after game seven. They beat Toronto. And quote says. A number of things -- a number of refreshingly. Honest things out his team and what they are capable of doing in. Some of the struck on. That stood -- to me follow -- -- get a read the text message to correct me up salt should have brought brought bought drinks the other night it might help some of the voting. This is how you put me on the spot about buying during got by people on the night I wasn't planning to buy drinks and now people are voting against me. Because of perceived cheapest seat on our drinks twice okay how many times but but never. So you gotta go with the guy who should -- drink after he -- drink before. Or guy whereas even mention I'm still banking on a misspelling of my name SA OK no USA LK this is well Julian as Michael said after games we make it tough. Ourselves and then you know we were being honest here. You know not being able to close at game five. We've had trouble we've always had trouble with the killer instinct. But that's that's media fault of -- but the strength of ours is the character that you saw tonight. There is at fault in the exact character and somewhere along the way he's trying to fix defaults. And and hopefully keep that character going. As the fault been fixed. The Bruins have a killer instinct that they do have a killer instinct what does it look like in the next two games is it. Just playing well and have a in the series come back to Boston tied it -- they play well but -- New York is at home they defend their home ice just like the Bruins did and now it's -- best of three series is a killer instinct anything this series. In four games. Is that really proven a point where for me and this is where -- this is where I live on this thing is to split. A split New York you come home up three games to one. With an opportunity to close out game five I'm OK with that. I think any of those are acceptable answers and I'm with you I think getting the split in new York and coming back 31 is is -- very acceptable that showing killer instinct doesn't mean killer instinct doesn't mean you win four zip and every single series it means that. We have the opportunity to close teams out you do so are right. Maybe you lose tonight but then win the next game or vice -- mean that up to me is fine. What would show me this team still has a killer instinct is is is is a look a little differently at -- say it. You have opportunities to be the goal. When you have the 21 ones when you have the occasional break Michael said today he like with their transition game has been doing recently OK when you transition well when you find new York at a position. And get an odd man rush or when you get a puck in front of the net the slot. Win beat Lundqvist continue to beat him don't let him gain confidence they -- question himself and I think if they keep doing that. That is that is good for me because that will lead to all of the other things you. Suggest -- it wouldn't be surprising to you. If if Lundqvist is questioning himself right now -- surprisingly this is one of the well one of the great goaltenders in the NHL right now. Vezina trophy winner from last year. What was it is the guy. Who allows New York to play the way they play it allows him to be constructed the way it's constructed. Because they rely so much on him -- -- what -- shock you know. If before game three starts to say. -- -- -- I don't know man the Bruins are really. I'd say they've figured me out I don't wanna turn him into James primer paid immediate. Hendrick Lundqvist is not some kid who's worried about the spotlight get shaky but he's never won a cup. And I'm gonna start Arenas that -- not gonna remain that being Henry sports even though it sounds better than -- Although it does sound a little bit less Norse mythological. They don't care he's not to me nervous like that. But there is still something to playing with confidence right there is something to -- building on your successes don't let him have some success to start building on -- don't let the defensive corps for the Rangers get excited also -- behind -- -- all right good to -- we can take our team we can do we need to do is keep beating Lundqvist when you have the opportunity to do so. And I don't think that you I don't think they can close the Bruins are such a strong defensive team took it is is locked in as is confident as I've seen complain. And the Rangers as I said yesterday twenty times in the you don't like the -- -- incident offensively don't bring that -- I'm I'm gonna bring it up over and over again it didn't. They are impatient offensively. That you put it together and if you can keep beating if you can keep beating Lundqvist I have very very little concern. -- killer instinct he'd -- What you're going to -- attacking him you mean. Now and then beating a not just attacking -- letting him save it actually find ways to beat him or beat -- five hole a few -- the government slap shot from the point. -- get traffic in front on their finding ways to get up. You don't let you know what does still just one of the things I do expect to change -- like people losing Kentucky texting and they'll hit a you know what. I don't message and that's not technology that -- good enough to be a little more flexible or not but one thing I do expect to change. I expected better performance from from Lundqvist valued. Yeah yeah you can talk about the the New York offense or are they their lack of firepower. And they are who they are and it's probably -- -- -- change all that much. Halfway through. Much and now with repeat his nose for aperture two games into the conference semi finals. And the way they were against the capitals -- nine games into the post season I don't think they gonna become something that they're not. But in games. Six and seven in the post season of their post season. I saw Lundqvist become the guy he was last year in and in the guy was for the better part of this year so I do expect him. To be to look a lot better than he did and especially in game two but he was okay. In game one. It was he was he was. Far from okay in game two I expect the real long quest to return. I Hevesi case can say you can attack on you can say beat them all you want. What do we see the real Lundqvist. As a lot easier said than I guess I just think they're -- Capable of of keeping the quote unquote real Lundqvist the way you know remain. Take it that don't don't allow that to be an excuse don't allow Lundqvist being a great goalie to be an excuse just. Just keep him from being that by finding ways to score goals if you keep getting odd man -- if you keep taking advantage in transition getting up -- getting traffic in front of them and making his life difficult. But he can never really be. The quote unquote real Henrik Lundqvist so. I I just think don't don't let it don't ever let it be an excuse to never let it be in the Rangers and keep putting your own hands and keep control of the series and that will be. Lawrence this what I need this relationship for you weren't this when he and his relationship. He. And some months for me you earlier that delicate relationship with a broad brilliant opinion I mean honest we're told wanna find a total on are you sure yes you may not likely -- -- all right Arafat a pilot -- -- ought to at least Ghana. You do. You expect. A sweet. I know you do -- haven't -- duke panic I -- I would suspect that's what you're saying you're saying what you think you're supposed to sit. -- -- when you are not -- -- your heart just feel like. The Bruins are so much better than the Rangers. You expect this series be over reported thankfully I'm a complete -- that is the problem I am a complete Jack Mike that you want total on -- -- -- you can be a complete jackass and totally honest I've told you before I go hand in hand I told you before you never expect to -- that's. And unreal expectation to put on any team whether to baseball team played a three or four game series in the middle of the year or hockey team -- played a seven game series in the playoffs. Two expecting sweep is on reasonable but. But I kind of expect this -- like I kinda wanna see them do what I kinda wanna see them gather all the momentum the way they did against Philadelphia few years ago. And really show all they are there full power. You know what I mean spread their wings whatever analogy you wanna use and show the full power for this Bruins team can be. And maybe put the fear of god into the rest of the leak is a big just walked through. You know rocket and York Rangers us open and not supposed to do that's right there or not they're not a they they are not the walking wounded -- The Rangers they're they're reasonably healthy for the playoffs absolute yeah. They've got a great goaltender. They've got a coach who gets a lot of props from people -- coach and got a championship on his resume Stanley Cup. On his resonate all these things. In the bring -- -- and they are built similarly to the Bruins have the Bruins are able to sweep them it doesn't notice I don't expect that. But if it happens. Now been changed -- could change the way I look at the Bruins entirely if they sweep the Rangers. Now you've taken me to a place that -- got to -- expect Taylor ratchet it up and taken to a place where now expect you you're afraid. Afraid even with Pittsburgh -- guest at -- I don't let's say your favorite actor playing her now now you're right there with you playing unbelievable hockey right now. Well and an end to just keep that goal with Tuukka -- you've got the goalie edge over Pittsburgh if you end up facing him I know that. Duke has played so well with such confidence that you got the goalie edge he start scoring the way you're capable of going to complete Greek defense especially as you get Seidenberg back over the next couple days next couple games. They certainly got that they certainly have a shot at it and how good putting seven games here I would look ahead. But how good would a seven game series they are not stop Lawrence will not look at you gotta have the killer instinct -- killer you what I just did and start looking ahead they got to concentrate on the Rangers. When the game tonight you guys can jump in -- 6177797937. What is killer instinct what would show you the Bruins have. Against the Rangers and and are your expectations changed for. 6177797937. In the meantime before Barry Melrose at 3 o'clock talk hockey with him. Has his expectation change he had -- -- -- allergies -- -- Does this change what it is he now say Bruins and four Bruins in five Bruins sixers he's sticking with his original prediction we can ask Perry at 3 o'clock. Tell -- who you saw last. Sent via text. Was like 9930 somewhat that -- and run attacks. Which is -- -- this tall guy looks familiar. He's walking around. Of the golfers -- again discount hang out there you kind of upset I kept trying to hang out there -- you've been there in the last two months -- -- former really nothing has worked hard and are in there twice until after -- three time at least some good it is what you get it was packed. About. -- -- In doing so I saw this guy to get the Brussels sprouts are denied to Brussels Brussels sprouts laws -- there much better than it did into the expect we're gonna stick out. I went into don't wanna be punished. How reflective of a kid you -- eat your Brussels -- -- -- -- -- anyway no orders Brussels sprouts willingly I was there with three women -- -- that sort of makes a lot into other men but I saw Roger Goodell. You saw Roger -- Roger Goodell last night. Hanging out with. Bob Kraft. And the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Shot confidently that this is -- Johnson are great mustache yes. And so. And an added I know was give developers within our I recognize recognized in us is John -- watch no wasn't a giant watch. You're going around to the wait staff in and giving them those big man looks like he does with the draft next. And to hold on tight. And the guys -- like women know I have to deliver this to the table twelve let me go please -- And expect a pretty good power trio. Yeah what's so it just reminded me of course spirit around NFL owners' meetings lots of league. Business to take care Roger Goodell last night along with Bob Kraft in soccer. Are to UC Goodell is crafty you relate the league meetings are going on some interesting stuff coming out of -- -- excited about football what today's -- did talk some football you -- routier's beginning today for the patriots I was gonna ask this question -- to you right off the -- -- be curious what people answers well we take -- -- -- -- patriots calls as well. Three days of OTAs right today Wednesday and Thursday three days of practices for the for the patriots. When Chris price goes to write his article at the end of that WEEI dot com it is what it is it is what it is great name for the blog by. I like especially for like minor moves what you see on Twitter it is what it is patriots cuts and I've never heard of look at her account is loaded in order to are perfectly fits. What do you wanna secret price writing about a what does the number one take away you hope occurs. But what's the number one thing you hope he notices over the course of the three days of practice and writes about it the end will be a great win for the patriots. Over the first three days a vote DA's today answer that question next Bruins calls patriots calls 6177797937. Salt Paul W via -- Justin Nobel element I think that's the problem. Started charmer far. I never spent our company's go to -- and for what we're worried about bell -- what what don't what do what do you need to -- ask me question about a -- -- got an answer. It was a cell -- he worked out well I was gonna say what's the significance of the broker the belt how leads the way. It's the -- the bill. And it leads to -- house follow the records account to have the balance of the the other council policy you know -- the lead to her legacy in the cows -- Smart to figure out absolutely I'm sending it into bill and they just followed go -- like sheep. But to write about you is exactly right am I right -- -- right now you've got to get in his account with a -- tattoos and especially -- say that's exactly what I'm talking about he's the -- count them only where it's not getting them was inevitable wasn't -- -- -- had submitted through the yeah. Better and -- from Miriam -- right now I trust Miriam is. I was and I admitted it goes acreage in hell lecture series something she was horse in my early you know my sources my early years working on the farm. Wire -- I mean my room and got. We got like four or half full or there -- -- more important. It deeply deeply involved in your quiche and techniques like early days on the farm were really learn about the belt now and eulogies that they'll count for the Bruins. Question for you Bruins wise is what would they need to do to show they have killer instinct. Against the Rangers is it sweet is it to winning two one you know splitting in New York is Michael said is something specific about the planes hitting the guy yesterday. Seriously if the Bruins are winning they were hitting enough survey were soft soft team or play in Bruins hockey so what is it that tells you that they have a killer instinct that for the. Or maybe it's a captain or maybe it's a captain you know a few people here and you always have these folks and Sports Radio no matter what the sports. You know pat I know a little something about it in the -- -- I played for awhile and on and play in the NHL or the HL. But. I play my Tuesday night -- -- little something about hockey you guys don't understand. Hockey and I can see that Zdeno Chara is not the same in the had a terrible game to show. And he needs to be better so maybe for those people it is today -- -- Looking like he did say in game seven vs Toronto as opposed to game two. Against the -- -- six or. 777 on 79237. The number for that in and the second question you're talking patriots at the same time without TA starting today in the what you -- what -- you wanna get out of routier's like if Chris as -- -- -- -- gonna write his article the answering our here's what I saw while we were there. What would be the number one thing you would like him to write about that would give you good feeling coming out of this and eventually into training camp and another couple months -- into the regular season what do you hope get. It's accomplished this week I want the kids and honest with those kids do once you're an illustrated picked it receivers. Second round pick in fourth round pick Aaron Dobson and Josh Boyce. I want to see if they can pick up the offense and -- -- can contribute immediately. One of the 63 -- hazard and runs a 44 forty now does that mean anything. I think it's it will pitcher it will get your retention. But does it mean they can -- does that mean you can transition that. Does that translate to get it down for Tom Brady I'm curious. And with with the voice. There was a comparison or two to a young and grumbled and maybe a reached. But he's got the same body type is ball not as tall as Dobson 511 got to order towns. Let's see if this guy. Can pick up the offense and if you see that you see both of them -- them. And are able to at least figure out the Burgundy yeah. Of the Patriots offense that's pretty funny my. My first gut instinct took me to Danny Amendola and may because we've been arguing about him and Welker so much but but I said almost the exact same thing you do said about the kids. A podium and dole wants an art if he and Brady establish some chemistry right off the bat. That's going to be a great -- Huskies not gonna be out there working with them so it's a good chance so I -- today he was -- to a lot of one on one time Ballard. But I assume there's also a lot going on with with him as well it's -- all right. If any of the -- and Brady get along great right off the bat and develop a chemistry know each other are. That's one of the things that can be accomplished in -- -- TA. That would make me feel pretty good night like the text message here. -- -- -- Number one thing I would hope to hear is that -- just -- what's accusing him Armond Armstead Armond Armstead is fantastic that he looks good. And it does kind of make sense and do we keep talking about the offense we know the defense is the bigger concern for the patriots so if the -- to one of the guys are open is gonna fill in in the defense of line. Looks great that would be fantastic if the secondary looks great that would be fantastic that. I just don't know. Whether you can really judge. What your defense is gonna look like from an OT I just don't know the can get but got to -- is a great thing for training. Judge anything you can't judge what anything's gonna look like that's why I'm talking about the the offense to set a knowledge of where you're supposed to be. And a knowledge of the concepts. And terms of getting out there and being hit or. War. Just actually playing the game the way it is going to be played during even even during pre season games you can't tell from an OT -- who's gonna get it doesn't. What you do know who has been in the playbook. And who sat at the very least understands. What the offense and and defense has. An account six or 777979237. Suburb Bruins talked patriots talked as well here this afternoon. On salt and Hollywood go to Jack in a cardigan a starting hijacked. That are jobless Jack was. Well you know get a -- just your GPA after a -- now. And I think every general manager will be an agreement -- -- change one rule. We wouldn't have been babysitting -- with a player like dug -- -- and when their bill junior eligible. And not able that need to go back to juniors that are planned epic game playing DHL bought it for example you. And I think it does it does not -- put -- they're broke because they don't get to become well. In in in like every other sport where they're able to just. Come into the game and be able to get better what are. You throw in an alert system out of the -- that everything that they need to do. Where. That they're just thrown into the fire and. Just can't disagree -- -- believe -- -- not I don't disagree about how does that you know -- how does that affect the team right now in the playoffs. It does that affect the team in the playoffs what do you make people that. They see chrome in part koehlke Kamal who played college and played DHL. And they're they're wonder that the kids can play that well. All they -- implied -- a player they've been able to quell. And it will do more than afforded that -- -- opportunity just like arsenic -- afforded the opportunity it. It just doesn't make sense that they didn't change a rule that is souls out there at everybody that. That knows anything about hockey would know they've got. -- OK. Okay if -- airport but let's bring back to tonight what what do you look at for tonight. What what what's what's on your heart problems yeah. What shocked I think they're gonna people you really. Really really don't like I don't see any reason why shouldn't it let's say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Republican because they're good team that you beat the Rangers are getting. Okay so like that's why don't expect -- -- I don't think good teams who were healthy get swept out of the playoffs. I can not not not for the most part or something got to be wrong there are some dysfunction behind the scenes. A key guy goes out something. But I -- I think directors are welcome to think they're a good team they're going home. I don't expect and I'll be surprised pleasantly surprised to get swept it's. I don't think the Rangers are good team I just don't think there is good teams the Bruins are the way the Bruins are playing in the way the Rangers reply. It's not -- not a good to either good or they're good NHL hockey team they deserve to be in the playoffs -- no joke. They've got one of the better goal is in the legal though he's not playing like it right now some of which has a lot to do it with the Bruins -- point. I just don't think they're playing it anywhere near the same levels their competition in the way the Bruins are flying and the way the defense has played the way char is playing in his minutes. The way Lucic is leading the way and being physical with -- -- the with a whole battle preaching line has just been so dynamic. And and and with with. With the physical presence you get along through the lineup the transition game they have going and then Rask confidence. I don't I don't think the Rangers there's got rid the just not as good as the Bruins are right now in us now. Shot of it they're not as good as the Bruins are always going that -- -- keep beating the southern outskirts of room okay are not -- They go they go home. They play the -- a good game. They play a solid game. For sixty minutes and they pull out he'd created to win are -- -- rewards still the better team. But the Rangers were able to put it together. Lundqvist was able to come up with a stopper to that he wasn't able to come up with the Boston. As of now it -- -- once here you see that happen if you're I think it's going to be three won't give backed by I think it is still respectable if it even gets back to Boston 617779. Gonna be a -- Don't have a development personnel as I said -- -- New Hampshire Bob Broderick. And I got I got was a man. And I were your -- -- -- -- feel. I would say guys on the on the road at the start with birdies. Or were scored by the global -- right start soccer. It's what people people -- part. Are you -- Rich. That. Aren't on board. Now I know of that achievement whopper go to our worst record at our -- and I don't you now. -- -- -- -- -- They going to break -- talk about salt for so well at the -- that outshot. When it you know you shot born out got to talk talk in private. Are you out a cartel like that the you have to respect that -- you are a lot of people of New York clinic achieve that -- I don't see how that occupy wall. -- totally agree. I agree with everything Bob just -- I think that's incredibly well stated summed up and and Bob I don't know exactly how all those things came to be. But I think the first two point to the ones that stand out to -- Lucic and Bergeron. I want when those guys have been going. They are such I mean it's such unbelievable. Hockey players and so difficult. For the other team -- national -- Bergeron after all three zones and Lucic just opening creating so much space. You don't think it's an accident a creature is playing out of his mind at the same time that Lucic is killing people billion. I don't think that's an accident at all. Maybe you you've talked about it many times I think the one comparison you made -- Lucci she cities Logan Mankins. Of the of the Bruins know he's a guy if you do you watch him you follow him and he's going right the team that usually gone pretty well as as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At the Rangers back into the playoffs there an average team at best -- nationalize this text threats like believes that the Bruins are gonna swing. They're legitimate playoff team but that doesn't say that much in the NHL I mean that doesn't make them -- I don't think they're -- I think they were really scary coming into the series because they played so well against the Bruins specifically. That matchup has been brutal for the -- But I look like it. Ran in the Lundqvist hasn't shown any of the signs of steel in the series the way he's done against them in the past not a series but it game or and and and some of the problems some of the turnover problems they've had against the Rangers have always killed -- Haven't killed so far because they buried their chance to -- Lundqvist and it really mattered much and Rask has played so confidently and so well. The number what is really come to -- so no I I don't find myself that worried about the rest of the series I would love to see them go take care business. Would love to see them go take your business or -- -- call 61777. On 7937. Plus more patriots -- -- eleven and a half. Eleven and a half as an over under for the patriots this year that a fair number so alcoholic WE yeah. Mass murderer like. The car I think now we're -- now wouldn't that wasn't the right thing really you know -- the mass murder -- That's part of the deception. I don't know it's just interesting mass murder that's how I fooled them. Bring them into my web. I do we mentioned we have Barry Melrose it was fantastic when we talk with them last week Barry Melrose going to be on in about fifteen minutes. 1515. Minutes away from Barry Melrose he has -- -- twelve but -- -- about that he's there let's let's not tease people c'mon fifteen minutes let's be realistic fifteen minutes. Before Barry Melrose and then at 4 o'clock once again today part of the national contest giving away another thousand dollars every day this week at 4 o'clock I've got to be listening. We will give you an opportunity to win 8000 dollars cash. Something nobody does not -- thousand dollars it's via via the web that is not to text contests so. Have to be your computer at all until we can tell you now. But at 4 o'clock we will get that done for eleven. Soccer's Curtis -- this morning morning shall Purdue's Chris. Vegas at the patriots over under eleven and a half for wins over yet deal not sure of course you just assume that it's twelve plus every year yet someone. Eleven of five is it is pretty much the low end. For the patriots in this era. And you usually expect somewhere between twelve and -- fourteen to one of -- twelve and half he got the over him out here now. Now we got to -- and then not now art and Hummer guys and they're not twelve perhaps you've got to -- yet. But 1111. And half -- okay. Looking at the schedule -- it's easy this look at that team and say. That's at ten and six type of team or that's at twelve and four type team to fourteen into the type. But you look at the look at those scheduled trip here OK if they're going to lose more than four games who's going to be. And when you look at the schedule right identity can do I know every team in the NFL head table every year of these every other team. There's maybe five teams on the list here. It look like they're gonna be especially hard games there's always a -- and you don't expect in a lawsuit on -- correct but look at it say OK they're gonna have to take on Atlanta. New Orleans. Denver Houston and Baltimore. You agree that's probably the five teams that jump out at you. I mean more so than buffalo more so -- the jets more so than camp although I like them Cincinnati. Pittsburgh. Carolina. Cleveland. And buffalo. Mean are there any of those would you say the five teams I mentioned and different category from the other teams know you don't think so no everybody's the same heading into the job. And says that either where you you kind of glossed over Cincinnati and Pittsburgh goes to playoff teams I don't the Steelers and make the playoffs last year. But their playoff team that stupid they they took a break from the playoffs. In 2012 they'll be back 2013 is the Bengals made the playoffs. The last two years there's things just don't scare me now -- they've -- they've matched up with the Texans the last two years and that's obviously not a good match noticed in the house. But no there there -- getting. And they made some interest to move RTC Odom you wanna say they're seven -- -- -- seventy have steelers' schedule are are really competitive teams -- Two -- you split those games and win the other you're gonna go you're gonna have a level winds -- repaired right Eric and it's widgets so so -- is pretty amazing how. How quickly a patriots team when you're when you're just looking at the schedule on paper can get the twelfth right you look at your division and the purchase allows. The buffalo. Rookie quarterback. Who most people don't even think deserve to have been picked query was -- and not all that much talent around -- the first round -- New York. It's hard to get behind the jets are like Sanchez more than other people do many did bring a team to two and two consecutive two consecutive or two whenever you are not a concern -- consecutive AFC championship games and that's not nothing. He deserves a level of credit for that. But the team is such a train wreck under Rex Ryan but until they fire him I'm used to be afraid of the jets adorable little dolphins here. I have a little bit of dolphins nervousness because there that the flash that the flash they had in free agency yet no more 'cause -- -- -- in years to. He's been in that system for a long time now has gotten a full look at a year in the pros. He showed me that he can move around he's Agile he's able he's got a cannon for an arm. He's made some questionable decisions but every rookie does and if he -- some of that up such a huge if he could be the second best quarterback in this division. Without problems are before I just before rip right to an account when I tell you guys. This is exciting you wanted to attend Super Bowl fifteen super -- fifty. Will be in separate Cisco. But not really in San Francisco because it will be in Santa Clara yes they have a new stadium opening what 2014. Stadium in Santa -- we'll talk more about NFL stadiums and some of the challenges susceptible to hold him for -- -- at 4 o'clock but yes a little fifty which will be Super Bowl L. Pretty good but but right -- you know you sit all the things one word you did not mention. You mentioned. A lot of his attributes you didn't mention accuracy. Is that accurate. So that's one thing that and I'll never have to fear. Ryan Janet hill because I'd still think Q I don't think he has. And I don't think he will have. You know what he's got -- right I Q when we talk about quarterbacks we haven't spent time talking football yet as we sort of just getting into OT season but you're right. Accuracy and decision making will be the two things that I come back to over and over again. You'll still pretty young and -- is pretty young -- being a quarterback to remember played wide receiver first first couple years Texas -- -- M before converting to back to quarterback -- and I think there's been a growth process with him that's on a slightly different scale than on some other players at a slightly different rate of speed. But I think he's capable of being so accurate I think he's capable of making good decisions -- does have a threes in Q. To spear him in year two are often and when I saw some glimpses here one that that lead me to believe that in year two -- that he's going to be Brady twice. Not that they're going to be the best team in the division beat the patriots but that they're going to be stepping ahead of where new Yorker buffalo was going to be and probably your chief challenger in the east if they are even -- -- You -- win eleven games to win this division. Yeah I think so I think that's good that's a fair guests on your part. So you gave -- teams are gonna win and you afraid of the dolphins because you're there you'll go a little yeah it is a new logo that -- much more ferocious corpus. It might change I like it which I mean I like Vanilla it's the same. Little difference ferocious -- to angry it's updated it's new it's modern it's at -- it's it's a money grab that it's an opportunity -- -- our our fan base. We haven't changed we haven't changed uniforms and long time. So people are still holding on to their. Don struck. It and Dan Marino. In Jim Jensen. -- -- -- John offered all that I do have a John Oliver soldiers killed a guy Jim Jensen like a nice job of everybody you know those kids named Sammy Smith. They are those guys running back -- wanted to wanted to Mike. Update the logo and and and generate some more revenue. Come text message Danielle could beat the pitchers but he still wouldn't even know that it's division game at that salute your doesn't matter what you -- know could name his own division won't matter as long as the kid wins it won't matter all are right we have Barry Melrose on -- -- the Bruins in seven. Against the Rangers after watching two games. As he changed that prediction is he ready to say Bruins and four. Bruins and five were you stick him by at last the -- -- alcoholic W media.

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