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Kenny Albert, NY Rangers PBP: Previews Game 3

May 21, 2013|

Kenny Albert joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the play of Henrik Lundqvist, changes John Torterella may make before tonight's game, and if home ice advantage will make a difference.

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Other voice the Rangers nice enough to was join us throughout the series he's Kenny Albert hey Kenny mutt and Lou how are you. Are we talked before the series and make the expectation was great defense great goaltending. Have they gotten that the Rangers these first two games in your -- -- I think wraps certainly outplayed Lundqvist again too difficult -- it was for you drink your water in your report puts the guy who. He -- the top three goaltenders in the entire world in my opinion it shot out to 67 in the first round -- Would you give to the operators -- appointed judge knows actually pretty happy with that play the first two periods by you alluded to breakdown of the third -- goals. Intra party battle stark assessment. What are taught by a broad goals and nor probably a couple of pulled one back and I think you'll. And where to go to night back home -- certainly -- at the upper hand into. Anyone adjustments you expect or relative make any kind of changes and a defensive pairings. It's possible you'll see guys the first two games has been. -- Madonna's split up for the most part and the decision merely be during the regular season record of the seat they've played together in the first round against the bench and it would shut down there are part. In the regular season against -- two really solid top lines as the Bruins still. He split up -- your -- on a steady at one -- to -- nothing would be diplomatic thicket or else he would. He unfortunately -- a -- BI on March senate but it'll play one insubstantial stall out of -- lineup. We apps you -- a split up -- shall we experts tonight chess match. With the Rangers hold it up in the last change and they'll try again either -- or your daughter or pull up against. You know what -- the credit you under the -- -- -- but -- great skewed to the different tonight given that the rich have questions at all. And a follow up Kenny to that Girardi is on the ice for all five goals when they have been split up head as he bend. That he's been as bad as he been the one you -- look at as easy benefiting from playing with the got to be seen him play as poorly as he played there are back in two. An operation broke out at real solid season destroyed -- and also last year because of -- -- The commander so whether they've been together or split up they both had really two years so. You know what happened the other there were Rory minus five and and Michael pulled out a little subtle minus four that's more evaporation and everything. Especially when you consider it won't respect about that political and -- it in two years. You know one of the posits that the -- game -- -- talking about the play of Rick Nash kind of woke up and looked up looked amazing -- that one goal. Obviously trying to put him out there and try to keep them away from char do you expect to see that a lot. Upload a good point because it's at the coral in the first two games times striker. (%expletive) snaps and -- about withdrawal and on the I do not as you could do on the road. But you're -- to the later called but I suggest just gonna collapse organs really struggled early in the watched the series you have some. This huge weight that regular C didn't seem that -- problem and -- saw the traders -- the other like at times you know and -- these shots so. Would reduce duplicate last poured into stepped up people notably has a one goal which candidate to replace a lot better. I Kenny Albert voice the New York Rangers -- joining us what about this team's personality. Kenny you know what to Motorola's personality and or get it to him but the resiliency we saw that first round against the capitals. How do you look at this team in terms of those their ability to bounce back this year. Well not only this year but last year in the playoffs and -- references yesterday it would invest about here -- deficit in the -- the Bruins. Last year. They go down three to Ottawa in the first round and we're in the last two games including. Dockets are on the road and get seven or home and that -- watch computer game seven. In the second round last year and then of course this year about from -- -- -- winning game seven on the road for the first time in franchise history so. This court -- although there are six or seven guys who work part -- in the -- certainly has shown. Resiliency and and the other figures. You know they have that. Unique ability in the -- you know you you're the only one of the story about an audience sighed as professional athlete -- Players and coaches it's amazing to me that they could just spoke summit next game and not worry about winning the next two -- over the next five -- -- that. And stayed ability to be able to focus on the moment and and that's what go through that rate is much right now and and they played well all they've they've won their last night called game six regular season. And at all three out in the upsurge of Washington. Yeah I think gusting to appear to a pretty confident in this series right now but you know if you go out there and lose a game and and give lung -- conference in the rangers' confidence that they've made the proper adjustments. Now I can be looking at a completely different series -- get your opinion on some of the young defenseman the Bruins have put out there and and the speed that they have shown what the Rangers need to do to slow them down to the -- result. Well I've been approached really approach with the Bruins entire team including our defense and and that's that's another part of the equation the -- are very good team I mean they want Bellic a few years ago it's. This -- from the goaltender who chairs the knock -- this pretty much the same roster eleven of the twelve forwards. While that even a 3% defense that we've seen over the first compared sort of -- -- that there are present state. You know very. A high quality opponent in the Bruins but as far as the defense couldn't. You know Hamilton we saw during the regular season -- Didn't know much about Peruvian bark out he also what we read and help -- out who's got the -- he can appeal it. You know crude comes up for the playoffs and escorted all the experience so. You know these small guys supporters super well operators -- used the speed and has great skills we saw grow between the legs with with the puck a couple of times in game -- so. I talked to some doubts. Who I know and and -- out -- their clubs were also worked to improve what do the freeagent. Coming out of Michigan State so a very personal for. A voice the rangers' Kenny Albert is joining us you talked about the being -- of those three. You did the regulation games two year Kenny the team just looks faster the Bruins with the the the way to engage these couple young defenders. Look -- different team and a half wonder if it's a scouting report the with a Rangers didn't have a great look on what the Bruins would do. Getting the puck in the ranger ran -- a pass pass pass either Kirk mark house he has takes the pocket they skate up and the Rangers seem. I almost surprised by the attack by the Bruins. -- celebrities to dub plates and support well -- the bill and -- you know it's like three games in the first well during the regular season against one another but you -- -- bacon game adjustments what it says sort of chess match and you know -- they had a look at those guys for two games and of course -- -- Burt could be close to coming back and read -- -- doesn't sound like you're the player will. Play tonight here and and son -- Serbia success with the brutal well in the playoffs the last few years if you were going to replace one of those guys by. You know the Bruins earlier -- job obviously scouting and and perhaps you can bring your news guys and and they are available to the ultimate -- It wonder when you look at the Rangers team in much like the Bruins at times you know and it unable to finish unable to score goals. What what has been the the talk about the -- trade because he's a guy that can score goals that they feel that they got enough and -- played well but. Could you use that punch it was a situation where he had to go. You know it's funny when when the trade was first made. Many people myself included were not quite sure because. -- You know despite. Some of the criticism you took this year seem to be around the toward real dog out he -- score forty goals to this repulse you with the Rangers. That's -- -- -- in the playoffs plastered put in the triple over Tom Murray of Washington so when the truth initially made. There was a very mixed reaction amongst the fans the media but I won't say that the three guys -- they got back. Have really I didn't know too much about these guys you know Columbus and the election -- -- super often. Mozart's been outstanding lead the team scored in the playoffs -- give them that second line center that they really -- not -- To the some of the struggles who brought Brad Richards. Imagine the -- system to understand paper guys you know we -- the fight with Campbell the other -- to try to get things going on the richter penchant. You've got to let the actual penalty minutes to see is that the bill would also scored twelve goals and twenty point sort of skills. And their job more defenseman who's. Been out there on the power play as good puck movers great skater so. You know I'll be the first to admit I wasn't sure of the trade was first made but it's really a paid dividends so far because what -- -- that the raiders lost a lot of -- flat summer -- the best deal. Which most people would make an apparent -- again but they had to give up two good players and release him off to its feet. And then it lost three other sports and free agency Brandon crossed John natural response but critical sell. The depth pulled through -- -- make the trade there would pull out -- line -- pretty the baptists certainly been a lot better than it was before that deal. Well we talk about the -- these two teams and and so far -- the bruins' depth is has beaten the rangers' depth of one of the reasons to meet Kenny will be the player Brad Richards as the guys scored 34 points in the regular season it was a plus eight. Yet points in the final 67 games of the regular season and the playoffs he's got eight point he is a minus two. What has gone wrong late with Brad Richards in the Rangers. You know even those regular season numbers might be a bit deceiving -- you -- really struggled the first two months he's the first to admit that he's openly talked about it you can have a good month of April were typical first or Africa the buffalo in the game -- immediate. During their playoff push by. He certainly has struggled more -- -- during the regular season and -- looked up in the playoffs is. When you look at what Eric stepped on has done over the course of the entire season -- -- about once senator Broussard has played so well he's the number two center. And Brian Boyle who also lots of ups and downs during the regular season has been terrific in the playoffs so I think right now -- how to -- all three of those guys. But both Brad Richards you know the -- rotation and he's on that fourth line now -- -- -- or -- national football playoffs -- -- that at some. Key moments -- -- two goals and and Ryder at a key assist and it certainly at Washington and it got an unfortunate but as far as Richard goes. You know the battery out well experience. He was oil from BP with with Tampa -- cut in 2004 so. You know I would peace prize dispute does the Olympic moment to hear it out -- and how long this series and richest oil foreign goes by. So far it is been a struggle for a. You know -- -- feel that if if this comes back you -- turns into a series of new president and relinquish but what is the deal within health wise no shoulder was bothering him if there's disasters. Typical bumps and bruises this type a year -- -- to be concerned with. Well I think yours up that you conserve where and -- and did you hear about an injury by you know we saw what happened -- -- -- game two with a look like between the shoulder and he was out about against Israel proper practice squad to practice he looks fine he said he was spotted out to practice. So lump it arranger and certainly the hope that's the case you never know. Which were brought to an injury but he he doppler you know at least. He started out 23 consecutive games sitting back to the regular season starts -- super -- speculative look while I'm sure. -- ordered a 100% health it and all of those so don't think he's probably. The hours the right word but but he knows that he was not as -- and game two and rats was -- a standard for the Bruins and -- of course you know will come up -- tonight Barack at all. It to you what the main -- the raiders -- revisionist around the notebook is that about shut out of -- in the first round so. Bicycle all the stronger tonight. -- get John that you watch more games in that building than anybody. Myth or fact that that ice get full -- and third periods to take. Some of the trickier bounces among the ice sheets -- on the NHL. Well I don't know what -- the third period you know -- -- has -- and I got -- done a great job within the democratic BI scrutiny NHL's premier obligated to. I'm in the building right now -- edit its warm outside and and that presents a challenge when when the weather is up in the seventy degrees outside but. This critical right now they're keeping it cool and that's been the case -- -- chemistry in the and so the other buildings were also many events and other knicks were playing up until just a couple of days ago their concerts and than many other events here the brokers and renovations. Transportation and based courier but -- as regards actual working out right now as we speak so bit out there issued through the years but it's got a lot better -- Kenny Albert voice of the rangers' -- appreciate the time is always great call tonight we'll talk you down the road. Kenny Albert joining us AT&T hotline it's AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible quick break we'll come back the NFL wants a change around the offseason schedule they wanna push back the draft. That a good thing thought about it next.

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