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May 21, 2013|

Find out which WEEI host came out victorious in the latest Salk Vs. Mut battle.

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Our Jim Butler 937 WEEI your phone calls we get to set the Bruins and Rangers game three to 617. 7797. Not 237 AT&T decks -- 379837. Bowl teams. I'm gonna be on the ice next couple hours we will get you up data from practice today whether or not and assigned -- Wade Redden -- A -- their skating for the Bruins and what those lines look like Kenny Albert. -- voice the Rangers will join us just after 1 o'clock you'll join us. The -- this series and get his take from some New York angles of this Morella Lundqvist power play the great voice of the in New York rangers' Kenny Albert will join us. In the 1 o'clock hour to stay up late and you're a big fan in my work on nests and -- and in on this rhetorical more than anything. -- dinner you sit up to watch on the insult battle last night on the fizzle if you voted Joey thank you very much money and and my back during that. Would you think you think that the fans had a right 5842. And your final score I did. It's kind of freaked Romeo but it would be yet this like serious look like Uga got someone -- -- -- -- -- -- I might be just staring dead into the camera with -- scary look in a Mike smile. Trial. -- something blank. A blank. You know once Carter goes through like on that school that might not allow you around the school and -- like coming up next Mike Salt -- -- from the guy and they show it sucks kind of they got a -- -- you just. This has now. My hair. Looking at the popular eye lids and it's intimidation and and it's like it's staring down the camera than our dads are decent but blank. It scared the hell out of me right now the worst part of doing that they make you do this 32 thing where you did they use it for what you said I I honestly. I looked so creepy Salt -- gas talks like hockey and given his opinion your stare at the camera. But despite eyes down head down -- talking during our earned during -- debate you're even look at nanometer stare at the camera yes right now. Is this there now's a good job with the sling blade just another reason to fill that Jeff Carter. While I was like freaked out -- -- that you want -- -- would you admit that I'm not quite as -- in real life. Mean a TV I do come across you blink. In real life I don't smiles I need to smile more doubt -- all we know -- -- for a while after that eradicated. You know you look around you do some things and -- what it's just right here I'm back. This is right here -- down. We'll go atop your eyes daring air different types of butterflies in Britain and its allies hate losing smile look around lap listening to Sox words the nonsense they blurt out. From two to six and have already heard it's I got to hear it again I'm trying to debated back and forth. The question at last and the Bruins was is the series over interest and that's we at last night -- -- -- question do we have that ready to go is the series over Bruins ranked. You have this thing is nowhere near over the Bruins played flawless hockey for a bunch of these periods -- should be over time. Hockey game one but remember they led 31 against Toronto dig up anything to game seven how to fight back before one deficit. Just to get advance for the worst winning percentages leads after two periods in the NHL. How do you believe misty morning. BP H told Bob this series is they'll have you watched the Rangers play same guys that was over freeway and why did it -- -- editorial in the city. Game seven. Is it really. He will be donated Rappaport -- fell asleep for a little while it won't happen again they think they turn it around Milan Lucic the -- -- for this team. Where he goes the team doesn't playing great hockey for kids to provide I don't really turn it around because I watch them play a and by the way I'm not exactly afraid of the Rangers the only thing that scares me -- Henrik Lundqvist stealing a game which I think he can do brilliant they'll be okay. Rangers trail and nothing in the capital Syrian people said that's -- they're gonna lose but came back to win the Bruins are the better team right now but just saying definitively after just two game. Where you wanted to home games what you're supposed to do that it's over he's hit way too ahead of it what you have watched this team all year. Was there but are they the same thing in -- early years -- not there were different team when you that in a couple of yeah. Did you say yeah I'm 41 there's a different team all the yeah all those guys. -- and firing squad going to give Diane and in the end it on for now I'm very -- and if you -- good to be more reactionary I'm not react so once that team -- Not all exterior Rangers legal say no -- Rangers back. Thank you -- nine seconds back on the -- -- you I know you wish you do you want and more that beat them. On top of the book called the reaction I know by the way pot calling the kettle black. A little bit because the reaction and about that good for you but he kids having these. I got to say god text from so unknown immediately set up -- What do you mean. When you said over reactionary attacks immediately from zone I'm sure a series and across -- at lake but -- call the reactionary. A deal that every day might you reactionary like that but this this is a guy that wanted Claude Julien fired and now after two nothings in series over. Mean that that this is who he is and prepare Ford. On Twitter or tomorrow on a show. Rangers up two nothing after the first period are all all got to change things. Got a changed dates to violate the Bruins outplayed the Rangers through two games. For the most part outplayed him in overtime outplayed him big time the third period they look like the better team. But I feel like anyone who says the series is not over is either a super duper fan boy. Or has not watch the Bruins play all year and a lot of -- all the points and made the week hammered this point -- the playoffs the worst team -- hockey. With a lead after two periods with a Colorado Avalanche. Who were really one of the worst teams in hockey. The Bruins had -- sick worse winning percentage. In the league. With a lead after two periods. So how can anyone be convinced after two games this is my problem. After two games now you go up now it's clicked. Now this team has cheated flip the switch. And they and the series in 4567. Games but the state definitively -- How sad you agree. You feel as confident as -- in Cali enemy the Bruins fans dual doctorate is second all this is there is an old -- -- -- H over. I'll go to the cautiously optimistic. Probable that actually wary when this team is this is overconfident. Because they don't do anything easy. And 88 he's wrong -- at you know up 31 you thought it was over. And he's right in that they did win over ten minutes to go in game seven you're down 41 out -- keep up there are gonna win. So you know that based people other asks gated summit no one's ever done in history and finally help played awesome to do it wasn't a they'd they'd. Hard on the last 1042 yeah won that game and won it over to bed nets you -- fluke at all to I believe it when a series yes I do. But I saw I've I've seen this over and over again with this group Sartre and regular season you talk with a third period. You know be leading goal in the third by two goals in losing games. We start after game one we -- part of the game for. You know and in the NHL. The only thing that scares me because they are a better team there's no question. Four lines the better team. Right now defense is is playing at a at a higher level than what the other -- click that hold their hat on their defense. But the only thing. -- -- -- That's at this isn't primer right rebound primaries there eventually and in he played great they're down the stretch at least in games five and six. This is had relinquished so when I look at that and all the Bruins of action that's a pretty good success against him recently. But still it's a goalie that can -- series. And -- -- the elbowed in the hot goalie right. -- to sit there and think that the rule was put five goals autumn that all of a sudden now they're scoring machine and get a bunch of guys that can -- and finish. I think is. Being a little bit too optimistic. Because -- still that the gold can change that's my hope today is it's the people that agree with with salt and Callahan and another player Bruins fans do the same way that the thing is over I'd like to -- forgot what makes yeah. So confident on this series and they played better they should be culprit is there a better team. You think listings -- themselves. As you know I -- -- in Atlanta was. But in the global boston.com saying -- brought the company bunched. But that there mechanic in trouble at a what are overconfident bunch see the -- which -- and you know win with every game notes -- bulb moment to note the if the range -- tonight Lundqvist in his head. And he beat the Bruins any -- a shot out. And nice and say well there's a pretty good about themselves or in game four. We could come -- year I -- They should win I think the best. Team between the loan is no question about it the goaltender wishing that I can affect the series we've seen it every year. 6177797937. The phone number 61777979837. To detect the show right now on the eighteenth tee decks on 37937. To sum up many years saying I can't believe. Tiger is not for once that is a constant theme that tells me you'll. You don't agree most of the time agreed to -- I'd definitely won that argument. You brought up Lundqvist what a weird situation we have here his career numbers against the Bruins going into this series. When he won seven and two. 167. Goals against. 943 save percentage and six shut out the six shut outs that he had going into the series against the Bruins. Was the second most amount to -- to get any team in the NHL during his great double doubles seven times. He shot the Bruins six times second most. But if you look at just this year right and you go okay -- that dominance continue. He won a couple of games to 11. But the goals against went from 167 to 293. Almost double. The goals against against the Bruins say percent went down from 94310913. In this series he's given up now eight goals in. A couple of games and is looked human. So when you bring up the Lundqvist point about that's the one reason you hold your hat on them bouncing back. Have a pretty big -- about -- this series. Because the career numbers for whatever reason. Don't match up with that the numbers just this year is the Bruins and I try to go back and look and see what's been different. It's that the system's not different in the face of a call office before. Like certain guys are getting to Lundqvist is just all of a sudden those saves that he may point blank. He doesn't appear -- anymore and you know I asked brick yesterday about injury percent now up fine and injury that may be fatigue played -- games this year that can be part of it. Oh -- you hang your panel Enqvist has been the reason why maybe the rangers' comeback win. What do you think of those numbers that he's almost doubled his goals against that equal the playoffs. It's all more than double. His goals against. This season against the Bruins but it -- career. You can you figure out a goal in -- and all the studies to figure out -- was is not as dominant as he once. As the numbers would point out that he has been nowhere near as good this year against the Bruins in the. Guy tough to explain and guys are acting as he's just he's been there you know I mean at this the disease. Get enough Reza made -- -- that he can go appeared in get it done in -- team now. And it's only to be in the beat Washington the last two games couple show. That's the only reason literally the only reason. Why even going into the series. The only reason why. You know you would probably look at the Rangers the team that's got a scuffle in all yearlong teammate a big trade. You know did the -- shuffle some things around kind of slipped away in the post season said you know it's just it's just not their time. You know they haven't figured out kind of all year the -- -- think they're gonna be a great team a dangerous team come playoff time and it just never clicked for them. The only reason game shots because the goaltender. And so far the first two games. Your goaltender has pretty much been consistent took is pretty much meant what he wasn't -- all -- nine point -- 8% regular season a little assurance he's he's elevated his game. Mythic he's made some great stuff -- you make and see all -- long he's been the same guy. The difference is that. -- -- -- We're gives a really get text message on the AT&T text like 37937. For those people to think the series is over. Opera Maine Monday that confidence stems from the fantastic match that is the Rangers. Play exactly the Bruins except they art is good. The Bruins deal well a big physical teams and they struggle with speedy ones seat Toronto. Well and sweep the Rangers during the regular seasons of at least some. Track record there the Rangers played well with that style play at last getting old -- of NBC sports you'll join -- 1130. Ought to talk about the series. On Twitter you have some good reaction as well Chad says I'm confident because how they drop the ball on the throttle series. They won't let that happen again US that question yesterday -- they learn. From the Toronto series. And I'd installed -- carries over I -- that -- on the other side of it in Toronto. Dallas stretched and at the popular grown and that played into a big part. Of what happened as of the Bruins surge but it's pretty close them not learning export one. Polygamist thought hey they've learned their lesson which each put the team on his back. And carried them. Does a pretty good answers and I'm curious what you guys think in terms of old VH old or is it. I'm OK with confidence. But the think like the Rangers couldn't win for a five that I don't believe adding it's unlikely -- do. Unlikely the Bruins go Bruins lose for the next five games but what would you be like fla. Red Sox yankees in 04. I I wouldn't be I'd be mildly surprised but I would not be shocked I I don't think you can say to nothing this thing is over. Kevin's and -- like 6177797937. -- Kevin. Gentlemen where he was up but. Mario little more fire to another bomb here I'm over it is over because. They've won the first game is in deciding fashion and number one. And lost season series. I'm on I'm get lost. Mind. Yet what and I'm -- -- lost my question is it would what are you saying go into a series over. When did I say it was. Earlier said that -- bad because the raiders are better at the Bruins are better she -- series result. Our white they'd better than what she cheers. I say that cautiously optimistic when I look at this team right now they are better team but I don't think it's over 'cause I believe in Maryland -- can change the series. You'll think they're better team watching the right now offensively and up playing better off at the same style and I agree with the Dexter said Kevin hung out. But they have more speed. I mean the Rangers are the Bruins. The defensive minded team their line of great goal that have zero power play and struggled to score goals. The Bruins are -- not as bad as the Rangers Bruins. I think right now have more speed and probably have more goal scorers which is crazy to say but what was the last time he viewed the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup run. When he could sit there say they have more speed and skilled opponent. I don't remember witnessed playoff series I think you can say that. Steve and -- want at 6177797937. Ice Dave. Good to happen what's up drug. Real quick on your on your Lundqvist point four make mine I'd -- good -- pointed the fact that the Rangers are blocking shots. And usually when that led the Bruins to Burlington third. Thirteen shot bungled 41 of them get blocked in and 11 courses as the eagle at thirteen it's a good point had. They're like 3538 shop the other -- that that never happened Rangers. But might I -- my bigger point would not yet the defense. Steinberg comes back which I hope he does. I think bishop and her throat tore recruit. On the weighing in now replacing -- probably not really being number one you see too small play defense. Although he is good defense he's too small position. But you also -- that offensive mindset. Which I think on that third line would just be absolutely perfect. And it worked out for integrating their political Brent Burns of forger he's 64 and put an extra -- Obama. I'm just taking that detective angle of that with the opposite skill putting it on or on the third line I think would be really -- -- Well I think he's a -- good offensive defenseman. A -- putting him on the wing these can be good offensive wing in welcoming at big -- -- defense now for awhile. And it was undersized but he's a strong kid and he knows how to -- body to leverage ethic that it works that way. Some not so sure I would I would -- that's what we'll see let me ask you -- a steal -- -- finish but if it if he -- made in this league is export. But -- think the if the HL Bruins were played all year and earned his stripes all year they would have made that adjustment they see some -- him. On that back and it gives them a player at that size yes he's small but a skill set. That not every team has an offender who's that offense -- Monday's skate that well. Well you know it enters into it straighter so -- on the broadcasts. You know the reason why he played defense was because. I -- my question is. Who would you rather have a lineup right now the kid who -- three point the last two games or for the guy and believed the biggest I'm partly out of Beverly hillbilly I look back. But I -- you know he keeps getting dumb penalties he's not the same guy he wasn't into double. Arm and I think that from what I've seen that he got it right hand and that -- this cute nice and united player. All we agree about August saying what it would Seidenberg comes back with senator Thursday I just sit Hamilton and I am I sit Hamilton. And I put Seidenberg back with Chara I keep boy chuck with Bart cow -- group can play the Quaid. Then it sounds to enter France is not close so don't worry about that and the question is redden verses either of the two rookies spark how's your crew. Not hit it close you play the hot hand and read and sits until further notice into one of these guys has a couple of minus games back to back so we bring you say crooks on -- men. I agree I just put Seidenberg -- said -- adding that he's. But heck yeah I -- I I agree not -- Frederick and Michael appreciate. Steve -- you know I just. Midstream playoff which he wants a change your position I mean you know we don't hate the -- battle for puck in the corner. Mean one of those things I don't know if you put him at a pop and a point in got to have a guy a defense at the point that has some. Offensive skill but we've already seen -- act. But I I just like where is right now is play with culprit sleep in the 61777979837. Match your phone number -- tee decks -- 37. 98371. O'clock hour Kenny Albert will join us just after one -- chance when a thousand dollars. Comes directly at 1 o'clock -- listening to that coming up next annual trip. A who calls these games on NBC sports will join us give his take on canned the Rangers fight back don't go anywhere.

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