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Ed Olczyk, NBC Sports: "Surprised" by amount of goals in series so far

May 21, 2013|

Eddie Olczyk joins the show to discuss the Bruins Rangers series and what to expect with Game 3 back in NY. He also talks about Seguin's inconsistency and the role of Jaromir Jagr.

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Not load ID 37 WEEI a body ideal -- been on Detroit Chicago. And that series all of a sudden oh. Audiobook -- Chicago hotels for Stanley Cup finals yet Detroit's goals for the sake. The huge win last night Eddie's been on that series denies that the join us on the eighteenth the hotline bill upset -- one out west steady -- -- like that and that's why he played a whole. The senate compliment to gain him. There's really don't know at what he played a full sixty minute that any -- that you need to with a you. Would that be traded away a real good period that in the coming off pay. That -- around wanna get error conduct where they'd be paid much bigger much more physical much heavier than. Detroit got their swagger back the great goaltending and Jimmy Howard and they're up to gain one but a lot of hockey to be played. I would expect Chicago a couple of their best effort on Thursday night in Detroit it did or. -- allow ticket that's that's the game right momentum and confidence and a lot of people here are confident out the -- rep Jim Nelson. What has to happen from her than to lose this series come down of one guy Lundqvist. Yeah absolutely. Here is. He has the strength of their team and as he goes -- go to the Rangers. You know there. Like the Bruins on the back end they're not as dramatic when you lose. There isn't a guy like Sid Seidenberg impaired even even though -- get dark counts in in Hamilton has been Bogut got their something her experience and I think honoring your bracket as well. Are there but mark also permits one of their top defenseman as well. Everything relies on a tad bit of Hendrick Lundqvist said I would expect in the Bob I can be viewed the formatting game three. It. It -- -- start with the regular news is that being much better defensively -- got a lot very surprised if it how many orbit coordinates here it to that point and go back to. Game one. Each give up a spot in my opinion I thought that you know I -- pretty record it would be 2131. At brigade. And you want it should've been to a game but locally give up a bad goal -- and it -- too. -- all the bad chip and pour a ball side naturally get on the board yet. -- you get 45 different goals or from Berlin brigade to -- a little bit surprised valid imagined it would settle related to. In more defensive type of battle that I was expecting. In this period that it it reback in the -- We're talking a electric NBC sports I give you credit you pick the Rangers for the year to win the cup and then when you Rask come playoff time you wanna change your opinion you stuck with the -- lot of guys -- on that. And make a new pick you stuck with the Rangers and he'd talk about defensively in this series are you surprised that that McDonna Girardi group. Has been split up because to me either -- like Chara Seidenberg anywhere both guys together. They can shut down whatever line they're gonna face. He'll put those guys back together for this series I'm not sure it's the best coaching move by Toro. Well thank you look at -- you look at how the -- the Bruins are built it and powerful little. How did have the ability to play with depth and play with 234. Wide even with Gregory Campbell during a beautiful backhand the other night the other afternoon. It -- in game two I know EE and I think it speaks at the lack. I'm confident that the coach has been in in the defense in depth that is even. And good when you're playing against -- team like Washington where. You could say that they're at one lying with that action and we'll catch it and you'll take your chances but the other guy. Etiquette -- respect factor to utilities Gupta -- well it is. It's tipping his helmet and say you know what the Brooklyn got so bad about a couple of -- I got to try to. Read the -- a little bit of it and you're already I don't know what it final stab her in that game. I gamecube and every comic character -- and on the right -- and in the mean he's a pretty solid defense and he had an afternoon I would expect in the ball back that. If you've got you're only going to be that big sort of rally broke -- adopted it in charges that walk around a little bit. You maybe get to a point here where. These guys that you know these guys are rapidly thirty plus minutes and it might have to wait thirty to 33 -- they're -- -- You come back attitude that you revolving door Big Dig deep -- get them. You'll get some water get back out there in April but I hope you're abroad you wanna play and write about game. Every opportunity you've got a chance to get piece of Girardi -- gaga. -- -- a log a lot of minutes you're gonna make him pay and and that horrific that ought to be. It's the -- that you hear you know most guys make it -- typical of those two guys. In particular. Yet -- up there for all five goals and don't ask you about the Bruins defenseman because of the veterans out in Breton and Harrison's Seidenberg -- -- the young kids and that's for pretty much the buzz here now for the past couple days the play of those guys what are you hearing how surprised -- you with the play those kids. Well. I'm not surprised at all the closure what they're living and working at Pittsburgh and I got a chance to put should -- mark -- you would mean that the young hockey player going up in Pittsburgh and had. I gotta get -- beer on them in an edit it do that. That natural ability its yet whether or not you know the need to take advantage of the opportunity that presented -- I could be happier for Bart these particular -- Young guy and day his skating I think he added I don't think he's really. -- hit it's it's full complement of its ability being you know he's only played you know. You know what maybe -- -- gave any any doubt whatever that number is -- getting a break it obliterated the year lol. I think he handled the situation very well as a great ability to be able SKQ lot of trouble. He's always with the -- and their opportunity for him to continue to that pushed it eight and they're something that have a guy back there that can be strong. But I also can speak out of trouble negated that just about. Off the glass and it didn't neutral well -- -- -- -- -- will equate the defensive about that big bat like. But for me I think he's got a lot of upside and I couldn't be happier for him and -- family and he played obviously want the greatest sport in the world -- reorganization. For the Boston Bruins -- -- he expected here very -- executed he's production from. You know from watching them play in the big commitment they absolutely don't gonna happen when you put a group begin at Campbell -- -- He had the leadership of Rhode Island bit of -- on the back and let -- get really may well -- feel really comfortable at all. Not the guy in particular that -- out he'd get that old very well. -- you do like three young guys -- -- -- not a lot of experience. That sucker out and let out. Or not you're gonna have a little bit more trouble. But the -- to be able to overcome that and indeed guide India is basically be much better off because these guys got the opportunity and -- the -- clipped the Democrats cover to plug Julia you're say you know. You know what look -- these guys are helping look -- these guys come back into the degree petition -- out of the coaching already collected. I can maybe seven that at -- I want or maybe I can give these guys that extra day. You'd do it to make sure that they're fully healthy before you get in get them back in because there is something that experience. That -- experience that these guys are getting right now it is little doubt it will not only for tomorrow -- today but for down a little while ago said that that's that's great if people you have got. Eddie that's been the response here is let the veterans to keep play in the kids in the week talked bark -- you last week -- he had younger poster in his role what he's grown up and now he's playing with a gawker it. I guess it not physically on the series but you watch these Claude Julien. Very defensive minded teams and I think the bigger shock is that. -- -- -- in particular they look so different than the other Bruin defense because they are so offensive minded do you think. You think that can. Co exist in in -- system guys like crude -- house Q will be so offensive when Claude. Once those guys to be so much stay at home as part of what he does the code. Wynonna would look like that's for sure that the old that's split of the game at the game has been being able to get out to -- dictate. They get on your work -- and get moving offensively and and there's nothing better look forward to have mobile's defensive back Eric. We have the H out of trouble speeches to an area that you're going to be a big part of the ways and you know look at coach you can look at it -- an and I will edit it while -- -- Bosnian. Did you know work in the game there and they were -- what does -- upload a couple of years ago. Is that what it'd be a good scheme. I don't think he gets enough credit. All of bear further offensive thinking what they do have the plot. And that -- that transition a -- kind of going from defense offense may be with a little slower maybe it was a better today you know what that let's make sure a 100%. That we have this plot and because they're opera they gave it to -- it. But like you've got to go you gotta go right now and it somewhat subtle little trigger and actually from the Bruins is that. I think -- wed there in that position sure the big -- pitcher to beat at pocket if -- go right away and I think that that certainly helps when you have young guys that probably don't know. All the tackle a lot better especially sitting in the situation in the second round of the playoffs but I didn't I had great -- to -- a jerk. The board and really address -- figured that they're watching and knowing that there are guys are thinking it's even before they get the -- in the better defense in the world we're going to have the pot. Anyone ask you about Tyler Sagan because they always. He's still a young kid now it's just his third year in the league at what point is no longer by a young kid in need anyone to reach those expectations. While I would say that you're getting to that point where he you know he'd have to take that next step and get a bit more consistent than. And and find a game and in understanding that it sometimes. The game isn't going to be. You know -- beat seat sometimes you're gonna happen while they're gonna get right here. You know -- -- you'd find a way is just not. If it's just not. Station -- station -- -- like you've got to follow your belt and you've got to find other ways to contribute so would not work and offensively what you gotta be diligent fore -- you've got a you've got to be -- away from the pocket in finding a consistent is what separates the good players have a great players and I get I would say get it certainly on net Peter Parker right now. I'm I'm I'm going either way and look -- now I would create a good player national actually somebody that can export when he -- the year. The public you know contribute in the playoffs in India threat. I don't -- -- any doubt he'd gotten a little bit more ice time and I think they're -- in his bat to try to. Get him -- because all of a sudden out of you can get him. Being a -- being eight -- -- finishing some of these opportunities. Brooke because really dangerously and I think that that speaks to what we are talking about earlier that split up but Girardi and act on that the Rangers realizes that Angela -- shot. 01 liking you gotta be able to keep in check. Q and for sure and even three reliant depending on all caught on the block but for -- These -- -- -- -- the real important actor Tyler say you know I'm not just talking about and I Nader gave all our. You know you do you build confidence in in but I think he understands. That type of player that he has been in what it is they don't offensively. You know find other ways to generate -- BA and airport at. Your -- your team whether you have the -- or not. Eddie let me get you out on this -- your career he spent a couple of years at Pittsburgh I believe you play with the younger we get all these epic stories about -- the other night after that game he's -- -- -- at 8 o'clock at night on the -- Bruins. You know little -- -- winter hat on by himself at the garden with two pox no goals any. He got a good -- story from -- -- leader who spent playing with him. All of that you don't a lot of these so a lot of people haven't heard -- you touched a lot of and it just plays the witness not a pattern Philly and new York and Washington Dallas and now and in in Boston. And the that they're just repetitive but you know they're -- who. That's who our Gary -- is -- me he's hit perfection at the he's always looking at that she's always just try -- -- comparable I think that's probably a thing to me that. Being around him as and that is a teammate and being around it in the broadcaster. It just for him it's it's it's trying to get in field. Comparable in all I mean he's at the chances that he had that appeared. In game two in the it's just a matter I'm gonna get you have to account free are very augur well -- I mean I. The matter you've got to look out form and I think that they are something to that in and you could probably -- the guys are playing -- -- -- -- When they're seen him on the I realized what he gets a lot of attention so you play what the you'd better be ready you better beyond -- I hear told because there's a pretty good chance you're gonna have an opportunity to make some plays that. You know he's always been that way and again I think it has to do with how you know making making himself feel like he's he's comfortable well on the extent out here. -- -- great stuff love the coverage of throughout the NBC sports playoff schedule and you're in Detroit Chicago with -- great series and hopefully at some point. We get just some of these Bruins games look for talking on the down the road. All I guarantee that a broad get out of -- brought against the Rangers I'll guarantee that will be in the ground and an extra. -- -- -- -- -- altered joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Of the ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible he always like -- well. Horse racing reference to on -- broadcast was a good job we got an update we come back Claude Julien has given us an update on -- is injured defensemen. But who skated yesterday able say -- -- berg and -- -- more your phone calls next.

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