May 21, 2013|

in terms of presentation, this one turned out to be JFK vs Nixon.

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So keep that in mind mentally you know known TV there were different team when you add in the you say yeah I'm 41 was a different team all the yeah all those guys time and -- firing squad going to give him. Good to see more action and no matter what people thought of that comes into the debate one called the reaction I know pot calling the kettle black had a -- a little bit because the the reaction and Russell played JFK two months mixing with his presentation. He just staring dead into the camera -- this like scary look you know Mike smiles. Something the -- at least someone from the station knows how to appear in front of the camera -- -- -- -- -- -- for me -- and they show it -- kind of they would get a smile -- you -- just. Look at these popular it's just pieces but blank. So good job to -- ensuring that people think everyone from the guy who looks like a mass murderer salts like talking and give his opinion you just stare at the camera eyes down. -- head down south like a good job with the sling blade. -- platinum gray granite Stater.

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